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Down Home Music In Store Funky Jazz plus Red Beans by Chef Marc

May 14, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Down Home Music In Store Funky Jazz plus Red Beans by Chef Marc

Jon’s archive



Jon Hammond and Marc Baum go back a long long time! – Jon Hammond at the Hammond organ Marc Baum on tenor saxophone, Down Home Music Store – possibly a funky drummer as well folks (David Luce came and played) – c’mon down! Bring a spoon! (we’ll have plastic ones don’t worry), Chef Marc is cooking it up personally! — “Thanks to all the folks who came out to our Down Home Music Store In-Store yesterday in downtown El Cerrito CA

– Home of Chris Strachwitz’ Arhoolie Records!:
“Artists who have recorded for the Arhoolie label include: Big Mama Thornton, Big Walter Horton, Dave Alexander, Nathan Beauregard, Juke Boy Bonner, Clifton Chenier, Elizabeth Cotten, Sue Draheim, Jesse Fuller, Earl Hooker, John Jackson, Mance Lipscomb, Guitar Slim, Robert Shaw, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Whistlin’ Alex Moore, George ‘Bongo Joe’ Coleman, Charlie Musselwhite, Doctor Ross, Bukka White, Big Joe Williams, Silas Hogan, Mercy Dee Walton, Black Ace, The Campbell Brothers, BeauSoleil, Jerry Hahn, the Savoy Family Band, the Pine Leaf Boys, Los Cenzontles, The Klezmorim, Rose Maddox, Rebirth Brass Band, and HowellDevine.” special thanks City Hall Records of San Rafael CA – Jon Hammond *Note: Jon Hammond’s equipment: Hammond Sk1 organ powered by Markbass Bass Amplifier #DownHomeMusic #ElCerrito #HammondOrgan #LateRent #MarkBassAmp

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English


DOWN HOME RECORDS IN-STORE PERFORMANCE: JON HAMMOND and MARC BAUM Funky Jazz & Blues + Free Red Beans & Rice – FRIDAY MAY 12th at 5PM – El Cerrito CA
Jon Hammond and Marc Baum go back a long long time! – Jon Hammond at the Hammond organ Marc Baum on tenor saxophone 10341 San Pablo Ave. Down Home Music Store – possibly a funky drummer tba as well folks – c’mon down! Jon Hammond
Downtown El Cerrito CA
EVENT at Down Home Music Store on San Pablo Avenue in downton El Cerrito CA – bring a spoon! we’ll have plastic ones don’t worry, Chef Marc is cooking it up personally!

Thanks to all the folks who came out to our Down Home Music Store In-Store yesterday in downtown El Cerrito CA!
Danny Scher / DanSun Productions in the house!

Jon Hammond – 10341 San Pablo Ave. Address: 10341 El Cerrito, CA 94530

1999 article:

BGP’s Scher Out on His Own
Edited by James Sullivan, Chuy Varela Published 4:00 am, Sunday, March 28, 1999

