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Documentary Movie Eddie Money Back Through The Years by Jon Hammond Part 1

September 16, 2016

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Documentary Movie Eddie Money Back Through The Years by Jon Hammond Part 1

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Eddie Money​ docu project still in progress from Jon Hammond​ – going back through the years, this episode circa 1986 includes a visit with seasoned radio pro Kevin McCarthy on KHTR 103.3 St. Louis – more info (a lot!) – as seen on Jon Hammond Show MNN TV Ch. 1 Friday nights 34th year

TV Producers of Manhattan Neighborhood Network [MNN]​ – Member AFM Local 6, Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

©JON HAMMOND International #EddieMoney #HammondCast #KevinMcCarthy #KHTR
Manhattan Neighborhood Network​

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Producer Jon Hammond
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In Memoriam: Folks,

I had the honor of playing just before Keith Emerson on the program Sound Soul Summit 2014 on the occasion of the First Hammond Hall of Fame Induction at Winter NAMM Anaheim California – this film takes place first at a special gathering upstairs in the Hilton Hotel with announcements by Stephen Fortner from Keyboard magazine, Keith speaks accepting the honor and pays tribute to Brother Jack McDuff a great inspiration to his playing and music, produces Jack’s actual hat – Plaque is awarded to Mr. Shuji Suzuki honoring 80th Anniversary of Hammond – all the Hammond Suzuki USA Team are there, Gregg Gregory Gronowski, Scott May and Suzuki Musical Instruments Team, Mr. Terada, Koei Tanaka, Mr. Ohtaka and company from Hamamatsu Japan – then downstairs for the live program for a packed house in the Hilton Lobby – thanks for watching & listening, thank you for your great life and work on the Hammond and Rock History KEITH EMERSON! Sincerely, Jon Hammond
Keith’s wiki ‪#‎KeithEmerson‬ Keith Noel Emerson (2 November 1944 – 11 March 2016)
**In 2014, Emerson was inducted into the Hammond Hall of Fame by the Hammond Organ Company. – at The NAMM Show

Published August 12, 2016
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Keith Emerson with Brother Jack McDuff’s actual hat (aka Captain Jack McDuff) hat worn by the organist – Jon Hammond

Keith Emerson onstage at the New Hammond B3 organ – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond onstage at the New Hammond B3 organ just prior to Keith Emerson’s set

Group shot Hammond Sound Soul Summit – Hilton Hotel The NAMM Show 2014 – Jon Hammond

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Keith Emerson NAMM Movie by Jon Hammond
from Jon Hammond13 hours ago

In 2014, Emerson was inducted into the Hammond Hall of Fame by the Hammond Organ Company.

Producer Jon Hammond
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Enhanced Audio – NAMM Show Special: Jon Hammond Band plays Jon’s funk composition “Head Phone” at the Anaheim Hilton Hotel with Bernard Purdie drums, Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Hammond B3 ©JON HAMMOND International


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Accordions Worldwide Breaking News: Jon Hammond Funk Unit Featured, Summer NAMM, Nashville, Tennessee – USA
by Holda Paoletti-kampl

Jon Hammond Funk Unit Featured, Summer NAMM, Nashville, Tennessee – USA by Holda Paoletti-kampl

Sylvia Pagni, Holda Paoletti-Kampl, Jon Hammond in Musikmesse Frankfurt

Jon Hammond, Holda Paoletti-kampl Accordions Worldwide Editor, Joe Berger, Nello Gabrielloni in halle 3.0 at Musikmesse

Accordion Radio News

Jon Hammond Funk Unit Featured, Summer NAMM, Nashville, Tennessee – USA
by Holda Paoletti-Kampl

Jon Hammond’s Hammond Funk Unit quintet is performing a 40 minute set of his original compositions as part of the Summer NAMM Showcase at the famous Music City Center, Nashville.

The concert is on Friday June 24th, 2pm to 2.40pm. California-based Jon Hammond is a jazz musician and radio presenter, best-known nowadays as an organist who regularly uses accordion in his group and for hospital and old folks concerts (picture below).

Jon Hammond wrote:
“Three of the musicians are Nashville based: R Barber (trombone), Louis ‘Flip’ Winfield (drums), Cord Martin (tenor saxophone) plus my long-time guitarist Joe Berger and myself on Hamond organ – both Joe and myself are officially from New York City, although I am also in California a lot – I’m still a New Yorker!

There is a very strong chance that Lee Oskar will be joining us as Special Guest. I can’t guarantee that Lee will be onstage with us. We recently talked about doing it when we met at the ASCAP Pop Awards in Hollywood last month. He told me that he will be there and is going to try to make it, so we are going to have the stage set up for that, we have played together several times over the years.

Lee was an award recipient at the ASCAP Pop Awards and besides being the original member of the legendary band WAR, he manufactures his own line of Lee Oskar Harmonicas that have been very popular with Blues and Rock performers for years.

Here we are in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago, with Lee wearing the medal he was awarded.”

AFM Local 6 Member Profile JON HAMMOND: “WHERE’S THE GIG?” — by ALEX WALSH

Jon Hammond is a musician, composer, bandleader, publisher, journalist, TV show host, radio DJ, and multi-media entrepreneur. He currently travels the world, playing gigs and attending trade shows.

Jon Hammond was born in Chicago in 1953. His father was a doctor and his mother was a housewife. They both played the piano. In 1957, his parents moved Jon and his four sisters to Berkeley, CA, where his father worked in a hospital as head of the emergency room. When he was nine, Jon started accordion lessons. “In those days, they had studios where parents would drop their kids off after school for tap dancing and accordion lessons. There were accordion bands and they would compete against each other.”

“Every time I see a musician walking down the street I say, ‘Hey, where’s the gig?’ Because it doesn’t matter what kind of music you play, if you’re carrying an instrument–going to a rehearsal, or coming back from a repair shop, whatever it is–we all need our gigs. And that’s what the union is all about. Hopefully, we can all keep working and be supportive of everybody’s gigs. There’s room for everybody.”

Jon played his first gig at a senior citizens luncheon when he was eleven. Not only did he get a free lunch but he was paid $25 –a lot of money in those days. Jon says his father was supportive, but did not want him to pursue a music career. “He told me that music was a great hobby. He got me a wonderful professional accordion for my Bar Mitzvah, directly from John Molinari, one of the greatest accordionists who ever lived. It was a Guilietti Professional Tone Chamber accordion. That’s the accordion I won Jr. Jazz Champion on in 1966.”

In high school, Jon attended a private boys school in San Francisco. He was a class clown, and when it got to the point where he was going to be expelled, Jon took his accordion and ran away from home. He immersed himself in the San Francisco music scene and started playing organ in several bands. By 1971 he was in a four piece rock group called Hades which shared a rehearsal space with Quicksilver Messenger Service. “I was friends with their manager, Ron Polte, who also managed guitarist John Cipollina. We got to open for his band, Copperhead.”

Jon continued to play gigs in the Bay Area in different configurations, including a few gigs with a young Eddie Money. By this time Jon had become frustrated with the Bay Area scene. One night while playing a biker bar he got into a fight and his band didn’t come to his defense. “That was the last straw. I was angry and I said I wasn’t coming back.”

Jon in the early 70s

Jon moved to Boston in 1973 to attend the Berklee School of Music. He also got a gig playing in Boston’s Combat Zone backing up burlesque shows. When Jon saw one of his idols, pianist Keith Jarrett play in New York he told him he was going to Berklee and asked him for advice. “Keith looked me right in the eye and said ‘Berklee can be very dangerous for your music.’ It was like he popped this huge bubble. Years later I came to understand what he was talking about. You have to learn the fundamentals, but the music itself comes from a much deeper place. They can’t teach that, you have to find it yourself.”

When Jon’s teachers began sitting in on his gigs in Boston, he questioned why he was in school if the teachers were coming to play with him. He quit school, moved to Cape Cod and started playing with bandleader Lou Colombo. “He did all the private parties for Tip O’Neill. We played what they used to call the business man’s beat. On the gig it was forbidden to swing. It was like swing cut in half. So if you tried to go with the four, Lou would say, ‘Don’t swing it, don’t swing it.’ He pounded it into my head night after night.”


In 1981 Jon took a trip to Paris where he broke through his writers block and wrote some of his best music. He returned to New York with his new tunes and started a production company with the idea of getting a record deal for a friend that had played on a #1 hit record. After months of pounding the pavement with no results, Jon realized he had better work on his own music before his money ran out. He took the last of his savings, including his upcoming rent money, and went into the studio to record what came to be known as “The Late Rent Sessions”.

The session had Todd Anderson on tenor sax, Barry Finnerty on guitar, Stephen Ferrone on drums, and Jon on B3. They recorded at Intergalactic, the last studio that John Lennon recorded in. Jon had no luck getting a record deal for his new project, but he did get gigs in New York with his band Jon Hammond and the Late Rent Session Men.

Jon Hammond Band Onstage at NAMM, 2014: Joe Berger, Dom Famularo, Alex Budman, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond

n 1982, Jon found out about public access television and the idea that anyone could produce a show and get it on TV. He started broadcasting on Manhattan’s public station in 1984. “I decided I was going to produce a radio show on TV. The first episodes showed just my tapping foot and my voice. It was a gimmick. We had graphics that were synchronized to go with the music. It worked out well. People dug it.” Within a few weeks, Jon was interviewed and featured in Billboard Magazine. The Jon Hammond Show was considered an alternative to the clips on Cable TV. “MTV was still in its infancy. We had a concept that was revolutionary. My phone started ringing and we were the hot kids on the block.”


Jon continued to play gigs in New York and produce his TV show. In 1987, he went to his first trade show (NAMM) where he was introduced to Mr. Julio Guilietti, the man who built his accordion. He then began traveling to trade shows and making contacts with musicians and companies around the world, including Hammond Suzuki. “They gave me the Hammond XB-2, the first really powerful portable Hammond organ. Glenn Derringer, one of my all-time heroes, presented it to me. I got one of the first. Paul Shaffer from the Letterman Show got the other. At the time there was only one EXP-100 expression pedal–we had to share the pedal. I used the pedal for my gigs and when Paul needed it I would bring it over to him at 30 Rockefeller Center on my bicycle.”

