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First segment:
The Czechoslovakian Salsa Song in Jazzkeller Hofheim – Jon Hammond Band annual Musikmesse-Session: Peter Klohmann t s, Giovanni Totò Gulino d, Joe Berger g, Jon Hammond o+b 
#HammondOrgan #Czechoslovakia #SaulSalsakovitch #HofheimamTaunus 
Second segment:
Center Stage Lee Oskar Feature Jon Hammond Allstars 
Center Stage musikmesse Lee Oskar Feature on Jon Hammond Allstars Band “Lydia’s Tune” written by Jon Hammond in Paris – Peter Klohmann tenor, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger gitarre, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ + bass with photos by Andreas Meer at end ©JON HAMMOND International
Third Segment:
Deutschherrnufer/Alte Brücke, 60594 Frankfurt, Germany
as Night Falls over Main River – Jon Hammond Show theme song LATE RENT:
empathy, love, reality, true, bravery, dignity, freedom, fidelity
Jon Hammond & Band
Giovanni Totò Gulino d.
Peter Klohmann t.s.
Joe Berger g.
Jon Hammond o.+b.
#Yachtklub #Jazzy #Funky #HammondOrgan #Drums #Guitar #Saxophone#FrankfurtamMain
Fourth Segment:
Eric Larsen Quickie Interview With Jon Hammond –
Eric Larsen and Jon Hammond quickie interview over coffee with TASCAM DR-10X Plug-on Micro Linear PCM Recorder audio and some images of things and people we talked about before we turned on the microphone! Eric had just come back from Fort Wayne, Indiana rep’ing TEAC TASCAM at the annual Sweetwater GearFest 2017 – Jon Hammond now getting ready for Summer NAMM Nashville and we’ll see Eric again for sure at the big Winter NAMM Show 2018!

*from Accordions Worldwide Megasite: Thanks very much Harley Jones for putting out the word! “Jon Hammond Stolen Giulietti Classic model 127, Serial No. 14258 – USA by Harley Jones Well known musician Jon Hammond has now found the serial number of his stolen accordion, a Giulietti Classic model 127 Serial No. 14258. This accordion was stolen from his mother’s house in Boston, MA in 1976. Picture right of Jon Hammond circa 1976, playing the stolen accordion. At the time, John was attending Berklee College of Music and this accordion has a history, being an accordion of the great pioneer USA accordionist John Molinari. If you have any information about the accordion, please email Jon Hammond at:

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