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Dan Hicks directing Lance Hughston Traffic at SUMMER OF LOVE 40th Anniversary

October 4, 2009


Jon Hammond on the scene backstage at SUMMER OF LOVE 40th Anniversary. Watch Dan Hicks (of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks) doing a fine job of directing Event Producer Boots Hughston’s twin brother Lance parking his van next to tour bus stageside. ©2009 on KYOU & KYCY 1550 AM daily 4AM.
Here are the acts who appeared:
Country Joe McDonald, Moby Grape reunion, Taj Mahal, Lester and Willie Chambers (from Chambers Brothers), Canned Heat, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Jerry Miller Band from Moby Grape featuring Tiran Porter and Dale Ockerman from the Doobie Brothers and Fuzzy John Oxendine from the Sons of Champlin, Banana from the Youngbloods, Michael McClure and Ray Manzarek from the Doors, San Francisco’s First Family of Rock, Brian Auger, David Laflamme, Dickie Peterson of Blue Cheer, Chris and Lorin of the Rowan Brothers, The Alameda All Stars from Gregg Allman band, Brad Jenkins, Terry Haggerty from the Sons of Champlin, Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks, George Michalski – Pete Sears “Dueling Keys,” Freddie Roulette , Ron Thompson , The Charlatans, Leigh Stephens Blue Cheer, Gregg Douglas from Steve Miller, Pete Sears Jefferson Starship, Essra Mohawk from Mothers of Invention, Barry “The Fish” Melton, All Night Flight featuring David Denny and Steve McCarty (from Steve Miller), Jack King from Cold Blood Merl Saunders supporting the event, Hair reunion Original Cast, Squid B. Vicious with Buddy Miles, Jim Post Friend and Lover, Siegel Schwall Blues Band, Charles Lewis – Harmonica, David Harris, Fayette Hauser and the Cocketts, Cindy Sheehan political activist, Jack Hirschman Poet Laureate of San Francisco, Scoop Nisker, Ben Vareen, Terence Hallinan former SF DA Ruth Weiss Beat Poet, Richard Eastman marijuana initiative, Lenore Kandel Beat Poet, Paul “Lobster” Wells, Khenchen Rinpoche Buddhist Monk, Dr Hip Eugene Schoenfeld, Artie Kornfeild Producer of Woodstock, Wavy Gravy, Mouse man Bagpipes, David E. Smith Haight Ashbury Medical Clinic, Bruce Latimer Bruce Latimer show, Rabbi Joseph Langer, Bruce Barthol (Mime Troupe, Stephen Gaskin, Doug Green, Howard Hesseman, Benjamin Hernandez Harts hands and Elders, American Indigenous people’s, Agnes Pilgrim and 13 Grandmas, Lakota War Ponys, Merle Tendoy 6th generation of Sacagawea Shonie, Albert Tenaya, Harry Riverbottom Chippewa, Chief Sunne Reyna, Iroquois Tribe, Dakota Tribe, Seminole Tribe, and Emit Powell and the Gospel Elites. *more or less accurate..can not completely verify jh
ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “LATE RENT”

Elmar Lemes photo of Jon Hammond playing XK-3 organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America

Jon Hammond MySpace


ASCAP Network Behind The Beat “NDR SESSIONS Projekt”

Jon Hammond is an endorsed artist of Hammond Suzuki USA

Boots Hughston, Chet Helms, Dan Hicks, Golden Gate Park, HammondCast KYOU KYCY Radio, Jon Hammond, Learjet, Quicksilver, Rolls Royce, Summer Of Love, Tour Bus, XK-3c, B3, Organ
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BEATRIX RIEF Hessen Report RTL Plus TV Show Jon Hammond Tips und Termine Jazzkeller Frankfurt

August 27, 2009

BEATRIX RIEF Hessen Report RTL Plus TV Show Jon Hammond Tips und Termine Jazzkeller Frankfurt


First lucky break for Jon Hammond in Frankfurt Germany appearing on Hessen Report RTL TV with big plug from moderator Beatrix Rief for upcoming shows at Jazzkeller. It was shot on a cold morning in Dec. 1991 in Venety’s on Sandweg in Frankfurt. Special thanks: Beatrix Rief, Tino Pavlis, Frank Poehl


Bob Cunningham, Bass, Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond, Local 802, Musicians Union, NDR Jazz, Late Rent, Mikell’s, Jazz Foundation of America, Elmar Lemes, ASCAP Network, B3 organ, XK-3c, Blues, Funky, Rhonda Hamilton, WBGO

ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “LATE RENT”

Elmar Lemes photo of Jon Hammond playing XK-3 organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America

Jon Hammond MySpace


ASCAP Network Behind The Beat “NDR SESSIONS Projekt”

Jon Hammond is an endorsed artist of Hammond Suzuki USA

Beatrix Rief, Frankfurt, Hamburg Jazzkeller, HammondCast KYOU KYCY Radio, Hessen Report, Jon Hammond, RTL, TV Show, XB-2 Organ, XK-3c, Musikmesse

Jon Hammond WebTV MSNTV Powered pages back online

August 13, 2009

Jon’s WebTV Powered page(s) *here:

JON HAMMOND International, Inc.

Official Website of JON HAMMOND *As seen on MCTV THE JON HAMMOND SHOW

World renowned musician/composer host of The Jon Hammond Show. Accordionist, Piano, Bandleader
TV/Radio personality and Voice Over Artist.
Member: American Federation of Musicians Union-Local 6 and Local 802, ASCAP Artist. To send mail to Mr. Hammond: POB #754 Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108 USA tel. 212.967.1858
JON HAMMOND ™ American Jazz Accordionist
Excelsior Accordion Exclusively
Mr. Hammond’s clothing by DG William Uniform & Clothing Creations
*New HammondCast radio shows, Listen *here:
**keep counting down..
* HammondCast .Mac Homepage Now Online:

My Moscow story with Igor Butman *Jazz Quad-Minsk

Winter NAMM 2004 Pics
IAJE 2004 Pics by Jon Hammond
1970 Jon Hammond *image & George Clinton w/JH
IAJE 2005 Pictures by Jon Hammond
Russian Festival 2005 San Francisco official site launched Feb. 22, 2005!


Jon Hammond Show Podcast Hammondcast is now launched on Apple iTunes For those of you who would like the RSS Feed:
For easy-play versions of the show, point your clicker to:
HammondCast 8 now on-the-air! *With Igor Butman, Cindy Blackman, Wallace Roney, Marc Baum and more, at:

HammondCast 7 now on-the-air! With Bernard Purdie, HADES, EDDIE MONEY and more from the archives going back to 1971! *click: *Don’t forget to click “Play” button..crank it way up these are very old recordings!

Live from Jazzkeller Frankfurt-Jon Hammond Band
*a word from Eddie Money on Jon Hammond Show Podcast HammondCast:



Many more shows to follow so check back frequently.
*Special Thanks: Leo Laporte of This Week in Tech Podcast show!
Check out Leo’s live show from Apple SF Store:
and check out: !
*See Jon Hammond Guest Host on CNN: !

KPIG San Francisco/Piedmont, WHO Documentary and INDRA MULTIMEDIA PARTY Hamburg Germany…achtung!

