April 4 2017 Date Set for 31st annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in jazzkeller hosted by Jon Hammond Band

April 4 2017 Date Set for 31st annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in jazzkeller hosted by Jon Hammond Band

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Party Celebrating 30 Years Musikmesse Warm Up in Famous Jazzkeller Massive Chocolate Cake

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondBand2ndSetAfterBirthdayCakeBreak


Youtube https://youtu.be/o2–TIC-frk


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Note from Jon Hammond
Video: Tino Pavlis​
Best Party of The Year! Jon Hammond’s annual musikmesse​ Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller​ Tuesday April 5th 2016 celebrating 30 years
Jon Hammond​ – organ Joe Berger​ – guitar Peter Klohmann​ – saxophone Giovanni Totò Gulino​ – drums Mr. Hammond has toured worldwide since 1991 using the incredible Sk1 organ by Hammond Suzuki..™ “Classic Hammond Sound…In A Suitcase!” The Jon Hammond Show is a funky swinging instrumental revue, featuring top international soloists. The show has universal appeal. Big Hammond orgel sound – 100% organic – Jon’s birthday cake by Saray Pastanesi​ Jon Hammond Band​

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Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Photo by Professor Karl H. Warkentin – Jon Hammond – in Kunstschule Alsterdamm Hamburg:

Folks, I’m very happy to announce that my good friend funky Heinz Lichius is going to fly out from Hamburg Germany to play drums with us at the Winter NAMM Show next month! This will be Heinz’ very first NAMM Show, so any NAMM Heads out there, please come out and hear my band at 4PM on Jan. 20th Friday on the CenterStage presented by Pioneer DJ:

The band will be:
Joe Berger guitar
Koei Tanaka harmonica
Chuggy Carter percussion
Alex Budman tenor saxophone
Heinz Lichius drums
Jon Hammond organ
Jon Hammond Funk Unit: Friday, January 20, 2017 – 4:00pm to 4:40pm
NAMM CenterStage Presented by Pioneer DJ (BC Patio)
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California Historical Radio Society — Is Steve Kushman President of CHRS on a Mars Landing Mission?..No he’s serious about vacuuming and getting ready for the annual CHRS Holiday Social!
Just before the Board Meeting today – I’ll be there next week! Jon Hammond
– Holiday Social Dec. 17th –

December 17th

On Saturday, December 17th at the CHRS Holiday Social / General Meeting, we will cut the ribbon on our new shop and celebrate our hard work. Be prepared to join our annual Pot Luck lunch and enjoy our new digs at Radio Central. Bring your holiday favorites to share.

CHRS Super Volunteer Judy Mears will be organizing this year’s pot luck. Please EMAIL JUDY MEARS if you plan to bring food to share. We usually have about 30 or so guests… this year maybe more. It’s always nice to share a meal with friends at Holiday time. This year it’s no different. But we must be aware of the recent ‘bad luck pot luck’ in the news. We always do… but we were reminded to please make sure our ingredients are fresh, meats are well cooked, hot dishes kept hot until served and chilled items are kept chilled.

CHRS has been having pot lucks for 13 years without incidents… except maybe eating too much good food an feeling stuffed!

Happy Harley-Davidson Holidays Folks! – You can hear this Santa coming, with Glasspack Mufflers! – Jon Hammond Oakland Harley-Davidson

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondShowXK5Extravaganza

Youtube https://youtu.be/xbP3NBSBuxs

Jon Hammond Show XK5 Extravaganza – for broadcast on MNN TV Channel 1, 12 / 17 –
Jon Hammond Show 34th year on Public Access TV – Manhattan Neighborhood Network #MNNTV #XK5 #HammondOrgan
First segment:
“Hammond Party Nashville
In Memory of ‘Gregg’ Gregory Gronowski
Jon Hammond Portion of Program: original compositions POCKET FUNK + LATE RENT – special event Nashville Tennessee Summer NAMM Show
Hammond Organ USA
Suzuki Musical Instruments
Jon Hammond Band Musicians: Joe Berger guitar, Kayleigh Moyer drums, Chuggy Carter percussion, Jon Hammond XK-5 Hammond Organ with
high power model 3300 Leslie Speaker. This is the USA Debut of the model XK5 Hammond organ
©JON HAMMOND Intl. http://www.HammondCast.com
*Note: Remembering ‘Gregg’ Gregory Gronowski – planning to play with Joe Berger Wed. Feb. 22nd at the Gregory Gronowski Memorial Celebration concert in St. Charles IL Arcada Theatre – it’s going to be a great night of music and memories…family & friends folks! See you in the Land O’ Lincoln (suburb of Chicago where I was born actually) – Jon Hammond *it will be a Hammond Organ / Organist extravaganza! Hammond Organ USA @GreggGronowski #GreggGronowski Jon Hammond Band Jon Hammond Organ Group Scott May Suzuki Musical Instruments
Info: XK-5 ORGAN: The New Original
HAMMOND’s new flagship portable organ is a ground-up new design that draws on original blueprints of the classic HAMMOND B-3 organ to capture its sound and feel with unmatched accuracy and soul. Its patent-pending technologies include an all-new sound engine that combines modeling and sampling to reproduce every nuance of the electro-mechanical tone wheel generator plus a custom keyboard action that duplicates the heft, bounce, key travel, and multi-contact behavior of classic HAMMOND console organs.
K-5 organ, Heritage Series dual-manual systems, new Leslie K pedal”
Second segment:
Japan Music Fair LIVE Get Back in The Groove XK5 featuring Koei Tanaka and Joe Berger plus special guest Tokuichi Inoue chromatic Harmonica Masters from Suzuki Musical Instruments – Jon Hammond is playing the new XK-5 Hammond organ and high power Leslie Speaker, the new standard in Hammond B3 digital organ, best modern Hammond organ in history, enjoy! Jon Hammond photo Steve aka Shunichi Horiuchi!
#KoeiTanaka #ChromaticHarmonica #Harmonica
with Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 – fan site, Koei Tanaka, Joe Berger, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Suzuki Harmonica – Official Facebook Page and Suzuki Melodions / Hammond Electric Acoustic Melodions at Tokyo Big Sight.

