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HammondCast Spotlight on Lou Colombo Jon’s Journal December 22 2012

December 22, 2012

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast Spotlight on Lou Colombo

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Jon Hammond on Lou Colombo Band at Wychmere Harbor Club Harwich Port MA Cape Cod
L to R
Frank Shea, Lou Colombo, Jack Pena, Jon Hammond at the B3 organ

Feb. 2012 Lou Colombo and Jon Hammond in Fort Myers Florida, R.I.P. Lou Colombo

From Capecodtoday

Lou Colombo—Mr. Jazz on Cape Cod was killed Saturday night while exiting the parking lot at The Roadhouse Café on San Carlos Blvd. in Fort Myers, Florida.

The Musical Director at The Roadhouse Café, Richie Iannuzzi, said that Lou had just played a set before leaving to meet his wife, Noel. In addition to playing at The Roadhouse Café in Fort Myers, Lou also played at Pa Degennaro’s in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Roadhouse Café in Fort Myers is owned by Sherri Colombo and her husband Marc Neeley. It is a sister-club to the Roadhouse Café on South Street in Hyannis, Massachusetts, which is owned by David Colombo, Lou’s son, who is also the owner of Colombo’s on Main Street in Hyannis and The Black Cat Restaurant at Hyannis Harbor.

Reporting on Lou’s death saddens me greatly. Strangely enough, this very evening—Sunday—I was editing videotape of the last time I worked with Lou at Colombo’s. The video will be in an up-coming Dave Rojay Show on Channel 17, Saturday night at 9:30.

The only thing that can be said about Lou is that he was a great guy, a great friend, and a great trumpet player. He played holding his trumpet up with his right hand and blowing out of the right side of his mouth. As a trumpet player myself, I know how difficult this is; but Lou played with ease. He knew all the standards ever written and played them with great feeling and a beautiful tone and he had a tremendous rapport with his audience—a faithful long-running audience that loved him, truly.

I have so many memories of working with Lou going back many years in the past. He has appeared in several of my TV programs and he was often at Channel 17 recording for Ivy Sinclair, a producer of jazz television.

A couple of years ago, I played with Lou at the Roadhouse Café. Footage of this will also be in the up-coming Dave Rojay Show. Lou told me at the time that he was 82 years old and when I considered the strength and vitality of his playing, I was amazed.

As I type this, I am in a state of shock. A cremation for Lou is scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday in Florida with a Memorial Service to follow later on Cape Cod. My wife and I send our condolences to the entire Colombo family.

The last time I talked to Lou, we talked about a group picture of Cape Cod jazz artists scheduled for April. This photo shoot organized by jazz drummer, Bart Weisman, was to duplicate the famous photo from the past of renowned jazz artists on the steps of a brownstone in New York. No photo of the jazz artists of Cape Cod will be complete without Lou Colombo in the center.

David Rojay

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast with Payphone Johnny

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HammondCast 21, broadcasting from San Francisco California, organist/composer & bandleader JON HAMMOND playing fresh new tracks from recent record date in NDR Radio Hamburg “NDR SESSIONS” with new breakout original composition: “Pay Phone Johnny”, and classics: “Our Day Will Come”, “Blues in the Night” and Hammond’s long-time theme song as intro/outro: “Late Rent”. Special thanks to musicians: LUTZ BUCHNER (saxophones), JOE GALLARDO (trombone), HEINZ LICHIUS (drums) and Co-Producer: KNUT BENZNER, and NDR Radio Engineer: RUDY GROSSER. This record date was recorded in the famous Studio 1 of NDR Radio in Hamburg Germany. Hammond talks about meeting Robin Williams and flying to New York City to attend IAJE Jazz Educators event. As heard on KYOU 1550 AM and on the internet at
*Jon Hammond is a member of Local 802/6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher currently featured by ASCAP

Jon Hammond’s “The NDR Sessions Projekt” brings the soulful jazz organist back to Hamburg to record a collection of standards and originals featuring Lutz Buchner on saxophones, Joe Gallardo on trombone and Heinz Lichius on drums. Recorded in one of Germany’s best studios, the quartet present rich, heartfelt perfomances and infuse the music with a fresh and vibrant sound.

NDR Sessions
Jon Hammond says the NDR session was based on a sentimental idea.

Lick Wilmerding High School ALUMNI HOLIDAY PARTY –
Head of School Eric J. Temple and Jon Hammond ’71

at Mr. Smith’s Bar 34 Seventh Street at Stevenson Street – San Francisco California

A private school with public purpose, Lick-Wilmerding High School develops the head, heart and hands of highly motivated students from all walks of life, inspiring them to become life long learners who contribute to the world with confidence and compassion.
755 Ocean Avenue / San Francisco, California 94112

Jam Of The Year Band led by Tommy Denander on Agora Stage Frankfurt Musikmesse – via Frank Poehl thanks Frank! – from Guitarpoint Magazine

– Jon Hammond — with Tommy Denander and 2 others at Musikmesse Frankfurt.

