HammondCast 40 KYOU Radio and KYCY Jon Hammond Host

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 40 HERE:

HammondCast 40 Jon Hammond’s “HammondCast 40” for KYOU/KYCY 1550 AM “Jon Hammond’s Afternoon Slide”, introducing for the first time: “Lazy Larry” Fredson, HammondCast’s “Sports Authority” with LAZY LARRY’S OAKLAND A’s REPORT beaming in from Beantown MA! Also music from Jon’s albums “Late Rent” and official new release of “NDR SESSIONS Projekt” on the Ham-Berger-Friz Records label distributed by CITY HALL RECORDS and Apple iTunes. Jon Hammond is a member of AFN Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union and ASCAP ComposerPublisher *Official: www.HammondCast.com 45 minutes.

ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “LATE RENT”

ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “NDR SESSIONS Projekt”


Jon Hammond MySpace

LAZY LARRY FREDSON Sports Authority and Poet pictured with DAVID MASH Dean of Technology BERKLEE COLLEGE of MUSIC Boston photo by Jon Hammond:

JON HAMMOND and LAZY LARRY FREDSON pictured under Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Screen Times Square New York, showing JON HAMMOND SHOW TV Show 80 times daily for 2.5 Years:

JON HAMMOND with 1957 Gibson CF100 and original 1964 Blonde FENDER BANDMASTER Amp and Reverb unit:

Lazy Larry Fredson, David Mash, Dean of Technology, Berklee College of Music, Axel Dürr, NDR Jazz, Joe Gallardo, Lutz Buechner, Jon Hammond, Studio 1, Hamburg, Oakland A’s, KYOU Radio, XK-3c organ

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