In the early 90s, when his New York gigs began drying up, Jon was encouraged to go to Germany. “It was a hard time. My father had just died and there were very few gigs. I got the XB-2 organ right when I needed it, so I decided to take a chance. I bought a roundtrip ticket to Frankfurt with an open return. I went with 50 bucks and stayed for a year. When I came back, I had 100 bucks.”

Jon stayed at a friend’s house and played a borrowed accordion on the street until he could get a band together. “I played on the street until my fingers turned blue and would collect enough money to get some fish soup. After about two weeks I got a call—I had put a band together and had 3 gigs coming up. A TV show had heard my story and wanted to do a story on me. At the first gig 19 people came; the second only 15 people came. Then I got the little spot on TV. When I came to the third gig people were lined up down the street. When I walked up I thought they were having an art exhibit. When they said, ‘No, they’re waiting for you.’ I choked up, I couldn’t even talk. So I’ve been playing there every year since. The people in Germany really saved my musical career at a time when very few things were happening for me in New York or San Francisco. I have a really good following in Europe. I keep busy as a musician in the States, playing hospitals and assisted living places, but my band dates I pretty much play overseas.”

Jon’s Late Rent Sessions was eventually released on a German label and received modest airplay. During the 90s he travelled back and forth to Europe, spending a year playing gigs in Paris, and eventually settling in Hamburg. Since then he has released two more albums and has played gigs in Moscow, Shanghai, and Australia. With the help of the internet, Jon is able to produce his TV show anywhere.


In the mid-2000s Jon produced Hammondcast, a radio program for CBS that aired in San Francisco at four in the morning and was rebroadcast before Oakland A’s games. “When the baseball games played in the afternoon, my show would play for about 20 minutes and then it was pre-empted. I had a lot of fun with that.” His guests included Danny Glover, Barry Melton from Country Joe & the Fish, and many local people. “It took me awhile to figure out that I had permission to broadcast anything I wanted. I could play the London Philharmonic or Stevie Wonder. My tag line was ‘Hello, Hello, Hello! Wake up or go back to sleep…’”

Today, Jon continues to visit tradeshows and is determined to keep doing everything he does as long as he can. “I made a pact with my longtime co-producer, guitarist Joe Berger, that we are going to go to these trade shows until we are little old men with canes.

Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM presents special plaque to Mr. Shuji Suzuki President Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of Hammond Organs and Leslie Speaker in honor of 80th year of Hammond Organs and Keith Emerson speaking just before we went down to the stage – Jon Hammond

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Jon Hammond Band at the Hammond Party for the new XK-5 Hammond organ, playing Jon’s tune Pocket Funk in Full HighDef on the new prototype organ with Kayleigh Moyer on the Sleishman Drum Co Mothertone drums, Chuggy Carter congas GON BOPS, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the XK5 (plays just like a B3 with Multi Contact keys!)

first night of Summer NAMM Show Nashville, Tennessee at the famous studios of SoundCheck Nashville- Pocket Funk as seen on Jon’s TV show Jon Hammond Show 34 years on Manhattan Neighborhood Network channel 1 – special thanks to Hammond Organ USA Gregory Gronowski & Scott May, Ray Gerlich long-time Hammond Technical Supervisor since 1976! also Mark Prentice M.D. for the evening, known as “Sound Soul Summit V” fine players all night long on the new org – Thanks to my friend Chuck Rainey the great studio bassist for coming and hanging with us all night long! And the Suzuki Musical Instruments Team makers of Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers *from Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, Japan ‪#‎XK5‬ ‪#‎NAMMShow‬ ‪#‎Nashville‬ ‪#‎SummerNAMM‬ ‪#‎HammondOrgan‬

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English


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‪NAMM Show, Summer NAMM, Hammond Organ, XK-5 Hammond, Funk Band, Kayleigh Moyer, drums, SoundCheck Nashville, Hammond Organ USA #‎SummerNAMM‬ ‪#‎NAMMShow‬ ‪#‎HammondOrgan‬ #XK5

L to R Jon Hammond, Kayleigh Moyer, Frank Alkyer, Joe Berger – Summer NAMM Show Nashville

Eddie Money, Docu, Film Project, Rock Movie, #CableTV #EddieMoney #HammondCast #HammondOrgan #NewYork

Enhanced Audio Jon Hammond Show Preview Air Time 01 30 AM On 06 18 MNN TV Cable And Streaming

June 14, 2016

*WATCH THE TV SHOW HERE: Enhanced Audio Jon Hammond Show Preview Air Time 01 30 AM On 06 18 MNN TV Cable And Streaming

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by Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond Show with enhanced audio cable access TV program late Fri. night / early Sat. morning 01:30 AM Manhattan Neighborhood Network Channel 1 – Music Travel and Soft News with original music and stories from Jon Hammond, 34th year now streaming all over the world, Jon Hammond Band performing internationally on perpetual tour, Jon Hammond’s original compositions Funky Jazz and Blues – Hammond Organist and Accordionist, piano and guitar – member AFM Local 802 and Local 6 ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP – Manhattan Neighborhood Network -MNN – Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM & AFM Local 6

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

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Missing man formation – very sadly, Lutz Büchner still on the band here – happy night in BIrldand Hamburg! – Jon Hammond
L to R Lutz, Jon, Joe, Heinz

Lydia’s Tune: 
Lutz Büchner tenor saxophone, Heinz Lichius drums
, Joe Berger guitar, 
Jon Hammond organ, return engagement here at Birdland with many friends in the house. – Gärtnerstr. 122 Hamburg Eimsbuttel

NDR release:,buechner146.html

Stand: 12.03.2016 15:00 Uhr – Lesezeit: ca.4 Min.
Trauer um Lutz Büchner

“Lutz Büchner wurde 47 Jahre alt.

Der Saxofonist Lutz Büchner ist am 11. März während einer Japan-Tour der NDR Bigband im Alter von 47 Jahren an den Folgen eines Herzinfarkts verstorben. Es war ein großes Glück für die NDR Bigband, den Menschen und Musiker Lutz Büchner seit 22 Jahren in ihren Reihen zu haben. Er war ein grandioser, ein wahrhaft bedeutender Saxofonist mit einer unverkennbaren, einzigartigen Spielweise, die selbst dem ältesten und schon oft gehörten Jazzstandard immer wieder neue Seiten abgewinnen konnte. Vor allem aber brachte er auch seine Persönlichkeit in die Band ein: seinen Humor, sein ausgeglichenes Temperament und sein großes Interesse an allen Dingen des Lebens, das weit über die Musik hinaus reichte. Lutz Büchner war ein echter Teamplayer, vor und hinter den Kulissen.

Knuth: “Er lebte leidenschaftlich für und mit Musik”

Joachim Knuth, NDR Programmdirektor Hörfunk: “Die Nachricht vom Tod Lutz Büchners macht mich sehr betroffen. Ich habe ihn als einen liebenswürdigen Menschen erlebt, der leidenschaftlich mit und für Musik lebte. Lutz Büchner hatte den Jazz im Blut. Er liebte den spielerischen Umgang mit der Musik, die Improvisation. Der Tod dieses beeindruckenden Saxofonisten ist für die NDR Bigband, für den NDR, ein großer Verlust. Meine Gedanken sind in diesen Stunden bei der Familie und den Freunden Lutz Büchners.”

Fasziniert von Miles Davis
Lutz Büchner wurde am 5. August 1968 in Bremen geboren. Er interessierte sich schon früh für Musik, bekam klassischen Klarinettenunterricht und entdeckte als Teenager nach einem Konzertbesuch den Jazz. Als er den Trompeter Miles Davis hörte, faszinierte ihn die Möglichkeit, sich auch jenseits der geschrieben Noten auf eine ganz persönliche Weise ausdrücken zu können. Dieser improvisierten, sich immer neu erfindenden Musik wollte er sich widmen.

Lutz Büchner kam nach Hamburg und studierte Saxofon bei Herb Geller, dem damals bekanntesten Solisten der NDR Bigband. Schon bald spielte er dort im Saxofonsatz – zunächst als Gast, seit 1994 als festes Mitglied. In den Mittelpunkt zog es ihn, den eher besonnen Menschen, dabei nicht so sehr. Aber wenn das Scheinwerferlicht auf ihn zeigte und er zum Solo ansetzte, dann entwickelte sein Spiel eine ganz besondere Wirkung: Mit geschlossenen Augen stand er da, die Töne flossen ebenso überraschend wie logisch aus seinem Instrument, sein ganzer Körper schien sich dabei in Musik zu verwandeln.

In seinem Spiel steckte besondere Tiefe
Viele Gäste der NDR Bigband haben ihn und sein Spiel so erlebt und geschätzt: Jazzgrößen wie Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin, João Bosco, Omar Sosa oder Abdullah Ibrahim genossen es, wenn Lutz Büchner neben ihnen spielte. Der Amerikaner Dale Wilson widmete ihm und seinem Saxofon-Kollegen Fiete Felsch eine ganze Big-Band-Suite, und die Komponistin Maria Schneider wollte ihn nach einem Besuch bei der NDR Bigband am liebsten gleich nach New York mitnehmen. Es waren nicht nur seine technischen Fertigkeiten und seine nahezu grenzenlosen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten, mit denen Lutz Büchner so begeisterte. In seinem Spiel steckte eine besondere Tiefe. “Es ist sein Sound”, sagte Maria Schneider einmal, “Lutz berührt mich.”

