BILL COBHAM on HammondCast KYCY and KYOU Radio Jon Hammond Hosting


Drummer/Bandleader extraordinaire BILL COBHAM interview with Jon Hammond on Jon’s daily CBS Radio program HammondCast “Jon Hammond’s Afternoon Slide” on KYOU Radio and KYCY. This interview took place in New York City during the IAJE jazz educators convention with some very special events celebrating French Jazz Musicians, 2 of the top French Jazz stars came to play on Bill’s band: DIDIER LOCKWOOD violin SYLVAN LUC guitar along with VICTOR BAILEY on bass. Visit Bill Cobham’s official website: and © (be sure to check out BC’s extensive discography!)

ASCAP Network Jon Hammond Behind The Beat


Jon Hammond MySpace

Photo by Elmar Lemes at Local 802 Monday Jazz Session Jon Hammond at XK-3 organ

Jon Hammond Endorsed Artist Hammond Suzuki USA

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