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M&M Farms Harvest Festival Trio With Mustafa Jim Jon

December 4, 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: M&M Farms Harvest Festival Trio With Mustafa Jim Jon

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Uptempo shuffle on beautiful day at M&M Farms Annual Harvest Festival – long-time friends in Trio: Mustafa Jammal drums, Jim Thorsen aka Jimi James guitar with his old Gibson L5, Jon Hammond at the organ – special thanks Maralyn Jammal – on the Delta in Northern California


Special thanks Maralyn Jammal *left

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M&M Farms 6th Annual Harvest Festival Concert Jon’s Journal

October 23, 2012

M&M Farms 6th Annual Harvest Festival Concert Poster

M&M Farm 6th Annual Harvest Festival and Concert — Jon Hammond Trio and headliner: Lydia Pense & Cold Blood October 20, 2012 in Knightsen CA

Jon Hammond Trio with L to R: Jimi James guitar, Mustafa Jammal drums, Jon Hammond organ

Lydia Pense and Cold Blood band sounded great today folks! Jon Hammond

Current personnel are Lydia Pense (vocals), Steve Salinas (keyboards), Steve Dunne (guitar), Mike Morgan (percussion), Evan Palmerston (bass), Rich Armstrong (trumpet, percussion), Rob Zuckerman (alto, tenor, baritone saxes) and Donny Baldwin (drums).
Lydia Pense (born Lydia Jane Pense in San Francisco, California on December 14, 1947) [1] is an American rock-soul-jazz singer who since 1969 has performed with the band Cold Blood. Her style has been compared to powerful singers including Janis Joplin (who recommended the band to Bill Graham for their first audition), Aretha Franklin and Teena Marie.
Pense’s mother, the former Miss Ramos,[1] was born in Madrid, Spain, while her father came from Nebraska, United States. While attending Sequoia High School in Redwood City, California at the age of 14, Pense started singing with a band called The Dimensions, with Guitarist Fred Tatman. She was a fan of Brenda Lee and was singing her songs, but the band, formed by Fred Tatman, Larry Hatch, Paul C Saenz, and Kerry Yates encouraged her to sing R&B in the style of James Brown, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, and Ray Charles.
Lydia joined Cold Blood in 1968.
Their initial four albums, Cold Blood, Sisyphus, First Taste of Sin (produced by Donny Hathaway), and Thriller remain their best known work. The band continues to record and perform today. The band separated in the late 1970s, and Pense suspended her career in the 1980s to raise her daughter before re-forming the group.
Cold Blood (1969)
Sisyphus (1971)
First Taste of Sin (1972)
Thriller (1973)
Lydia (1974)
The Best of Cold Blood (1975)
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood (1976)
Vintage Blood: Live! 1973 (live album), 2001
Transfusion (2005)
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood:Live Blood “Live Album”(2008)
Cold Blood is a long-standing soul-rock-jazz band founded by Larry Field in 1968 and originally based in the San Francisco East Bay area. They have also performed and recorded under the name “Lydia Pense and Cold Blood”, due to the popularity of their lead singer, Lydia Pense.
The band first came to prominence in 1969 when rock impresario Bill Graham signed them after an audition and they played the Fillmore West in San Francisco. Pense has been compared to Janis Joplin, and it was Joplin who recommended the audition to Graham.
The band has often been compared to another long-standing popular Northern California group, Tower of Power, and like Tower of Power they were rare in that they featured a horn section in addition to guitar, bass and drums. The Tower of Power horn players have performed with Cold Blood on a regular basis since the early 1970s. Skip Mesquite and Mic Gillette have been members of both Tower Of Power and Cold Blood. Their fan base also overlaps with the Sons of Champlin, although their musical styles are quite different.
Their initial four albums, Cold Blood (produced by David Rubinson), Sisyphus (produced by Fred Catero), First Taste of Sin (produced by Donny Hathaway), and Thriller (produced by David Rubinson) remain their best known work. The band disbanded in the late 1970s, reformed in the 1980s and stabilized with its current membership in the 1990s. Cold Blood continues to record and perform today, and some former band members such as Raul Matute (and some from Tower of Power) appear on the band’s most recent album.
Original band members were founder Larry Field (lead guitar), Lydia Pense (vocals), Danny Hull (tenor saxophone and songwriter), Larry Jonutz (trumpet), Pat O’Hara (trombone; born May 25, 1946 (?), died August 1977 of an overdose), Raul Matute (Hammond organ, piano, arranger and songwriter), Jerry Jonutz (baritone, alto and tenor saxophone), David Padron (trumpet), Rod Ellicott (bass), Paul C Saenz (guitar), and Frank Davis, who was replaced on drums by Sandy McKee (real name Cecil James Stoltie, born 12 July 1945, died 15 October 1995) during the Sisyphus sessions. Narada Michael Walden and Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett both mention McKee on their short list of drummers most influential in their stylistic development.
Over the years there have been various incarnations of the band including singer/trumpet player Max Haskett (born 7 March 1947, died 15 September 1999, ex-Rubicon), Tower Of Power horn player Mic Gillette, Journey keyboardist Stevie “Keys” Roseman on Hammond B-3 organ, Sons Of Champlin drummer Jim Preston, guitar player Michael Sasaki, Tower Of Power guitarist Jeff Tamelier, Boz Scaggs horn player Tom Poole, Elvin Bishop sax player Bill Slais, bass player Michael White & others.

