Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Screen Times Square Jon’s Journal February 2 2013

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Screen Times Square – 47th and Broadway by TKTS

This photo must have been around Christmas because I can see the Christmas tree – The Jon Hammond Show – 47th and Broadway (across from TKTS) on the giant Mitsubishi Diamond Vision first large outdoor TV Screen in Times Square – it showed 80 times a day for 1.5 years, as you can see this was before there were even numbers on the dial for cable TV in Manhattan, I was on Channel C and D and also Channel J, still on (28th year) but now there are numbers on the dial, many more channels these days folks – JH — at Times Square NYC

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: The Jon Hammond Show Chicago Special

MCTV – Manhattan Cable TV

Blip TV

Now in 28th year on Cable Access TV – The Jon Hammond Show, this particular episode is known as the Chicago Special which includes one song from Tim Cain I played Hammond organ on called I Saw You with some vocal help by Bill Champlin recorded by rjm productions, then to Chicago Summer NAMM Show where I personally filmed the very first performance of the late great bassist John Entwistle with band Rat Race Choir which happened at The Vic Theatre June 29, 1987, (same night) followed by Leslie West with T.M. Stevens bass, watch Leslie’s face when smoke machine goes! Then a little bit of Bag End Party at Park West with Joe Berger, T.M. Stevens, Tal Bergman and Theodus Rogers. And of course JH Show Theme Song “Late Rent” – enjoy folks, this one is a classic! Jon Hammond *Note: Joe Berger personally introduced his friend John Entwistle to Rat Race Choir band, John came all the way from London on Joe’s recommendation – JH cable tv, namm show, john entwistle, vic theatre, bag end, chicago special 3145 North Sheffield Avenue

Bernard Purdie wearing his African shirt on the gig with me at Mikell’s – you can see my lucky Hammond flag on the wall next to Art Blakey – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men with Bernard Purdie at Mikell’s 760 Columbus Avenue at 97th – here I am at my mint condition (then) 1959 B3 organ – Bernard Purdie is playing his salmon pink Sonor SIgnature drum kit
Blip TV
Flashback to August 1989 – Studio drummer Bernard Purdie takes the microphone on last set at Mikell’s with Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men band to dedicate the performance to his children Phyllis and Anthony. Theme song for the long-running cable TV program The Jon Hammond Show “Late Rent” original composition with Jon Hammond at his 1959 B3 organ Bernard Purdie drums Chuggy Carter percussion Alex Foster alto saxophone Barry Finnerty guitar *Note: This historic clip is photographic proof that the actual location of Mikell’s was 760 Columbus Avenue at 97th and not 808 Columbus as the current Whole Foods near the old location claims, highly interesting! This is some of the rare surviving footage from Mikell’s, in the house that night all night long was Hugh Masekela, Cornell Dupree and many musicians as Mikell’s was the traditional hang for all New York Studio Musicians until it’s closing.’s As seen on The Jon Hammond Show cable TV program now in 28th year Camera: Joe Berger

R.I.P. Mayor Ed Koch – here we are doing the missing kids milk carton press conference under the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision screen by the TKTS on 47th and Broadway Times Square here with his former Police Commissioner Ben Ward at 47th St. and Broadway at the big Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Screen – the first large outdoor TV screen – 80 times a day for 1.5 years my cable access TV program clips appeared on the screen, and we produced the Missing Kids Milk Cartons and New Years Eve Countdown for 2 years consecutively

*Note: Ed did the whole press conference using a Bull Horn with a remote mic (see coil cord) – not the greatest audio but he made himself heard – JH

Happy 100th Birthday Grand Central Terminal!
As you can see I took this photo when the Pan Am Building loomed in the background – now it is called MetLife Building
“The Pan Am building at the foot of Park Avenue towered over the middle of Manhattan. It was finished in 1963 and was the largest commercial office building in the world.
Atop this sky scrapper in 1963 NY Airways began offering helicopter service between Manhattan and New York’s three major airports.
The building was later sold to Metropolitan life insurance”
Grand Central Terminal Wiki:
Grand Central Terminal (GCT)—colloquially called Grand Central Station, or shortened to simply Grand Central—is a commuter rail terminal station at 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City, United States.

