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Warwick Booth Sessions Summer NAMM Nashville Jon Hammond

July 21, 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Warwick Booth Sessions Summer NAMM Nashville Jon Hammond

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This video is about Warwick Booth Sessions Summer NAMM Nashville Jon Hammond and Joe Berger
“The Warwick Booth Sessions”
with Joe Berger (playing the Jerry Garcia Special model from EKO Guitars) and Jon Hammond (Sk1 combo Hammond Organ) at Nashville Summer NAMM Show smack dab in the middle of the NAMM Exhibits Floor – The Sound Police Love Us – because we rock out at low trade show sound levels and don’t disturb the other nearby booths – that’s the Community Spirit we always adhere to as old NAMM’ers don’t ya’ know – special thanks to Hans-Peter Wilfer, & Bob and the crew at Warwick & Framus – and John the Floor Manager in charge of Sound Control – JH — with Joe Berger at Nashville Music City Center –


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Framus Vintage

“Hans-Peter Wilfer followed in his fathe´s footsteps and founded Warwick in Eggolsheim in 1982 at the age of 24. After the German reunification he relocated the company”s headquarters to Markneukirchen in the Vogtland region in 1994. He then started an endeavor to bring new life to his father´s lifework – Fred Wilfer had bought back the apparently worthless trademark rights from the liquidator and gave them as a present to his son shortly before his death.

An appreciation for Fred Wilfer´s merits was missing so far. The history and development after the Second World War was fascinating the historian Dr. Christian Hoyer who tried to find out more on the history of the resettlement of the Schoenbach violin-makers.

Meanwhile the public interest in the Framus brand had risen and old Framus instruments, due to their high realizable value and their remarkable sound properties, were partly sold to considerable prices in the vintage market. Reason enough for Hans-Peter Wilfer to support Hoyer´s research. So, historian Dr. Christian Hoyer was engaged to conduct research in relation to the Framus subject.

Wilfer and Hoyer had a meeting in 2001. As a consequence Warwick has endorsed Hoyer´s search for evidence about the past manufacturing in Bubenreuth, something that has taken him already all around the world. Definitely not an easy undertaking, because the company´s archives don´t exist anymore since the liquidation. This endeavor turned into a bigger challenge: ads were placed that stated the need for information and witnesses of that time. Warwick then allocated the necessary funds to buy up old and interesting instrument in order to gain an overview of the company´s manufacturing. But many people helped in the process of filling in the gaps: former co-workers, musicians and endorsers involved with the company, music-loving collectors and many others. This labored and intense phase also included looking in the archives of states, courts, associations and organizations. Even guitarist and former endorser Billy Lorento, who nowadays works as a consultant – under the name Bill Lawrence – for the Fender® Corporation and enjoys his high profile as “King Of Pickups”, contributed his part to the story.

When a collection of instruments and documents was finally achieved, it was too hard to deny this knowledge to the public: It was decided that a book be made about Fred Wilfer and the Framus company and that the aforementioned collection was to be displayed and open to the public in a museum dedicated to the history of the Framus factory. The history project of the Warwick company that Hans-Peter Wilfer started in order to revive the Framus brand now reaches the culmination of all the efforts with the opening of the Framus Museum and the publication of a book on the history of Framus in the summer of 2007. ”

Great to see KSAN Radio Broadcasting Alums including Bonnie Simmons today at CHRS’ annual fundraiser event “Radio Day by The Bay” from the ultra-hip FM station founded by the late great Big Daddy Tom Donahue
Jon Hammond

