Ellington Room JAMES WES BLUES


Jon’s archive https://archive.org/details/EllingtonRoomJAMESWESBLUES

Youtube https://youtu.be/wUVtwZ_DiFQ

Jon Hammond Band opener, evening concert in Ellington Room – James Wes Blues, Musicians: Chuggy Carter percussion, Joe Berger guitar, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Ray Grappone drums, Jon Hammond at his 1959 Hammond B3 organ Bill Beer super Leslie built for Jon in 1971 with JBL speaker and horn components and Bill’s specially designed 250 watts rms solid-state bi-amplification system – Audio recorded by Jon on his 1976 Nakamichi 550 recorder, bought it from Harvey Electronics on 45th Street in the year 1976 with 3 nice Sennheiser microphones – Swinging Funky Jazz and Blues as seen on Jon Hammond Show (34 years) on cable TV late Friday nights Manhattan Neighborhood Network – MNN Channel 1 – Jon Hammond Organ Group
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