I’m kicked back in San Francisco right now listening to some cool old tunes coming over the new KPIG 1510 AM station beaming across the Bay from Piedmont CA…very nice..check ’em out online, welcome San Francisco Piggies!
Like everybody we are riveted by the horrific images on CNN of the flooding and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and surrounding area, like a Shit-Nuke went off…unbelievable! We have successfully contacted J. Kim Foreman of New Orleans Musicians Union 174-496, they will keep their website online at but the Hall is flooded most unfortunately…for all Musicians related flood news in New Orleans go to WWOZ and our good friend Paul Marx’ radio station in Eunice LA- KBON Paul is manning the mic for many hours a day giving out pertinent info and good ol’ Louisiana Proud music.
I am waiting for a phonecall back right now from the producers for the new WHO documentary movie project, they will be getting the real story from me about how Joe Berger was personally responsible for the WHO Reunion in 1987 and our involvement with John Entwistle and the ensuing tour with Rat Race Choir…more to come on that so check back.
Please mark your calendars now for our huge MULTIMEDIA PARTY we will be making in the famous INDRA nightclub in Hamburg Germany, original home of the BEATLES where they cut their teeth and tightened up their act and drank many beers on the Reeperbahn in early -’60’s…the date will be: March 25, 2006 with artist/kunstler MICHAEL AUGUST aka ILLUSTRATORP…go to INDRA’s website calendar and guestbook at:
sign the guestbook/gastbuch and say you saw in Jon Hammond’s website…also tune in our Podcast HammondCast internet radio shows on the easy-listen buttons MP3 Audio at:


and our new VIDEO NODE with JOE FRANKLIN in MPEG 4 Video Format at:
Nancy Reagan said “Just Say No”…we say: “Just say JOE!”
Please sign in on my guestbook on official band website: !
See you at Cleopatra’s Needle club/restaurant NYC on Sept. 16th !
Shanghai China Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel Jazz Bar-Music China Warm Up Party Oct. 18th…all-night long!
Jon (S.F., CA Sept. 3, 2005 written)

My first band in 1966!

Tour de Force 1966!
from left – right: John, Jon, George, Ringo, Paul

Unfortunately 2 of the fellows have passed away now, but I’m doing better than all of them!

Jimmy Smith at 2005 IAJE

*Note: A sad note about the passing of Jimmy Smith, Feb. 9 2005 in Scottsdale AZ just one month after receiving NEA Jazz Masters Award. Jon Hammond said about Jimmy Smith: “He played more organ with one hand tied behind his back than many others!” His left side had been compromised for some time but he still out-grooved with right hand. For Jon Hammond’s 2005 IAJE jazz educators pictures:

ALL JON HAMMOND RADIO…ALL THE TIME! Jon Hammond uses T-Mobile Sidekick II

September 22, 2004 Jon Hammond puts the new advance release T-Mobile Sidekick II unit to work.
“It’s awesome!” check it out at

HAMMOND’S BOLERO and LATE RENT now available with 24 hour shipping at CD Baby!

*New Jon Hammond album: “HAMMOND’S BOLERO” CD Baby Link
LATE RENT cd Audiophile Quality Remastered 2005 release!

Photo link

Link for black and white photos of Jon Hammond by press photographer TEDDY FUNG
JAZZ MAN by Maria Ciaccia

New CD info and ordering information! “Hammond’s Bolero” *also on sale at Tower Records SF and Colony Records NYC

Hammond’s Bolero
™ Alternative To Clips On Cable – Billboard Magazine by KIM FREEMAN

Behind the Beat: Artist Feature by Steven Rosenfeld

Behind the Beat Artist Feature

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! Special Announcement! JUNE 22 & 23, at Shoreline Ampitheatre!! **Updated JON HAMMOND Itinerary International:

Where’s Jon?!
Current itinerary dates at bottom, scroll down.