Solistische Höhenflüge und zarte Lyrik
In der Improvisation spiegelt sich ja immer der ganze Mensch. So konnte Lutz Büchner auf dem Tenorsaxofon unendlich packend, mitreißend und kraftvoll spielen. Unvergessen ist sein solistischer Höhenflug in der Duke-Ellington-Hommage “Diminuendo, crescendo and crescendissimo in blue”, in der er minutenlang ein loderndes Feuer immer neu entfachte, bis die Zuschauer bei einem Auftritt der NDR Bigband in New York am Schluss buchstäblich aus den Sitzen gerissen wurden. Seine andere, lyrische Seite war besonders stark auf der Klarinette zu hören, auf der er zu den außergewöhnlichsten Stimmen des modernen Jazz zählte, vielleicht sogar weltweit. Intim und zart, wie gehaucht schwebten die Töne in die Luft, jeder von ihnen hatte Bedeutung.

Nicht nur in der NDR Bigband, auch in eigenen Formationen waren sein ausgeprägtes Spiel und seine ausgefeilten Kompositionen zu hören. Mit seinem Quartett (mit Sandra Hempel, Heinz Lichius und Pepe Berns) trat Lutz Büchner 2005 bei den 2. Hamburger Jazztagen in der Kampnagel-Fabrik auf. Im selben Jahr entstand mit dem Trio Connex (mit Björn Lücker und Philipp Steen) ein gleichnamiges Album, und 2006 erschien seine vielbeachtete, von der Kritik hochgelobte CD “Ring”.

“Mein Ziel ist es”, hat Lutz Büchner einmal gesagt, “ganz im Moment zu spielen.” Wir verdanken ihm viele unvergessliche Momente. Mit ihm verlieren wir einen lieben Menschen, einen großen Künstler und einen wunderbaren Kollegen.

Stefan Gerdes
Redaktion NDR Bigband/Jazzredaktion

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Eddie Money For The Jon Hammond Show

March 10, 2016

*WATCH EDDIE MONEY HERE: Eddie Money For The Jon Hammond Show

Jon’s archive

by Jon Hammond

Published March 9, 2016
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Topics Eddie Money, Jon Hammond, Cable TV, Baby Hold On, Take Me Home Tonight, Two Tickets to Paradise, #CNNiReport

Eddie Money here for The Jon Hammond Show cable TV Show now in 33rd year – Eddie Money on HammondCast – HammondCast 19 starts out in Frankfurt Germany

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Jon’s archive

FB Note:

Jon Hammond – organ Joe Berger – guitar Peter Klohmann – saxophone Giovanni Gulino – drums Mr. Hammond has toured worldwide since 1991 using the incredible Sk1 organ by Hammond Suzuki..™ “Classic Hammond Sound…In A Suitcase!” The Jon Hammond Show is a funky swinging instrumental revue, featuring top international soloists. The show has universal appeal. Big Hammond orgel sound – 100% organic

Jon Hammond, Peter Klohmann, Giovanni Totò Gulino, Joe Berger

Interview: Detlef Kinsler –

Nomen est omen. Der Mann heißt Hammond und spielt eine Hammond. Der Organist aus New York freut sich auf Frankfurt und lädt zur Musikmesse Warm Up Party am 9.4. in den Jazzkeller ein.
JOURNAL FRANKFURT: Was war für Sie zuerst da – die Frankfurter Musikmesse oder Auftritte im Jazzkeller?
Jon Hammond: Die Musikmesse. Ich kam 1987 zum ersten Mal nach Frankfurt, zusammen mit Joe Berger, der auf der Messe für Engl Amplifiers spielte. Wir flogen mit der Lufthansa ein und teilten uns ein Zimmer im berühmten Prinz Otto Hotel am Hauptbahnhof. Schon in der ersten Nacht stellte mir Joe den großen John Entwistle, den Bassisten von The Who vor. Es wurde eine lange Nacht, in der wir Cognac tranken und Erdnüsse knabberten in eiern Suite des Marriott Hotels. Ich habe Joe bei einer Session mit John und Ringo Starrs Sohn Zak Starkey im Dorian Grey Club gefilmt bei einer Soundcheck Party. In den ersten paar Jahren spielte ich nicht oft live weil ich noch keine transportierbare Hammond Orgel hatte vor 1991 als ich den Prototyp einer XB-2 Hammond Orgel bekam mit der ich dann um die Welt reiste. Hauptsächliche dokumenierte ich aber die Messe für meine Cable TV Show in New York, die inzwischen im 29. Jahr als The Jon Hammond Show — Music, Travel and Soft News präsentiert. Die harten Nachrichten überlasse ich CNN und den großen Networks (lacht). Vom ersten Jahr an fühlten wir uns der Musikmesse eng verbunden, haben seitdem eine tolle Zeit hier, kommen jedes Jahr wieder bis wir kleine, alte Männer sind.

Das Jazzkeller-Konzert am Vorabend der Musikmesse ist zu einer netten Tradition geworden – wie kam es dazu, was bedeutet es Ihnen und wir werden Sie dieses Jahr diesen Abend im Jazzkeller zelebrieren?
Ab 1991 lernte ich mehr und mehr Musikmesse-Menschen kennen und die mich und auch einiges von meiner Musik. Einige von ihnen ermunterten mich, doch auch für Auftritte nach Deutschland zu kommen weil es hier doch ein Interesse an Hammond-Orgel-Groove-Music gab. Mit der schon erwähnten, kleinen, kompakten aber sehr kraftvollen Orgel war das alles möglich. Zudem machte ich in New York gerade eine schwere Zeit durch, mein Vater war gestorben und ich hatte das Gefühl, einige Veränderungen könnten meinem Leben gut tun. Also kam ich nach Frankfurt mit meiner XB-2, allerdings mit einem Rückflugticket falls etwas schief gehen würde. Ich rief viele Musiker an, ließ sie wissen, ich bin jetzt da, lasst uns zusammen spielen. Das war für mich der Anfang einer langen, sehr speziellen Beziehung, vor allem zum Frankfurter Publikum nach ersten kleinen erfolgen im Jazzkeller und einer kurzen Auftritt im Hessen Report im Fernsehen. Beatrix Rief verdanke ich dieses “lucky light on me”, eine tolle Erfahrung. Seitdem nenne ich Frankfurt “My Good Luck City” und im Jazzkeller begann auch alles für mich als Musiker. Deshalb liegt mir der Club auch so nah am Herzen, deshalb hatte ich auch die Idee, meine “Musikmesse Warm Up Party” dort zu realisieren, immer in der Nacht bevor die Messe startet was zu einer schönen Tradition wurde. Im ersten Jahr, in dem ich dann auch ein wenig Sponsoring von Philip Morris bekam, konnte ich damit einige Flugtickets für befreundete Musik bezahlen. Darüber war ich sehr glücklich. Dabei rauche ich selbst gar nicht…

Everybody’s favorite Best Man at weddings – Eddie Money!

Jon Hammond — with Eddie Money

Eddie Money, Baby Hold On, Cable TV, Jon Hammond Show, Bill Graham Presents, #HammondOrgan #CNNiReport

Eddie Money on HammondCast Jon Hammond’s Journal KYOU Radio Dot Org

December 20, 2015

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: Eddie Money on HammondCast

Jon’s archive KYOU Radio dot org

My old friend Eddie Money steppin’ up to the mic on Jon Hammond Show – photos: Remembering Eddie Sorensen (center):

On JFK Aircraft Carrier with “Just Jill” Jill Nicolini on PIX TV – Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond and Eddie Money on top of the Empire State Building on very cold day

Eddie Money, Julian Money, Laurie Money in taxi cab on 42nd Street – Jon Hammond

Eddie with Prevost tour bus – Jon Hammond

Eddie Money with his daughter Jesse Money – Jon Hammond

Jon’s Journal

HammondCast 104 for KYOU Radio 1550 AM, with special guest: BERNARD PURDIE at the mic and the drums with Jon, he recounts how he began until now and a live performance in Emeryville CA. Jon Hammond’s old rock band HADES 1971 recording live in Provo Park Berkeley and an exclusive recording with EDDIE MONEY
Jumping over to Hamburg Germany, at ‘Music Club Live’, Funk, Soul and Blues for the Night People! ©2007 *official site: 45 minutes

NO MSG – L to R Stephen Page, Jon Hammond, Jon Russell – KYOU Radio and KYCY 1550 AM #CNNiReport

Showtime! – Penzlin Burginnenhof Landesjugendjazzorchester MV Jon Hammond Jazzorgel – High Definition Movie
*WATCH THE MOVIE HERE: Showtime! – Penzlin Burginnenhof Landesjugendjazzorchester MV Jon Hammond​ Jazzorgel – High Definition Movie Jon’s archive Penzlin, Germany — Showtime!

My 1965 Blackface Fender Band-Master head on the bench, great amp for everything! – Jon Hammond

Good looking Cheesecake at Paris Baguette shop! – Millbrae CA
Jon Hammond

AghaRTA Prague Jazz Festival in AghaRTA Jazz Centrum, Prague – Jon Hammond

It was fun being on-the-air with Jesse Chuy Varela at Kcsm Jazz 91.1 FM – some real nice Sennheiser MD 421 microphones in the studio, one of my favorite mics to broadcast on –

Jon Hammond — with Jesse Chuy Varela at KCSM Jazz 91

Heinz Lichius’ first New York gig – L to R Joe Berger g., Heinz Lichius d. Jon Hammond o. – Cleopatra’s Needle club NYC #CNNiReport

— with Joe Berger and Heinz Lichius at Cleopatra’s Needle

Jazzkeller action shot a few years ago maybe 1992, the cable coming out of my organ on the left was my lucky glow-in-the-dark Whirlwind cable I used for 35 years before it finally disintegrated – my friends at Whirlwind tried to fix it but it couldn’t be fixed, original military plugs – it served me well! –

Jon Hammond — at JazzKeller

Bruno’s – Ron Smith d.
Charles McNeal t.s.
Jon Hammond o.

