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Chris Cortez KCSM Jazz 91 Hammond’s Bolero Info On Air Jon Hammond Trio

March 23, 2017

Chris Cortez KCSM Jazz 91 Hammond’s Bolero Info On Air Jon Hammond Trio

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Chris Cortez KCSM Jazz 91 Hammond’s Bolero Info On Air Jon Hammond Trio

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Chris Rydm King Cortez Midday Jazz on KCSM Jazz 91, just played a track from Hammond’s Bolero Jon Hammond Trio album giving info on the air

at 91.1 on the FM Dial

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English


Jon Hammond holding a copy of Hammond’s Bolero at CD Release Party – Le Bar Bat New York City

Jon Hammond and Joe Berger on cruise ship Horizon Celebrity Cruises en route to Bermuda from New York City

Original art by Illustratorp aka Michael August on Hammond’s Bolero CD disk

Ham-Berger-Friz Records

Jon Hammond at Hammond’s Bolero CD Release Kiosk inside Tower Records Store legendary San Francisco location on Columbus Ave North Beach

Ronnie Smith Jr. at Jon Hammond gig in Louisville Kentucky

Hammond’s Bolero CD Cover with photo of Jon Hammond Trio on the railroad tracks L to R Alex Budman, Ronnie Smith, Jon Hammond Excelsior Accordion

Jon Hammond at his 1965 Hammond B3 organ with James Preston drummer of Sons of Champlin band in concert in front of San Francisco City Hall

Jon Hammond Show MNN TV Broadcast 03 25

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Jon Hammond Show MNN TV Broadcast 03 25
Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 1
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Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Published March 19, 2017
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Jon Hammond – Sk1 Hammond Organ

Jon Hammond Band Live in Auster Bar Hamburg with NDR Horns, Lutz Büchner (RIP), Michael Leuschner, Fiete Felsch

Keith Emerson / Keith Noel Emerson November 2, 1944 – March 11, 2016

Anaheim Hilton Hotel Lobby showcase Jon Hammond Band with Koei Tanaka, Alex Budman, Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger “Head Phone”

Keith Emerson Anaheim Hilton Lobby showcase Hammond Organ USA portable B3 Sound Soul Summit

Jon Hammond Band with NDR Horns – Auster Bar Hamburg Eimsbüttel

Jon Hammond and Chris Cortez after in-studio broadcast on KCSM Jazz 91 on campus of College of San Mateo 91.1 FM on the dial

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Documentary Film Al Jazzbeaux Collins Movie With Jon Hammond KCSM Jazz 91 Ver 2.0

December 2, 2015

*WATCH THE FILM HERE: Documentary Film Al Jazzbeaux Collins Movie With Jon Hammond KCSM Jazz 91 Ver 2.0

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Priceless documentary film of Al Jazzbeaux Collins aka Al Jazzbo Collins, by Jon Hammond – enjoy folks! – JH:
The late great radio and TV broadcaster personality Al Jazzbeaux Collins in the studios of KCSM Jazz 91 with organist Jon Hammond – aka Al Jazzbo Collins, one of the greatest and most definitely coolest broadcasters who ever lived. *Note: I dearly miss Jazzbeaux, he was a huge inspiration to me personally. He broke out my music on the air back in New York on WNEW 1130AM huge powerful door he opened for me, we had a lot of fun together on both coasts – he introduced me to folks like Lionel Hampton, David Panama Francis, Lew Anderson band leader and Clarabell the Clown from It’s Howdy Doody Time! TV Show, Joe Bushkin pianist, and his Family the Collins Family – he knew every door man garbage man and taxi drivers on the street – rest in peace Albert! sincerely, Jon Hammond *including a clip from Live performance in Horizons Sausalito with funky James Preston drums on Jon Hammond Band Albert Richard “Jazzbo” Collins (born January 4, 1919, Rochester, New York[1] — d. September 30, 1997, Marin County, California) was an American disc jockey, radio personality and recording artist who was briefly the host of NBC television’s Tonight show in 1957.