Announcing to the people at Shoreline Ampitheatre that we have been invited back to be on the program of NEW ORLEANS BY THE BAY FOOD AND MUSIC FESTIVAL again next year by the Bill
Graham Presents people in San Francisco, Cal.
Be sure and catch Jon Hammond & Band at John Lee Hooker’s BOOM BOOM ROOM Aug. 14
Outside concerts:
Sept. 29-Boedeckker Park, Tenderloin SF
Oct. 5-Yerba Buena Garden-SF
Sept. 13- in San Jose Airport Southwest Airlines Boarding Area
Oct. 10-Manhattan Plaza, New York City
Oct. 31-Halloween Party, Laguna Honda Hospital
Nov. 30-Boom Boom Room w/ James Brown’s drummer Erik Hargrove
Dec. 5- Opera Plaza, S.F.
Dec. 8- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 25- HHRC Club
Jan. 8-11- Westin Rio Resort Puerto Rico
March 7-11- Frankfurt Musikmesse 2001
March 9 & 10th- Jazzkeller Hofheim 15 jahr Jubilee Party!
*Note: Special Thanks to the musicians…Erik Hargrove of James Brown Soul Generals, Kevin Mauder, Tyrone Starks, Christian Munchinger, Steven King, Tony Horowitz, Lee Oskar (WAR), and especially main man Robert Hutya of Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and brother Otmar Hutya for helping to make the shows at Musikmesse 2001 a big success!! **And Marco Galeazzi, Donatella and the Excelsior CEMEX team…Special Grazzia!! FRITZ Magazine-Manuel Schreiner, Joachim “Jo-Jo” Tucksen and Jazzkeller Hofheim team, Yucel “ALI” Atiker-Frankfurt, Jennifer Frizzell United Airlines, Scott Cooper-Universal Video Studios, Joe Berger-B.E.A.M. Audio.
March 19th, 2001 Manhattan Plaza (my own birthday party with special friends!)
June 23 & 24th, Shoreline Ampitheatre-New Orleans by the Bay Food and Music Festival
March 2002- Musikmesse 2002 (16 year JUBILEE!)
*March 2002…Return to the Jazzkeller Hofheim! BIG PARTY!!
April 28th, 2001-Laguna Honda Hospital, 2 hour walkaround the wards with accordion
April 30th, John Lee Hooker’s BOOM BOOM ROOM in San Francisco
June 2-Laguna Honda Hospital, Clarendon Building
June 9th 2001, Opening ceremonies for Emeryville California CITY HALL!
June 9th pm-Fairmont Hotel, grand piano
June 10th-Hotel Pierre, San Francisco
June 15th-Laguna Honda Hospital, Clarendon Building
*note! June 23 and 24th Shoreline Show with Bonnie Raitt and The Funky Meters!
July 1-Boom Boom Room, S.F.
July 10-Manhattan Plaza
July 13-NDR Radio Broadcast Hamburg Germany
July 17th-NOON TIME SHOW outside at 1275 Market St. San Francisco!
August 25th-solo accordion at Laguna Honda Hospital, Clarendon Building
August 29th-*NOTE! This show canceled NOON TIME SHOW outside at 525 Market St. San Francisco…don’t go.
Sept. 20th: Taping: The Jon Hammond Show-big band arrangements of music of Led Zeppelin conducted by trumpeter Bill Warfield at Local 802 hall on W. 48th St. Manhattan
**tune in on Time/Warner MNN TV!
Sept. 30-Oct. 8th Hamburg Germany
Oct. 27th-Laguna Honda Hospital Psych Ward, solo accordion in wards
Oct. 27th-clubdate SF
Nov. 3rd-Laguna Honda Hospitals, “doubles” 4 hours of continuous accordion music in the wards
Nov. 5th-12th, recording sessions New York City
Nov. 18th-Boom Boom Room, S.F.
Dec. 12-Opera Plaza private holiday party
Dec. 14-private christmas party Alfred Hitchcock bldg.
Dec. 15-doubles in Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 19-SF County Women’s Jail “Pod E” Women’s Jail Facility
Dec. 21-Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 27-Kwaanza Celebration with Ronnie Smith-drums at Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 31-New Years party with Larry Schneider San Francisco
Jan. 17 and 18 Jon Hammond at NAMM Anaheim!
Jan. 19-solo accordion Laguna Honda Hospital
Jan. 26-solo accordion in locked wards Laguna Honda Hospital
Jan. 27-doubles in Laguna Honda Hospital
Feb. 4th-Jury Duty New York City!
March 1st-Smiley’s Schooner Saloon and Hotel, Bolinas CA with Barry Finnerty guitar
March 4th-Jon Hammond Funk Explosion at Boom Boom Room SF
March 14-Cafe KLEMM-Frankfurt
March 15 + 16th-Jazzkeller Hofheim (Germany)
March 30-solo show in Psychiatric Ward of Laguna Honda Hospital SF
April 8-American Legion Post Building, 248 132nd St. Harlem NYC
April 11-Cobb’s Corner-S.F.
April 13-doubles at Lagua Honda Hospital
April 25-Laguna Honda Hospital
May 4-Laguna Honda Hospital
May 10-Chicago-Green Mill + Chicago Brauhaus
May 12-New York-American Legion Post 132nd St. Harlem
May 19-Doubles: Laguna Honda Hospital S.F.
June 1 – Doubles: Laguna Honda Hospital, solo on Casio MZ2000
June 6 – Bruno’s Nightclub and Restaurant S.F.,, trio on Hammond B3 organ
June 7 – Bruno’s – trio gig and Police Sound Check pursuant to S.F. Police Commision Hearing
June 12- solo piano at Bruno’s Nightclub
June 14- organ trio at Bruno’s Nightclub SF.
June 22 and 23-SHORELINE AMPITHEATRE-the 14th annual NEW ORLEANS BY THE BAY FOOD AND MUSIC FESTIVAL..opening show for Taj Mahal and Delbert McClinton!
July 6- American Legion Post, Harlem NYC 132nd St.
July 9- Recording session with Joe Berger NYC
July 13- wedding in Nevada City CA
July 19- Laguna Honda Hospital SF
July 25- East Park Apartments’ “Tony” the maintenance man’s retirement luncheon S.F.
July 25- Bruno’s Nightclub S.F. – organ trio
Aug. 17- Wedding gig Central Park NYC
Aug. 24- doubles accordion gig at Laguna Honda Hospital
Aug. 25- Cotati Accordion Festival
Aug. 27- Jon Hammond Trio at Bruno’s SF
Sept. 6- session with guitarist Bill Wurtzel NYC
Sept. 9- production meeting with Bernard Purdie
Sept. 11- 9/11 United Airlines / Amercian Airlines Memorial Tribute to the Heroes in Washington Square Park NYC
Sept. 19- 2 hour accordion concert Times Square Subway sation
Sept. 22- recording session with Ronnie Smith and Alex Budman in Local 6 hall San Frandcisco
Sept. 28th- Doubles accordion gig in Clarnedon Hall, Laguna Honda Hospital S.F.
October 16-19 MUSIC CHINA Shanghai China!
Oct. 16th evening, Jon will perform at the Shanghai Grand Theatre- Opening Night Reception of Music China with FangLin the phenomenal 14 year old accordion champion of China!
While in Shanghai Mr. Hammond is a guest of the Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel: (0086).21-627.50000
Oct. 28- Laguna Honda Hospital, “doubles” solo
Oct. 29- Recording at Local 6 hall SF
Oct. 29- Bruno’s SF with Ronnie Smith/Alex Budman *spcl. guests: Michael Rinta & Joe Rodriguez
Nov. 5/6- recording new record- Unique Studios Times Square NYC w/Alex Budman, Ronnie Smith and Joe Berger at the controls.
Nov. 16- taping for TV: “Alice in Wonderland” show with Igor & Ilona Kisil and Company at the world-famous Odessa Nightclub in Brighton Beach Brooklyn
Nov. 23- Osaka Japan-Rug Time w/ Midori Ono
Nov. 27- Photo Shoot for cover: “Hammond’s Bolero” Brennan’s and train track Berkeley CA
Nov. 30- Doubles Laguna Honda Hospital- SF
Dec. 3, 4, 5- Studio sessions w/Joe Berger- NYC
Dec. 10- Opera Plaza Christmas event- S.F.
Dec. 16- SF County Jail #8, “Pod E”
Dec. 21- Doubles Laguna Honda Hospital- S.F.
Dec. 25th – Christmas show Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 30 – Session with saxophonist Don Pender and drummer Bob Ramirez at Local 6 Union Hall
Dec. 31 – New Years date CANCELED Horizons Sausalito…band replaced with gay dj “party”..don’t go! I’ll be flying to New York City just in time to catch the ball drop in Times Square.
2003 Gigs:
My new album “Hammond’s Bolero” is coming out Jan. 9th! *info:
Hammond’s Bolero CD
Jan. 16- NAMM Anaheim
Jan. 21- Frankfurt Germany
Jan. 22/23 NDR Radio Hamburg
Jan. 24- Hamburg Germany- Birdland Jazz Club with Lutz Buchner- tenor sax, Heinz Lichius- drums
*note: Birdland gig was packed!! **Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper wrote:
Ob Doors-Liebhaber oder Baseball Freak: Sie alle lieben die SCHWEINEORGEL besser bekannt als Hammondorgel Ein Meister am Erzdamon der Musikinstrumente ist nomen est omen – Jon Hammond. Der Tastengott und TV – Pionier ist zurzeit mit Lutz Buchner, Ed Harris, und Heinz Lichius unterwegs, um Groove-Jazz mit maximaler Ausdrucskraft zum Besten zu geben. Am 24.1. (21Uhr) macht Jon Hammond Station im Birdland (Gartnerstrasse 122). Eintritt 9 Euro

Feb. 1 – Laguna Honda Hospital solo show
Feb. 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! My cd just went on sale at NYC’s oldest record store: COLONY RECORDS ! Broadway & W. 49th St.
Feb. 15 – American Legion Post, 248 132nd St. Harlem NY with trumpetist Sheldon “The Big Dipper” Sweeper!
Feb. 28 – Live on radio KPOO 89.5FM with JJ!
March 1 – 4pm-Tower Records SF (Columbus & Bay St.) in-store party/concert with food and special guests! To promote new cd HAMMOND’S BOLERO with Jon Hammond Trio live
March 5-9 Musikmesse Frankfurt Germany
March 7th/8th-Jazzkeller Hofheim (near Frankfurt) Musikmesse party/concert with Harry Petersen-sax (HR Radio Band) and Heinz Lichius-drums (NDR Radio Band) *plus special guest LEE OSKAR
March 17th-Radio appearance on Pete Fallico’s DOODLIN’ LOUNGE show at KUSP FM: streaming worldwide!
March 29th-doubles Laguna Honda Hospital SF
*Note: Canceled due to War: April 3-20th nightly show aboard world’s fastest cruise ship Royal Olympia Explorer Ft. Lauderdale to Portugal, Casablanca, Tunisia, Venice, Piraeus Greece
April 20th- Easter Jazz Brunch at ROTH’S STEAKHOUSE W. 93rd & Coumbus New York City with Bill Wurtzel-guitar 12noon-4pm
April 28th, 8.30pm-Release Party/Concert with Joe Berger and band at Le Bar Bat NYC on W. 57th St.
May 3, 2.30pm – release party/concert with Alan Hall-drums and Alex Budman-tenorsax at RASPUTIN RECORDS on Telegraph Ave. Berkeley. Free Fantastic Food! and 1 hour concert!
May 10- Laguna Honda Hospital, doubles
May 22-Pumpkins, Brooklyn NY in trio with Clarence “Tootsie” Bean-drums, Bill Saxton-sax, Jon on XB-2
June 7-Irish Cultural Center with Jimi James 45th and Sloat San Francisco
June 8-Laguna Honda Hospital
June 9th at 3pm Pacific Time – live in-studios of KCSM radio with program director Jesse Chuy Varela! listen worldwide on stream! *click
June 21/22- First time in Moscow Russia! with incredible tenor saxophonist Igor Butman and Eduard Zizak-drums! – Le Club Moscow
Hammond’s Bolero now on WBGO Rotation Playlist!
June 27- WBGO visit with Gary Walker
June 29- Special guest at WBGO Members Party
June 30- 9:30pm East Coast time: worldwide streaming broadcast of The Jon Hammond Show tv show! channel 56 at
July 8- Crossroads in Garwood NJ, WBGO’s Stan Meyers hosting
July 19- Jazz Brunch 12-4PM: Roth’s Westside Steakhouse NYC with Bill Wurtzel-guitar, Rudy Lawless-drums
July 22- Roth’s Westside Steakhouse NY with guitarist Bill Wurtzel
July 31- recording session w/Larry Newcomb-gtr. at Local 802 hall
Aug. 6- Private Party Opera Plaza San Francisco
Aug. 7- Virgin Megastore SF (Market/Stockton) in-store party/concert at 1PM with Ronnie Smith Jr.-dums, Marc Baum-tenor sax, jh-Hammond org.
Aug. 8, 9, 10, 16- Laguna Honda Hospital
Aug. 15- Radio interview taping with Louie Bellson at Jazz Nouveau San Francisco
Sept. 6- American Legion Post, Harlem NYC 248, 132nd St. NY with Sheldon “Big Dipper” Sweeper-trumpet and special guests
Sept. 8/9- Eddie Money Portland Maine
Sept. 18- Guest of Jazz At Lincoln Center “Moscow Nights” concert with Igor Butman Bigband together with Wynton Marsalis’ Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Alice Tully Hall
Sept. 25th, CANCELED: 12Noon-1:30PM San Francisco Opera Plaza Fountain
Sept. 27/28- Laguna Honda Hospital
Oct. 2/4th- Laguna Honda Hospital
Oct. 9- Featured on Voice Of America Radio (VOA) “Border Crossings Show”!
Oct. 15-18th- Music China Shanghai China
Oct. 17 & 18th- Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel Shanghai with drummer Danny Woody! saxophone tba
Oct. 25th- Duo with Marc Baum- Fairmont Hotel Venetian Room SF for Lowell High School Sports Foundation
Oct. 28/29th- 2 nights with Eddie Money! at Iron Door Saloon, Groveland California
Oct. 29th- Solo at Hole #1 tee-off of Eddie Money Celebrity Golf Tournament, Pine Mountain Lake benefit for Tioga High School *Condolences to the Barsotti Family on the tragic death of Bettike Barsotti, she and surviving husband Peter are proprietors of Iron Door Saloon.
Oct. 31-campaign work for relection of SF District Attorney Terence Hallinan, 724 Van Ness SF
Nov. 1- Solo show at Laguna Honda Hospital
Nov. 6- Cancelonie
Nov. 15- Jazz Factory- Louisville Kentucky
Nov. 19-23- Castelfidardo Italy Excelsior tour
Dec. 4- Post Net one year anniversary party-Vallejo CA
Dec. 9- SF County Jail #8 women’s facility
Dec. 10th- Private party Opera Plaza San Francisco
Dec. 11th- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 13th- secure psych ward gig
Dec. 18-25- sessions in New York City
Dec. 24th- Roth’s Westside Steakhouse Christmas Eve Show! 93rd & Columbus New York City
Dec. 31- New Years at Hotel Charlotte Groveland CA