— at Bruno’s Nightclub

Shoreline Amphitheatre – L to R Barry Finnerty, Larry Schneider, James Preston, Marc the sound man, Jon Hammond front
Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men — with Barry Finnerty, Larry Schneider and James Preston

at Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View

Joe Berger on the dusty trail with John Entwistle a few years ago – Jon Hammond

— with Joe Berger at Slim’s

Special Lunch Show in front of San Francisco City Hall
Jon Hammond organ
James Preston drums
Steve Campos flugelhorn
Harvey Wainapel tenor
Barry Finnerty guitar

— with Steve Campos, Barry Finnerty and James Preston at San Francisco City Hall

Studio 1 NDR Info – Jon Hammond

— at NDR

Thanksgiving with the late great Joe Franklin – Joe fed a lot of folks at the old Show World on 42nd & Eighth, including myself! – Jon Hammond

*some comments:
brought to you by Martin Paints

jjm1965 7 years ago
I saw Joe Franklin at a show at Danbury Municipal Airport in the early 1980s (Tiny Tim was there , too). Very funny guy. What a wealth of knowledge on pop music from the first half of the 20th century. Truly a national tresure.
-Martin Paints: It ain’t just paints.

Good news: The gig comes with dinner!

Jon Hammond et Boris Blanchet, Amaury Blanchard – Paris

Bruno’s Lounge – Jon Hammond

Bruno’s Mission District San Francisco CA

Just about to get on the bus – no Air Conditioning on this one!
Jon Hammond

Regione Marche​ — Great to see my friend Nello Gabrielloni in Italy! King of All Accordions!
Tutto quanto può servire per la fisarmonica !

L’esperienza di quattro generazioni nel mondo della fisarmonica è la testimonianza del nostro amore per questo strumento:
Fisarmoniche Nuove ed Usate
Strumenti Speciali su misura
Accessori e parti di Ricambio
Riparazioni di vecchi strumenti
Modifiche e Ricostruzioni
Jon Hammond​

Jon’s archive

CNN iReport


Facebook Video

by Jon Hammond

Published September 2, 2015
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics Jazzbeaux Collins, Al Jazzbo Collins, Jon Hammond, Yoshi’s Oakland, Bennett Friedman, James Preston, Barry Finnerty, #HammondOrgan #AFMLocal6 #MusiciansUnion

On Air with Jazzbo Collins and Yoshi’s Jon Hammond Band Feb. 9, 1994 – Preston pretty much kicked ass on this gig! — Oakland CA — original Yoshi’s Oakland​ Gig Feb. 9th 1994, just after being on-the-air with Al “Jazzbo” Collins​ – watching the film now, sounds real good – Jon Hammond​ / Jon Hammond Band​ (quartet) – thanks Jason Olaine​ for the hit – James Preston​ drums (R.I.P.) Bennett Friedman tenor, Barry Finnerty​ gtr., Jon Hammond Organ Group​ all original music ©JON HAMMOND International Member ASCAP – AFM Local 6​ – Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM​
Yoshi’s Oakland​ didn’t have any decent lights in those days! Jon Hammond​ – *Note: Broadcasting Legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins opens this film at KCSM 91.1FM, greatly missed!! – Jon Hammond Organ Group​ –
Albert Richard “Jazzbo” Collins (January 4, 1919 – September 30, 1997) was an American disc jockey, radio personality and recording artist who was briefly the host of NBC television’s Tonight show in 1957.
Al “Jazzbo” Collins
Al “Jazzbeaux” Collins
Born Albert Richard Collins
January 4, 1919
Rochester, New York
Died September 30, 1997 (aged 78)
Marin County, California
Born in Rochester, New York in 1919,[1] Collins grew up on Long Island, New York. In 1941, while attending the University of Miami in Florida, he substituted as the announcer on his English teacher’s campus radio program, and decided he wanted to be in radio. Collins began his professional career as the disc jockey at a bluegrass station in Logan, West Virginia; by 1943, he was at WKPA in Pittsburgh, moving in 1945 to WIND in Chicago and in 1946 to Salt Lake City’s KNAK. In 1950, he relocated to New York where he joined the staff of WNEW and became one of the “communicators” on NBC’s Monitor when it began in 1955.

Collins made several appearances on The Tonight Show with Steve Allen in the early 50s (and even briefly took over the show after Allen’s departure; see below). In 1953, Allen adapted several nursery rhymes (including Little Red Riding Hood) into jazz-flavoured recitations, with Collins on vocals and Lou Stein on piano.

The name “Jazzbo” derived from a product Collins had seen, a clip-on bowtie named Jazzbows. Just as Martin Block created the illusion that he was speaking from the Make Believe Ballroom, Collins claimed to be broadcasting from his inner sanctum, a place known as the Purple Grotto, an imaginary setting suggested by radio station WNEW’s interior design, as Collins explained:

I started my broadcast in Studio One which was painted all kinds of tints and shades of purple on huge polycylindricals which were vertically placed around the walls of the room to deflect the sound. It just happened to be that way. And with the turntables and desk and console and the lights turned down low, it had a very cavelike appearance to my imagination. So I got on the air, and the first thing I said was, “Hi, it’s Jazzbo in the Purple Grotto.” You never know where your thoughts are coming from, but the way it came out was that I was in a grotto, in this atmosphere with stalagtites and a lake and no telephones. I was using Nat Cole underneath me with “Easy Listening Blues” playing piano in the background.
The Tonight Show and later work
In 1957, NBC-TV installed him for five weeks as the host of the Tonight show when it was known as Tonight! America After Dark in the period between hosts Steve Allen and Jack Paar.[2]

Also in 1957, Collins starred in (as himself) an episode of NBC radio’s science fiction radio series X Minus One. By 1959, he was with KSFO in San Francisco, hanging out with the beatnik hipsters in North Beach. On-air, Jazzbo would say that he was broadcasting “from the purpleness of the Grotto”, often mentioning his assistant “Harrison, the long-tailed purple Tasmanian owl”. On the TV side, Collins hosted “The Al Collins Show,” that aired mornings on KGO-TV. The format included light talk and guest appearances by local celebrities such as Moe Howard of The Three Stooges. Later in the 1960s, he was the host of Jazz for the Asking (VOA), and he worked with several Los Angeles stations during the late in the decade: KMET (1966), KFI (1967) and KGBS (1968).

He officially changed the spelling of his name to Jazzbeaux when he went to Pittsburgh’s WTAE in 1969. He moved to WIXZ in Pittsburgh (1973) before heading back to the West Coast three years later. While in Pittsburgh, he briefly hosted a late night television show entitled “Jazzbeauxz (with a ‘z’) Rehearsal”, an eclectic sampling of anything that caught Collins’ interest at the time, including a long-running hard-boiled-egg spinning contest. He conducted the program from a barber chair, as he had on a previous TV show.

“Stinking badges”[edit]
A popular segment on his show was the “no stinkin’ badges” routine, a play on the famous exchange in the 1948 film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Al would politely request that the main guest for that day don a Mexican bandit costume, complete with ammo belts crossing the chest, six-guns in holsters, a huge sombrero and large fake mustache. The guest then had to pose in front of cameras and for the TV audience. With pistols pointing at the camera lens the guest had to say (with emphasis) “I don’t got to show you no stinkin’ badges.” If the guest did not say it with sufficient sinister tone Collins made him or her repeat it until in Al’s opinion the guest got it right.

1970s and beyond[edit]
In 1976 Al Collins returned to San Francisco, working at KMPX, followed by a three-year all-night run at KGO which drew callers throughout the West Coast; he always opened his program with Count Basie’s “Blues in Hoss Flat”. He also worked a late night shift at KKIS AM (in Pittsburg, California, ironically) in 1980. After a stint in New York and WNEW (1981), Jazzbo was back in San Francisco at KSFO (1983) and KFRC (1986). Then came one more run at WNEW (1986–90), then KAPX (Marin County, California) in 1990, and finally a weekly jazz show at KCSM (College of San Mateo, California) from 1993 to his death.

Al Collins died on September 30, 1997, at the age of 78, from pancreatic cancer.

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

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Facebook video

by Jon Hammond

Published August 25, 2015
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Topics Concert Event, LaJazzO MV, Klostergarten, Michael Leuschner, Bigband, Landesjugendjazzorchester, Jon Hammond, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, #Rostock

Klostergarten LaJazzO MV Concert Film LaJazzO MV unter der Leitung von Michael Leuschner​ CONCERT EVENT – Am 01.08.2015 ist das Landesjugendjazzorchester​ Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (LaJazzO MV) mit seinem diesjährigen Solisten Jon Hammond wieder im Klostergarten​ Rostock zu Gast. – Landesjugendorchester Mecklenburg Vorpommern​ – film from Jon *nice solos from Matthis Rasche and Al Tobias

Producer Jon Hammond
Language German

Jon’s archive

Eddie Money, KYOU Radio, Dot Org, Organist, Jazz, #Blues #TheNAMMShow #HammondOrgan #Money

Peter Barsotti And Jon Hammond Free Form Poetry Organ Jam

July 21, 2015

*WATCH THE FILM HERE: Peter Barsotti And Jon Hammond Free Form Poetry Organ Jam

Jon’s archive


CNN iReport


by Jon Hammond

Published July 20, 2015
Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics Peter Barsotti, Bill Graham Presents, Grateful Dead, #DeadHeads Poetry Jam, Groveland CA, The Iron Door Saloon, Golf Tournament, Eddie Money, Bettike Barsotti, #HammondOrgan Jon Hammond

Groveland California — Peter Barsotti and Jon Hammond Free Form Poetry Organ Jam – October 28, 2003 – dedicated to Bettike Barsotti and The Barsotti Family, The Iron Door Saloon Team, BGP Bill Graham Presents & Grateful Dead extended Family and some of the worst golf players I ever saw Eddie Money and the boys, but raised money for Tioga High School folks – in memory of Peter & Bettike Barsotti, Honorable Judge Mario and Mrs. Barsotti – sincerely, Jon Hammond – Keep the Spirit! – keywords: Peter Barsotti, Bettike Barsotti, The Iron Door Saloon, Grateful Dead, Bill Graham Presents, Lazarus, #HammondOrgan #Poetry Eddie Money, Tioga High School, Golf Tournament

