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Jon Hammond is about to take the Sk1 in custom gig bag to work, beats moving a B3!:

Jon Power – Jon Lord and Jon Hammond


Sk1 Moanin Blues Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Hofheim

World’s First Road Test of Hammond Suzuki Sk1 Stage Keyboard by Jon Hammond at his annual Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim on Friday April 8th 2011
Jon Hammond Band – Joe Berger guitar, Giovanni Gulino drums, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone
Moanin Blues
Special Thanks Konrad Neupert, Hammond Suzuki, Michael Falkenstein, Malc Deakin, Ken Atsumi, Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Bernie Capicchiano – Bernies Music Land, ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, President Manji Suzuki, Camera: Jennifer


… lives of young people. During the 1980s he purchased the Hammond Organ Company and for the first time ever brought in the Leslie Speaker … was revolutionary on many levels.   (electric organsHammond B-3, HammondOrgansHammond Suzuki, harmonicas, Japanese Music …
Fujio Suzuki
… Museum of Making Music celebrated the launching of the new Hammond-Suzuki B-3. Fujio Suzuki took the stage alongside the president of the … for the NAMM Oral History library.   (electric organsHammond Organs,Hammond Suzuki, Japanese Music Industry, …
Don Leslie
… design. As a child, Don was fascinated by the large pipe organs and how the sound traveled all around the listener. He had the goal of … sound. The speaker became popular when used with the Hammond B-3 organ and both seemed to be created for each other, even though …
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Jon Hammond
Interview Date: January 13, 2011
Job Title: President and Founder
Company: Jon Hammond & Associates

*WATCH Full Version Video Here: Jon Hammond | NAMM.org Oral History Interview Date: January 13, 2011 Full Version



Special Thanks: Joe Lamond president and chief executive officer of NAMM

Hiromitsu Ono Suzuki Musical Instrument Chief Engineer

Waichiro Tachi Tachikawa Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation, 鈴木楽器製作所 Suzuki Gakki

Betty Heywood, director of international affairs at NAMM

Manji Suzuki President and Founder of Suzuki Musical Instruments Hammond Suzuki here with Jon Hammond at the New B3mk2 Organ in Suzuki Hall Hamamatsu World Headquarters

Jon Hammond and Joe Berger aka Ham-Berger
The great Jon Hammond and Joe Berger played a “Mini-Concert” at our booth during the recent NAMM Expo in Anaheim California. Jon, seen here playing the XK Pro system swung like a beast as always, and Joe’s nimble chops showed that the G27 Guitar Leslie makes a fine Jazz Guitar amp. The crowd that gathered bopped and boogied to the groove-who needed a drummer? Not these guys!! Classic Hammond Organ Jazz is thing of beauty and a joy forever, Thanks to Jon and Joe for a fine performance!

Dan Del Fiorentino, historian for NAMM and curator of NAMM’s Oral History Project, Tony Arambarri, archivist, NAMM, Mr. Masuo Terada, Jennifer, Michael Falkenstein Hammond Deutschland

NAMM Jon Hammond at Pro XK System organ and Joe Berger G37 Leslie WHITE ONIONS

Winter NAMM Show Hammond Suzuki USA Stand Jon Hammond at Pro XK System organ with guitarist Joe Berger through G37 Leslie Speaker playing Jon’s White Onions from
album Late Rent. Hammond and Berger aka Ham-Berger. Arm of Joe Lamond Chief Executive Officer makes a cameo appearance when he comes over to Jon near beginning of tune. Camera: Jennifer
Special thanks Suzuki Musical Instruments, NAMM organization http://www.namm.org/board-members/joe-lamond
Dennis J. Capiga Senior Vice President Hammond Suzuki USA

NAMM Oral History, Musikmesse, Mini-B, NAMM, G37, G27, Leslie Speaker, Onions, Jazz, Blues, Musicians Union, Local 802, ASCAP, KYOU Radio, Anaheim, Frankfurt, B3 Organ, XB-2, Leslie Speaker, Tony Arambarri, Dan Del Fiorentino, Joe Lamond, Sk1, Sk2

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