The name “Jazzbo” derived from a product Collins had seen, a clip-on bowtie named Jazzbows. Just as Martin Block created the illusion that he was speaking from the Make Believe Ballroom, Collins claimed to be broadcasting from his inner sanctum, a place known as the Purple Grotto, an imaginary setting suggested by radio station WNEW’s interior design, as Collins explained:

I started my broadcast in Studio One which was painted all kinds of tints and shades of purple on huge polycylindricals which were vertically placed around the walls of the room to deflect the sound. It just happened to be that way. And with the turntables and desk and console and the lights turned down low, it had a very cavelike appearance to my imagination. So I got on the air, and the first thing I said was, “Hi, it’s Jazzbo in the Purple Grotto.” You never know where your thoughts are coming from, but the way it came out was that I was in a grotto, in this atmosphere with stalagtites and a lake and no telephones. I was using Nat Cole underneath me with “Easy Listening Blues” playing piano in the background.
Collins grew up on Long Island, New York. In 1941, while attending the University of Miami in Florida, he substituted as the announcer on his English teacher’s campus radio program, and decided he wanted to be in radio. He began his professional career as the disc jockey at a bluegrass station in Logan, West Virginia. By 1943, Collins was broadcasting at WKPA in Pittsburgh, moving in 1945 to WIND in Chicago and in 1946 to Salt Lake City’s KNAK. In 1950, he relocated to New York where he joined the staff of WNEW and became one of the “communicators” on NBC’s Monitor when it began in 1955. Two years later, NBC-TV installed him for five weeks as the host of the Tonight show when it was known as Tonight! America After Dark in the period between hosts Steve Allen and Jack Paar.[2]

In 1957, Collins appeared, as himself, as the star of an episode of NBC radio’s science fiction radio series X Minus One. He also hung out with the beatnik hipsters in North Beach during that time. In 1959, he was with KSFO in San Francisco. While at KSFO he would often say that he was broadcasting “from the purpleness of the Grotto”. He often mentioned his assistant “Harrison, the long-tailed purple Tasmanian owl”. During the 1960s, he was the host of Jazz for the Asking (VOA), and he worked with several Los Angeles stations during the late 1960s: KMET (1966), KFI (1967) and KGBS (1968).

He officially changed the spelling of his name to Jazzbeaux when he went to Pittsburgh’s WTAE in 1969. He moved to WIXZ in Pittsburgh (1973) before heading back to the West Coast three years later. While in Pittsburgh, he briefly hosted a late night television show entitled “Jazzbeauxz (he spelled the possessive with a ‘z.’) Rehearsal”. The show had nothing to do with any actual rehearsal, and was entirely an eclectic sampling of anything that caught Collins’ interest at the time. One of those “interests” was a long-running hard-boiled-egg spinning contest. He conducted the program from a barber chair, as he had on a previous TV show.

In the early 1960s Collins hosted a morning TV program, “The Al Collins Show,” that aired on KGO-TV in San Francisco (the ABC affiliate). The format included light talk and guest appearances. The guest lineup typically included local or state-wide celebrities, and B-list actors, such as Moe Howard of The Three Stooges.

A popular segment on his show was the “no stinkin’ badges” routine. Al would politely request the main guest for that day don a Mexican bandit costume, complete with ammo belts crossing the chest, six-guns in holsters, a huge sombrero and large fake mustache. The guest then had to pose in front of cameras and for the TV audience. With pistols pointing at the camera lens the guest had to say (with emphasis) “I don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges.” If the guest did not say it with sufficient sinister tone Collins made him or her repeat it until in Al’s opinion the guest got it right. Collins’ bit was a play on a famous exchange in the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. In one scene some obviously very bad bandidos try to pass themselves off to Bogart as federales (police). Humphrey Bogart’s character knows they are not federales but nevertheless asks to see some badges. The bandito-in-charge responds “Badges?! I don’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badge.” Collins reduced the guest bandit’s lines to the single phrase so it was easy for the guest to recite.

In 1976 Al Collins returned to San Francisco working at KMPX, followed by a three-year all-night run at KGO which drew callers throughout the West Coast. He always opened with Count Basie’s “Blues in Hoss flat”. He also worked a late night shift at KKIS AM in Pittsburg, CA in 1980. After returning to New York and WNEW (1981), he was back in San Francisco at KSFO (1983) and KFRC (1986). Then came one more run at WNEW (1986–90), and then he joined KAPX (Marin County, California) in 1990, and from 1993 until his death, Jazzbeaux did a weekly jazz show at KCSM (College of San Mateo, California).

