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Sunday Blues And Jazz Session NAMM Show 2017 White Onions Hammond Organs Stand 5104

January 24, 2017

Sunday Blues And Jazz Session NAMM Show 2017 White Onions Hammond Organs Stand 5104

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Sunday Blues And Jazz Session NAMM Show 2017 White Onions Hammond Organs Stand 5104

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Anaheim CA — 2017 NAMM Show​ Sunday Blues and Jazz Session with Jon Hammond and Friends “White Onions”

– Koei Tanaka​ on Suzuki Harmonica – Official Facebook Page​ chromatic harmonica, Chuggy Carter​ (GON BOPS​) percussion, Joe Berger​ guitar (TV Jones), Jon Hammond​ at the Sk1 Hammond organ – camera: Jesse Gay​, Special thanks Steve Simmons​, Ray Gerlich, Scott May​, Suzuki Musical Instruments​ Team – in memory of Gregg Gregory Gronowski​

Producer Jon Hammond
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Published January 23, 2017
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Jon Otis: “Nice to see my pal keyboardist Jon Hammond at the NAMM show!!!”

NAMM Show — Great to see my old friend Jon Otis great drummer/percussionist at NAMM on last day, we go way back folks! – Jon Hammond

NAMM Show: Jon Hammond This is an absolutely priceless shot Koei Tanaka, Wow…Big Congratulations!!! – Jon Hammond – Suzuki Musical Instruments – Stevie Wonder – Koei Tanaka / 田中光栄 – fan site #StevieWonder #KoeiTanaka

Sunday Blues and Jazz Session in Hammond Organ USA Stand 5104 NAMM Show 2017 10AM sharp!
Camera credit: Jesse Gay
Koei Tanaka – Suzuki chromatic harmonica
Chuggy Carter – Percussion
Joe Berger – Guitar
Jon Hammond – Sk1 Organ

Uwe Petersen in the house!

NAMM Show 2017 — Heinz Lichius & Joe Berger, Jon Hammond & Heather from EARasers earplugs – Michael Turner Kate Hathaway Heather & Don of EARasers earplugs – Ray Gerlich of Hammond Organ USA & Jay Valle Viscount Organs Corporation – Heinz Lichius & Stephen Ferrone – Brian Larsen Gator Cases new Transit Series gig bag/cases – Seymour Duncan lends some hair to a friend! – Jon Hammond

I want the Official NAMM Show Plastic Poncho

Salem from the NAMM Show Crew, thanks Salem! – NAMM Show 2017 — I love playing with these cats, it was a huge disappointment for our scheduled NAMM Show concert to be canceled without notice – Heinz Lichius flew all the way in from Hamburg for the hit, Koei Tanaka all the way from Tokyo Japan – Joe Berger from 43rd Street and Chuggy Carter (not pictured but was there) from New Jersey – big thanks to Jim Roberts and his wife for coming, thanks Jim!

Photo Credit: Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show
Heinz Lichius and Jon Hammond on shut-down CenterStage

L to R Chuggy Carter, Heinz Lichius, Jon Hammond, Koei Tanaka, Joe Berger

link to the 2017 NAMM Industry Memorial Tribute video:

Very sadly this year our dear friend Lutz Büchner was memorialized, but we will keep Lutz’ Spirit!

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Big Thank You to my good friends in Bespeco Professional!
From beautiful Castelfidardo Italy!
Jon Hammond – NAMM Show — with Bespeco Professional

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Showtime! – Jon Hammond Funk Unit NAMM Show
Jon Hammond Band – photo by the great photographer Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show — with Pioneer DJ

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NAMM’s John Riddle! – #NAMMShow Priceless NAMM Show shots by my friend Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show! – Jon Hammond — at NAMM Show:

Nico Teng and Jon Hammond at Superlux Avlex
Super Nico! – #NAMMShow Priceless NAMM Show shots by my friend Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show! – Jon Hammond Superlux — at NAMM Show

Jon and Bernard Purdie! #NAMMShow Priceless NAMM Show shots by my friend Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show! – Jon Hammond — with Bernard Purdie at NAMM Show:

Now with Heritage Guitars folks!:
Rich Severson and Gail Meyer Severson! – #NAMMShow Priceless NAMM Show shots by my friend Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live Radio Show! – Jon Hammond

My friends Bernard Purdie and Lawrence Gay co-producer of West Coast Live) Radio show! – #NAMMShow Jon Hammond — with Bernard Purdie and West Coast Live at NAMM Show:

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My friend Alex from P.Mauriat / Pmauriat Albest!
Jon Hammond #NAMMShow #PMauriat — with Pmauriat Albest and Alex Mingmann Hsieh at NAMM Show

Great seeing you Jon ….

