Special thanks to Nicolai Ditsch for shooting this film with Lutz!: Youtubes of every song we played in Auster Bar Hamburg going backwards Jon Hammond Band http://youtu.be/BqtFWKBeC0c “Cooking at The Auster Bar”http://youtu.be/9P8yZiXgWfI “Tribute to Cannonball – Mercy Mercy Mercy”http://youtu.be/MdQi8mAslzE “Tribute to Bobby Timmons – Moanin’ / Blues”http://youtu.be/jtAaQLH_BYk “Late Rent – Them Song” http://youtu.be/orpLWd66-Hw “No X-Cess Baggage Blues” http://youtu.be/LFhxrDs6PbQ “Lydia’s Tune – Bossa Nova”http://youtu.be/MxpIJesOJXQ “Pocket Funk” http://youtu.be/q4_lNnwzxrU “Auster Blues and Jazz

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