Hilton Pocket Funk Jon’s Journal January 23 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Hilton Pocket Funk NAMM Show

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Bernard Purdie and Friends Winter NAMM – Jon Hammond at XK-1 Organ
Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond ©JH INTL ASCAP

Youtube http://youtu.be/afTagFhYOCo

1989 Pocket Funk in Mikell’s http://youtu.be/B5WTysuxjn8 *circa 1989 at Mikell’s in NYC from The Jon Hammond Show

Legendary Jam Of The Year Band Little Wing Hendrix Tribute Musikmesse – Agora Stage

Blip TV http://blip.tv/jon-hammond/legendary-jam-of-the-year-band-little-wing-hendrix-tribute-musikmesse-6138934
2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse backstage at the big Agora Stage just seconds before going on the bandstand in concert with Tommy Denander’s Allstar band,… Jon Hammond — with Chuck Plaisance and Tommy Denander at musikmesse

Jon Hammond photo at the Sk1 organ at Local 802 Musicians Union Club Room by Elmar Lemes

Jon Hammond: I’ve been seeing NY Times’ Bill Cunningham since 1986 up on the corner of 57th St. and Fifth Avenue taking pictures, and recently I noticed he is shooting a digital Nikon camera – welcome to the digital world Bill Cunningham! – JH

at Tiffany & Co

New York NY — Famous People Photograper Bill Cunningham who shoots almost daily on corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th St. This is a guy who shoots people candidly, yet he has an aversion to being on-camera himself. He is quite adept at slinking away and moving in back of you anytime your lens levels off in his direction. I’ve seen the man for years and he has always done that, my first shots of him date back to 1985. Here I got him on-camera just this morning – Bill Cunningham shot by Jon Hammond
William J. Cunningham (born March 13, 1929) is a fashion photographer for The New York Times, known for his candid and street photography.

Cunningham dropped out of Harvard University in 1948 and moved to New York, where he initially worked in advertising. Not long after, he quit his job and struck out on his own, making hats under the name “William J.” After being drafted (causing his business to fold) and serving a tour in the U.S. Army, he returned to New York and got a job writing for the Chicago Tribune.

New York NY — Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session
Serious Jazz’ers seen here either before or after playing with Jon Hammond’s organ in foreground (already played) –
*seated far end in chair – Buddy Henry (drums), standing white pants – Gabriel Romance (vocals & flute)
standing in yellow shirt – Rudy Sheriff Lawless (drums) *one of my trusted spiritual gudes – JH
Bill (drums)
Michael Guilford (bass and he’s left-handed!)
Joe Cangelosi Sr. (drums)
Arlington Houston (bass) —

Hamamatsu Japan — special concert in Suzuki Hall for President Mr. Manji Suzuki and Suzuki Company at the World Headquarters and Factory
Suzuki Artists Koei Tanaka and Jon Hammond
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0f_cH1U5jc

Jon Hammond shedding on his Excelsior Accordion

North Beach San Francisco — Bernard Purdie and Jon Hammond playing at the now defunct Cocodrie nightclub
Youtube www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oSk9gXkF2c
Jon Hammond brought legendary studio drummer Bernard Purdie ‘The Hit Maker’ back to San Francisco to play for the first time since the Live Aretha Franklin at Fillmore recordings in March of 1971. *Special thanks: Scott Rootenberg — at 1024 Kearny St., San Francisco, CA

Winter NAMM 2013 Tomorrow – Anaheim Convention Center – Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Sk2 Mercy Mercy NAMM Jam 2012 Jon Hammond and Friends



Jon Hammond Day 1 NAMM at Sk2 Hammond organ with good friends Rich Severson of Guitar College http://www.guitarcollege.com/ on guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica artist – official fan site http://www.tanakakoei.com/ NAMM Jam 2012 on Mercy Mercy at Hammond Suzuki stand 5100 first-time ever combined for full power in the big NAMM.
Special thanks to Suzuki Musical Instruments Team – Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Yu Beniya, Hammond Suzuki USA Dennis Capiga, Scott May, Jay Valle – Camera: Jennifer http://www.HammondCast.com

Jon Hammond Sk2 Hammond organ, Rich Severson Eastman 403 guitar, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica – Stand 5100 NAMM 2012


*WATCH THE MOVIE HERE: Meet The Incredible Sk1 Movie

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Youtube http://youtu.be/cb7HHYzE9Gs

Michael is coming to NAMM!