*Excerpt from Wikipedia: “On May 21, 1968, the call letters changed from KSFR to KSAN and the format switched to album-oriented rock music. Metromedia transferred call sign KSAN from its TV station, which it renamed KNEW-TV. (Today there is a National Public Radio station in Santa Fe, New Mexico using the KSFR call letters.)[1]
The timing of the change from KSFR to KSAN was triggered by an event at another station. On March 18, 1968 KMPX program director Tom Donahue turned in his resignation after a series of conflicts with station management. This led directly to a strike by many Donahue-loyal KMPX staff members. They began picketing outside the station’s offices, and were soon supported in their efforts by popular bands such as the Grateful Dead and Blue Cheer, as well as the station’s devoted listeners. The staff at sister station KPPC-FM in Pasadena walked out the next day.
KMPX and KPPC owner Leon Crosby refused to cave in to his striking staff, and brought in replacements at both stations to continue the progressive rock format. Several popular rock bands — including The Rolling Stones and the Grateful Dead — insisted that the station not play their music, in a show of support to the picketers. The eight-week strike ended on May 13, with no resolution between the former staffers and Crosby. (And with some claiming it was all just an elaborate publicity stunt.) KMPX continued with the same format, but the controversy opened the eyes of larger broadcasting companies to the potential for rock and roll on FM.
Seeing an opportunity to jump into a hot new radio format against a smaller company, Metromedia decided to switch the format of KSAN from classical music to freeform rock, and hired Donahue and most of the displaced KMPX staffers, who started at the station on May 21. Metromedia also hired the former KPPC staffers to work at KMET in Los Angeles, which made a similar format switch. Donahue eventually became general manager of KSAN, while also programming consulting for sister station KMET.[2]
KSAN became a groundbreaking and legendary rock station, influencing other stations across the country.
On December 7, 1969, KSAN broadcast a show discussing what had just happened the night before at the free Rolling Stones performance at Altamont Raceway. Hosted by Stefan Ponek, the four-hour show fielded calls from a range of people who attended the event and a few who helped organize it, including Rolling Stones personnel and members of the Hells Angels. This broadcast is extensively documented in the 2000 Criterion DVD release of Gimme Shelter, the result of a restoration effort that included the filmmakers.
In the early 1970s, the station rose to number one in the 18-34 demographic,[3] developing a devoted cult following that lasted for many years.[4] During its heyday, KSAN had maintained a strong counterculture reputation. News reports often contained political commentary, with stories about the Vietnam War, the Nixon Administration, growing marijuana and drugs.[5] When the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped heiress Patty Hearst, they used KSAN to communicate their message and demands, via cassette tapes.[6] The station enlisted the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during this ordeal, as they became an unwilling go-between in the Hearst kidnapping.
On April 28, 1975, Tom Donahue died from a heart attack. A sampling of Tom Donahue on KSAN during the late 1960s can be heard on “The Golden Age Of Underground Radio” compilation.” — with The Bonnie Simmons Show

Great to see my long-time friend Dr. Eugene L. Schoenfeld aka Dear Dr. Hippocrates / Dr. Hip today at annual “Radio Day by The Bay” fundraiser for CHRS – California Historical Radio Society – 2 rows back from Ben Fong-Torres

– San Francisco radio heavyweights in the house! – Jon Hammond – at Radio KRE / KVTO — with Ben Fong-Torres and Eugene L. Schoenfeld

KLH Model Eight vacuum tube FM radio with matched dual-driver external speaker

– designed by Henry Kloss – Jon Hammond

(rear view)

I picked up a nice Sears Silvertone AM FM table radio

at Radio Day by The Bay annual fundraiser for CHRS / California Historical Radio Society – Jon Hammond

Radio Day by The Bay (on now) Radio Platoon on the scene with some serious Military radio hardware for field broadcasting – Jon Hammond

– annual fundraising event for CHRS – California Historical Radio Society

Cheryl Jennings ABC7/KGO TV SF News Anchor with Ben Fong-Torres in the original studio control room of KRE Radio, restored just as it appeared in the George Lucas classic movie American Graffiti (1973) – Wolfman Jack appeared there in the movie starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith – interview for CHRS

– California Historical Radio Society happening now – Jon Hammond — with Cheryl Jennings, Ben Fong-Torres and Wolfman Jack

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Summer NAMM Show Nashville The Booth Sessions at Hammond Suzuki USA Stand 1012

Jon’s archive

L to R: Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond Sk1 organ, Roland Barber trombone – at Hammond Suzuki USA booth #1012 – Summer NAMM Show

This video is at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville Tennessee – The Booth Sessions in Hammond Suzuki USA Booth #1012 “Lydia’s Tune” by Jon Hammond (at the Sk1 Hammond organ) with Joe Berger guitar, special guest Roland Barber (trombone), thanks for sitting in with us Roland! — with Roland Barber and Joe Berger at Nashville Music City Center