2004 Schedule:
Jan. 7- Live KPOO 89.5 “Blues w/Noel Show”, 9-11AM…worldwide at !
Jan. 8- Laguna Honda Hospital main building 7PM
Jan. 15-18th- NAMM Show Anaheim Calfornia
Jan. 21-25- IAJE Hilton Hotel New York City
Feb. 2- 20th Anniversary of The Jon Hammond Show! which has run uninterrupted for 20 years. Cocktail reception at Roth’s Steakhouse
Feb. 4- Trio with Bill Wurtzel and Rudy Lawless 6-10PM
Feb. 5 & 6- Guest of James Brown Band at BB King’s NY
Feb. 11th- Press Conference: Laurie Anderson “New Sound…New York”
Feb. 12th- Session: Pumpkins Brooklyn, NY with Clarence “Tootsie” Bean, George Braith, Greg Lewis
Feb. 18- Berklee College of Music workshop
Feb. 20- Guest of Sons of Champlin, McNear’s Mystic Theatre, Petaluma CA
Feb. 21- Laughing Duck Winery, Ukiah CA
Feb. 22- Laguna Honda Hospital
Feb. 22- Hilton Hotel Reno Nevada
Feb. 23- Penn Valley, CA
Feb. 23- Jon Hammond Show TV: Jazz Factory special from Louisville KY
Feb. 28- Laguna Honda Hospital
March 11- Guest Appearance with drummer Tootsie Bean at Pumpkins, Brooklyn NY *Carol Sudhalter-saxes
March 12- Photo Session with Sheldon “Big Dipper” Sweeper and Dido the drummer at St. Nick’s Pub, 149th St. Harlem
March 22- Roth’s Westside Steakhouse with guitarist Bill Wurtzel 6-10PM
March 25 & 28- Laguna Honda Hospital
March 31-April 4th- Musikmesse Frankfurt Germany
April 2/3- Jazzkeller Hofheim Musikmesse Party!
*with: Heinz Lichius-drums, Kevin Mauder-tenor sax, Joe Berger-guitar
Mini-tour in North Germany *with: Heinz cLichius-drums, Gabriel Coburger-tenor sax, Joe Berger-guitar, Jon Hammond-organ
April 5- Blue Montag: Ham-Berger Band in Harburg at Schnulze!
April 7- Blue Moon Bar, Bremen Germany
April 9- Birdland Hamburg Ham-Berger Band! with Heinz Lichius, tenor sax: Gabriel Coburger
April 16- Laguna Honda Hospital San Francisco
April 29- WBGO 25 Year Anniversary Celebration participation
May 3- Guest with Jon Paris at BB King’s New York City
May 6- Special Guest of Cirque Du Soleil Musicians at opening night Alegria at Randall’s Island NY
May 14- Special Guest of Eddie Money at Northern Lights Albany/Clifton Park NY
May 24- The Jon Hammond Show TV First-Ever All-Digital Broadcast!
May 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26-WBGO studios fund drive
June 5&6- Millennium Theatre Brooklyn: Filming Igor Butman Bigband & Larisa Dolina for Jon Hammond TV Show
June 8- Birdland NYC: Filming Igor Butman Bigband & Larisa Dolina for Jon Hammond TV Show
June 24- Hipbone Records’ studio session
July 9- Rondure Music Club, 24 Prince St. (Soho) New York City, duo with saxophonist Tim Armacost
July 17 & 18- Concerts in Moscow-CANCELED-Le Club with Igor Butman & Eduard Zizak
July 24 & 25th- Laguna Honda Hospital
July 28- KPOO Radio broadcast on “Blues With Noel Show” 10AM-2PM
July 29&30th- Jon Hammond Quartet at Grant & Green in North Beach San Francisco
Aug. 5- Laguna Honda Hospital SF
Aug. 7- Laguna Honda Hospital SF
Aug. 13- Duo with saxophonist Tim Armacost at Rondure Music Club/Restaurant NY
Aug. 21- Jazzkeller Frankfurt returning after many years! with Kevin Mauder-tenor sax Joe Berger live DVD filming, join the party!
Aug. 27- Schnulze, Harburg-Hamburg Germany
Sept. 4- 19 Broadway Fairfax Cal. JH Band
Sept. 19- Jazz Ambassadors Tour adjudicating-Canceled
Sept. 17,18, 20,21, 22- WBGO 6AM
Sept. 22- receiving first Sidekick II unit
Oct. 2- Postponed: Accordion sub: Fiddler On The Roof on Broadway NYC
Oct. 8- Guest of Joe Berger/David Marx, Huckapoo debut concert at Town Hall
Oct. 12- Laguna Honda Hospital SF Cal.
Oct. 15- Laguna Honda Hospital
Oct. 17- Fly to Shanghai China
Oct. 19- Play at Ritz Carlton Hotel Shanghai with Danny Woody and shows at Music China through Oct. 23rd
Oct. 28th- AES Berklee College of Music Alumni Night
Oct. 30- Laguna Honda Hospital SF
Oct. 31- Fly to New York
Nov. 2nd- DON’T FORGET TO VOTE…For Kerry!
Nov.3rd- VOA Radio 15:00 UTC
Nov. 6- Cleopatra’s Needle NY Jon Hammond Quartet with Matt Smith-guitar & Tootsie Bean-drums & Brett Ryan-alto sax
Nov. 13- Tunica Miracle Tour with Larry Liddell, Tunica Mississippi
Nov. 14- WROX 1450 AM Blues radio appearance, Home of the Blues! Clarksdale Mississippi
Nov. 14- Guest at Aretha Franklin concert-Horeshoe Casino, Bluesville Robinsonville/Tunica MS *Special thanks: Larry Liddell Tunica Miracle!
Nov. 22- Jon Hammond Show TV Show broadcast from Cleopatra’s Needle Club
Nov. 25- Happy Thanksgiving! Turkey dinner on United Airlines flight
Nov. 27&28th- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 6- Jon Hammond Trio live in SF County Jail #8, 4th year!
Dec. 7- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 8- Live for 1 hour at 1PM on KCSM 91.1 Jazz Radio with Chris Cortez
Dec. 11- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 12- Guest at Bobby Blue Bland concert, Diamond Hall SF Sunday Blues & Jazz Club
Dec. 15- *note: Canceled, harpist hired: Private party: Opera Plaza SF
Dec. 17- Laguna Honda Hospital Christmas Party
Dec. 20- Microsoft’s *new MSN TV2 & Jon Hammond go online, streaming worldwide at the speed of light!
Dec. 31/Jan. 1-Happpy New Years 2005! Times Square NY
European tour support by Hammond Deutschland, Michael Maier Falkenstein: and Excelsior Accordions