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Ed Koch as seen on The Jon Hammond Show

Downloaded 80 times

Ed Koch at Diamond Vision Press Conference Times Square – Jon Hammond circa 1985 – Rest In Peace Ed Koch

An incredible Press Conference with NY Mayor ED KOCH as seen on The Jon Hammond Show HammondCast in Times Square NYC on Mitsubishi DiamondVision!
Jon made a deal with Mitsubishi to have his TV show with Video by LORI on the big DiamondVision Times Sq. screen (First big-screen outdoor TV!) for 1 and half years, 80-times-a-day including the famous New Years Countdown seen on Dick Clark’s ABC Broadcast 2 consecutive years *with commentary by Jon Hammond..AND a cameo appearance in the crowd with Nikon! *Info: this is a must-see!

Ed Koch on Jon Hammond Show Blip TV

Jon Hammond at and on the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Screen 47th and Broadway Times Square NYC *here with Lazy Larry

Ed’s Obit NY TIMES

EDWARD I. KOCH, 1924-2013
Edward Koch, Former Mayor of New York, Dies

Former New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch, on the subway in 1981, was known for his candor, as when he offered no excuses for litter or crime, but said, “It stinks.” More Photos »
Published: February 1, 2013
Edward I. Koch, the master showman of City Hall, who parlayed shrewd political instincts and plenty of chutzpah into three tumultuous terms as mayor of New York with all the tenacity, zest and combativeness that personified his city of golden dreams, died Friday morning at age 88.

Mr. Koch’s spokesman, George Arzt, said the former mayor died at 2 a.m. from congestive heart failure. He was being treated at New York-Presbyterian Columbia Hospital.

Mr. Koch had experienced coronary and other medical problems since leaving office in 1989. But he had been in relatively good health despite — or perhaps because of — his whirlwind life as a television judge, radio talk-show host, author, law partner, newspaper columnist, movie reviewer, professor, commercial pitchman and political gadfly.

Ebullient, flitting from broadcast studios to luncheon meetings and speaking engagements, popping up at show openings and news conferences, wherever the microphones were live and the cameras rolling, Mr. Koch, in his life after politics, seemed for all the world like the old campaigner, running flat out.

Only his bouts of illness slowed Mr. Koch down, most recently forcing him to miss the premiere of “Koch,” a documentary biographical film that opens on Friday in theaters nationwide.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg praised Mr. Koch as “an irrepressible icon, our most charismatic cheerleader and champion,” calling him “a great mayor, a great man, and a great friend.”

Mr. Koch’s 12-year mayoralty encompassed the fiscal austerity of the late 1970s and the racial conflicts and municipal corruption scandals of the 1980s, an era of almost continuous discord that found Mr. Koch at the vortex of a maelstrom day after day.

But out among the people or facing a news media circus in the Blue Room at City Hall, he was a feisty, slippery egoist who could not be pinned down by questioners and who could outtalk anybody in the authentic voice of New York: as opinionated as a Flatbush cabby, as loud as the scrums on 42nd Street, as pugnacious as a West Side reform Democrat mother.

“I’m the sort of person who will never get ulcers,” the mayor — eyebrows devilishly up, grinning wickedly at his own wit — enlightened the reporters at his $475 rent-controlled apartment in Greenwich Village on Inauguration Day in 1978. “Why? Because I say exactly what I think. I’m the sort of person who might give other people ulcers.”