When Bill Graham’s longtime personal assistant Rita Gentry left the late promoter’s company for Carlos Santana’s office, the company threw a going-away party. At the gathering, Vice President Danny Scher noted the gradual erosion of Bill Graham Presents personnel since its late-1997 sale to corporate consolidator SFX Entertainment, which is buying up promoters and concert venues around the country.
The people leaving BGP, Scher said, “are what I would call the DNA of the company.”
Now one more piece of the puzzle has left: Scher. Twenty-four years after Graham plucked the young promoter from Stanford — where his successful student concerts with Dave Mason, Loggins & Messina and Joan Baez were cutting into Graham’s dominance of the Bay Area concert scene — Scher has decided to strike out on his own.
Two weeks ago he threw open the doors on Dansun Productions, the small concert-promotion company he will run with his own longtime BGP associate, Lori Sun-Look. They’ll book mostly jazz acts, some in conjunction with BGP. Forthcoming shows with Los Van Van and the Afro-Cuban All-Stars will set the business in motion
It’s Scher’s true love. “I don’t necessarily want to get back into the big rock ‘n’ roll machine,” he says.
As a shareholder in Bill Graham Presents, Scher, 47, was enriched by the sale to SFX. “At this stage of my life I don’t have to do things just for the money,” he says.
As proof, he offers a labor of love scheduled for early May: He’s arranging a recording session for 90- year-old Narvin Kimball, the last surviving member of New Orleans’ original Preservation Hall Jazz Band.
“I once told Narvin, ‘If you make it to 90, give me a call.’ A few months ago the phone rang. He said, ‘This 90-year-old man has a good memory.’ ”
Over the years, Scher spearheaded some of the Graham empire’s biggest projects. One, in fact, was called the Biggest Party in History — a multifestival blowout across Texas featuring the Who, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Natalie Cole and dozens of other acts.
He also developed the Shoreline Amphitheatre — perennially one of the top-grossing venues in the country — and founded the annual New Orleans by the Bay festival.
Conversely, he suffered through some other projects, including the Seattle-area amphitheater that was to open last year but sits unused and half-completed.
Despite SFX’s initial statements to the contrary, Scher says, its presence is evident in the Bill Graham offices. “They’re definitely injecting their corporate mentality and influence into the company.
“This had to happen. Can you think of any merger where that hasn’t happened?”
The sale, he says, made his decision to leave an easy one. “I had a great run at BGP. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to work with Bill and the people there, and I have a lot to show for it. “I just felt it was time to get my groove back.”
— James Sullivan

Jon Hammond Trio at Down Home Music In Store Funky Jazz plus Red Beans by Chef Marc

Published May 13, 2017
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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AFN Radio Powerlite Broadcast Host Margie Glad with Jon Hammond Band

May 5, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: AFN Radio Powerlite Broadcast Host Margie Glad with Jon Hammond Band

Jon’s archive


This remarkable film documents 3/17 1994 AFN POWERLITE Show live broadcast of JON HAMMOND Band playing and talking on-air with host MARGIE GLAD ‘The Voice of AFN Europe” 873 AM MW at that time. First-ever public performance of original composition “Nu Funk” (“Hip Hop Chitlins”).

The broadcast was heard world-wide and recorded and later released on Jon Hammond’s album “Late Rent”. James Preston of band Sons of Champlin drums, Barry Finnerty gtr., Jon Hammond XB-2 organ/bass Joe Berger audio. *Special thanks: Marietta Windhorst, Andrea English (Prdcr.), David Osterloh, and the Crew at AFN Frankfurt Headquarters. *Note: Jon was pushing Musikmesse Frankfurt, their show next night at Brotfabrik with spcl. guest LEE OSKAR also on the web and Joan Baez & Mimi Farina Bread and Roses Orgnization for whom he has performed numerous shows in homeless shelters, hospitals and nursing homes.
©JON HAMMOND International 2007 * Jon’s radio show HammondCast is heard daily early mornings on KYOU & KYCY 1550AM SF CA and streaming worldwide

Producer Jon Hammond
Audio/Visual sound, color


Musician Jon Hammond on AFN Europe TV Show PROFILE, Musikmesse Special. Jon worked together with AFN’s SSgt Albert Viera and SSG Terry Anderson to create this special entitled “Sound Cops” aka “Sound Police” or “Sound Polizei”

with very entertaining cameo appearances by Joe Berger (guitar) Michael Maier Falkenstein (Hammond organ with Jon) and the 2 Sound Polizei ‘Noise Control’ guys “Lorenzo” and his partner, busted for Electric Guitar Rocking!

You will find this story very enjoyable! Special thanks to AFN Europe and Musikmesse Frankfurt ©2007

Producer Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond Band Makes Trade Show History with Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM on the band at musikmesse Photos Just In from Andreas Meer

*Note: Andreas Meer the great Master Rock Photographer lives in Frankfurt Germany – thanks for these fine photos Andreas!