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English

Jon’s archive

Jon Hammond Show cable access TV show broadcast for 03/28/2015, Jon’s band performing in jazzkeller Frankfurt original composition “Get Back in The Groove” – exclusive footage from Jon Hammond Show of the late great Dave Van Ronk followed by radio interview footage with Alan Pasqua and Jon Hammond just before Alan’s concert with Allan Holdsworth recorded for DVD, then never-before-seen footage Jon filmed of Michael Brecker, the late great jazz tenor saxophonist in performance with Barry Finnerty’s band in Michael’s club Seventh Avenue South he co-owned with his brother Randy Brecker in Greenwich Village – wrapping up the show, a wonderful segment of Joe Franklin on mic with Jon Hammond, Joe Franklin was the King of Radio & TV

– 32nd year Jon Hammond Show, FSB, Funk Soul Blues and soft news – enjoy folks


CNN iReport



Jon Hammond Band Facebook

Jon’s archive


Jon Hammond Band Facebook

Dankeschön / Thanks for the flowers Musikmesse Team! and all my friends who came out for this very special evening – Jon Hammond
Chocolate on Chocolate Cake at Jon Hammond’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in jazzkeller Frankfurt with Jon Hammond Band and special guests for this special occasion celebrating 25 years in Musikmesse. Special acknowledgement of Wilhelm P. “Charly” Hosenseidl R.I.P. who was the Director of musikmesse years 1989-2008 now Directed by Wolfgang Luecke, special thanks to Messe Frankfurt Projekt and Presse Team!
Jon Hammond Band:
Joe Berger guitar
Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone
Giovanni Totò Gulino drums
Jon Hammond – XB-2 Hammond Organ – special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times

“Late Rent” Jon Hammond theme song for Jon Hammond Show MNNTV and HammondCast Show KYOU Radio San Francisco CBS Radio Network
Thanks Joe Lamond President CEO NAMM, TecAmp Jürgen Kunze and Thomas Eich – Puma Combo bass amp powering Jon Hammond’s organ
Dankeschoen to Yücel Atiker, Tino Pavlis, Poehl, Bernie Capicchiano, Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland, Peggy Behling, Christine Vogel Messe Frankfurt,
Saray Pastanesı Baeckerei & Konditorei for Chocolate on Chocolate
25 Years Musikmesse Celebration Cake – Mainzer Landstrasse 131, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Eugen Hahn Jazzkeller Frankfurt Team Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a Frankfurt

Journal Frankfurt Article by Detlef Kinsler, LINK:

Peter Barsotti, Bill Graham Presents, Grateful Dead, #DeadHeads Poetry Jam, Groveland CA, The Iron Door Saloon, Golf Tournament, Eddie Money, Bettike Barsotti, #HammondOrgan Jon Hammond

HammondCast 26 and Jon Hammond Journal August 7, 2012

August 8, 2012

Downloaded 1,191 times

HammondCast 26 from New York based Organist/Accordionist JON HAMMOND, this show’s special guests: EDDIE MONEY, Jon’s friend for many years debuting the new Breakout Single “You Don’t Know Me” from Eddie’s new album “WANNA GO BACK” on the Big Deal Productions label, available on CD and Apple iTunes. Also exclusive interview with BARRY MELTON original founding member of COUNTRY JOE and the FISH, guitarist and practicing Attorney of Law in Yolo County CA now. And a track from Barry’s album “THE SALOON YEARS”: “HARLEM NOCTURNE” along with the late JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitar. Jon plays new tracks from his forthcoming album NDR SESSIONS PROJEKT: “MY ONE and ONLY LOVE”, “EASY LIVING” and “LATE RENT” and news about upcoming Russia Tour and Germany Tour. HammondCast is heard weekdays on San Francisco’s KYOU Radio 1550 AM. Jon Hammond is a Member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musician Union and ASCAP Composer/Publisher. Visit Jon’s official sites: and WebTV:

Eddie Money Family in a Taxi Cab on 42nd St.

New York NY W.42nd St. — There goes Eddie Money with his youngest son Julian *excellent drummer and wife Laurie in a taxi cab after a great show at BB King’s – Jon Hammond
Introducing Julian Money drums (Son of Eddie Money) on Eddie Money Band encore Shakin’ last night in New York City at BB King’s covered by Jon Hammond
Julian rocked it! – Jon Hammond

San Francisco California — Donald Duck Bailey and Jon Hammond Youtube

Donald Duck Bailey legendary jazz drummer and harmonica recording artist here, performing on Fathers Day 2011 at The Tunnell Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco and interview with Jon Hammond of HammondCast. Concert sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America, Donald Duck Bailey drums & harmonica, Dewayne Oakley bs, Christopher L. Clarke tpt., Wayne Anderson gtr., camera: Jennifer and Jon Hammond – Special Thanks Stuart Cohen Director of Activities The Tunnell Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare SF CA, Marianne Pillsbury Jazz Foundation of America
He is probably best known[citation needed] as the drummer in the trio of jazz organist Jimmy Smith from 1956 to 1964 and also for his work with The Three Sounds on Blue Note Records. Bailey also worked as a sideman for some of the most famous musicians in jazz including Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae, Hampton Hawes, Sonny Rollins, and Red Mitchell. He also played with John Coltrane in their early Philadelphia years. Bailey is also known as “The King of Organ Trio Drummers”. In 1978, Bailey released a harmonica album called “So In Love” (Trio Records) in Japan which received rave reviews. His latest project “Blueprints of Jazz Vol.3 featuring Donald Bailey” was issued on the Talking House record label in 2009. Bailey continues to perform around the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States
As Sideman
With George Braith
Two Souls in One (Blue Note, 1963)
With Jimmy Smith
The Incredible Jimmy Smith at the Organ (Blue Note, 1956)
At Club Baby Grand (Blue Note, 1956)
The Sounds of Jimmy Smith (Blue Note, 1956)
Plays Pretty Just for You (Blue Note, 1957)
Jimmy Smith Trio + LD (Blue Note, 1957)
Groovin’ at Small’s Paradise (Blue Note, 1957)
House Party (Blue Note, 1957)
The Sermon! (Blue Note, 1958)
Softly as a Summer Breeze (Blue Note, 1958)
Cool Blues (Blue Note, 1958)
Six Views of the Blues (Blue Note, 1958)
Home Cookin’ (Blue Note, 1958–59)
Crazy! Baby (Blue Note, 1960)
Open House (Blue Note, 1960)
Plain Talk (Blue Note, 1960)
Straight Life (Blue Note, 1961)
Plays Fats Waller (Blue Note, 1962)
I’m Movin’ On (Blue Note, 1963)
Bucket! (Blue Note, 1963)
Rockin’ the Boat (Blue Note, 1963)
Prayer Meetin’ (Blue Note, 1963)
With The Three Sounds
Live at the Lighthouse (Blue Note, 1967)
Coldwater Flat (Blue Note, 1968)
With Jack Wilson
Song for My Daughter (Blue Note, 1969) — at The Tunnell Center For Rehabilitation And Healthcare

Frankfurt Germany — Jon Lord R.I.P. and Jon Hammond

Jon Lord organist of Deep Purple at the worldwide debut of the new Hammond Sk1 and Sk2 Stage Keyboards at Musikmesse Frankfurt Special thanks Malc Deakin and Barrie Freeman of Hammond UK who brought
Jon to Germany from UK for this historic occasion — with Jon Lord at Musikmesse Frankfurt

Hofheim am Taunus — Jon Hammond Trio

Jon Hammond original ‘Song Without Name’ played by JON HAMMOND Band in Jazzkeller Hofheim in Hofheim-Taunus Germany with guitarist Joe Berger and drummer Heinz Lichius aka Ham-Berger-Heinz. — with Jon Hammond Organ Group and Jon Hammond Band at Jazzkeller Hofheim

New York NY — Organ gig in the rain – Dr. Lonnie Smith playing plastic covered B3 in Madison Square Park

Jon Hammond — with Lonnie Smith at Madison Square Park

Long Beach California — Jon Hammond photo of L to R Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Slide Hampton, Paquito D’rivera, George Wein – Youtube

*Note from Jon Hammond: For best results put on headphones and crank up to hear Jimmy clearly, he was absolutely hilarious! R.I.P. Jimmy Smith –
Jimmy Smith NEA Jazz Master Award Recipient Hammond Organist telling last jokes just one month before he passed away on February 8 2005. Filmed by Jon Hammond on NEA Panel including Kenny Burrell, Slide Hampton, Paquito D’Rivera, A.B. Spellman.
Jimmy tells the story about his adventures driving his Hammond B3 Organ and musicians in a Hearse and story of (like the commercial) “Got go gotta’ go gotta go right now…almost made it” while on the gig on bandstand. Hilarious must see..!
Long Beach CA at IAJE convention © JH INTL. spcl. thanks Dana Gioia, Brad Riesau as seen on Jon Hammond Show MNN TV — with Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, Slide Hampton, Paquito D’Rivera and George Wein at Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center

Hamburg St. Pauli Grosse Freiheit 4 — Painting of actual Jon Hammond Band gig in the notorious Regina Niteclub #4 –ße_Freiheit

“Einen guten Teil ihrer Bekanntheit verdankt sie den in früheren Jahren dort zahlreich anzutreffenden Nachtclubs, wie dem Salambo, Safari, Colibri, Regina und anderen, die sich dadurch auszeichneten, dass sie nicht nur Striptease boten, sondern darüber hinaus auch den Geschlechtsakt teilweise in Kostümen auf der Bühne zeigten. Die meisten dieser Clubs sind inzwischen geschlossen.” painting by my good friend the great artist Michael August aka ILLUSTRATORP – JH — at Injection

Paris France — The 28 year old Jon Hammond circa 1981 staying in L’Hotel – 13 Rue des Beaux Arts 75006 Paris

“L’Hôtel is a 4-star luxury hotel in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris.
When previously known as the Hôtel d’Alsace, Oscar Wilde spent his last days there in room 16, famously remarking “I am dying beyond my means”. Other former residents include Marlon Brando, actress and singer Mistinguett, and writer Jorge Luis Borges, who said it seemed to have been “sculpted by a cabinet maker”.[1] The hosting of Borges in this hotel was not by chance: when he was nine, he translated Wilde’s “The Happy Prince” into Spanish and since then he had become a big fan of his work; Borges wanted to die where the writer of his childhood had also died.” — at Hotel L Hotel Rue Des Beaux Arts

Bordenau Germany — Rock n’ Roll 5 Day Seminare with my good friends Knut Benzner – NDR Radio and Union Werkers Volkswagen Quality Control Team,

‘Metal Union, workers from VW in the city of Wolfsburg’ / Metall-Union, Arbeitnehmer von VW in der Stadt Wolfsburg – these are the hardest Rockers!
They work hard and play hard.
Jon Hammond — at Zu Hause in Bordenau

Moscow Russia — Igor Butman tenor sax, Ed Zizak drums, Jon Hammond organ – Youtube

beautiful ballad Easy Living with Igor Butman and Eduard Zizak in Le Club – Moscow Russia — at ул. Земляной Вал, 76/21, г. Москва

Osaka Japan Rug Time Club — Jon Hammond at the B3 organ with Hidefumi Nose and Kengo Komae – great jazz musicians!