His political odyssey took him from independent-minded liberal to pragmatic conservative, from street-corner hustings with a little band of reform Democrats in Greenwich Village to the pinnacle of power as New York City’s 105th mayor from Jan. 1, 1978, to Dec. 31, 1989. Along the way, he ousted the Tammany boss Carmine G. De Sapio and served two years as a councilman and nine more in Congress representing, with distinction, the East Side of Manhattan.

With his trademark — “How’m I doin?” — Mr. Koch stood at subway entrances on countless mornings wringing the hands and votes of constituents, who elected him 21 times in 26 years, with only three defeats: a forgettable 1962 State Assembly race; a memorable 1982 primary in a race for governor won by Mario M. Cuomo; and a last Koch hurrah, a Democratic primary in 1989 won by David N. Dinkins, who would be his one-term successor…

Re-discovered recordings with Lou Colombo: HammondCast 202 Pt 2 Spotlight on Lou Colombo KYOU Radio

Lou Colombo Band with Jon Hammond circa 1976

Lou Colombo with Jon Hammond Feb. 2012 just a few days before his tragic fatal auto accident

Jon Hammond
Image 1 of 1

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berk founder of Berklee College of Music were in the house and Tip O’Neill Speaker of The House on a big Saturday night at the Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwich Port Cape Cod MA:
MP3 AUDIO: HammondCast 202 KYOU Radio special edition with part 2 of recording from Wychmere Harbor Club when Jon played B3 organ on the Lou Colombo Band, the house band at Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwich Port Cape Cod MA. First backing up a feature dance duo with cha cha and then Emily waltz, Saturday Night Fever followed by the chaser ‘California Here I Come’, then Summertime, Hello Dolly medley, Bossa nova medley Watch What Happens in to Wave and then a cooking “In The Mood” taking it home with Jon’s “Lydia’s Tune” and some of Sidewinder ©

Jon Hammond at Macworld/iWorld expo today in San Francisco CA – good to see my friends from Sennheiser there! Some highly interesting things at the show

– JH — at Macworld iWorld – Moscone Center

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Jam at P.Mauriat Stand with Jon Hammond at the organ and horns

Spontaneous NAMM Jam Session at P.Mauriat Saxophones and Trumpets stand with some great players – Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ with many great players including Hoai Phuong Nguyen, Alejandro Chiabrando, Juan Alzate, Keyan Williams, Tim Green, Willie Bradley, Jason Palmer, Eddie Baccus Jr., Adam MacBlane – sorry if I missed anybody folks! JH – Special thanks to Alex Mingmann Hsieh, Agnieszka Obrebska – P.Mauriat, Jim Wischmeyer Bag End Speakers
Hammond Suzuki USA and the very kind NAMM Sound Police – see you next year 2014 NAMM and Frankfurt Musikmesse – JH

Yao Shake (謝瑤) and Jon Hammond

Hoai Phuong Nguyen (Hoai Phuong)and Jon Hammond


Saxsbigfan 14 hours ago
wow… so excellent performance !!  Go! Go! Go! Go for the sound!
Reply ·

Tsai Susan 14 hours ago
It was so exciting to see your play at the NAMM with P Mauriat artists. The live performance was thrilled and joyful. Thank you, Jon. Without you, the NAMM would be less fun!
Reply ·

A MH 14 hours ago
Definitely, Jon deserves to have a big hugs and applauses…,whatsoever..
Jon’s LIVE performance at PM’s booth before ending NAMM ,which has been sparked a great highlights and memories to everybody, although ,it’s only a whirlwind of 30 minutes jam sessions, but that’s one of our historic treasure ,also to NAMM.
We feel proudly to say “thanks you, Jon! those music makes people crazy and joyful time until the last minutes at NAMM, Jan. 27.2013
Go for the sound!! see you in 2014
Reply ·

A MH 14 hours ago
Definitely, Jon deserves to have a big hugs and applauses…,whatsoever..
Jon’s LIVE performance at PM’s booth before ending NAMM ,which has been sparked a great highlights and memories to everybody, although ,it’s only a whirlwind of 30 minutes jam sessions, but that’s one of our historic treasure ,also to NAMM.
We feel proudly to say “thanks you, Jon! those music makes people crazy and joyful time until the last minutes at NAMM, Jan. 27.2013
Go for the sound!!
Reply ·

Tsai Susan 14 hours ago
I was so excited to see your play at the NAMM with P Mauriat artists. It was live and thrilled. Thank you, Jon. Without you, the NAMM will be less fun!