L to R:

Special Events Announcer Eleftherios Mavros aka Mavros Freitag, Joe Berger the guitarist, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophonist, Jon Hammond leader-organist + bass, Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM ex Tommy Tutone Band drums, Michael Falkenstein keyboards, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums – on Center Stage musikmesse ProLight + Sound – special thanks:
Wolfgang Lücke director Special Events & Entertainment Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound:

musikmesse Jon Hammond Allstar Band Special Guests Center Stage: Joe Lamond d. from Tommy Tutone Band, Michael Falkenstein p. from James Brown – Band: Peter Klohmann t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino d., Joe Berger g., Jon Hammond o. b. – Special Events Announcer
Eleftherios Mavros aka Mavros Freitag – Special Thanks Wolfgang Lücke Messe Frankfurt musikmesse Prolight + Sound Team

Michael Birk Veranstaltungslogistik GmbH Stage Crew

photo credit Bernie Capicchiano / Bernies Music Land of Australia

Jon’s archive

RIP James Preston (drums) – Jon Hammond

Joan Baez, Mimi Farina, Jon Hammond, HammondCast, AFN Europe, Radio, 873 kHz, AM Radio, Sons of Champlin, Bill Graham, Fillmore, Bob Barsotti, XB-2 Organ, City Hall Records, #AFN #Radio #Powerlite #HammondOrgan

LATE RENT – ASCAP Audio Portrait: Jon Hammond

June 10, 2014


Jon Hammond says “the fingers are the singers.'” The latest CD from this exceptional and soulful Hammond organist is the proof. “Late Rent” draws on decades of great recording sessions and top live performances to showcase his own playing and many top jazz and funk artists. It shows why the Hammond organ is one of the most enduring electric instruments and why Hammond is one of its best players.

The Late Rent Story
Swingin’ Funky Jazz & Blues
Two Hot Tracks
Sonny’s Advice

Top Albums by Jon Hammond

Late Rent – This is a re-issue of Jon’s 1995 European release “Late Rent.” Never before available in the U.S., it contains a collection of recordings featuring Bernard Purdie and Steve Ferrone on drums, as well as Todd Anderson and Alex Foster on sax, Barry Finnerty and Graham Hawthorne, Ray Grappone, Jim Preston and Chuggy Carter. The record is a swinging and funky compilation of original tracks written by Jon Hammond, as well as some anecdotal asides and a guest apperance by Jazzbeaux Collins. Lots of great solos and organ sounds, as well as melodies and groove. Includes “Late Rent,” “Pocket Funk,” “Lydia’s Tune,” “White Onions,” “Head Phone” and “Hip Hop Chitlins.”

Jon Hammond Band official Facebook Page

Front Line Jon Hammond Band – Photo Credit to Master Photographer Lawrence Gay of The West Coast Live Radio Show

– L to R: Joe Berger guitar, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica, Jon Hammond – Sk1 Hammond organ at The NAMM Show

Recordings with Bernard Purdie, Stephen Ferrone, David Fathead Newman, Tony Lakatos, Barry Finnerty, Joe Berger, Joe Gallardo, James Preston, Lee Oskar, Chuggy Carter, Alex Foster, Cornell Dupree, Ray Grappone, Lutz Buechner, Heinz Lichius, Giovanni Gulino Al Jazzbo Collins

photo by Teddy Fung

Late Rent, ASCAP, Audio Portrait, Funky, Jazz, Blues, Hammond Organ, Jon Hammond, B3, Accordion, Composer, City Hall Records, Ham-Berger-Friz Records

Jennifer’s Song album track from Jon Hammond

May 28, 2014

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jennifer’s Song album track from Jon Hammond