Jan 1- New Years Eve in Times Square NY!
Jan. 3- Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse San Francisco
Jan. 5-8 IAJE Convention Long Beach CA
Jan. 6- ASCAP/IAJE Commissions Gil Evans Fellowship, Terrace Theatre
Jan. 7- NEA Jazz Masters Awards
Jan. 9- Laguna Honda Hospital
Jan. 10-14- Macworld San Francisco
Jan. 11- Meeting with Apple’s Steve Jobs !
Jan. 18- Laguna Honda Hospital
Jan. 18 James Brown show, House of Blues Anaheim CA CANCELED
Jan. 20-23 NAMM Anaheim CA
Jan. 29- Laguna Honda Hospital
Jan. 31- Local 6 Union Meeting
Feb. 2- 21st year anniversary of Jon Hammond Show TV Show! Beginning 22nd year.
Feb. 6- Laguna Honda Hospital
Feb. 9- Laguna Honda Hospital
Feb. 11- Laguna Honda Hospital
Feb. 12- Laguna Honda Hospital
March 12- EDITH PIAF CAFE-Paris France!
March 14- ONE WAY CAFE- Paris France!-Canceled! (by me)
March 17-funeral- Suisun Valley CA
March 18- Laguna Honda Hospital SF CA
March 28- Flying to Germany! Arrive Hamburg 3/29
Mar. 31- Multimedia with Michael August ILLUSTRATORP at VILLON in Hamburg by Hauptbahnhof!
April 1 & 2- Hamburg Germany/NDR Radio
April 5- Jazzkeller Frankfurt : Musikmesse 2005 Party! JON HAMMOND BAND
April 6-9- Frankfurt Musikmesse
April 15- Cleopatra’s Needle Club-NYC Tax Day Party!
April 27-CANCELED! Promoter is out of there!
Smith’s Restaurant Bar-NYC 44th St.
May 28- Laguna Honda Hospital
May 29- Laguna Honda Hospital
June 4- Guest-Aretha Franklin Gospelfest
June 4- late night: Guest- Igor & Illonka Kissil at Odessa in Brighton Beach Brookly
June 5- WBGO Volunteers Party
June 7- Southwest Airlines BWI Interview
June 25- Laguna Honda Hospital
June 27- Laguna Honda Hospital
July 4- Laguna Honda Hospital (doubles)
July 4- Guest- Shoreline Amitheatre 4th of July San Francisco Symphony Orchestra & Fireworks! produced by Mick Brigden
July 6- Laguna Honda Hospital
July 9- Laguna Honda Hospital
July 23- Berklee College of Music Alum Songwriters Workshop
July 27- Nursing Home show-NYC
Aug. 27- Laguna Honda Hospital
Aug. 28- Laguna Honda Hospital
Sept. 5- Laguna Honda Hospital
Sept. 6- Laguna Honda Hospital
Sept. 16- Cleopatra’s Needle NYC
Sept. 22- Nursing Home show-NYC
Oct. 18- Music China Warm Up Party-Shanghai Ritz-Carlton
Dec. 2-4 NDR Radio Studio 1 Hamburg Germany
Dec. 8- Nursing home show NYC
Dec. 19- Laguna Honda Hospital morning show
Dec. 19- San Francisco County Jail #8 Pods D & E with JH TRIO: Marc Baum-t.sax, Jon Otis-drums
Dec. 20- Laguna Honda Hospital
Dec. 22- Las Vegas Mirage Hotel private party
Dec. 24- Laguna Honda Hospital

Igor Butman & Gary Walker (WBGO Program Director/Host)

March 5th 2004, Friday morning bright and early at 7 in the morning, Igor Butman and I met at Port Authority Bus Station and I took Igor out to WBGO radio studios to be a special guest on Gary Walker’s morning broadcast. Here they are pictured outside the WBGO studios located at 54 Park Place in downtown Newark NJ. Gary had such a good time interviewing his old friend Igor that he stayed on the air 15 minutes past the normal end of his show. Later Igor and I spent a good part of the day kicking around the music stores on W.48th St. where Igor stocked up on supplies for his bigband members back in Moscow before his quartet gig in the evening at Birdland. I’ll be back in Moscow to play with Igor this coming July *link:
* SPECIAL THANKS from JON HAMMOND to the following people on my new LATE RENT remastered audiophile quality release of my greatest hits: listen for it on radio WBGO listener supported radio!

International Kultur and Multi Media Productions

BackBeat Productions, New York

Kontakt: Ham-Hotline ‘Round the Clock!:

New York-212.967.1858
San Francisco,
Times Square office
New York, New York
European Tour Manager-ROBERT HUTYA

Jon Hammond-RESUME

Born: Chicago 1953
Instruments: Organ, Accordion, Piano
Attended: Berklee College of Music, Boston 1974. Currently studying International Business on Internet at City College of San Francisco under Professor Bruce Lilienthal
Languages: English, German

Musician: Jon has played professionally since age 12. Beginning as a solo accordionist, he later played Hammond B3 organ with a number of important San Francisco bands. His all-original rock group “Hades” opened shows for Tower of Power, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Michael Bloomfield. Eddie Money and Barry Finnerty became musical associates.
Moving east, he attended Berklee and played venues as diverse as Boston’s “Combat Zone” and the exclusive Wychmere Harbor Club in Cape Cod, where he was house organist and developed a lasting friendship with House Speaker Tip O’Niel. He also toured the Northeast and Canada with the successful show revue “Easy Living”, and continued his appearances at nightclubs in Boston and New York. Subsequently Hammond lived and traveled in Europe, where he has an entusiastic following.

TV/Video Producer: In 1981 Jon formed BackBeat Productions. Assisted by Lori Friedman (Video by LORI), the innovative TV show became a Manhattan Cable TV favorite. Jon’s “Live on the Street” video style included news events, as well as live music/video clips of Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Butterfield Jaco Pastorious, John Entwistle, Sammy Davis Jr. and Percy Sledge. The weekly show ran uninterupted for 21 years and influenced the broadcasts of David Letterman and others. Billboard Magazine hailed Jon’s show as “The Alternative to MTV”. The Jon Hammond Show can be seen worldwide at various times from on Channels 56 and 108 in Manhattan.