He died on September 30, 1997, at the age of 78, from pancreatic cancer. — with Al “Jazzbo” Collins, Al “Jazzbo” Collins and James Preston at KCSM Jazz 91

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Producer Jon Hammond
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English

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Penzlin, Germany — Showtime! – Penzlin Burginnenhof Landesjugendjazzorchester MV Jon Hammond Jazzorgel – High Definition Movie:
(Full HD, vers. 2.0) Penzlin Burginnenhof Landesjugendjazzorchester MV Jon Hammond Jazzorgel “Organ Meets Bigband” special tribute to Jimmy Smith evening concert in the centuries old castle Penzlin Burginnenhof, conducted by Maestro Michael Leuschner. Full moon was rising on this evening in Alte Burg Penzlin
„Organ meets Bigband“ – LaJazzO MV feat. Jon Hammond (organ) – das Landesjugendjazzorchester Mecklenburg / Landesjugendorchester Mecklenburg Vorpommern (LaJazzO MV) Penzlin, Burginnenhof
Warener Chaussee 55a
17217 Penzlin – Junge Talente treffen Profi: Das Landesjugendjazzorchester als bester Jazznachwuchs aus ganz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern tritt bei diesem Konzert mit dem US-Amerikaner Jon Hammond, einem der legendärsten Hammondorgelspieler der Welt, auf. Eindrucksvolle Kulisse ist die aus dem 16. Jahrhundert stammende Burg in Penzlin, in der unter freiem Himmel vielseitiger Bigbandjazz dargeboten wird. Der Trompeter und Bigband-Leader Michael Leuschner führt unterhaltsam durch das Programm, das Klassiker wie vom phänomenalen Jimmy Smith parat hat. – diesmal mit dem New Yorker Jazzorganisten Jon Hammond.

Das Jugendensemble steht synonym für den besten Jazznachwuchs aus ganz Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Als Projekt des Landesmusikrates M-V e. V. gibt es – gefördert vom NDR und dem Bildungsministerium M-V – den talentiertesten jungen Jazzern unseres Landes eine hervorragende Plattform für gemeinsames Musizieren. Musiker im Alter von 14-26 Jahren haben hier die Möglichkeit, unter professioneller Anleitung das musikalische Zusammenspiel in einem Jazzorchester und die Grundlagen der Improvisation zu erlernen. Vielen, heute erfolgreichen Musikern diente das Orchester bislang als Sprungbrett. Unter der Leitung des Trompeters und Jazzdozenten Michael Leuschner ist das LaJazzO zu einem beeindruckenden Klangkörper, einem musikalischen Aushängeschild für Mecklenburg-Vorpommern herangereift und spielt regelmäßig im Programm der Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / M-V.
Nachdem sich in den vergangenen Jahren das LaJazzO MV mit den in der Big Band vorkommenden Instrumenten musikalisch auseinandersetzte, wird in 2015 die Jazzorgel musikalisch thematisiert werden. Unter dem Titel „Organ meets Big Band“ wird dieses sehr traditionsreiche Instrument der Jazzgeschichte in den Mittelpunkt der Konzertreihe im folgenden Jahr gestellt. Als Jazzinstrument wurde es von Fats Waller in den 30er Jahren eingeführt und hatte seine Hochzeit in den 50er Jahren durch seine Vertreter wie Jimmy Smith. Der international renommierte New Yorker Jazzorganist Jon Hammond wird zusammen mit dem LaJazzO MV unter der Leitung von Michael Leuschner den besonderen Charme dieses Instrumentes wieder zum Leben erwecken. Im Programm sind unter anderem Titel von Jimmy Smith, arrangiert von Steve Gray – eine Leihgabe aus dem Archiv der NDR Bigband.
Jon Hammond studierte in den siebziger Jahren am Berklee College of Music und am City College San Francisco. Konzertreisen führten ihn quer durch die Vereinigten Staaten und Kanada. In seiner eigenen ‚Jon Hammond Show‘ spielte er mit Musikern wie Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Butterfield, Jaco Pastorius, John Entwistle, Sammy Davis Jr., Percy Sledge und vielen anderen. Auch in Europa fand und findet seine Musik unverändert viele Anhänger. Die Medien berichten wiederholt von einem unverwechselbaren und prägenden Sound. Jon Hammond hat u.a. auf der 20. Frankfurter musikmesse mitgewirkt und tritt vornehmlich in Hamburg auf. „The Jon Hammond Show“ is a funky, swinging Jazz instrumental revue, featuring notable international soloists and reflecting the influences of Miles Davis, The Crusaders and Jimmy Smith.
Leitung: Michael Leuschner
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