40 Never Before seen James Brown Photos with my friend Michael Falkenstein & Family

40 Never Before seen James Brown Photos with my friend Michael Falkenstein & Family

WATCHMOVIE HERE: 40 Never Before seen James Brown Photos with my friend Michael Falkenstein & Family

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammond40NeverBeforeSeenJamesBrownPhotoswithhisGodSonMichaelFalkenstein

This will blow your mind – 2 white stretch limos came out to Michael Falkenstein’s family house in the middle of the night with God Father of Soul James Brown and his entourage – original music played on Mr. Brown’s favorite musical instrument Hammond B3 organ from Michael and myself Jon Hammond as heard on HammondCast radio show, keep the funky spirit, JH

musical selections:
Time With You
Six Year Itch
Get Back In The Groove
Watermelon Man
Late Rent / HammondCast Outro
R.I.P. Godfather of Soul James Brown – here in Hammond Organ Germany Studios with his actual God Son Michael Falkenstein, amazing but true. enjoy, Jon Hammond

Producer Jon Hammond
Audio/Visual sound, color

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Jon Hammond’s Sliced Baked Almonds with Olive Oil Sea Salt Fresh Pepper 23 A Day for Health

Finished Product!

*my latest kitchen action – Jon’s sliced baked Sea Salt / Pepper Almonds for health! 23 a day, that means, 23 small in morning,

and 23 small halves in evening – 46 halves equal 23!


So…I get the raw almonds, then sit around and slice each one in half.

Then spread out on a pan and put some real Olive Oil on – some Sea Salt and fresh ground Pepper – put the

oven on Bake around 475 and keep a close eye on them…they come out real good and a hell of a lot easier to eat and chew, nice ‘n crunchy!

these ones just got cooked up,

Jon Hammond:

Almond Wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almond

The almond (Prunus dulcis, syn. Prunus amygdalus) is a species of tree native to the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and North Africa.

“Almond” is also the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed of this tree. Within the genus Prunus, it is classified with the peach in the subgenus Amygdalus, distinguished from the other subgenera by the corrugated shell (endocarp) surrounding the seed.

The fruit of the almond is a drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed, which is not a true nut, inside. Shelling almonds refers to removing the shell to reveal the seed. Almonds are sold shelled or unshelled. Blanched almonds are shelled almonds that have been treated with hot water to soften the seedcoat, which is then removed to reveal the white embryo.

The almond is a deciduous tree, growing 4–10 m (13–33 ft) in height, with a trunk of up to 30 cm (12 in) in diameter. The young twigs are green at first, becoming purplish where exposed to sunlight, then grey in their second year. The leaves are 3–5 inches long,[3] with a serrated margin and a 2.5 cm (1 in) petiole. The flowers are white to pale pink, 3–5 cm (1–2 in) diameter with five petals, produced singly or in pairs and appearing before the leaves in early spring.[4][5] Almond grows best in Mediterranean climates with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The optimal temperature for their growth is between 15 and 30 °C (59 and 86 °F) and the tree buds have a chilling requirement of 300 to 600 hours below 7.2 °C (45.0 °F) to break dormancy.[6]

Almonds begin bearing an economic crop in the third year after planting. Trees reach full bearing five to six years after planting. The fruit matures in the autumn, 7–8 months after flowering

Nutrition folks!:
“The almond is a nutritionally dense food (see chart pictured right) and a 100 gram serving is a rich source (>20% of the Daily value, DV) of the B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, vitamin E, and the essential minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. The same serving size is also a good source (10–19% DV) of the B vitamins thiamine, vitamin B6, and folate; choline; and the essential mineral potassium. They are also rich in dietary fiber, monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats, fats which potentially may lower LDL cholesterol.[46] Typical of nuts and seeds, almonds also contain phytosterols such as beta-sitosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, sitostanol, and campestanol, which have been associated with cholesterol-lowering properties.[46]

Preliminary research associates consumption of almonds with elevated blood levels of high density lipoproteins and lower low density lipoproteins.[46]

Almonds may cause allergy or intolerance. Cross-reactivity is common with peach allergens (lipid transfer proteins) and tree nut allergens. Symptoms range from local signs and symptoms (e.g., oral allergy syndrome, contact urticaria) to systemic signs and symptoms including anaphylaxis (e.g., urticaria, angioedema, gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms).[47]

During the digestion process in humans, almond flour may be fermented into short-chain fatty acids, most notably butyrate which is a substrate for cells lining the large intestine.”

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 2,408 kJ (576 kcal)
21.69 g
Starch 0.74 g
3.89 g
0.00 g
Dietary fiber 12.2 g
49.42 g
Saturated 3.731 g
Monounsaturated 30.889 g
Polyunsaturated 12.070 g

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/CookingAtTheAusterBarJonHammondBandWithNDRHorns


Youtube https://youtu.be/BqtFWKBeC0c


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Absolutely cooking session in Hamburg Germany – Jon Hammond Band with The NDR Horns until the last minute when music must stop 10PM / 22:00 Auster Bar is in residential quarter of Eimsbüttel HH, The Musicians: Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Lutz Büchner tenor saxophone, Fiete Felsch alto saxophone, Michael Leuschner musical director / trumpet, Jon Hammond organ + bass – special thanks Nicolai Ditsch for operating the camera – Auster Bar Team Frank Blume, Torsten Wendt, Musik Rotthoff support, Knut Benzner NDR Redaktion – as seen on MNN TV The Jon Hammond Show http://www.HammondCast.com