Filmed in Hammond Suzuki Deutschland Headquarters Karlstrasse 38
D-89129 Langenau Germany on April 19th 2011
“Meet The Incredible Sk1 Hammond with Michael Falkenstein and Jon Hammond”
First look at this exciting new keyboard product weighing in at 7 kilos, just over 15 lbs., it sounds like a real Hammond B3 organ with Leslie, or a full size grand piano, any type of famous vintage electric piano or synthesizer. This keyboard does it all and with original Hammond drawbars and it’s feather light. Sk1 has a built in USB flash drive input, the keys are ‘bullet proof’ waterfall style keys that can hold up to extreme pressure of rockin’ rock musicians, swinging jazz musicians and can even sound like a huge pipe organ. This film will blow your mind.
Available June 2011, contact Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland Europe http://www.hammond.de/kontakt.html
Camera: Jennifer
Special thanks, Hr. Klaus Maier founder of Hammond Germany, Suzuki Musical Instruments Chief Engineers Hiromitsu Ono, Ken Atsumi, Malc Deakin Hammond UK, Jennifer Schiele, Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Dennis Capiga Hammond Suzuki USA – dedicated to the Samurai Spirit of Japan during the recovery, we send our most sincere thanks and wishes for a speedy recovery to our good friends in Japan.
Sincerely, Jon Hammond
enjoy this film of the Nord Killer in action with 2 veteran players http://www.HammondCast.com

Big honor to play this special concert for President of Suzuki Musical Instruments and all my friends at Suzuki World Headquarters Factory in Hamamatsu, first time playing with incredible harmonica artist Koei Tanaka aka Suzuki Santa (check out Koei’s work all over the world on Youtube)

– I am playing the B3mk2 Hammond organ, the Suzuki engineers did the impossible and recreated the magic of the Hammond B3 organ, many kudos to my special friends in the engineering department
Youtube http://youtu.be/jXgA6MRW0Kc
I will be playing the amazing Hammond B3mk2 at Winter NAMM Show in just a few days, Friday Jan. 25th – first-ever Hammond night “Sound Soul Summit” Hilton Lobby 8-10PM
My quartet will be with Joe Berger on guitar, Donny Baldwin drums, Alex Budman tenor sax and myself, hope to see you there folks! *Not sure where on the program we will play
Hammond Organ Performance
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hilton Stage East

Featuring the following artists:
Dr. Lonnie Smith – Hammond jazz and funk legend
Larry Goldings – keyboard/organist for James Taylor, among others
Jim Beard – of Steely Dan
Terry Lawless – of U2 & Pink
Chester Thompson – of Santana, Tower of Power
Jon Hammond – Jazz artist… — with Koei Tanaka in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

Those of you in the Saxophone Community can probably tell I don’t know how to properly hold a saxophone, but I love the way these P Mauriat HQ horns sound whenever I hear them played next to me on the bandstand by players like Tony Lakatos, Kevin Saxophone always music to my ears – here with main man Alex Mingmann Hsieh we’re going to be doing it at his stand at 2PM on Sunday Jan. 27th for those of you who’ll be down at the NAMM Show, c’mon down – Alex says “Go for the Sound!”

