Losing, and keeping, Lou Colombo: “Make Someone Happy” could have been the great horn player’s theme song

“Losing, and keeping, Lou Colombo: “Make Someone Happy” could have been the great horn player’s theme song.”

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Losing, and keeping, Lou Colombo: “Make Someone Happy” could have been the great horn player’s theme song. As we read the tributes to a life well lived, let’s remember that we can keep Lou fresh in our hearts by emulating his upbeat manner in our own lives. If you need a little inspiration in that direction, check out “Lou Colombo movie by Jon Hammond” on YouTube…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkqBaFIAXn4

Lou Colombo Movie on Blip TV


Photo: Lou Colombo and Jon Hammond 2/23/2012

Folks, something told me I had better get on down to see my main man Lou Colombo last week

in Fort Myers FL, I played on Lou’s band for 2.5 years in Cape Cod at the Wychmere Harbor Club

and Thompson’s Clam Bar in Harwich Port MA. It was an important time of my life and career and

he was always very generous to me, kept me on my toes throwing tunes at me in all keys the music

never stopped once we hit.

I just saw Lou a few days ago in Fort Myers FL at the gig he was playing at his Daughter Sherri’s restaurant

and hub Marc Neeley – Roadhouse Cafe, he was at the top of his game, playing great as ever and looking like a

million dollars. I am deeply saddened to receive terrible tragic news this morning from Lou’s fine trombonist

Nelson E. Foucht that Lou was tragically killed last night just 4 blocks from Roadhouse Cafe coming home from the

gig. My deepest condolences to the Colombo Family, Lou’s Wife Noel, daughters Lori, Sherri, David all his 6 kids, extended

Family of friends and musicians. I am totally blown away, thankful that I had the opportunity to know him and play with

him nightly back in the 70’s and then to see and hear him again at the end of his life, thanks Lou!

Here are some photos from just a few days taken by my long-time great girlfriend Jennifer and myself at his gig,

R.I.P. Big Lou – Louis Colombo the greatest trumpet player bandleader baseball slugger and golfer ever!

I used to go with Lou to the golf course where he had the snack concession in Yarmouth just to watch him drive

balls in to outer space. I couldn’t believe how far and hard he could hit the ball. Lou would put on black

executioner gloves and hit the ball and it would disappear, just keep on sailing in to the sky like Lou’s spirit

must be now. His music and great memories will live on forever.


Jon Hammond – Member AFM Local 802 and Local 6 Musicians Union

*Note: Lou’s band the other night at Roadhouse Cafe were so great, I’m so sorry cats:

Nelson Foucht on trombone, F.L. “Woody” Brubaker piano and keyboard bass, Richard Iannuzzi drums and Gil DiBenedetto tenor saxophone and clarinet.

Jon Hammond and Lou Colombo

**Note: Lou Colombo and my neighbor Leo Ball (R.I.P.) also a fine trumpet player member of Local 802 were born on the same day in Brockton MA

*Note: Lou called me on my cell phone when I was at the airport just about to fly out of Tampa TPA Airport, he told me he really dug

my album that I had given him “NDR SESSIONS Projekt” my first record of mostly standards, it was inspired much by him actually. Lou

was talking about the horn players on it, Lutz Buechner and Joe “Jo” Gallardo, he really dug them and he told me we were going to do

something back up in the Cape for sure. I was very touched by his call and he had called me on my previous birthday last year, I got

all choked up when he told me that. Thanks a million Lou!


*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Lou Colombo Movie by Jon Hammond


1978 Photo of Lou Colombo Band with Jon Hammond on B3 organ House Band at private club Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwich Port Cape Cod MA
L to R: Frank Shea drums, Lou Colombo trumpet, Jack Pena guitar, Jon Hammond B3 organ


Jon Hammond here…I just came back from visiting my main man Lou Colombo the great trumpet player bandleader and former Pro Baseball player in Fort Myers Florida. I played on Lou’s band for 2.5 years in the late 70’s in house band at the Wychmere Harbor Club in Cape Cod. Lou is going strong happy to report, playing regularly at the restaurant of his daughter Sherri and son inlaw Marc Neeley – Roadhouse Cafe during winter months and in the summer he plays at his son David’s Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis MA on Cape Cod. I schlepped my Hammond Sk1 organ all the way down there in hopes I could sit in with Lou for a couple of tunes but unfortunately that wasn’t possible, however I shot some video of Lou and his fine group, so enjoy the music and personality of Lou Colombo, one of the all-time greats on his instrument!
The musicians on Lou’s band here at Roadhouse Cafe are Nelson Foucht on trombone, F.L. “Woody” Brubaker piano and keyboard bass, Richard Iannuzzi drums and Gil DiBenedetto tenor saxophone and clarinet.
Plus a little bit of flashback audio from our gig in 1978 near the end some photos, old and new from just a few days ago. Enjoy folks! sincerely, Jon Hammond

*Note: Some Baseball Stats for Louis Colombo as a player – he played pro baseball until breaking ankle at age 24 –

Louis Colombo:
1953 Newport News Dodgers Statistics — Minor Leagues – Baseball …
www.baseball-reference.com › Minor Leagues › Teams
Affiliation: Brooklyn Dodgers-NL Manager: … 6, Louis Colombo*, 26, 123, 432, 134, 20, 1, 4 .310 .389, 168. 7,

1945 Brooklyn Dodgers Minor League Affiliations – Baseball …
www.baseball-reference.com › Minor Leagues › Affiliates
1945 Brooklyn Dodgers Minor League Affiliates. Other Years: 1944 ….. 49, Louis Colombo*, 18, NNW, B, 56, 213, 66, 12, 2, 3 .310 .427, 91. 50,

Lou’s band in front of Roadhouse Cafe Fort Myers FL

L to R: F.L. “Woody” Brubaker piano and keyboard bass, Gil DiBenedetto tenor saxophone and clarinet, Lou Colombo trumpet vocals, Nelson Foucht trombone, Richard Iannuzzi drums – photo by Jon Hammond

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