2011 ASCAP I Create Music Expo some highlights by ASCAP Member Jon Hammond

‎*Note: Correction: Tracy McKnight is Head of Film Music – Lionsgate aka Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation (Not V.P. as previously listed) JH
WATCH THE VIDEO: 2011 ASCAP I Create Music Expo some highlights by ASCAP Member Jon Hammond




2011 ASCAP I Create Music Expo some highlights by ASCAP Member Jon Hammond
Some of the panelists and programming includes:
A series of writer and composer-focused Master Sessions with some of the most successful names in music.
The Writers Jam
Hitmaker panels featuring successful songwriters
A Conversation Between Vernon Reid (of Living Colour) and Bernie Worrell (of Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking Heads) Worrell will share their experiences creating music spanning several decades.
Film Composing with Marco Beltrami and Wes Craven
A Conversation Between Van Dyke Parks and Rufus Wainwright —
Music Supervision Symposium with Tracy McKnight
For more info: http://2011expo.ascap.com/
15 Minutes by Jon Hammond http://www.hammondCast.com
Special thanks Bobbi Marcus PR, Fran Richard, Ken Cicerale, Kelly MacGaunn, Jennifer Hammond, Cia Toscanini, Loteria Grill
ASCAP Create Music Expo Hollywood California Composers Publishers HammondCast

Day 1 6th Annual I Create Music Expo Jon Hammond Hollywood CA

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