Welcoming remarks at grand opening party were made by Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM

Summer NAMM Nashville Wrap Up Jon Hammond’s first blast after returning to Summer NAMM Show in the brand-new Music City Center convention facility Downtown Nashville. A taste from the grand opening party presented by NAMM President CEO Joe Lamond the night before July 10th with very special guest Billy Cox and The Band of Gypsys Tribute to Jimi Hendrix. On Day 1 of 3 day show, Jon Hammond solo organ performance on the NAMM Stage in the massive lobby of Music City Center Jon’s song “Get Back in The Groove” with pictures of artist friends during intro of America The Beautiful, many great players attended and jammed including studio drummer Bernard Purdie reuniting with long time friends The Delgado Brothers jamming first thing 2nd morning on lobby stage on Delgados’ song “Man Without A Plan” – images throughout this clip group shots with Delgado Family, Jon Hammond played first time with one of the great Barber Brothers – Roland Barber trombone along with Joe Berger guitar

Special thanks to Rudd Lance for the excellent audio house mix

at Hammond Suzuki USA booth, images of the beautifully designed Music City Center and so much more will be forthcoming in a few days, the event was a huge success, nonstop music was the theme of Summer NAMM 2013, a great way to break in the new Music City Center – and NAMM will return there next year, the perfect home for this annual music trade show event, see you again next year folks!


Summer NAMM Booth Performance with special guest Roland Barber – trombone, Joe Berger – guitar, Jon Hammond – Sk1 organ, Hammond Suzuki USA Booth number 1012 – Nashville Music City Center

— with Joe Berger and Roland Barber at Nashville Music City Center

Group Photo Time in Hammond Suzuki USA Booth number 1012 –
L to R: Jennifer Landeros (with camera, Secretary of HSUSA), Joe Berger (unplugging gtr. to join photo opp.), Dr. Lonnie Smith, Yu Beniya Corporate Officer at Suzuki Musical Instruments, Shuji Suzuki President Managing Director of Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of Hammond Organs, Gregory Gronowski Director Sales and Marketing introducing XK-1c at Hammond Suzuki USA. Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond –

2013 Summer NAMM Show Nashville Music City Center — with Joe Berger and 5 others at Nashville Music City Center

Joe Berger will now plug in his guitar and summon The Sound Police (our friend John) at the HIWATT Amps Booth – 2013 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville Tennessee – Jon Hammond

*Note: I saw The WHO when they were playing walls of HIWATT Amps, one of the greatest rock shows I’ve ever seen in History! The WHO 1970 Berkeley Community Theatre Bill Graham Presents! — with Joe Berger at Nashville Music City Center

HiWatt – HamBerger – HiWatt USA Amps Team Justin Harrison, Mark Lodge, Simon Giles with Jon Hammond and Joe Berger – 2013 Summer NAMM Show Nashville – serious amps! I saw The WHO when they were playing HiWatt Amps at the Berkeley Community Theatre, totally awesome! — with Joe Berger at Nashville Music City Center

Bernard Purdie solo hit at TattleTale Security booth (Wireless Alarm Systems for Apartments, Small Business, Homes, and Dorms)

– Day 2 of 2014 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville Tennessee – Jon Hammond — with Bernard Purdie and Bernard Purdie at Nashville Music City Center

Now I can have a great Summer NAMM Day 2 that I’ve seen main man Dan! Dan Del Fiorentino and Jon Hammond in the new Nashville Music City Center – kicking off Day 2 Summer NAMM Show!

— with Dan Del Fiorentino at Nashville Music City Center

Jon Hammond here with The Delgado Brothers / Family/Band – incredible cats! *watch for the video with Bernard Purdie from this morning on the NAMM Acoustic Stage, will be forthcoming, really super to meet and hear you guys!

Power Shot – just after our session in Hammond Suzuki USA booth 1012 – L to R: Roland Barber (thanks for playing with us Roland, you sound superb on trombone!), Jon Hammond, Yu Beniya & Shuji Suzuki President Managing Director of Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of Hammond Organs and Leslie Speakers and Joe Berger

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