Get Back in The Groove in Newessbar Hamburg Altona Jon’s Journal December 23, 2012

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Get Back in The Groove in Newessbar Hamburg Altona

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Newessbar Hamburg Get Back In The Groove Tribute to 9/11 Jon Hammond Band
Lutz Buechner tenor sax
Heinz Lichius drums
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ
Original composition by Jon Hammond International ASCAP
Thanks Olaf and Roman


This particular XB-2 Hammond organ has gone around the world with me more times than I remember – played Heinekin Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, at least 5 or 6 Frankfurt Musikmesse’s, Radio Melody Austria, NDR Radio Hamburg, Radio France Inter, Music China Shanghai, on cruise ships, AFN Radio, Prague Czech Republic even Louisville Kentucky!

– then came my XK-3, XK-1 and now touring with Sk1 – next stop: Atlanta, Jon Hammond

Serial number plate from my precious early model XB-2 old friend never let me down in my international travels – the later XB-2’s had a completely different number plate underneath the organ – this one was one of the first pieces when it was introduced by my good friends at Suzuki Musical Instruments in year 1991 – special thanks to my hero – Hiromitsu Ono! Jon Hammond incredible job of designing – even The Rolling Stones used an XB-2!

Jon Hammond: My original XB-2 Hammond organ, one of the very first pieces on the job here on world-wide radio broadcast on AFN – American Forces Network at Frankfurt Headquarters, actual video: This remarkable film documents 3/17 1994 AFN POWERLITE Show live broadcast of JON HAMMOND Band playing and talking on-air with host MARGIE GLAD ‘The Voice of AFN Europe” 873AM/MW at that time. First-ever public performance of original composition “Nu Funk” (“Hip Hop Chitlins”). The broadcast was heard world-wide and recorded and later released on Jon Hammond’s album “Late Rent”. James Preston of band Sons of Champlin drums, Barry Finnerty gtr., Jon Hammond XB-2 organ/bass Joe Berger audio. *Special thanks: Marietta Windhorst, Andrea English (Prdcr.), David Osterloh, and the Crew at AFN Frankfurt Headquarters.

Wild Turkeys sighted in the rain today! Walking right down
the middle of the road in a small herd or flock, highly-interesting!

Jon Hammond *took some quick photos but cars were in back of me…had to move on – JH

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond Trio with Igor Butman Moscow Easy Living


Jazz Moscow Jon Hammond playing beautiful ballad Easy Living with Igor Butman and Ed Zizak in Moscow Russia
jazz moscow igor butman saxophone jon hammond organ ed zizak drums russia alexander vershbow hammondcast kyou radio freedom voice of america

Jon Hammond and Ed Zizak backstage in Moscow Russia

West Oakland California — Every piano has a story, these pianos only have stories left –

outside Soundwave Studios in West Oakland CA – Jon Hammond — at Soundwave Studios

Hamamatsu Action!

Mission Impossible Team – Suzuki Hammond – Suzuki Hall Hamamatsu Japan
L to R: Shigeyuki Ohtaka ‘Tachi’ Waichiro Tachikawa , Yu Beniya , Hiromitsu Ono , Jon Hammond , Tanaka Koei and Suzuki Headquarters Team — with Waichiro Tachikawa, Yu Beniya and Hiromitsu Ono in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Anaheim California — Hammond organists Brian Auger and Jon Hammond at Winter NAMM 2012 — with Brian Auger at Anaheim Convention Center

Frankfurt Germany — Very important meeting internationally coordinated on stand building day for Musikmesse Frankfurt – Yu Beniya and Jon Hammond at Hotel Maritim, Congress Center Messe Frankfurt — with Yu Beniya

Frankfurt Germany — Coffee Time With The Boys – getting ready for 26th consecutive Musikmesse Frankfurt L to R: Joe Berger, Tino Pavlis, Jon Hammond, Frank Poehl — with Joe Berger, Tino Pavlis and Frank Poehl at Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.

New York NY — Harlem Blues and Jazz Band Musicians Michael Max Fleming bass, 97 year old Fred Staton living legend tenor saxophonist, Art Baron trombone, Jackie Williams drums – playing for Zeke Mullins’ birthday party – Zeke played piano in house rhythm section that night at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America – Jon Hammond — with Art Baron at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

Sausalito California — The Adventures of Takamitsu Yashiro ‘Taka Blue Groove’ – with Chevy Van at Taste of Rome Cafe in very lucky parking space –

Jon Hammond — with Takamitsu Yashiro at Taste of Rome.

Oakland California Temescal District — Colorful Custom Painted VW Beetle apparently belonging to a musician or music person –

vanity plates read 4 Music (u as a heart) – Jon Hammond — at Temescal Area Oakland

Port of San Francisco — Sign for Port of San Francisco by Pier 50 near AT&T Park on Jerry Garcia 70th Birthday day

– Jon Hammond — at Port of San Francisco

San Francisco California — Picture on wall of John’s Ocean Beach Cafe of lady swimmer’s at Sutro Silver Slide at Sutro Baths Jon Hammond
The Sutro Baths were a large, privately owned swimming pool complex in San Francisco, California, built in the late 19th century. The building housing the baths burned down in 1966 and was abandoned. The ruins may still …See More — at John’s Ocean Beach Cafe

San Francisco California — John’s Ocean Beach Cafe – Jon Hammond — at John’s Ocean Beach Cafe

Oakland California – Jon Hammond’s Sk1 Hammond organ in live room at Coyote Hearing Studios for Kiyoshi Foster recording session – Jon Hammond — at Coyote Hearing Studio

Oakland California – Coyote Hearing Studios — Tracking organ on Kyoshi Foster recording session with Jeremy Black and Kyoshi Foster in the control room at Coyote Hearing Studios

– Jon Hammond — at Coyote Hearing Studio

Jon Hammond playing his trusty 1965 Hammond B3 organ and Leslie 122 owned since 18 years old at family house with back off, you can see a few custom mods by the legendary Bill Beer R.I.P. of Keyboard Products

The famous Rainbow Tunnel going in to Marin County coming off the Golden Gate Bridge – on the ‘William T. Bagley Freeway’ just before Waldo Grade – Jon Hammond

Waldo Tunnel
The Waldo tunnel, southern portal
Waldo Tunnel is the unofficial name of a tunnel on U.S. Route 101 between the Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito. It is named after Waldo Point along Ric…See More — at Rainbow Tunnel

Sausalito California — Takamitsu Yashiro ‘Taka Blue Groove’ right on time for coffee! *Lucky parking place Taka!

Jon Hammond — with Takamitsu Yashiro

San Francisco California — Self Cooking Bird Sits On Top Of Microwave Antenna – Jon Hammond


— with Jon Hammond at Sausalito Yacht Harbor

Golden Gate Bridge — Suicide Lane SF Bound On A FoggyDay – Jon Hammond

The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean. As part of both U.S. Route 101 and California State Route 1, the structure links the city of San Francisco, on the northern tip of the San Francisc…See More — at Golden Gate Bridge.

Sausalito California — Cafe Latte with my good friend Takamitsu Yashiro “Taka Blue Groove” visiting from Kamakura Japan

– Jon Hammond — with Takamitsu Yashiro at Taste of Rome

Frankfurt Germany — Jon Hammond Band – When I Fall In Love in Jazzkeller Frankfurt – Youtube

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