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Producer Jon Hammond
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Frankfurt Germany — Jon Hammond flanked by Ivana Petrof / Ivana Petrofová and Zuzana Petrof / Zuzana Ceralová Petrofová Celebrating 150
years Petrof Pianos Excellence! – Musikmesse Frankfurt

Mill Valley CA — Marla Hunt Hanson and Julius Karpen at special gathering celebrating life of Ron Polte who was the manager of Ace of Cups and Quicksilver Messenger Service. Marla Hunt original organist of Ace of Cups and Julius Karpen manager of Big Brother and The Holding Company band with Janis Joplin – long-time associate friend of Chet Helms – photo by Jon Hammond

Port of Richmond at Dusk – Jon Hammond

— RIP my friend Ron Polte – manager of Quicksilver, Ace of Cups, Wild West Fest – Jon Hammond

(my band opened for Copperhead on one of the very few live gigs they played in 1972 at The Longbranch Saloon)

Tam Junction and Piatti Mill Valley Restaurant – Breakfast with Ron, rest in peace Ron Polte – Jon Hammond : *Note: We had a lot of fun in

the old days at 759 Harrison Street San Francisco when we shared rehearsal space with The Quicksilver Messenger Service at Bruce Hatch’s San

Francisco Radical Laboratories aka SF Rad Lab in years 1968 / 1969 (not to be confused with radiation lab folks! I am still in touch with

QSM guitarist Gary Duncan, sending my condolences Gary! – JH

*Note: This was Ron’s big project some years ago folks:
JON HAMMOND REFLECTIONS ON WILD WEST FESTIVAL – LINK: http://kernelpanichammondcast.blogspot.com/2016/09/wow-folks-i-was-there-jon-hammond.html Wow folks, I was there! This was very nearly the biggest Rock Music Festival that almost happened – it was very close. I went to many meetings with Ron Polte and a lot of very heavy San Francisco Rock bands were down to play the “Wild West Festival” (1969) Posters were already made up, we had meetings in the Zoetrope building now owned by Francis Ford Coppola and The Straight Theatre on Haight Street – Ron Polte was part owner of Straight Theatre in addition to being the manager of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Ace of Cups and for a time Sons of Champlin as well. I highly recommend watching and listening to this very rare footage of the press conference with Big Daddy Tom Donahue speaking about the project – Jon Hammond Band​
photo by Jon Hammond​ – breakfast with Ron
I just saw Ron’s obit by Paul Liberatore​ in the Marin IJ:
“Quicksilver Quicksilver Messenger Service – Band​ manager Ron Polte dies in Mill Valley at 84″
” By Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal

Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/JonHammondNAMMHammondSummitShowLateRentJonHammondBandinHiltonAnaheim


Youtube https://youtu.be/BOqqIxm_F30


Very special performance on first ever Hammond night in Hilton Hotel Lobby at Winter NAMM 2013 presented by Hammond Suzuki USA “Sound Soul Summit”

Peter Nguyen CFO Hammond Suzuki USA and Jon Hammond

Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM with Jon Hammond accepting Believe in Music Award plaque

L to R Jon Hammond, Chester Thompson, Scott May

Stevie Wonder and Jon Hammond – One More Time!

Jon Hammond plays the New B3 Portable Organ

“The Ultimate All-Star Jam” MC Scott May introduces Jon Hammond Band to play their theme song “Late Rent” after a very cool pre-show party Meet and Greet with a who’s who of Hammond organists.
Donny Baldwin drums (from Jefferson Starship & Lydia Pense & Cold Blood),
Alex Budman tenor saxophone
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond New B-3 Portable organ
Sound mix by Denny Mack
Special thanks Hammond Suzuki USA and Suzuki Musical Instruments Team
NAMM = National Association of Music Merchants

NAMM Hilton Sound Soul Summit Jon Hammond Band Late Rent Jazz Funk Soul Blues
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Producer Jon Hammond

Jon’s archive http://ia802300.us.archive.org/27/items/CookingAtTheAusterBarJonHammondBandWithNDRHorns/Cooking%20at%20The%20Auster%20Bar%20Jon%20Hammond%20Band%20With%20NDR%20Horns.mp4

Absolutely cooking session in Hamburg Germany – Full High Definition Version: Jon Hammond Band with The NDR Horns until the last minute when music must stop 10PM / 22:00 Auster Bar is in residential quarter of Eimsbüttel HH,

The Musicians: Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Lutz Büchner tenor saxophone, Ernst-Friedrich Fiete Felsch alto saxophone, Michael Leuschner musical director / trumpet, Jon Hammond organ + bass

Youtube http://youtu.be/BqtFWKBeC0c

Announcing Special Guest Lee Oskar for big Center Stage at musikmesse First Day 12 Noon on Jon Hammond All Star Band

Folks, I’m happy to announce that our friend Lee Oskar will be joining us onstage on the big Center Stage at musikmesse first day Wednesday April 5th with Joe Berger, Peter Klohmann Giovanni Totò Gulino! See you there, my 31st consecutive year – Jon Hammond
*Showtime: High Noon 12PM!


Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/WhiteOnionsInstrumentalWithSpecialGuestLeeOskar

Youtube http://youtu.be/zy8OSck8_TA

Jon Hammond Band original “White Onions” with special guest Lee Oskar harmonica – Jon’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in the famous Jazzkeller Frankfurt – Joe Berger on guitar playing his custom JJ Guitars, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone by PMauriat Saxophones Pmauriat Albest, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Jon Hammond at the organ ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP

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