“Jennifer’s Song” Hammond’s Bolero track number 2 from Jon Hammond by Jon Hammond ©JON HAMMOND International/ASCAP – Album Notes
Letter to the Listener from Jon Hammond:
November 28, 2002
Dear Listener!
This record marks a new beginning for me, and I would like to dedicate it to all those who like myself are striking out on their own and going it alone. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. I did and now this record is for you!
On November 5th, 2002 at 11:00 hours I entered in to Studio “D” of UNIQUE RECORDING STUDIOS in Times Square NYC with my producer/engineer Joe Berger along with S.F. Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith (drums) and Alex Budman (tenor sax).
I fired up the house HAMMOND organ and felt right at home immediately. Although we cut these tunes in one session, (a new speed record at Unique Recording Studios!), it took my whole life to refine my songs and get to this point where I was ready to record them…and ALSO to select musicians who could not only play their asses off, but are very nice cats who play my music with much enthusiasm and uplifting spirit. Like all bandleaders I have had more than my share of nightmare situations with “difficult” musicians so I am always happy when I can record and play with trouble-free musicians on the band! These are the guys.
This was Ronnie’s first trip to New York City. The night before our session he and Alex went to hear the Village Vanguard Monday Night Bigband while I stayed home in my Times Square apartment preparing the music for the session.
There is a story behind every one of these compositions. Once you have heard “Jennifer’s Song” you’ll never be able to get it out of your mind. Melody is King! Perhaps you will hear my Russian/Hungarian heritage coming from this melody.
On every one of my albums I like to do something original that has never been done before. On this record the very first sound that you will hear is the sound of me popping the cork out of a very nice bottle of Red Bordeaux wine! I have always thought this to be a “happy sound”, so kick back and enjoy a glass of Bordeaux with my music if you have the possibility to do so. Also I announce the title of every one of my songs. The reason I do this is because so often on the radio song titles are not announced…well, I fixed that! I recorded the cork and my voiceovers on my new acquisition, which is a fine Chinese manufactured Tube Microphone from SUPERLUX in Shanghai. My EXCELSIOR tonechamber accordion has custom SENNHEISER microphones in it with a very slick modification by main man ALEX of Alex Accordions Guitars shop around the corner from Unique Recording Studios on W. 48th St. in New York (on the famous strip of music shops). This was my first outting using the electronics in my hand-built accordion and I was very pleased with the natural sound we got on the recordings.
I didn’t really forget even one person who has helped me on this long journey up to the release of “Hammond’s Bolero”. Now buy the record and come out to our gigs! Come by the bandstand and say hi, I’m easy to find…I’ll either be behind my HAMMOND organ or strapped in to my EXCELSIOR Accordion. As my friends from Russia and Ukraine say: “Nastarovya!” However you say it…here’s to your health and my romantic music here on this disc comes from our hearts to all people around the world in the international language of instrumental music…in the rhythm of life!
Sincerely yours,
Jon Hammond
â„¢ “The FINGERS…are the SINGERS!”

Andreas Breunig:

Ich würde sie auch gerne mal hören…., die cd!
Ich wohne unweit der “Schnulze” in Hamburg. Vor 2 Jahren auf einem nach-Hause-Weg hörte ich Musik. Sie kam aus der Schnulze. Und sie war gut, verdammt gut! Später erfuhr ich, welch hochkarätigen Musiker in dieser kleinen Kneipe gespielt haben, einfach unglaublich…
Wann bist du wieder in Hamburg, Jon ?
When are you back in Hamburg/germany, Jon ?
Please, give me a mail ! My Friends here are sometime in a very, very big wintersleeping, you know…
Thanks for your Music !!!
And best wishes to a great musician under our sun !!!
Andreas from Hamburg

Michael August

this music is great!
Hi, i´m the artist and designer of this cd-cover, i hear it in every time and this music change my live! it´s absolut wonderful, fantastic! it blows my mind away!

