Part 2 Sunday Morning Blues and Jazz Session

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Part 2 Sunday Morning Blues and Jazz Session

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(Higher Quality) Part 2 Sunday Morning Blues and Jazz Session now in-progress – Scott May checking out the action far right, kicking off Day 4 of the 4 day NAMM trade show with some funky swingin’ jazz and blues – Jon Hammond
Hammond Organ USA Suzuki Musical Instruments stand action – Jon Hammond Hammond’s traditional start to the Sunday last day of NAMM with a Blues and Jazz session at Hammond Suzuki stand #5100 with good friends Koei Tanaka / Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 – fan site harmonica, Joe Berger guitar and here Jon is at the new Hammond model XK-1c organ 2014 Winter edition of The NAMM Show in Anaheim California, Anaheim Convention Center Special thanks Steve Simmons, Joe Berger2, Jon Hammond Organ Group — with Joe Berger and 2 others at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center


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(Higher Quality) Anaheim CA: This film starts out at the annual NAMM Believe In Music Awards and immediately afterwards Jon Hammond ran to the Center Patio Stage for a Jon Hammond Band performance with the inventor of “The Purdie Shuffle” Bernard Purdie! – Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 – fan site from Tokyo on harmonica, Alex Budman tenor sax, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the organ – — with Alex Budman, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie and Jon Hammond Organ Group at The NAMM Show Anaheim Convention Center

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Official NAMM Photos from NAMM Archivist

Big special thanks to NAMM Archivist Tony Arambarri for these beautiful photographs! *Image 1: Jon Hammond receiving “Believe In Music Award” from Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM –

*Image 2: Joe Berger guitar and Dom Famularo drums on NAMM Center Patio Stage

*Image 3: From Tokyo – Koei Tanaka / Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 – fan site harmonica and Jon Hammond at the organ on NAMM Center Patio Stage – Thank you!!
Jon / Jon Hammond Band

I am extremely proud and humbled to be amongst this year’s recipients of NAMM’s prestigious “Believe In Music Award” presented by Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM and NAMM’s Historian and Archivist Dan Del Fiorentino and Tony Arambarri –

I was speaking with Roy Burns who told me he has attended NAMM every year since 1960, and he’s looking great!

*see photo – Frank Alkyer & Kevin Maher publishers of DownBeat Magazine and NAMM Daily among other publications, a list will become available soon – thank you for this beautiful and meaningful award! Sincerely, Jon Hammond

I love to see Bernard Purdie smile – I’ll never forget one time when we did a one hour radio interview on Radio KALX in California, Bernard said something I’ll never forget: “Music is supposed to be…Happy!” *Youtube of the interview folks: – Jon Hammond Band on NAMM Center Patio Stage, Anaheim CA — with Bernard Purdie at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center :

Performance Info
Location: Anaheim C.C.B/C Patio Stage
Saturday, January 25, 2014 – 11:00am to 12:00pm


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