Media Personality: Host and narrator of his TV show, as well as co-host of numerous radio braodcasts, Jon has defined a musical and personal style that is unmistakable. As Musical Director, Producer and Host of The Jon Hammond Show, Mr. Hammond formed a unique multi-media music group. This spring they will return to Europe to perform at the Frankfurt Musikmesse for 19th year Jubilee! Hammond has produced a live Sennheiser Microphone CD release, and played throughout Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Czech Republic.
October 16th 2002 Mr. Hammond performed in duo together with FangLin, the Chinese accordion champion sensation to inaugurate the new international trade show-MUSIC CHINA at the official opening reception in Shanghai China!

Description: “The Jon Hammond Show” is a funky, swinging Jazz instrumental revue, featuring notable international soloists and reflecting the influences of The Crusaders, Miles Davis, and Jimmy Smith. The show has universal appeal.

Members of the “Jon Hammond Show” house band have included David “Fathead” Newman, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Alex Foster and Cornell Dupree.

Member local 6, local 802 and ASCAP
contact: JON HAMMOND International, Inc.

Hammond Suzuki Deutschland
Michael Maier-Falkenstein: (011).49.7345.919.293 fax 294
SF/New York/FRA

Jon’s music is currently getting radio play in 13 countries.

Jon Hammond Spokesperson for Musikmesse on American Forces Network TV!

Mr. Hammond hosting a special tour and promotion of the International Musikmesse in Frankfurt on American military tv!
American Forces Network Radio/TV provides programming to the men and women of the American Forces around the world where ever they are. Jon Hammond has broadcast live on the military band on the “Powerlite Show” with in-depth interview and live playing in-studio with his band. And as special host on AFN TV’s “Profile Show”!

Jon playing the World’s Largest Hand Built Accordion!

Jon is playing the World’s Largest Hand Built Accordion at the Musikmesse 2002, Frankfurt Germany.
It was built by the legendary accordion craftsmen of Castelfidardo Italy.

BOB POPYK of AFM’s INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN Magazine profiles JON HAMMOND in his monthly motivational column: FOCUS !

International Musician, July 2005
Whatever Happened to Those Jazz Clubs on Every Corner?
I live in a city of about 250,000 people. Vinnie Falcone, a member of Local 369 (Las Vegas, NV) who played and conducted for Frank Sinatra, and now works with Steve & Eydie and Robert Goulet, used to live and work here.
That was about 35 years ago.
When he wasn’t selling pianos for a local Hammond/Steinway dealer, he probably played in almost every club within a 20-mile radius of here at one time or another. There were tons of them.
Falcone and I talked about this just the other day. We came up with the names of the clubs that used live music five to seven nights a week. They could be found on almost on every street corner. Now they are all gone. Jazz groups, blues bands, singles, duos, and trios were always working; and if you came up with a new group you could, in all likelihood, find a club owner who would give you a shot. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. It’s tough to make a living as a jazz musician today. But É you can make a living if you work at it. Like most things, I think it’s just a matter of wanting it badly enough.
One thing I’ve found out from the readers of this column is that musicians seem to be divided into two segments: 1) musicians who won’t play anything they don’t like or any venue that doesn’t suit them; and 2) musicians who need to work because they need to pay their bills and find all kinds of ways to fill their calendar.
I still get occasional letters from readers who say that it’s not their fault that they are not getting enough work. I guess then the logical question would be: whose fault is it?
I really appreciate the insight of those musicians who have creative and interesting ways of finding work, and I sympathize with the musicians who need to get out there and find gigs just to pay the rent. I don’t have all the answers, but a lot of our fellow AFM members have some very good answers.
One in particular is Jon Hammond, a member of Local 802 (New York City) and Local 6 (San Francisco, CA). Hammond has found a way to get his own TV show broadcast on Time Warner Cable and RCN cable access, he has produced a CD that gets airplay on jazz radio stations around the world, and he plays at Music Performance Fund (MPF) gigs on a regular basis on both coasts. He has booked himself on several European tours, played jazz clubs in Germany and many other locations in Europe, year after year, and has found a way to obtain instruments from national manufacturers for endorsements, advertising, or trial.
Hammond is also a perfect example of “success being in the mind of the beholder.” When he put together his first self-booked German tour 20 years ago, he saved up enough money to fly to Europe on Pakistan Airlines. He only had $50 in his pocket when he landed there. Hammond came home 10 months later with $150 in his pocket. He was able to pay for rent, food, and everything he needed during his time on the road in Europe. He wasn’t rich, but he was happy–and he firmly believes it was also a terrific learning experience.
Over the ensuing years Hammond has performed with some of the world’s top jazz musicians, and he now lives in midtown Manhattan and plays any and every job he can, on either coast. Money is not his prime motivation. He just loves to play. He makes it work, through sheer hard work, and he prides himself on being a union musician.
If you are a jazz musician, perhaps you might like to ask him some questions of your own, and share some ideas. Hammond is very approachable. His phone number is (212) 967-1858. Ask him about how he put together his TV show, how he successfully gets radio airplay, how he lands MPF gigs, and how, through it all, he always keeps money coming in to pay the rent. He’s found a way to do state-funded programs in prisons, nursing home gigs, and casual dates in clubs. (He’s scrambled so much over the years that his new CD is called Late Rent.) Hammond does not play for free. He finds ways to get paid. He agrees that the only thing you get out of playing a free gig is the opportunity to do another free gig.
I know jazz musicians can have a tough struggle, and it’s true that there simply are not as many places to play as there once were. But that is not to say that jazz players can’t find work.
Venues have changed, clubs have closed, but people still want to listen to cool sounds. Jazz festivals in major cities are still popular. Radio stations still offer jazz programs. PBS stations showcase jazz artists in their programming. It’s just not as easy to make money at it as it once was, but you can still make a living.
I don’t have all the answers. I think Hammond has some. I bet if you brainstorm with your fellow AFM members who specialize in jazz, you can go one better and come up with a lot of other ideas yourself. A positive attitude is obviously going to play a big part, but if you want to play jazz and make a few bucks, there are certainly ways to do it. It really is a matter of wanting to be a jazz musician badly enough.
–Bob Popyk is a member of Local 78 (Syracuse, NY) and Local 47 (Los Angeles).

*NEWS FLASH: Jon Hammond Trio appearing first time in Russia’s top jazz venue: Le Club Moscow-June 21/22!

**JON HAMMOND NEWS FLASH: Hammond’s Bolero now available on Apple iTunes Store! New for 2004

Jon was presented by the great Russian tenorsaxophonist Igor Butman and Faina Antonova for his very first appearance in Russia at supper jazz club “Le Club” in Moscow Russia June 21/22, 2003!
Nastarovya! *Moscow story:

Trio with TONY LAKATOS Hungarian saxophonist

Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartett or BIG BAND
everything to fit your Budget Needs!!


Musical Styles: swingin’ Funky Jazz and Blues, Bossa Nova, Ballads, ROCK and Ethnic
39th year in business.

THE JON HAMMOND SHOW is a Music and Travel Soft News Program, featuring Top International Soloists. 17 years Time/Warner TV New York
The show has Universal Appeal
Stay tuned for JH SHOW coming your way soon, streaming on the World Wide Web!

Jon Hammond uses Sennheiser Akkordeon Amplification Microphone System…
evolution series,,,defining sound
“The FINGERS….are the SINGERS!”


The classic sound of Excelsior 940 Tone Chamber Accordion through house system of Shoreline Ampitheatre utilising the custom Sennheiser Akkordeon Amplification System at the 12th annual New Orleans by the Bay Food and Music Festival


Catch the Jon Hammond Show-Music and Travel Soft News Program on Time/Warner Cable TV New York

Jon Hammond & Willie Brown

Mayor Willie Brown (San Francisco) came to see his good friend Jon Hammond of SF’s Local 6 play with Danny Woody at Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel Shanghai CHINA (SF/Shanghai Sister Cities)

Jon Hammond

Live at Shoreline Ampitheatre!


I never ride BLACK!