These saxophones were named after Paul Mauriat from Marseille France
Paul Mauriat Wiki
“A line of saxophones are named for Paul Mauriat, known as P. Mauriat Saxophones.”
Paul Mauriat (4 March 1925 – 3 November 2006) was a French orchestra leader, conductor of Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat, who specialized in the easy listening genre. He is best known in the United States for his million selling remake of André Popp’s “Love is Blue”, which was #1 for 5 weeks in 1968. Other recordings for which he is known include El Bimbo, “Toccata” and “Penelope.”
Mauriat was born and grew up in Marseille, France. His father was a postal inspector who loved to play classical piano and violin. Mauriat began playing music at the age of four and enrolled in the Conservatoire in Paris at the age of 10, but by the time he was 17, he had fallen in love with jazz and popular music. During World War II, Mauriat started his own dance band and toured concert halls throughout Europe. In the 1950s he became musical director to at least two well-known French singers, Charles Aznavour and Maurice Chevalier, touring with them respectively.
In 1957, Mauriat released his first EP Paul Mauriat, a four track RGM release. Between 1959–1964 Mauriat recorded several albums on the Bel-Air record label under the name Paul Mauriat et Son Orchestre, as well as using the various pseudonyms of Richard Audrey, Nico Papadopoulos, Eduardo Ruo and Willy Twist, to better reflect the international flavour of his recordings. During this period, Mauriat also released several recordings with Les Satellites, where he creatively arranged vocal backing harmony for such albums as Slow Rock and Twist, (1961), A Malypense (1962) and Les Satellites Chantent Noel (1964)…

Go for the Sound! – and don’t forget your Hat – Jon Hammond and Alex Mingmann Hsieh PMauriat Saxophones

Alex Mingmann Hsieh great thanks, Jon ,i just landed at Los Angeles yesterday, now i am at Disneyland for relaxation
4 hours ago · Unlike · 1

Alex Mingmann Hsieh NAMM is ringing from 24-27, the Hotel Man told you …,i am an earlier bird for 20% off, hahahh. i can’t wait to meet you soon. have a hug!!
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Jon Hammond Wow Alex! You beat me there…good work Early Bird Special! Really looking forward to seeing you soon! We come on Wednesday, welcome back in USA Alex!! c u real soon, Jon

— with Alex Mingmann Hsieh

Paris France, cicra 1981 – R.I.P. Brent Mydland (often misspelled Midland) – formerly orgnist / keyboardist of The Grateful Dead – I took this photo in Paris France when The Dead played at The Hippodrome on 1981-10-17, very nice cat – rest in peace Brent! Jon Hammond

Youtube interview with Al Franken
http://youtu.be/7oBwGzGlTlY 131,157
Brent Mydland Wiki
Brent Mydland (October 21, 1952 – July 26, 1990) was the fourth keyboardist to play for the American rock band the Grateful Dead. He was with the band for eleven years, longer than any other keyboardist in the band.
Birth name Brent Mydland
Also known as Clifton Hanger
Born October 21, 1952
Munich, Germany
Died July 26, 1990 (aged 37)
Lafayette, California
Genres Rock, psychedelic rock, blues, gospel, rock, improvisational, jam
Occupations Musician, songwriter
Instruments Keyboard instruments
Years active 1979–1990
Labels Warner Bros.
Associated acts Grateful Dead
Bobby and the Midnites
Go Ahead
Born in Munich, Germany as the child of a Norwegian U.S. Army chaplain, Mydland moved to San Francisco, California with his parents at the age of one. Mydland spent most of his childhood living in Antioch, California, an hour east of San Francisco…

Kings Cross, London England — Joe Berger gets a famous Wimpy Burger in London! And even there we ran in to friends of Joe while we were there visiting with the late great Who bassist John Entwistle and also the BMF – British Music Fair – circa 1987

– Jon Hammond
Wimpy Wiki
Wimpy is the brand name of a chain of fast-food hamburger restaurants based in the United Kingdom.
Founded Chicago (USA) (1930s) [1]. Coventry Street, London (UK) (1954)
Founder(s) Eddie Gold (USA), J. Lyons and Co (UK)
Products Fast Food
(hamburgers • chicken • french fries)

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