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Jon Hammond for Alcatel-Lucent / Bell Labs:
“On stage, on television or on the radio waves 
everyday I feel lucky because I’m ALWAYS ON!
Jon Hammond
Musician, television personality and radio broadcaster Jon Hammond boarded a Concorde in 1981 to travel from New York to Paris at supersonic speed, and he never slowed down.
Jon travels the world, touring in Europe and Asia two or three times each year while broadcasting his “HammondCast” morning radio show seven days a week. At home in the United States, Jon splits his time between New York City and San Francisco and performs four to five concerts each month at local hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. His cable television program, “The Jon Hammond Show,” is in its 25th year and going strong.
“In my business, it’s essential to be contactable 24/7. I couldn’t organize as much as I do without being ALWAYS ON.”
Inspired by the Beatles and fascinated by the radio (he built a crystal radio at the age of five), Jon knew he was destined to be a musician. Although that’s a departure from tradition – Jon’s father and grandfather were physicians – Jon carries on the family business in his own way by performing in some of the very hospitals where his father once practiced medicine.
“I’ve seen people get out of their wheelchairs and dance more times than I can count, so I’m happy I can make a difference playing for those who are less fortunate than me.”
Jon has not forgotten those who opened doors for him when he was first starting out in music and broadcasting, and now he uses his radio and cable television shows to do the same for deserving young talent.
Like Jon, we at Alcatel-Lucent are passionate about connecting people through communications technology. In our Bell Labs locations around the world, we’re working on new and exciting innovations in next-generation broadband technology to ensure people like Jon can find even more creative ways to share music, moments and memories.

Anaheim California — L to R: Jon Hammond, Joe Berger, Tony Arambarri just after Joe’s NAMM Oral History recording session – Youtube
Job Title: Musician, Product Endorser – short version here also

Joe Berger knows sound! Joe has been mixing sound for over 30 years and he stopped counting at 35,000 bands! Also a virtuoso guitar player with his own definitive, unique playing style and “ear”, Joe has jammed with the likes of John Entwistle and Jack Bruce. He has also been a fixture at music trade shows for decades as a guitar demonstrator, having set a record for most hours played at a single trade show.
concert production
electric guitars
Jon Hammond
mixing consoles
Musik Messe Frankfurt
NAMM Show… — with Joe Berger at The NAMM Show

PIA Flight Deck Footage and Singing of Star Spangled Banner Paki American Friendship Day

Personally shot film by Jon Hammond while on tour in Germany and in cockpit of PIA 747 Jumbo (Pakistan International Airlines) flying with Paki VIP’s to New York for Pakistan – American Friendship Day Celebration with singing of our National Anthem “The Star Spangled Banner” and showing of patriotism that will touch your heart. This is a must-see. Look closely for quick cameo appearances of radio legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins and Ruth Messinger former Manhattan Borough President.
*Note: Jon Hammond would like to say a special thanks to Pakistan International Airlines Crew…

Picnic Lunch Time with my late great bandleader / trumpet player Lou Colombo and Family at their house in South Yarmouth Cape Cod, circa 1978 – Mrs. Colombo serving, merci beaucoup…and thank you Lori Colombo & Colombo Family, Jon Hammond *Note: Just back from the golf course – gig that night at Wychmere Harbor Club where we were the house band at the time with Frank Shea drums and Jack Pena guitar – JH

Lori Colombo I love this Jon. Are you sure that’s me???I can’t remember this at all. That’s great. Thank you for posting.
October 13 at 8:12pm ·

Ted Casher Oh, the days of plaid knit pants…..we were all much younger. WE ARE GOING TO KEEP MAKING MUSIC UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT!!!1

Kareem Sanjaghi
Boston College

Yashko Golembiovsky
Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (ACA)

Tanner Roy Stening
Fort Myers, Florida

Mike Garvan
Brewster, Massachusetts

Kenneth Guerra
DLSP San Pablo City

Diana De Sarrazin

Ulrich Vormehr
Frankfurt, Germany

Ginny Rand Conroy
Innkeeper at Salt Winds Bed & Breakfast

Dennis Cook
Berklee College of Music

Happy Channukah 2012 / Jewish Holiday Calendar 5773 from NYC folks! We have a huge Menorah in our building in Manhattan, Jon Hammond

*Obama displays menorah rescued from Sandy destruction in Hanukkah ceremony
President Obama called a 90-year-old menorah saved from a Long Island temple ravaged by Hurricane Sandy a “symbol of perseverance” at the White House Hanukkah ceremony on Thursday.

The president said the menorah stood as one of the “powerful symbols of [the Hanukkah] spirit” in brief remarks before around 600 guests. The lamp, crafted of solid brass, was saved from the Temple Israel of Long Beach. The house of worship was badly damaged as the hurricane battered the New York coast.

“I’m willing to bet it will survive another 90 years, and another 90 years after that,” the president said. “Tonight it serves as another symbol of perseverance.”
Obama, who was joined by first lady Michelle Obama, added that on the sixth night of the Jewish holiday, “we pray its light will bring victims of Sandy and all Americans to a brighter tomorrow.”
The menorah was lit by Rabbi Larry Bazer, an Afghanistan war veteran. Obama noted that Bazer had been deployed in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a military chaplain over the last Hanukkah, joking he had turned down an invitation to the White House ceremony.

“We don’t get that very often,” Obama said. “Usually when we invite people they come.”

Entertainment for the event was provided by the West Point Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir and the U.S. Marine Chamber Orchestra.

Ulm Germany — Michael Falkenstein and Jon Hammond with Michael’s Father’s special limited edition “Dreamliner” Volkswagen Van

Joe Berger
King at Self employed

Daniel Rogue
Le Lude, Pays De La Loire, France

Massimo Casati

Marina Schiele
Works at Hotel Lago

Massimo Manzi
Liceo classico alatri(fr)

Gol D Dome
Ulm, Germany

Hans Torbijn
Sint Paulus Mulo Vlissingen

Yoichiro Hamahara
代表取締役 at 株式会社エス・ディ・アイ

Hamburg Germany — Gotta’ go gotta’ go gotta’ go right now (Female) – Jon Hammond

Barry Finnerty ·
… or maybe she’s just shy.

Hamburg Germany — Gotta’ go gotta’ go gotta’ go right now (formal Man) – Jon Hammond

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