Jon Hammond Band Facebook page


This is Jon Hammond’s inspired all-original trio album played with the intensity of a live performance. It features great saxophone work by Alex Budman and the sophisticated funky sound of Ronnie Smith, Jr. on drums. Accordion and guitar embellish several tracks, and the overall sound is very musical and unusual. Lots of powerful groove drives some really great Jon Hammond compositions such as “Soon I Will Be Free”, “Cannonball 99 (One More Time!), “Six Year Itch”, “Jennifer’s Song” and “9/11 Tribute.”

Audio CD (September 19, 2006)
Original Release Date: 2006
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Ham-Berger-Friz
ASIN: B000BX372E
Average Customer Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (2 customer reviews)

By Dams Patrik – See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Hammond’s Bolero (Audio CD)
Perfect and Jon is a friend of me so I am happy with the CD and I ask everybody to buy it.

This review is from: Hammond’s Bolero (Audio CD)
I love this cd. All Jon Hammond Cd’s are super but this one is a favorite of mine.

It has all original songs. I especially love the accordion addition. The organ solo’s are

beautiful. The drummer is super funky. The saxophone is right on.

Accordion, Hammond organ, Jazz Fusion, Jennifer’s Song, Jon Hammond, ASCAP Composer, City Hall Records, World Music, Local 802, Musicians Union

HammondCast 14 Jon’s Journal Thanksgiving November 22 2012

November 22, 2012


Downloaded 338 times

Jon’s release party for Hammond’s Bolero in Le Bar Bat

HammondCast 14 goes deep in to the Hammond Archives with a recording from my mom’s living room in 1975 we made with 2 mics and Marc Baum-t.sax, Jim Thorsen-gtr., Bob Scott-drms and myself on B3 organ/bass Also in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, a recording from my annual San Francisco County Jail Christmas show in CJ8 for the ladies with the great Larry Schneider on tenor sax, Ronnie Smith Jr.-drums and myself on keys. Also an incredible recording right off the air from my main man Al Jazzbeaux Collins breaking out my fresh recording of “Sidewinder” on defunct big-power NYC am station WNEW 1130 AM with a phoner from me..this aired at 4AM in the morning and sent me right through the roof! And a Hip-Hop recording of my tune “Head Phone”, I’m one of the earliest Rappers! Mixed & recorded by Victor Owens at Digisonic Studios featuring Marc Baum t.sax. And takin’ it on home with myself playing unaccompnied on keys & accordion the tune “I Will Wait For You”..and I WILL wait for you!..thanks for listening to HammondCast 14! Sincerely, Jon Hammond for KYOU Radio 1550 AM, San Francisco CA

Marc Baum curved soprano saxophone – Jon Hammond Excelsior accordion

Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond with his trusty HD-25 Sennheiser studio headphones by his window with the best view in the world – Manhattan! photo by Teddy Fung

Hammond’s Bolero, Excelsior Accordion, Marc Baum, Jon Hammond, Alex Budman, Ronnie Smith, City Hall Records, Local 6, Musicians Union, Organ, Jazz, Funk, Blues

