Bernard Purdie on the fatback drums – FATHEAD Pocket Funk HAMMOND PURDIE Youtube

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Bernard Purdie on the fatback drums – FATHEAD Pocket Funk HAMMOND PURDIE Youtube

The late great tenor saxophonist David Fathead Newman getting down on Jon Hammond composition “Pocket Funk”
Jon Hammond at the B3 Organ, explosive funk solo from Bernard Purdie


Rick Bear Pretty!
Yesterday at 12:22pm

Masao Ohnuki Absolutely great!
Yesterday at 5:22pm

Bernard Purdie Hey….. I am still around.
8 hours ago

Jon Hammond Right on Bernard! The caption says: “The late great tenor saxophonist David Fathead Newman getting down on Jon Hammond composition “Pocket Funk”
Jon Hammond at the B3 Organ, explosive funk solo from Bernard Purdie “The Hit Maker”. – Jon *rest in peace David Fathead – that was a great gig – JH
8 hours ago

Jon Hammond *note: el-gig clip here: Jon


Thierry Mathelin
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Blip TV

[ width=”720″ height=”433″]

Limousine all the from The Bronx home to Manhattan after a fantastic Italian dinner courtesy of Sal Gallina – R.I.P.
Sal Gallina, sadly I just saw his obit – inventor of the Yamaha WX7 MIDI Wind Controller, rest in peace Sal – Jon Hammond
Update 10/22/07: We are very sorry to report that our friend and inspiration Sal Gallina passed away October 4th, 2007.

Sal Gallina, born Salvatore Angelo Gallina on June 20, 1951, formally of The Bronx, NY, died peacefully after a long illness on October 4, 2007. He resided at 146 Pine Circle, Bennington, VT 05201.

Sal graduated from the New York High School of Music and Art, the Manhattan School of Music, Julliard, and the American College of Forensic Examiners. Sal was an extremely intelligent man who loved music and was known worldwide for his innovative style of music. He was brilliant, both musically and electronically. One of his inventions- the Yamaha WX7 MIDI Wind Controller- is used in the music industry today. It is on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. Click here to learn more about wind controllers. He also loved the outdoors, exotic and classic cars, anything electronic such as remote control airplanes and loved to target shoot, especially with pellet guns.

He leaves behind his grieving family – his parents Justo and Marie (Saia) Gallina of Bennington, VT, his brother Angelo Gallina of Bennington, VT, his sister Fran Artale of Wappingers Falls, NY and his niece Dyanna Artale of Wappingers Falls, NY

This is the train track just before the spot in the famous scene from Dirty Harry, 1971; Clint Eastwood jumped from the train trestle on Sir Francis Drake Blvd in Larkspur CA – he was looking West for the jump on top of the school bus. – unfortunately it was torn down in August 2003 after being damaged by a truck two months earlier. – Jon Hammond

*Note: See the bird in my photo, I just noticed it – JH — in Larkspur, CA

Jon Hammond You can actually wee part of Greenbrae Boardwalk there in the photo, and the Egret bird must have come from the adjacent Marsh Conservation Area between there and San Quentin Prison in Greenbrae / Larkspur area. I noticed some of the floating houses on Greenbrae Boardwalk are going for high buck these days! There’s one up for sale there now for $500,000 bucks! Jon Hammond *not sure what the plumbing deal is there, right next to the nature preserve with the floaters –

Jon Hammond Tidal marsh restoration at Triangle marsh, Marin County

Morton, Chuck, Office of Biological Sciences and Permits, California Department of Transportation;
Galloway, Michael, Office of Biological Sciences and Permits, California Department of Transportation

Publication Date :
08-29-2005 – *highly interesting! – JH

AFN Profile TV Show special movie “Sound Cops” – I’m wearing a rare Suzuki guitars hat – so mad I lost it on the U-Bahn train, but it lives on in broadcast history folks! Jon Hammond Youtube

Musician Jon Hammond on AFN Europe TV Show PROFILE, Musikmesse Special. Jon worked together with AFN’s SSgt Albert Viera and SSG Terry Anderson to create this special entitled “Sound Cops” with very entertaining cameo appearances by Joe Berger (guitar) Michael Michael Falkenstein (Hammond organ with Jon) and the 2 Sound Polizei ‘Noise Control’ guys “Lorenzo” and his partner, busted for Electric Guitar Rocking!
You will find this story very enjoyable! Special thanks to AFN Europe and Musikmesse Frankfurt — with Michael Falkenstein

Conversations Show with Harold Channer & Jon Hammond MNN TV

Harold Hudson Channer – Host “Conversations With Harold Hudson Channer”

Jon Hammond

Excerpt from ‘Conversations Show’, Harold Channer with guest TV/Radio Host & Producer Jon Hammond on MNN TV in New York City. Hear Harold and Jon discuss Public Access Television and play a clip from Jon’s very first broadcast on MCTV Channel C ‘The Jon Hammond Show’ with original music and graphics from BackBeat Productions that aired for first time Feb. 2, 1984…

Beautiful looking Candy Apple Red Ford Sedan in concours condition (surpasses ‘mint’ condition) – Jon Hammond

Vivian Imperiale: Now that’s a car.

