Boeing 777 Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene

Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene *Images from Jon Hammond just 30 minutes ago:

Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene: Flight 214 Asiana Airlines arriving SFO from SEL has crashed – I shot this photo from West Field of SFO near US Post Office facility and Catering – heavy smoke – aircraft separated at tail – amazing the Captain managed to get it in and on to tarmac as I’m hearing it was in trouble on the way in. Many passengers seen leaving aircraft – information still sketchy, this report just came in 3 minutes ago – I shot this photo 20-30 minutes ago – JH *Note: I first heard 191 passengers onboard – now I just heard from an employee – 291 passengers and crew – JH
FAA: Asiana Airlines flight crash lands at San Francisco airport
William M. Welch, USA TODAY 3:48 p.m. EDT July 6, 2013
An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul crashed on landing at San Francisco’s airport Saturday, the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed.

It was not immediately known if there were casualties. Initial images from the scene showed smoke billowing from the plane and emergency exits open from the plane’s fuselage.

The plane was a Boeing 777, FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said. It crashed on runway 28L at San Francisco International Airport, he said.

Laura Brown, spokeswoman for the FAA in Washington, said Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul was attempting to land at San Francisco International Airport when it crashed.

“All we know is that a foreign airline, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 arriving from Seoul, South Korea, crashed while landing,” she said. “That’s all I’ve got right now.

A video clip posted to Youtube showed smoke coming from a silver-colored jet on the tarmac. Passengers could be seen jumping down the inflatable emergency slides. Images showed the the body of the plane largely intact but with severe fire damage.

The tail of the airplane was separated from the aircraft.

The crash is the first major commercial jet to crash in the United States since a November 2001 crash in New York.

The airline is based in Seoul, South Korea. Its website says its Boeing 777 can carry between 246 to 300 passengers. — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

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