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/AusterJazzHeadPhoneNDRHornsFunkyHeinz


Auster Jazz Head Phone NDR Horns Funky Heinz – 3 + 3

Jon Hammond Band Live in Auster Bar Hamburg with funky Heinz Lichius drums, NDR Horns: Michael Leuschner trumpet, Lutz Büchner tenor sax, Fiete Felsch alto sax, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ + bass – http://www.HammondCast.com/ Note: Joe Berger is playing Futhark Guitars -Jon Hammond – Hammond organ made by Suzuki Musical Instruments – special thanks to our friend and excellent drummer Nicolai Ditsch for operating the camera! & Auster Bar Team Frank Blume & Torsten Wendt

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Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Sennheiser In The News led by system designer Norbert Hilbich AMBEO 3D audio soundscapes guidePORT system wow! Jon Hammond

Courtesy of Installation AV integration in a networked world

LINK http://www.installation-international.com/sennheiser-to-provide-3d-music-for-va-revolution-exhibition/

Photo: Dave Robinson –Sennheiser audio solutions

Daniel Sennheiser, CEO of Sennheiser – pictured (centre) holding a replica of a 1968 set of Sennheiser headphones

Installation AV Says: “Sennheiser has announced a new collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London for the forthcoming exhibition You Say You Want a Revolution? Records & Rebels 1966 – 1970.

The exhibition will open to the public on 10 September 2016 and run until 26 February 2017, following which it will tour internationally. Sennheiser will provide immersive sound utilising its AMBEO 3D audio technology delivered through a guidePORT audio guide system.

Jon Hammond’s Sennheiser evolution microphone Monophonic Recorder combo Headphone HD 25-1 Classic and Song

Jon Hammond: Back to Mono with Sennheiser combo TASCAM product DR-10X Plug-on Micro Linear PCM Recorder for XLR Connection (flipped over):
Monophonic High fidelity Folks! True Hi-fi

Jon Hammond playing his 1968 Gibson Byrdland – owned since 18 years old

Front and Back Jon Hammond’s 1968 Gibson Byrdland

Jon Hammond interviewing the great Roy Clark with Sennheiser evolution e855 microphone – Roy is a long-time Gibson Byrdland virtuoso!

Jon Hammond 1965 Fender Bandmaster Blackface on the bench

Jon’s Bandmaster Fender Head paired with Bag End 15″ coaxial speaker bottom

2017 ProLight + Sound and Musikmesse Kicking Off with Jon Hammond Next April

Dankeschön Johannes Weber and Ilona Schlesinger-Jakoby for the Press Release & New Poster – also Natalia Kryukova Prolight + Sound NAMM Russia 2017

“news +++ Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound 2017 continues on its successful course
following recent conceptual developments

Attractive setting for product presentations, business and recruiting

Comprehensive overview of the sector in the eastern part of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre”

Johannes Weber, Christopher Sparkes and Jon Hammond

“Prolight + Sound has been strengthened by the recent conceptual developments and will maintain and continue to develop the new components for the next edition in 2017. Thus, from 4 to 7 April 2017, the International Fair of Technologies and Services for Entertainment, Integrated Systems and Creation will once again be the meeting place for the industry and the showcase for the latest products and trends in the sector. By moving to the eastern part of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre in 2016, the fair was able to expand the spectrum of products and services on show and, as in the past, all key players will be represented at Prolight + Sound 2017, many of them with even bigger presentations than before. The shift in the days of opening to Tuesday to Friday was given a positive reception this year and will be retained next year. A wide-ranging seminar programme covering all business segments will be held on all four days of the fair. A special focal point of Prolight + Sound 2017 will be on promoting young people and creating areas of contact between companies and skilled personnel.

“With the highly successful première of the new concept, we executed a decisive change in course for the future of Prolight + Sound as the world’s foremost business platform and showcase for the sector”, says Michael Biwer, Group Show Director of the Entertainment, Media & Creative Industries Business Unit of Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. “In close cooperation with companies from the sector, we aim to continue this success story at the coming Prolight + Sound and further optimise the fair in the future.”

Jon Hammond flanked by Sennheiser co-CEO’s Dr. Andreas Sennheiser and Daniel Sennheiser

Eugen Hahn my good friend – Jon Hammond

Joe Lamond, Jon Hammond, Joe Berger – jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jon’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party

April 4 2017, Date Set, Party, Jon Hammond Band, jazzkeller, ProLight + Sound, #musikmesse #NAMMShow #HammondOrgan


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