Agnieszka Obrebska Thank you Jon. It was an amazing pleasure for all of us from PM and our visitors and artists to host you and listen to your music at P. Mauriat booth. Hope you had a good time with us as well! Take care and see you soon somewhere around the world!

Hoai Phuong Nguyen Oh Thank you Jon Hammond so much for tagging me this video. I had a great time. Can’t wait till next time to play with you again.

Alex Mingmann Hsieh Jon Hammond is NAMM’s treasure, let us go ahead to celebrate big year with big show in the upcoming FMS, 2013
14 hours ago ·

Hoai Phuong Nguyen Thank you Mr. Hsieh for letting us try those saxophones out.
14 hours ago ·

Alex Mingmann Hsieh you are most welcome!! go for the sound!!see you at NAMM,2014

Blip TV

With Greg Osby, Juan Alzate, Jon Hammond and Alejandro Chiabrando at Anaheim Convention Center

Jon Hammond’s setup with Hammond Sk1 organ and Bag End Powered Speakers

2 Hats Talking – Alex Hsieh CEO Albest P.Mauriat Saxophones and Jon Hammond in Clarion Hotel Party

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Hammond Summit Show Late Rent Jon Hammond Band in Hilton Anaheim

Very special performance on first ever Hammond night in Hilton Hotel Lobby at Winter NAMM 2013 presented by Hammond Suzuki USA “Sound Soul Summit”
“The Ultimate All-Star Jam” MC Scott May introduces Jon Hammond Band to play their theme song “Late Rent” after a very cool pre-show party Meet and Greet with a who’s who of Hammond organists.
Donny Baldwin drums (from Jefferson Starship & Lydia Pense & Cold Blood),
Alex Budman tenor saxophone
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond New B-3 Portable organ
Sound mix by Denny Mack
Special thanks Hammond Suzuki USA and Suzuki Musical Instruments Team
NAMM = National Association of Music Merchants

NAMM Hilton Sound Soul Summit Jon Hammond Band Late Rent Jazz Funk Soul Blues



NAMM Hammond Summit Show Late Rent Jon Hammond Band in Hilton Anaheim from Jon Hammond on Vimeo.

Master of Ceremonies Scott May announcing our band Jon Hammond Band Friday Night January 25th at 2013 Winter NAMM Show Hammond Organ Performance on very special event “The Sound, The Soul, The Summit!”

MC’d by Scott May of Hammond Suzuki USA – Joe Berger guitar, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Donny Baldwin drums, Jon Hammond at the NEW B3 Portable Organ Hilton Stage East *as seen on The Jon Hammond Show MNN TV — with Scott May at Hilton Anaheim

NAMM Hilton Sound Soul Summit Jon Hammond Band Late Rent Jazz Funk Soul Blues

P.Mauriat, Saxophones, Trumpets, NAMM Jam, Jon Hammond, Hoai Phuong Nguyen, Alex Mingmann Hsieh, Anaheim, Musikmesse, Agnieszka Obrebska, Musicians Union, Local 802

Ed Koch, Dies, R.I.P. Seen on Jon Hammond Show, Diamond Vision, Lou Colombo, Re-discovered audio, Suzuki, Sound Soul Summit, NAMM, Anaheim, Soft News

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision, Times Square, Jon Hammond Show, Ed Koch, Milk Cartons, Missing Kids, Cable Access, MCTV, Jazz, New York, B3 Organ, Local 802, Musicians Union

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