Bossa Nova “Shadow of Your Smile” in famous Rug Time – JH — with Hidefumi Nose at Rug Time.

Osaka Japan Rug Time Club — Jon Hammond at the B3 organ with Midori Ono, Hidefumi Nose and Kengo Komae – great jazz musicians!

Shanghai China — Swingin’ the house with Danny Woody drums / music director Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jon Hammond organ,

Donald Jackson bass *note unusual bass ‘foot contraption’ designed by Donald for his stand up bass – one of a kind, like the Mars Rover Lander on the stage of Jazz Bar on Mezzanine Level of the Ritz – JH — with Danny Woody at The Portman Ritz Carlton Shanghai China

Frankfurt Germany — Here at Musikmesse with my good friends Mr. M. Terada and Mr. Hiromitsu Ono from Suzuki Musical Instruments Corp. LTD., Jon Hammond

東京地区、名古屋地区におきましてはメロディオンフェスティバルを共催し、哀愁のあるリードサウンドとダイナミックな演奏でメロディオンの新境地を拓きます。 — with Hiromitsu Ono at Musikmesse Frankfurt.

Ringwood Victoria Australia — Jon Hammond Keynote Presentation “Classic Hammond Sound…In A Suitcase!”™
at Bernies Music Land – Biggest Hammond Dealer in Australia

Jon Hammond on Digital New B3 Organ performing at Bernie’s Place with Michael Jordan drums, Bernies Music Land in Ringwood Melbourne Victoria Australia swinging version of Days of Wine and Roses special thanks Bernie and Michelle Capicchiano and Team Bernie, Hammond SUZUKI MUSICAL INSTRUMENT MFG. CO., LTD. — at Bernies Music School

San Francisco Golden Gate Park — *note: powered with 12 volt Marine Battery through a DC to AC inverter – Gig with Don Pender in the rain, you can actually see the rain coming down – Jon Hammond Youtube

Fall River Massachusetts — EASY LIVIN’ – Jon Hammond Showband circa 1976 — in Fall River, MA

Kevin Barrett Did the band cover Uriah Heep’s “Easy Living”?

Jon Hammond Hi Kevin, hah…I never thought of that to tell you the truth, good one! Jon

Ulrich Vormehr is that you on the right side ??

Jon Hammond Hi Ulrich, yep that’s me…this was a smokin’ band! 2 horns, Tommy Costa drums next to me there, one of the best funky dance drummers in the business, Jon

Frankfurt Germany — 25 years Musikmesse! (and now 26)
special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times

Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond Band
Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2011 in Jazzkeller Frankfurt
Tony Lakatos – tenor saxophone
Giovanni Gulino – drums
Joe Berger – guitar
Jon Hammond – organ

Oakland California —
Saxophonist/World-Traveler/Entrepreneur Pete Jeffryes and Jon Hammond at CommonWealth Cafe & Pub

New York NY — my neighbor bassist Hide Tanaka and Jackie Williams drums on a Junior Mance gig at Local 802 annual Holiday / Christmas Party – Jon Hammond

Anaheim California — Love this photo! Dan Del Fiorentino, Jay Valle, Jon Hammond – Winter NAMM Show, lots of years of music history between the 3 of us folks! – JH

2012 Annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party hosted by Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Frankfurt “Get Back In The Groove” / Tribute to 9/11 by Jon Hammond
with Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Joe Berger guitar, Giovanni Gulino drums,
Jon Hammond at the Hammond Sk1 organ,
special guest Lee Oskar harmonica.

This performance marks 26 years consecutive attending Musikmesse Frankfurt and
it was also on the birthday of Jon Hammond March 20th, 2012 with a big chocolate on chocolate cake baked by Saray Pastanesi Baeckerei & Konditorei bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse 131. 60327 Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt Germany — Alex Mingmann Hsieh Taiwan and Jon Hammond – All I need is a mouthpiece and some saxophone lessons to “Go For The Sound” PMauriat Saxophones at Musikmesse Frankfurt
Youtube with a cat who can really play it, Tony!

Hofheim am Taunus — Jon Hammond Band – Jazzkeller-Hofheim Youtube

Jon Hammond’s annual Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim, here featuring funky Giovanni Gulino breaking it down on Jon Hammond original funk composition “Head Phone” – Jon Hammond Band – Peter Klohmann tenor sax,
Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ
*Note: Congratulations to Jazzkeller Hofheim 53 plus years of history, check out the book, I am honored to be on page 68. Keep the tradition going in Hofheim am Taunus, dankeschoen Jazzkeller Hofheim Team! sincerely, Jon Hammond — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Jazzkeller Hofheim

Hamburg Germany — Midnight Showcase Set at New Ess Bar in Hamburg Altona – Youtube
Jon Hammond Band first time in Newessbar performing original funky composition
Pocket Funk

Lutz Buechner tenor saxophone, Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ
special thanks Olaf Gödecke and Roman Kumutat
Newessbar Hamischa — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Newessbar

Hamburg Germany — Jon Hammond Band kickin’ it at Auster Jazz Bar on the Henriettenweg Youtube

Auster Bar Jazz Bar Michael Leuschner Presents Jon Hammond Band
One Night Only on the Henriettenweg Hamburg, very cool scene!
Classic Mercy Mercy with Michael Leuschner trumpet, Heinz Lichius drums,
Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond organ and special guest
Jonas Schoen alto saxophone reprising the great Cannonball Adderley smash crossover hit:
Mercy Mercy – R.I.P. Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley (September 15, 1928 — August 8, 1975)
Jon saw Cannon do it with his quintet Feb. 24, 1968 at Winterland in San Francisco on a show with The Vagrants and The Who. Keeping the Spirit alive here in Auster Bar Hamburg! Special thanks / dankeschoen to Frank at Auster Bar, Knut Benzner NDR Radio, Heinz Lichius, Michael Leuschner wonderful musicians! — with Jon Hammond Band and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Auster Bar

Hamburg Germany — Behind the wheel of Jens’ Classic Ford T-Bird – Jon Hammond
The Thunderbird (“T-Bird”), is an automobile manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States over eleven model generations from 1955 through 2005.

When introduced, it created the market niche eventually known as the personal luxury car.
The Ford Thunderbird began life in February 1953 in direct response to Chevrolet’s new sports car, the Corvette, which was publicly unveiled in prototype form just a month before. Under rapid development, the Thunderbird went from idea to prototype in about a year, being unveiled to the public at the Detroit Auto Show on February 20, 1954. Like the Corvette, the Thunderbird had a two-seat coupe/convertible layout. Production of the Thunderbird began later on in 1954 on September 9 with the car beginning sales as a 1955 model on October 22, 1954. Though sharing some design characteristics with other Fords of the time, such as single, circular headlamps and tail lamps and modest tailfins, the Thunderbird was sleeker and more athletic in shape, and had features like a faux hood scoop and a 150 mph (240 km/h) speedometer hinting a higher performance nature that other Fords didn’t possess. Mechanically though, the Thunderbird could trace its roots to other mainstream Fords. The Thunderbird’s 102.0 inches (2,591 mm) wheelbase frame was mostly a shortened version of that used in other Fords while the car’s standard 292 cu in (4.8 L) Y-block V8 came from Ford’s Mercury division.[4]
Though inspired by, and positioned directly against, the Corvette, Ford billed the Thunderbird as a personal luxury car, putting a greater emphasis on the car’s comfort and convenience features rather than its inherent sportiness.[4] Designations aside, the Thunderbird sold exceptionally well in its first year. In fact, the Thunderbird outsold the Corvette by more than 23-to-one for 1955 with 16,155 Thunderbirds sold against 700 Corvettes.[5] With the Thunderbird considered a success, few changes were made to the car for 1956. The most notable change was moving the spare tire to a continental-style rear bumper in order to make more storage room in the trunk, and an optional porthole in the removable roof was offered and often selected by buyers. However, the addition of the weight at the rear caused steering issues. The spare was moved back to the trunk in 1957 when the trunk was restyled and made slightly larger. Among the few other changes were new paint colors, the addition of circular porthole windows as standard in the fiberglass roof to improve rearward visibility, and a 312 cu in (5.1 L) Y-block V8 making 215 horsepower (160 kW) when mated to a 3-speed manual transmission or 225 horsepower (168 kW) when mated to a Ford-O-Matic 2-speed automatic transmission; this transmission featured a “low gear”, which was accessible only via the gear selector. When in “Drive”, it was a 2-speed automatic transmission (similar to Chevrolet’s Powerglide).
The Thunderbird was revised for 1957 with a reshaped front bumper, a larger grille and tailfins, and larger tail lamps. The 312 cu in (5.1 L) V8 became the Thunderbird’s standard engine, and now produced 245 horsepower (183 kW). Other, even more powerful versions of the 312 cu in (5.1 L) V8 were available including one with two four-barrel Holley carburetors and another with a Paxton supercharger delivering 300 horsepower (220 kW). Though Ford was pleased to see sales of the Thunderbird rise to a record-breaking 21,380 units for 1957, company executives felt the car could do even better, leading to a substantial redesign of the car for 1958. — at Kieler Straße 271, D-22525 Hamburg

