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HammondCast 43 Now On-The-Air!

May 22, 2006
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HammondCast 43

HammondCast 43 for KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM, broadcasting today from Emeryville CA by Pixar Studios. Music from a 1999 concert in Kuumbwa Jazz Center to a full house, it was broadcasted on Pete Fallico’s show on KUSP-Santa Cruz CA. JON HAMMOND Trio playing "James and Wess" and "Have YOU Met Miss Jones". From NDR SESSIONS: "I Remember YOU". From Fillmore Concert June 4, 1999 on the bill with Sons of Champlin, Jon’s trio doing "Hip Hop Chitlins" (it only took me 35 years to get this gig!). Al Jazzbeaux Collins as "Sonny Cool" interviewed by Steve Allen from Jon’s Archives. c)2006 All Rights JON HAMMOND Intl., Inc.
Submitted by: Jon Hammond
Submission Date: 2006-05-19 07:46:16
Categories: Blues, Jazz, Music
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HammondCast 42 Now On-The-Air!

May 15, 2006
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Show Info: HammondCast 42
HammondCast for KYCY/KYOU 1550 AM San Francisco CA, with live show from previous night at NYC’s Cutting Room, Saxophonist Todd Anderson re-joining Jon’s band along with Uwe Petersen-drms. & Joe Berger-gtr. 2 tracks from Sourdough Slim’s new album "Vaudeville Cowboy" on Roundup Records Also 2 tracks from Jon Paris’ album "Blue Planet" ex-Johnny Winter alum gets down on HammondCast ASCAP’s Behind The Beat feature of Jon’s new album produced by Steven Rosenfeld of Air America & NPR Jon’s official site: c)2006 JON HAMMOND Intl., Inc. 45 minutes
Submitted by: Jon Hammond
Submission Date: 05/14/2006 08:05:45 PM
Categories: Blues, Jazz, Music
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