SAVOY LOUNGE III Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men 15 years


With 3 of the original LATE RENT SESSION MEN onstage + JORIS DUDLI drums, on May 21 1998 in New York City, organist JON HAMMOND, TODD ANDERSON the tenor saxophonist and BARRY FINNERTY guitar closed the show for the last time at the infamous SAVOY LOUNGE on 41st St. across the street from Port Authority Bus Station. With studio drummer Bernard Purdie in the house and quite a few other musicians from the Carroll rehearsal studios next door, you’ll hear the end of originals “Head Phone” and long-time theme song “Late Rent” for the last time on this stage. p.s. the Rent got paid! Catch Jon Hammond’s daily radio show HammondCast ASCAP JON HAMMOND International

ASCAP, Bus, Hammond B3 Organ, HammondCast, Jon Hammond, Joris Dudli, KYOU KYCY Radio, Late Rent Session Men, Lear Jet, Mega Yacht, Port Authority, Rolls Royce, Savoy Lounge, Todd Anderson, XK-3c

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