Release Date Today 7/20/2010 Live At Bernies

July 20, 2010



Release Date Today 7/20/2010 Live At Bernies



Item Information

Artists Name: HAMMOND, JON
Format: CD
City Hall Catalog Number:  8940
UPC Product Code: 725543602527
List Price: 16.98
Musical Category:  JAZZ
Release Date:  7/20/2010
Additional Musical Category Notes:
Wonderful live recording of Hammond Organ w/drums. This classic organ club format was at its zenith in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s ….”Live at Bernie’s” captures this unique feel and sound, with the internationally recognized hands of Jon Hammond and Michael Jordan providing expert renditions of many classic favorites. This crystal clear live recording sounds like you have an Organ Lounge in your living room! The performances are excellent and Jon displays his great experience and demonstrates the capabilities of the Digital New B3. The natural live feel is very refreshing. 
MP3 Songs and Extras (Showing 39 Results)
Relevance Bestselling Song Title: A to Z Song Title: Z to A Artist: A to Z Artist: Z to A Album: A to Z Album: Z to A Time: Short to Long Time: Long to Short Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Customer Review Release Date 
Song Title Artist Album Time Price Download
1.  Original Announcement From Jon Hammond Show
Jon Hammond Late Rent 0:46 $0.99 Buy MP3
2.  Payphone Johnny
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 7:02 $0.99 Buy MP3
3.  Hammond’s Bolero
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 6:46 $0.99 Buy MP3
4.  My One and Only Love
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 6:19 $0.99 Buy MP3
5.  Skylark
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 3:10 $0.99 Buy MP3
6.  Pocket Funk
Jon Hammond Late Rent 6:00 $0.99 Buy MP3
7.  Jennifer’s Song
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 5:55 $0.99 Buy MP3
8.  Late Rent – Live
Jon Hammond Late Rent 9:02 $0.99 Buy MP3
9.  The More I See You
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 5:01 $0.99 Buy MP3
10.  Czechoslovakian Salsa Song
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 6:25 $0.99 Buy MP3
11.  White Onions
Jon Hammond Late Rent 5:23 $0.99 Buy MP3
12.  F.P. Blues
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 3:18 $0.99 Buy MP3
13.  The Sidewinder
Jon Hammond Late Rent 7:22 $0.99 Buy MP3
14.  No X-Cess Baggage Blues
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 5:14 $0.99 Buy MP3
15.  Party Is Forbidden Here
Jon Hammond Late Rent 5:27 $0.99 Buy MP3
16.  Cosmo Lane
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 5:54 $0.99 Buy MP3
17.  Afn Announcement 1
Margie Glad & Jon Hammond Late Rent 0:47 $0.99 Buy MP3
18.  Afn Announcement 2
Jon Hammond & Margie Glad Late Rent 0:42 $0.99 Buy MP3
19.  White Onions – Live
Jon Hammond Late Rent 11:45 $0.99 Buy MP3
20.  Cannonball ’99 (One More Time!)
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 7:10 $0.99 Buy MP3
21.  Nu Funk (Hip Hop Chitlins) – Live
Jon Hammond Late Rent 4:57 $0.99 Buy MP3
22.  Head Phone
Jon Hammond Late Rent 7:40 $0.99 Buy MP3
23.  Get Back in the Groove
Jon Hammond Late Rent 2:06 $0.99 Buy MP3
24.  Thing in C Minor
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 7:37 $0.99 Buy MP3
25.  Train Song
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 5:47 $0.99 Buy MP3
26.  Remembering Stanley
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 4:39 $0.99 Buy MP3
27.  Soon I Will Be Free
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 5:16 $0.99 Buy MP3
28.  Lydia’s Tune
Jon Hammond Late Rent 4:29 $0.99 Buy MP3
29.  Head Phone – Live
Jon Hammond Late Rent 3:08 $0.99 Buy MP3
30.  Besame Mucho
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 6:02 $0.99 Buy MP3
31.  Blues in the Night
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 5:54 $0.99 Buy MP3
32.  Easy Living
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 6:33 $0.99 Buy MP3
33.  Our Day Will Come
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 5:19 $0.99 Buy MP3
34.  Six Year Itch
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 4:55 $0.99 Buy MP3
35.  9/11 Tribute Medley
Jon Hammond Hammond’s Bolero 6:27 $0.99 Buy MP3
36.  Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 4:29 $0.99 Buy MP3
37.  Satin Doll
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 6:15 $0.99 Buy MP3
38.  Late Rent
Jon Hammond Late Rent 6:04 $0.99 Buy MP3
39.  Theme From Black Orpheus
Jon Hammond Ndr Sessions Projekt 7:36 $0.99 Buy MP3

Hammond Artist, B3 organ, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Bernies Music Land, Ringwood, Australia, Bernie Capicchiano, City Hall Records, ASCAP, Local 802 Musicians Union