My setup for Shoreline Ampitheatre Shows

The Hammond B3 that I’ve had since 18 years old.
XB-2 on top
Excelsior 940 Tone Chamber Accordion at right

Putting the Hamburger on the Grill!

“The FINGERS…are the SINGERS!”


Zurich, Switzerland. The posters were all over
town when we got there!

Duo with MARC BAUM-sax

I actually went to Kindergarten with Marc Baum and played in first bands together age 13. The only one who knows me longer than Marc is my mother!

Jon Hammond Show Image

Image seen on DiamondVision Times Square screen 80 times daily for one year (3.5 minute clip)

Jon Hammond Show image

From Private Eyes reel New York City


Celebrating the Diplomatic Power of Jazz

Jon Hammond Show image

Coils by LORI

Barry Finnerty and Jon

In Lubeck, Germany with long time musical partner BARRY FINNERTY on guitar..that’s history now!

T-Bone Steak Mobile

Ladies! My first days in portable broadcasting mobile on tour-New York 1980

JOE BERGER Link-up page

JOE BERGER, known in the biz as “The BERGER-MEISTER” has been an integral part of JH Show since 1986. He has mixed records and played with the Who’s Who..including JOHN ENTWISTLE of the WHO…that’s right!! JOHN ENTWISTLE….OF THE WHO!!!
go to Joe’s website:
The Berger-Meister can be contacted directly at
He is currently touring with the new sensational Atlantic Records act DREAMSTREET, coming your way soon on their Mall Tour.
Seen above: Berger and Hammond performing at Frankfurt Musikmesse-The HAM-BERGER BLUES BAND! put the Ham-Berger on the grill…or in your CD Machine!

Classic Hammond Sound in a Suitcase Seminare


Hammond with Bernard Purdie and Moms…

That’s me with my mom Edythe, Juanita Escovedo
(Mrs. Pete) and legendary studio drummer Bernard Purdie. Juanita is Sheila E’s mom. We are at Pete’s club in Berkeley Cal. called Mr. E’s..recently moved to Alameda.

Hammond in Reinach/Aargau Switzerland!

JH with Tommy Schneider of Hammond Times, Herbert from Hammond Nostalgie Club and drummer Andreas Neubauer…1959 B3 inside van!


This show was sponsored by City Hall and Bank of America. Definately had to break out the B3 there!

ShowTime at the Shoreline Ampitheatre with the Late Rent Session Men!

from left to right:
Barry Finnerty-guitar
Larry Schneider-saxes
James Preston-drums
Marc-BGP sound mixer
Jon Hammond-organ/accordion leader

75 minutes of absolute DYNAMITE!
My greatest hits: Pocket Funk, Lydia’s Tune, Late Rent, White Onions, Party is Forbidden Here!, Get Back in the Groove, Head Phone and Hip Hop Chitlins!
PRICE: Only $10.00 bucks plus shipping and handling!
For USA, send 13 bucks and cover letter to:
JON HAMMOND International, Inc.
P.O.B. 754
New York, N.Y. 10108
For European delivery, add 5 bucks and make it $18 even.
Funky Jazz Organ Freaks…this is a rare chance to purchase an autographed limited edition high quality cd of the music that has taken me to 15 different countries.
All Star Musicians! Bernard Purdie, Alex Foster, Todd Anderson, Ray Grappone, Barry Finnerty and Chuggy Carter!
14 years of my BEST recordings…in studio and live, plus bonus track from live broadcast on American Forces Network Radio’s AFN POWERLITE SHOW!
Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!
Just say in cover letter how you would like your Late Rent disc inscribed…
Call Ham-Hotline for orders 24 hours a day at: 212.967.1858

Poster Boy for Kart-a-Bag USA!

If you go to the Kart-a-Bag website, it is possible to WIN a Jon Hammond Model Super 600 Kart-a-Bag! Exactly like the one on the poster with me that I have used on my world tours.

Classic Beetle Bug!

Hammond with classic VW Beetle in Steinebach in Bayern. On right, Barry Finnerty & Otmar Hutya

COOL MONDAY SHOW, Zurich Switzerland

Hammond on stage with Christian Muenchenger and Barry Finnerty in Club Xtra COOL MONDAY Show Zurich. Tommy Schneider brought the B3 for me.

Original Entwistle Beatle Art!

Original piece of Beatle Art done for me and signed by John Entwistle…of the WHO!

Jazz Kneipe on Berliner Str. 70, Frankfurt Germany

I played 207 gigs in Jazz Kneipe Frankfurt, until Regina finally closed the doors for good!
Was the coolest after hours club on the Frankfurt Jazz Scene. On tenor sax Sgt. Al Wittig U.S. Air Force. Barry Finnerty-guitar. JH on XB-2 Hammond Organ

Tower of Leslie Power!

With Michael Maier Falkenstein and the incredible Tower of Leslie Power at the Hammond Germany Museum, best in the world!

Snow Storm!

My apartment in Times Square New York after the big Snow Storm! First time in history U.S. Mail was cancelled due to weather!

Poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti & boy…Paris 1981

I took this foto of Ferlinghetti with my Nikon F3 in front of Shakespear and Company book shop in St. Michel Paris 1981. The boy is no longer a boy! Ferlinghetti looks about the same.

American Forces Network…The Power Network!

Here I am at the microphone of AFN Europe Headquarters in Frankfurt Germany, broadcasting LIVE WORLDWIDE on the Power Network!!

Hammond with S.F. District Attorney Terence Hallinan

Here I am with old friend, the honorable Terence Hallinan, San Francisco District Attorney. I had the honor of leading the band at his birthday party celebration last Dec. here in S.F.!

Boston Combat Zone at 21 years old

Here I am during the days when I was backing up the striptease shows 7 nights a week in Boston’s Combat Zone. You can see one of the bottles that some guy probably paid 400 bucks for a short time wih one of our lovely entertainers at the World Famous 2 o’clock lounge. On left you can see the blond Fender Bandmaster I bought at at Leo’s Music Store when I was 13 years old! My 1957 Gibson CF100 in my hands.

Hammond with Eddie Money!

This was back when we were 2 skinny kids, at my youngest sister’s Bat Mitzvah in 1976 Berkeley, California.

BAVARIAN LINE DANCERS…at Steinebach Bahnhof!

On the HAMMONDNOISE 2000 Tour in Bayern.
from left to right:
Otmar Hutya, Barry Finnerty, Robert Hutya, J.H.

13 year old Junior Jazz Champion!

That’s how I looked at 13 years old with my Giulietti Tone Chamber Accordion (that was stolen 25 years ago in Boston) and my trophy. I was 13…but I was an OLD 13!

Jon Hammond Big News in Salzburg!

When I woke up in the hotel next to Mozart’s house, I looked at the morning paper and found myself big time on the back cover of the Salzburger Nachtrichten! I was a guest next day at the Stadthalle, where they had me sign in on the VIP Guest Book for Salzburg. The picture was taken the night before and in the morning paper!

Feature article in Jazz Podium Magazine!

was the headline in Jazz Podium, Germany’s oldest Jazz Magazine.

107 floors up at Windows on the World

Dinner with Derek Tracy, my producer of “Get Back in the Groove” DTI top of the World Trade Towers 107 floors up…it’s hard to believe WTC is tragically no longer there.

CBGB’s on the Bowery, New York!

Jon with producer guitarist Joe Berger and co-leader guitarist Barry Finnerty just before show time at legendary New York Rock Club CBGB’s!

Press Cruise to Bermuda with Joe Berger!

Ham-Berger on a roll!!
Our first Press Cruise to Bermuda on the maiden voyage of m.v. Horizon, New York to Bermuda…dynamite! We highly recommend Celebrity Cruises! The cuisine created by award winning executive chef Michel Roux was DELICIOUS! Especially the Grand Buffet…Yeah!

