Lydia’s Tune Bossa Nova NAMM Brunch Set Center Patio

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Jon Hammond Band performs “Lydia’s Tune” at Winter NAMM Show 2014 on Center Patio stage with some still photos by Lawrence Gay – Joe Berger guitar, Dom Famularo drums, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Koei Tanaka harmonica, Jon Hammond organ – at Anaheim Convention Center ©JON HAMMOND Intl. ASCAP – Anaheim Convention Center

February 14, 2014

At the recent 2014 Winter NAMM Expo, Hammond Artist JON HAMMOND received the “Beleive In Music” award from NAMM President Joe Lamond. Jon travels the World with his Hammond Sk1, swinging with his group, guesting with others and playing Solo. Jon also brings the joy of jazz to many folks who are ill or recuperating via his countless visits to Hospitals and Institutions everywhere. Congratulations, Jon!

Jon’s long lost brother Albert!

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