Jon Hammond Flickr Slide Show


L to R:

Bernie Capicchiano (Bernies Music Land Australia), Shuji Suzuki, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Lydia’s Tune in Jazzkeller

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Lydia’s Tune by Jon Hammond in Jazzkeller Frankfurt annual Musikmesse Party hosted by Jon Hammond Band
Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone
Heinz Lichius drums
Joe Berger guitar
Jon Hammond at XB-2 Hammond organ
Lydia’s Tune is a bossa nova from Jon’s album LATE RENT on Ham-Berger-Friz Records © ASCAP

Hammond Action is about to happen inside those 2 beautiful wooden doors – Jon Hammond and Michael Falkenstein
Congratulations 30th year Hammond Organ Germany Studio Setzingen – Ulm
This is the same place where James Brown Godfather of Soul came to visit Michael

– Youtube
Congratulations 30th year Hammond Organ Germany Studio pictorial James Brown Visiting his God Son Michael Falkenstein – incredible must see and hear:
James Brown the Godfather of Soul and his God Son Michael Falkenstein at the Hammond organ with original music soundtrack from Jon Hammond radio program HammondCast – musical selections:
Time With You
Six Year Itch
Get Back In The Groove
Watermelon Man
Late Rent / HammondCast Outro
R.I.P. Godfather of Soul James Brown – here in Hammond Organ Germany Studios

Langenau – Ulm Germany — Michael Falkenstein and Jon Hammond with one of the very first pieces of Hammond Sk1 ultra-compact combo organ keyboard at HAMMOND DEUTSCHLAND Headquarters
Karlstrasse 38
D-89129 Langenau
Movie: “Meet The Incredible Sk1 Hammond with Michael Falkenstein and Jon Hammond”
Filmed in Hammond-Showroom Karlstrasse 38
D-89129 Langenau Germany on April 19th 2011

“Meet The Incredible Sk1 Hammond with Michael Falkenstein and Jon Hammond”
First look at this exciting new keyboard product weighing in at 7 kilos, just over 15 lbs., it sounds like a real Hammond B3 organ with Leslie, or a full size grand piano, any type of famous vintage electric piano or synthesizer. This keyboard does it all and with original Hammond drawbars and it’s feather light. Sk1 has a built in USB flash drive input, the keys are ‘bullet proof’ waterfall style keys that can hold up to extreme pressure of rockin’ rock musicians, swinging jazz musicians and can even sound like a huge pipe organ. This film will blow your mind.
Available June 2011, contact Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland Europe — at Karlstrasse 38 D-89129 Langenau Germany

Vintage Episode of The Jon Hammond Show Chicago Special John Entwistle and Jon’s Journal

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Vintage Episode of The Jon Hammond Show Chicago Special Blip TV

Youtube Now in 28th year on Cable Access TV – The Jon Hammond Show, this particular episode is known as the Chicago Special which includes one song from Tim Cain I played Hammond organ on called I Saw You with some vocal help by Bill Champlin recorded by rjm productions, then to Chicago Summer NAMM Show where I personally filmed the very first performance of the late great bassist John Entwistle with band Rat Race Choir which happened at The Vic Theatre June 29, 1987, (same night) followed by Leslie West with T.M. Stevens bass, watch Leslie’s face when smoke machine goes! Then a little bit of Bag End Party at Park West with Joe Berger, T.M. Stevens, Tal Bergman and Theodus Rogers. And of course JH Show Theme Song “Late Rent” – enjoy folks, this one is a classic! Jon Hammond

New York NY — Alexander Dovgopoly and Jon Hammond

Shopping in New York!

Chocolate Cake, Flowers and Late Rent theme Jon Hammond Band
Chocolate Cake, Flowers and Late Rent theme song – Jon Hammond Band 25 Year Celebration Jazzkeller Frankfurt — at Jazzkeller

Frankfurt Germany — Power Shot: L to R: Jon Hammond, Mr. M. Terada, Mr. Hiromitsu Ono – Frankfurt Musikmesse


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Lou Colombo and Jon Hammond in Fort Myers Florida just a few days before Lou was tragically killed in a fatal car accident driving home from a gig at his daughter’s restaurant – Roadhouse Cafe – Rest in Peace Lou:

(According to the FaceBook Robot) my biggest FaceBook moments of 2012 folks, Jon Hammond

26th Year Musikmesse Warm Up Party;=1

Chocolate on Chocolate Cake at 2011 Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt with Jon Hammond Band and special guests for this special occasion celebrating 25 years in Musikmesse. Special acknowledgement of Wilhelm P. “Charly” Hosenseidl R.I.P. who was the Director of Musikmesse years 1989-2008 now Directed by Wolfgang Luecke, special thanks to Messe Frankfurt Projekt and Presse Team!

Jon Hammond Band:

Joe Berger guitar

Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone

Giovanni Gulino drums

Jon Hammond powered by TecAmp at Jazzkeller Frankfurt

New York NY — Power shot L to R: Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond at Local 802 Musicians Union

Jam of The Year Band, Agora Stage, Tommy Denander, Musikmesse, NAMM Show, Sk1, Jon Hammond, Lou Colombo, 8:00 pm, Organ Performance, Cape Cod, Local 802, Musicians Union, Jazz, Blues