#NAMMShow Jon Hammond: Uwe Petersen in the house! Long time since we were playing together often in Hamburg – looking real good Uwe!
We have some really crazy and fun stories from our days in Hamburg 20 years ago folks – here we are playing on FSK Radio with our dear friend Lutz Büchner who very sadly is no longer with us *LINK:
“Lutz came on his bicycle this day 20 years ago with his tenor sax case on his back – we were playing on FSK Radio Live with Lutz on tenor, Uwe Petersen drums, myself Jon Hammond on my old XB-2 Hammond organ with a borrowed Acoustic bass amp from Claus at Musik Rotthoff – Herbert Zorn hosting at the micro, it was a hot day so we cracked the window and the sound leaked out, an old lady complained to the Polizei and they came in the Studio and surprised us at the end of Pocket Funk – thanks for not busting us! They were really nice and Lutz was the greatest! R.I.P. Lutz, making music wherever you are now – sincerely, Jon Hammond – Jon Hammond Band”
— with Uwe Petersen at NAMM Show

Special Grateful Dead Deadhead Bob Weir model D’Angelico Guitars featured at NAMM Show my friends! – Jon Hammond
#NAMMShow — with Bob Weir

2 Bob’s! Bog Barsotti and Bob Weir break bread together

Bob and Bob

Jerry Garcia on the job – circa 1981


Grateful Dead Concert at The Hippodrome de Vincennes, Paris, my very first trip to Paris – Bob Weir on the job there with Jerry, Phil partially visible. Brent Mydland was the organist then, I was talking with him backstage in the tent and then he died sadly in July of 1990 – Jon Hammond — with Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir at Hippodrome de Paris Vincennes

NAMM Show 2017, Camera Credit: Jesse Gay, thanks Jesse! — Thanks to our good friends at Canopus Drums for the Organ Trio Session today with Heinz Lichius drums, Arno Haas tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond organ


Youtube NAMM Show Canopus Drums Session

– powered by TecAmp USA neo bass cabinet – and beautiful Italian designer Keyboard Stand by Bespeco Professional, Alex Mingmann Hsieh / P. Mauriat 保爾‧莫莉亞 Taiwan #NAMMShow #CanopusDrums #Bespeco #TecAmpUSA #HammondOrgan Pmauriat Albest

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Sunday Blues And Jazz Session Part 1

February 17, 2014

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Sunday Blues And Jazz Session Part 1

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Jon Hammond’s annual Sunday morning Blues and Jazz Session inHammond Organ USA Suzuki Musical Instruments Stand #5100 on last day of the NAMM Show with good friends Koei Tanaka harmonica, Joe Bergerguitar and Jon at the Hammond XK-1c organ. Great way to kick off the last day of Winter The NAMM Show! *special thanks to Steve Simmons — with Joe Berger and Koei Tanaka at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center

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Head Phone – Jon Hammond Band THE SOUND SOUL SUMMIT All-Star Jam Video Movie of Jon’s Band Featuring Bernard Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Alex Budman, Joe Berger2, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond Organ Group — with Stephen Fortner, Scott May, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka and Jon Hammond at NAMM Anaheim Convention Center Hilton Anaheim Lobby Special Program on 80th Anniversary of Hammond Organ USA –

Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM presents special award to Mr. Shuji Suzuki President of Suzuki Musical Instruments Corp. makers
of Hammond organ and Leslie speaker products on the occasion of 80th anniversary of Hammond organs – with Stephen Fortner of
Keyboard Magazine and Gregg Grownowski of Hammond Suzuki USA also in photo – Jon Hammond


Front of House / FOH Mix by Brian English – Denny Mack Audio – announcement – Stephen Fortner – Editor Keyboard Magazine Jon Hammond Organ Group *Note: “Head Phone” composed by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND Intl. ASCAP recorded with Bernard Purdieoriginally on Jon’s album Late Rent in year of 1989 – Big Special Thanks toJay Dittamo for standin’ in the cuff for Bernard, thanks Jay! special thanks to Scott May and Gregg Gregory Gronowski – Hammond Suzuki Musical Instruments Team Mr. M. Terada, Shuji Suzuki, Yu Beniya, Shigeyuki Ohtaka, Jeff Guilford JJ Guitars UK
— with Joe Berger, Alex Budman, Stephen Fortner,Jay Dittamo, Bernard Purdie, Denny Mack and Koei Tanaka at Hilton Anaheim


Bass/Karma Auger:Drums/Guitar/Vocal…

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