Late Night Steak Dinner in Hippo, Paris France

We just finished a big live broadcast on RADIO FRANCE INTER with pianist Francoise Pujol (at left), Barry Finnerty (middle), myself on right with my lucky hat on! I am one of few American boys to be presented in concert by Radio France Inter!

In Concert at the Big Musikmesse Frankfurt Germany!

Here we are on the main stage (buhne) in the Galleria of Frankfurt International Musikmesse.
Barry on left, drummer Andreas Neubauer from Frankfurt and myself on right. Next March will be my 15th consecutive Musikmesse. Always one of the hightlights of the year for me!

Jon Hammond Show on Giant Video Screen Times Square!

There I am with Lazy Larry under the giant DiamondVision screen Times Square. My show appeared for 3.5 minutes 80 times daily for one year. Plus we did a super psychedelic countdown for New Years Eve that was seen by millions around the world. After wishing the people Happy New Year!, The screen said, “Watch THE JON HAMMOND SHOW Friday nights at 6pm on MCTV!

Artist depiction by Harburg Artist Michael August

Michael painted this picture of me from a concert I did in the famous REGINA STRIPTEASE CLUB on Gr. Freiheit , Reeperbahn Hamburg. The place was packed upstairs and downstairs after Knut Benzner got us a nice press article in the Mo Po!

Main Man KNUT BENZNER at NDR Radio Hamburg!

There’s Knut in the studio of NDR cutting his “Jazz All Blues” Show together. Knut was my sponsor for 2 years in Hamburg. On the radio, he sounds like the voice of God!

Jon Hammond Show in the Field

There I am in New York City with my black BMW R100RT and one of the first prototype Sony Betacams from Sony Broadcast on loan to us for field testing on The JH Show.

My White Grand Piano in Pacific Heights S.F.!

There I am with my Artist’s Model C3 Conservatory Size 6 foot Yamaha Grand Piano that I bought from Peter Frampton (he had 3 pieces).
That was my only furniture in the apartment. Just the white piano, a Hammond B3 and an accordion and futon. I did a lot of my writing on that piano.

6 months at old Trident in Sausalito on the water!

Tenor saxophonist Bennett Friedman, James Preston drums and Terry Haggerty guitar (of Sons of Champlin) JH at org. This was the original club built by the Kingston Trio (If I Had A Hammer and Michael Row the Boat Ashore). The Trident was a favorite party place for the Rolling Stones and other famous hipsters. Now called Horizons Restaurant…you can tie up your 150 foot boat right outside the window!

Jon and Eddie Money at top Empire State Building!

Here we are in sub-zero temperature on very top observation deck of Empire State Building. I used to take a 2-way radio up there and broadcast promos for up-coming gigs around New York City…good place to broadcast from!

Hammond with PICO and Star Club survivors St. Pauli Hamburg!

There I am with Pico, when I played on his show about his life working at the legendary Star Club with the Beatles, Rattles, Chuck Berry and others on the Reeperbahn. This guy was the original deal. He is still there working on the Deutsche Bundesbahn and living on the Hein Hoyer Str. in St. Pauli. Amazing guy and life story. I met some of the originals playing there at the Delphi Music Theatre.

First trip to Paris in 1981!

There I am taking care of business in my room at the 5 star L’hotel in Paris France in 1981. This is the place where Oscar Wilde lived out his last days. A favorite low key place where the Rolling Stones and others like to stay. There is no sign indicating it is a hotel. You will see only the golden ram’s head above the door on Rue de Beaux Arts in St. Germain on the left bank.

Dinner for 1 downstairs at L’hotel!

The tree grows right up through the ceiling, and it is like a Fellini movie in there at night. I enjoyed every bite of that meal…perfectly content to enjoy my own company there in my Armani suit. I used to dress up every day for no particular reason back in those days!

On the Job at John’s Place in Saarbucken Germany!

This was one of my first steady gigs in Germany in 1991, at a place called John’s Place in Saarbrucken on Bleich Str. It is very near the French border there, and there was a healthy mix of German and French people in the after hours place. I am wearing my lucky tie there and my father’s white shirt for good luck!

Scene from the stage at Jazzkeller Frankfurt 1992!

That’s how it looked from the stage of my show at the famous Jazzkeller in Frankfurt. The show was sponsored by Philip Morris Tobacco. I don’t smoke, but they gave me cartons of cigarettes to give away, all my friends in Germany were overjoyed to receive free cigarettes! The place was packed…Herb Ellis is sitting in the front row. That’s my friend Tino holding the video camera at right.

Broadcasting on pirate Radio Tomate Paris France!

There I am speaking to the French on legendary pirate Radio Tomate in a secret location in Paris. The pirates there actually were squatting in the building. They were very creative…the electricity was brought in and phone lines from unknown sources. The place was manned 24 hours a day. This was in 1981 when the Socialist government was still in power.

Onstage at original legendary FILLMORE!

There I am on the bandstand of the original Fillmore Auditorium with bandmates Barry Finnerty and James Preston. The original location where I had seen so many fantastic shows as a teenager…right there at corner of Geary Blvd. & Fillmore S.F., Cal.
Took me 30 years to get the gig there!
We were on the bill with The Sons of Champlin (James is also drummer of Sons) Friday June 4th, 1999. The Fillmore was closed for a long time, but it was lovingly restored by the BGP people in 1994 as a tribute to founder Bill Graham. I was there at the opening party, invited by my old friend Bob Barsotti. It was a great party! Bob doesn’t forget his old friends….he sent us a beautiful bottle of Moet Champagne in a bucket of ice with a nice card to our dressing room when we played this gig. I will never forget that gig. The audience was very responsive, and it fulfilled every expectation to be there playing on that very special stage.
fotos by John Warne

Hootenanny for KPFA Radio 1966!

Here I am in a press photo for one of my earliest gigs…a HOOTENANNY for Pacifica Radio Station KPFA in Berkeley California. When was the last time you were at a Hootenanny?!

October 1968 Berkeley California

Here I am during my radical Vietnam War protesting days in 1968!

Flower Power…1969!

16 years old, and I was a super as a bird!
I feel sorry for those who never got to experience the free spirit of those times. We had very little to worry about. Everything was cheap, there was no Aids and the ladies seemed to like my curly hair. That year I was made in to a cartoon character in a comicbook about Natural Hair Care put out by Rolling Stone Magazine. I thought I would be retired by the age of 25…boy, was I wrong!

1971 HADES, original rock band

HADES means HELL, and we were 4 little devils. There we are pictured in the grave yard in El Cerrito California. L. to R. Steve Wright, Jim Thorsen, Dave Danza, JH. All our material was original and we used to practice 5 days a week in a garage where our road crew lived. We had a truck with Hades license plates, a good sound system, 2 roadies and a manager, Jerry Figgoni. This was one of the tightest bands out of the East Bay. We played very often at a hot rock club in those days called, The Longbranch Saloon on San Pablo Ave. in Berkeley. We came very close to some big success with Hades, but then it finally broke up.

Jon Hammond & Chris Cortez in KCSM

Jon with host/producer Chris Cortez in studios of KCSM, the Bay Area’s Jazz Radio Station!
Powered by MSNTV and Apple Mac !


Bob Cunningham, Bass, Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond, Local 802, Musicians Union, NDR Jazz, Late Rent, Mikell’s, Jazz Foundation of America, Elmar Lemes, ASCAP Network, B3 organ, XK-3c, Blues, Funky, Rhonda Hamilton, WBGO

ASCAP Network Behind The Beat with Jon Hammond “LATE RENT”

Elmar Lemes photo of Jon Hammond playing XK-3 organ at Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America

Jon Hammond MySpace


ASCAP Network Behind The Beat “NDR SESSIONS Projekt”

Jon Hammond is an endorsed artist of Hammond Suzuki USA

Hammond XK-1 Organ, HammondCast, HammondCast KYOU KYCY Radio, Jon Hammond, Learjet, Megayacht, Page Builders, Paramount Pictures, WebTV, MSNTV, XK-3c, Accordion