Back on the move – this is the pilot’s case that flew with me on the Air France Concorde Jet on my very first trip to Europe at Mach II Supersonic Speed – the trip from JFK to Paris CDG took 3 hours and 26 minutes, and changed my life – now I’m supersonic…and so is the pilot’s case folks! – Jon Hammond

Radio France Inter Concert in Paris with the late great funky drummer George Brown – R.I.P. George
Paris France — Onstage camera of Jon Hammond captures this live radio concert Maison de Radio France Studio Charles Trenet Jazz vivant producteur délégué : André Francis
circa 28th March 1996

Big honor to be on MNN TV with main man Harold Channer on Harold’s program “Conversations with Harold Channer”
Part 2 Youtube 3,364

Part 2 of Conversations with Harold Channer and Jon Hammond “The Global Village”…music as the Universal Language, music without words is the best way to effect global change, Jon’s theory in action with a clip from Moscow Russia concert together with Russian tenor sax star Igor Butman, drummer Eduard Zizak and Jon at the organ doing the classic Jazz Ballad “Easy Living” from the John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman ‘Ballads’ album. And wrap up conversation with Broadcaster, Philosopher Producer and World Traveler Harold Hudson Channer on Manhattan Neighborhood Network — at MNN

James Brown Godfather of Soul visits his Godson Michael last time

James Brown Godfather of Soul comes to visit his actual Godson of Soul Michael Falkenstein one last time in a convoy of white limousines – 40 never before seen pictures – rest in peace Godfather of Soul James Brown – Jon Hammond
*original music from Michael and Jon Hammond HammondCast Show – Congratulations 30th year Hammond Organ Germany Studio pictorial James Brown Visiting his God Son Michael Falkenstein – incredible must see and hear:
James Brown the Godfather of Soul and his God Son Michael Falkenstein at the Hammond organ with original music soundtrack from Jon Hammond radio program HammondCast – musical selections:
Time With You
Six Year Itch
Get Back In The Groove
Watermelon Man
Late Rent / HammondCast Outro

Blip TV

[ width=”720″ height=”433″]

R.I.P. Godfather of Soul James Brown – here in Hammond Organ Germany Studios with his actual God Son Michael Falkenstein, amazing but true. enjoy, Jon Hammond

Tribute to 9/11 “Get Back In The Groove” in Newessbar Hamischa


Hamburg Germany — Tribute to 9/11 “Get Back In The Groove” in Newessbar Hamischa by the Fabrik in Hamburg Altona – Featuring
Lutz Büchner tenor saxophone
Heinz Lichius drums
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond Sk1 organ & bass — with Jon Hammond Band at Newessbar.

P.Mauriat Saxophones in the new Sam Ash 34th Street location,

main man John Keim has Hammond organs new and used in stock, all accessories go see him in Keyboard Department he’ll take care of you

Ron Metz
Weehawken, New Jersey

Justin Williams
Freelance Musician at Justin Williams

Branko Stojkovic
Works at Jefferies & Company

Richard Day Gore
Senior Editor at LaChance Publishing

Peter Lorber

Cheryl Yakey
Chicago, Illinois

Helen A. Cunning
Seton Hall University

Rick Noble

Beth Nelson Cliff
Works at MIT Sloan Executive Education

Patrick McLellan
Instructor at Musician Aid Society of New York

Jeff Clark
Chief cook and bottle washer at Clark Trucking

Jim McDaniel
Educational Consultant at Educational Options, LLC

Ines Garcia Keim
Works at United

Rik Mercaldi
Guitarist/Owner at The Strumming Monkey

– main man Rudy Lawless drums with Jon Hammond at 802

– and Jon says, look in the April issue of Downbeat Magazine for the P.Mauriat NAMM Jam with Jon on the organ and some of the great P.Mauriat saxophone and trumpet artists – here with Frank Alkyer Downbeat Editor at Atlanta JEN Jazz Education Network 4th annual event recently

– JH — with P Mauriat HQ at Sam Ash 333 W.34th St. New York NY
Martin Zapata

Felix J. Ortiz Addarich
Dr. Rafael Lopez Landron School

Luis Flavio Feitosa

Evix Charker

Tayrone Mandelli
Universidade São Judas Tadeu

Maria Teresa Gonzalez Villamayor

Neemias Neeb
E.E. Ana Lins

Go For The Sound! – and Don’t Forget Your Hat folks! P.Mauriat Saxophones (and trumpets) action Youtube Look for it in April Downbeat Magazine Post NAMM Coverage – with Alex Mingmann Hsieh – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond organ – Greg Osby alto sax – Photo by Larry Gay of West Coast Live Radio Program

Winter NAMM Show 2013 Sunday Blues Session P.Mauriat Stand – Saxophones Trumpet Jon Hammond at Organ

Jon Hammond at B-3 Organ Yoshi’s Jazz Club Oakland CA

Jon and Bon – Bonnie Raitt

Bernard Purdie, I’m Still Here, Explosive Funk, Jon Hammond, David Fathead Newman, Drums, B3 organ, Local 802, Musicians Union, Zanzibar, NAMM Show, Sunday Blues Session, Yoshi’s Oakland


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