Hamburg Germany — Classic T-Bird! at Route 66 Hamburg

Jon Hammond — at Kieler Straße 271, D-22525 Hamburg

Hamburg Germany — Some of the Primo cars in Jens’ showroom – Route 66 Hamburg – Jon Hammond

Oakland California — Victor “Big Daddy” Zaraogza from KBLX 102.9 FM MC’ing on the main stage at Oakland Art & Soul Festival August 5, 2012

Hollywood California — Kenny Burrell on the microphone with Jon Hammond at ASCAP Expo
Kenneth Earl “Kenny” Burrell (born July 31, 1931)[1] is an American jazz guitarist. His playing is grounded in bebop and blues; he has performed and recorded with a wide range of jazz musicians

Oakland California — Jon Hammond at annual Oakland Art & Soul Festival chillin’ by the main stage checking out Oleta Adams and Lalah Hathaway’s sets – excellent! JH

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Jon Hammond Show Flash Backs with Eddie Money John Entwistle Harold Channer Igor Butman and more

November 27, 2011

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond Show Flash Backs with Eddie Money John Entwistle Harold Channer Igor Butman and more

Long running Cable Access TV Show The Jon Hammond Show flashes back with some vintage segments including in studio Eddie Money rehearsal with Paul Shaffer and band at NBC pre-broadcast on David Letterman set with cameo from Biff Henderson, Will Lee, Anton Fig, special thanks Jeff Samaha NBC Stage Manager, then to Providence Rhode Island 1987 performance at The Living Room with John Entwistle and Rat Race Choir doing a kick ass cover of Young Man Blues mixed live by Joe Berger. An impromptu palm percussion performance by Will Lee and then the classic Jon Hammond Show opening with famed weather man Lloyd Lindsay Young and cable access veteran Harold Hudson Channer and Jon Hammond in conversation on Harold’s program Conversations introducing a segment in Moscow Russia with Jon Hammond in concert in Trio with saxophonist Igor Butman, drummer Ed Zizak, as Harold says “It’s a Global Village!” Enjoy this historic documentary and stay tuned for more from Mr. Hammond’s Archives

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Jon Hammond in Post Production Studio 1983

HammondCast Dot Com

Biff Henderson NBC Stage Manager at The Microphone

Eddie Money on the NBC Letteman Stage in 30 Rockefeller Center covered by Jon Hammond personally

Anton Fig at his Blue Kit

Will Lee Basso Profundo and Palm Percussionist

Eddie Money Rehearsing with Band Leader Paul Shaffer and Guitarist Sid McGinnis at NBC Studios 30 Rockefeller Center

Anton Fig and Will Lee the rhythm section is smiling

The Jon Hammond Show long running cable access TV program MCTV MNN TV and streaming worldwide

Jon Hammond in studios of MNN TV in conversation with host Harold Hudson Channer

The Late Great Bassist John Entwistle onstage in Providence Rhode Island 1987 covered by Jon Hammond mixed live by Joe Berger

John Entwistle with Rat Race Choir as Seen on The Jon Hammond Show mixed and produced by Joe Berger
Jon Hammond Show Flash Backs with Eddie Money… by laterent

Biff Henderson, Eddie Money, John Entwistle, Joe Berger, Studio, Jon Hammond Show, Music, Travel, Soft, News, Organ, Bass, Singer, Palm Percussionist, TV Show, Cable Access

Jon Hammond Band – Special Late Show Saturday Dec. 3rd 1-3AM at BITTER END on Bleecker St. Greenwich Village New York City

L to R: Joe Berger guitar, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Ray Grappone drums, Jon Hammond organ

As Seen On MCTV MNNTV Cable Access TV Show The Jon Hammond Show 28th Year

JON HAMMOND Band FaceBook Page

Jon Hammond HammondCast FaceBook

Jon Hammond Band Official

LIVE in The Bitter End

The Bitter End is a nightclub in New York City’s Greenwich Village. It opened its doors in 1961 at 147 Bleecker Street under the auspices of owner Fred Weintraub. The club changed its name to The Other End during the 1970s. However eventually after a few years the owners changed the club’s name back to the more recognizable Bitter End.


An earlier club, “The Cock and Bull” operated on the same premises with the same format, in the late 1950s. The poet/comedian Hugh Romney (who later became known as Wavy Gravy) read there.
During the early 1960s the club hosted Folk music “hootenanies” every Tuesday night, featuring many performers who have since become legendary. During its heyday the Bitter End showcased a wide range of talented and legendary musicians, comedians, and theatrical performers.[1]
In 1968 Paul Colby, who began his career as a song plugger for Benny Goodman’s publishing company, and went on to work for Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo, became the manager and booking agent at The Bitter End, and in 1974 he purchased it.[2][3]
In the mid 1970s, the club became known as the birthplace of Bob Dylans Rolling Thunder Revue, which featured such names as Joni Mitchell, Roger McGuinn, Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Joan Baez, T-Bone Burnett, Ronee Blakely, Mick Ronson, and many other guest stars.
The City of New York bestowed landmark status to the night club on July 23, 1992.

Pete Fogel Le Bar Bat The Bitter End Steely Dan, John Entwistle, Zak Starkey, Doran Gray, Frankfurt Musikmesse, NAMM, Music China, Moscow Jazz, Late Rent, Pocket Funk,
Ronnie Smith Jr., Stephen Ferrone, Bernard Purdie The Hit Maker

1. Late Rent Listen
2. Original Announcement from Jon Hammond Show Listen
3. Pocket Funk Listen
4. Lydia’s Tune Listen
5. The Sidewinder Listen
6. Announcement by al “Jazzbeaux” Collins Listen
7. Head Phone Listen
8. White Onions Listen
9. Party Is Forbidden Here Listen
10. Get Back in the Groove Listen
11. White Onions [Live] Listen
12. Head Phone [Live] Listen
13. Afn Announcement #1 Listen
14. Nu Funk (Hip Hot Chitlins) [Live] Listen
15. Afn Announcement #2

This is a re-issue of Jon’s 1995 European release “Late Rent.” Never before available in the U.S., it contains a collection of recordings featuring Bernard Purdie and Steve Ferrone on drums, as well as Todd Anderson and Alex Foster on sax, Barry Finnerty and Graham Hawthorne, Ray Grappone, Jim Preston and Chuggy Carter. The record is a swinging and funky compilation of original tracks written by Jon Hammond, as well as some anecdotal asides and a guest appearance by Jazzbeaux Collins. Lots of great solos and organ sounds as well as melodies and groove.

Jon Hammond Music iTunes

Top Albums

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Hammond’s Bolero
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Ndr Sessions Projekt
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Top Songs
Name Album Time Price
Payphone Johnny
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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The More I See You
Ndr Sessions Projekt

View In iTunes
Our Day Will Come
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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No X-Cess Baggage Blues
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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Easy Living
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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Besame Mucho
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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Polka Dots and Moonbeams
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Blues in the Night
Ndr Sessions Projekt
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Theme from Black Orpheus
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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Satin Doll
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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My One and Only Love
Ndr Sessions Projekt

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Late Rent – Live

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Nu Funk (Hip Hop Chitlins) – Live

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AFN Announcement 1

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Head Phone – Live

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Get Back In the Groove

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Party Is Forbidden Here

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White Onions

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Head Phone

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Announcement By Al Jazzbeaux Collins

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The Sidewinder

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Lydia’s Tune

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Pocket Funk

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Original Announcement from Jon Hammond Show

View In iTunes Hammond’s Bolero

Hammond’s Bolero
Jon Hammond

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Jennifer’s Song
Jon Hammond

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Cannonball ’99 (One More Time!)
Jon Hammond

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Soon I Will Be Free
Jon Hammond

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Thing in C Minor
Jon Hammond

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Cosmo Lane
Jon Hammond

View In iTunes
Remembering Stanley
Jon Hammond

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Six Year Itch
Jon Hammond

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F.P. Blues
Jon Hammond

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Czechoslovakian Salsa Song
Jon Hammond

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Train Song
Jon Hammond

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9/11 Tribute Medley
Jon Hammond

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B3 Leslie Speaker Fender Twin Reverb Excelsior Accordions
Evolution of Jon Hammond Accordion

Alternative To Clips On Cable by Kim Freeman Billboard Magazine March 19, 1984

NEW YORK—Year-old BackBeat Productions hopes to break new ground in the video medium with it’s first project, “The Jon Hammond Show.” Currently airing on Manhattan Cable’s Channel 3 and San Francisco’s public access Channel 25, the program is a half hour of computer generated graphics synchronized with original jazz-fusion and rock music. Hammond’s voice and his tapping boot are the only human intrusions during the show.
“It’s an alternative to the conceptual and concert footage videos. We’re delivering an art form.” says the show’s host, BackBeat’s co-founder Jon Hammond. The company also functions as a label, and Hammond says the broadcast will be a vehicle to expose artists on the BackBeat roster.
Hammond say’s he’s close to securing slots on public access channels in New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston and plans to recoup investements by syndicating the show to national networks if and when it gains an audience.
His partner in the venture is former Crusaders guitarist Barry Finnerty, who wrote the music for the first program. All songs on the “Jon Hammond Show” feature BackBeat’s studio band of Finnerty, keyboardist Hammond, drummer Steve Ferrone and saxophonist Todd Anderson.

Jon Hammond Band YouTube Channel:

ASCAP Audio Portrait



Comedians who appeared early in their careers
Woody Allen[4]
Harry Anderson
Sandra Bernhard
Elayne Boosler
David Brenner
Albert Brooks
Lenny Bruce
George Carlin[4]
Dick Cavett[4]
Cheech & Chong
Bill Cosby[4]
Billy Crystal
Don Imus
Robert Klein
Steve Landesberg
Jay Leno
Martin Mull
Pat Paulsen
Freddie Prinze
Richard Pryor
Joan Rivers[4]
Hugh Romney aka Wavy Gravy
Chris Rush[5]
Mort Sahl
David Steinberg
Jon Stewart
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Lily Tomlin
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Mose Allison
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Burlap to Cashmere
Vanessa Carlton
The Chamber Brothers
Harry Chapin
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Helen Reddy
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Joe Walsh
Jimmy Webb
Mary Wells
Josh White
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Jesse Colin Young
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Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention
[edit]Live albums recorded

Albums by Peter, Paul and Mary, Randy Newman, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, The Isley Brothers, and Tommy James & the Shondells, among others, have been recorded live at the Bitter End.

Harold Channer Conversations Speaking With Jon Hammond

*WATCH VIDEO: Part 2 Harold and Jon Conversations

Intelligent Relevant Television Talk
Harold Channer is a talk-show host on public access television network Manhattan Neighborhood Network, or MNN. He is the longest-running producer for the network, having done over 2,200 interviews over 40 years. Speaking here with Jon Hammond HammondCast

*WATCH VIDEO: Harold Channer Pt 3 Jon Hammond

Conversations With Harold Channer Pt 3 Jon Hammond Interview
Intelligent Relevant Television Talk
Harold Channer is a talk-show host on public access television network Manhattan Neighborhood Network, or MNN. He is the longest-running producer for the network, having done over 2,200 interviews over 40 years. Speaking here with Jon Hammond of KYOU Radio, Music News Brought To you by Jon Hammond on Conversations, Pt 3 of one hour program

STELLWERK Late Rent JON HAMMOND Band Harburg Bahnhof Organ Jazz Blues Theme Song

*WATCH VIDEO: STELLWERK Late Rent JON HAMMOND Band Harburg Bahnhof Organ Jazz Blues Theme Song


JON HAMMOND Band Theme Song “LATE RENT” in STELLWERK Jazz Club in Harburg Bahnhof. JOE BERGER guitar, HEINZ LICHIUS drums, JON HAMMOND XK-1 Organ and Bass, GABRIEL COBURGER tenor sax Camera by JENNIFER © Dankeschoen Dieter Glawischnig, Knut Benzner, Gabriele Benedix Jazzhaus Radio, Michael August kunstler aka ILLUSTRATORP, Michael Maier Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland Jon Hammond is host of daily HammondCast Show KYOU Radio *Member American Federation of Musicians Union Local 802, Local 6 ASCAP
Hammond Suzuki USA Endorser Artist

NDR SESSIONS Projekt Story Feature ASCAP Network
Jon Hammond Photo by Elmar Lemes 802 Musicians Union Session

Jon Hammond MySpace


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duckduckgo Sk1 Sk2 Hammond Suzuki Organ Keyboard on Tour with Jon Hammond Band

duckduckgo Sk1 Sk2 Hammond Suzuki Organ Keyboard on Tour with Jon Hammond Band

Jon Hammond wearing his duckduckgo T-Shirt with Malc Deakin of Hammond Suzuki UK at Frankfurt Musikmesse

Jon Lord speaking with Jon Hammond about the new Sk1 and Sk2 stage keyboard organs from Hammond Suzuki at Frankfurt Musikmesse

Sk1 James and Wes Blues Jon Hammond Band – CNN iReport

*WATCH THE VIDEO: Sk1 James and Wes Blues Jon Hammond Band … Organ Hofheim Hamamatsu Japan Category: Music Tags: Sk1Sk2 Hammond Suzuki Musikmesse Blues Organ Hofheim Hamamatsu Japan …

Manhattan Neighborhood Network The Jon Hammond Show Debut Sk1 …

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Jon Hammond Band, The Bitter End, Bleecker St., Late Rent Session Men, Pete Fogel, MNNTV, Cable Access, Jazz, Blues, B3 organ, Sk1, Sk2, XB-2, XK-1, XK-3c

Then and Now Jon Hammond

September 10, 2010

Then and Now Jon Hammond

Then and Now Jon Hammond playing Giulietti and Excelsior accordions

Then and Now Jon Hammond playing Wurlitzer 140b electric piano and XK-1 Hammond organ

Then and Now Jon Hammond playing custom electric Giulietti Classic 127 accordion in Topanga Canyon CA
and in Times Square New York playing his custom Excelsior AC/R with Sennheiser electronics
Then and Now Jon Hammond far right in HADES band and Jon Hammond far left in Jon Hammond Band Frankfurt Germany
Then and Now Jon Hammond accordion and Marc Baum soprano saxophone

Then and Now Jon Hammond playing in Boston 1975 playing his 1957 Gibson CF-100 guitar and Jon playing his 1968 Gibson Byrdland in NYC 2010

Then and Now Bernard Purdie and Jon Hammond playing in Zanzibar and Grill NYC 1990, Bernard and Jon 2010 Winter NAMM Show

Then and Now Jon Hammond 5th Beatle 1965, Jon with James Brown Soul Generals band at BB King’s NYC

Then and Now Jon Hammond as a painting onstage at Regina Niteclub on the Grosse Freiheit Reeperbahn Hamburg painted by Michael August aka ILLUSRATORP and actual photo concert Nov. 1996

Then and Now, Jon Hammond, James Brown, The Beatles, Accordion, Excelsior, Giulietti, B3 organ, XB-2, Eddie Money, Gibson Guitar, Hamburg Reeperbahn, Local 802 Musicians Union, Bernard Purdie,
Wurlitzer electric piano, XK-1, Hades, Elmar Lemes, Times Square, Moscow Russia, Berkeley California, Soprano Saxophone, Harold Channer, TV Show, Conversations, Wychmere Harbor Club, Harwich Port, Boston, Combat Zone, Empire State Building, Fender Band-Master, Zanzibar, NAMM Show, Soul Generals, Erik Hargrove, Grosse Freiheit, Regina Niteclub, Psychedelic Accordionist

HammondCast 26 guests Eddie Money Barry Melton KYOU Radio

May 29, 2010

*LISTEN TO HammondCast 26 HERE:

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HammondCast 26 KYOU Radio

HammondCast 26 KYOU Radio from New York based Organist Accordionist Jon Hammond, this show’s special guests: Eddie Money, Jon’s friend for many years debuting the new Breakout Single “You Don’t Know Me” from Eddie’s new album “Wanna’ Go Back” on the Big Deal Productions label, available on CD and Apple iTunes. Also exclusive interview with BARRY MELTON original founding member of COUNTRY JOE and the FISH, guitarist and practicing Attorney of Law in Yolo County CA now. And a track from Barry’s album “THE SALOON YEARS”: “HARLEM NOCTURNE” along with the late JOHN CIPOLLINA on guitar. Jon plays new tracks from his forthcoming album NDR SESSIONS PROJEKT: “MY ONE and ONLY LOVE”, “EASY LIVING” and “LATE RENT” and news about upcoming Russia Tour and Germany Tour. HammondCast is heard weekdays on San Francisco’s KYOU Radio 1550 AM. Jon Hammond is a Member of Local 802 & Local 6 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer Publisher. Visit Jon’s official sites: and WebTV:


Bob Cunningham, Bass, Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond, Local 802, Musicians Union, NDR Jazz, Late Rent, Mikell’s, Jazz Foundation of America, Elmar Lemes, ASCAP Network, B3 organ, XK-3c, Blues, Funky, Rhonda Hamilton, WBGO

ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “LATE RENT”

Elmar Lemes photo of Jon Hammond playing XK-3 organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America

Jon Hammond MySpace


ASCAP Network Behind The Beat “NDR SESSIONS Projekt”

Jon Hammond is an endorsed artist of Hammond Suzuki USA

Barry Melton, Eddie Money, Jon Hammond, Hammond Artist, KYOU Radio, NDR Jazz, B3 organ, XK-3c, XK-1, XB-2, Suzuki, Accordion, Excelsior, Local 802 Musicians Union, WebTV, MSNTV2, Powered by, HammondCast
ASCAP Network

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HammondCast Early Edition on KYOU Radio with Jazzbeaux Collins & Jon doing Little Red Riding Hood Live on KCSM

May 14, 2010


HammondCast Early Edition 4AM-4.45AM PST daily/7 days a week and streaming world wide at:

HammondCast Early Edition for KYOU Radio, 3rd year retrospective..some of Jon Hammond’s picks: Jon’s famous story about the air cleaner in Jazzkeller Frankfurt club, a 1971 performance in Provo Park of HADES rock band. Jon & Eddie Money “I’ve Been Missing YOU too Long” and broadcasting legend Al Jazzbeaux Collins’ hipster rendition of “Little Red Riding Hood” with organ. Thank YOU..KYOU! *jon’s site for additional info: © JH INTL ASCAP Network 45 minutes Categories: Blues, Jazz Funk Soul

ASCAP Network News Brought To You by Jon Hammond

HammondCast 174
HammondCast 174 KYOURADIO with special guest TOOD BRYANT WEEKS, Jazz Rep at Local 802 Musicians Union and Author, HOT LIPS PAGE “When the Saints Go Marching In” “St. Louis Blues” “How Come You Do Me Like You Do” AL JAZZBEAUX COLLINS and JON HAMMOND “Little Red Riding Hood” Details and past shows available at:
Last Aired: Jan 27, 2010
1:00am – 1:46am
This is an ON DEMAND Podcast:

Al Collins, B3 Organ, Blues, Early Edition, Eddie Money, Funky Drums, Gospel Jazz, HammondCast KYOU Radio, Jazzbeaux Collins, Jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jon Hammond, Tony Lakatos, ASCAP Network, Local 802 Musicians Union

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