Cold Blood is featured playing live in Fillmore, a documentary of the last concerts at The Fillmore auditorium.

Cold Blood (1969)
Sisyphus (1971)
First Taste of Sin (1972)
Thriller (1973)
Lydia (1974)
The Best of Cold Blood (1975)
Lydia Pense And Cold Blood (1976)
Vintage Blood: Live! 1973 (live album, 2001)
Transfusion (2005)
Lydia Pense & Cold Blood:Live Blood (live album, 2008)

Jon Hammond with my favorite rhythm section Donny Baldwin (drums) and Evan Palmerston (bass) of Lydia Pense and Cold Blood Band – L to R: Jon, Donny, Evan just after amazing concert at M&M Farms
The band Tower Of Power was born from!

Knightsen California — Duo set with Mustafa Jammal drums and Jon Hammond organ – opener for Lydia Pense and Cold Blood Concert at M&M Farms 6th Annual Harvest Festival

Knightsen Californa — Jon Hammond Trio set opener for Lydia Pense and Cold Blood concert at M&M Farms 6th Annual Harvest Festival – L to R: Jimi James guitar, Mustafa Jammal drums, Jon Hammond organ

Knightsen California — Absolutely smokin’ concert (2 sets & 2 encores) Lydia Pense and Cold Blood at M&M Farms 6th Annual Harvest Festival – Jon Hammond Oct. 20th, 2012
L to R: Rich Armstrong – trumpet/flugelhorn/percussion, Rob Zuckerman – tenor sax, Steve Salinas – keyboards, Lydia Pense – vocals, Donny Baldwin – drums, Evan Palmerston – bass, *unseen in this photo – Steve Dunne – guitar

Knightsen CA — M&M Farms grew a Whopper!
6th Annual Harvest Festival and concert yesterday with my trio as opener (Jon Hammond Trio) we opened for the great Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, wonderful time and people! JH

Happy birthday today Savannah Erickson! Great to see Savannah back in town dancing to the great Lydia Pense and Cold Blood – 6th Annual Harvest Festival M&M Farm Knightsen CA – Jon Hammond

Jimi James sitting in with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood with his classic Gibson L5 guitar he’s owned for many years – at M&M Farms’ 6th Annual Harvest Festival – Jon Hammond
*Note: Jimmy and I played together in HADES 1971-1973 original progressive rock band El Cerrito CA and we did an opener set for Lydia’s fantastic band Cold Blood, great fun for all! – JH

M&M Farms’ 6th Annual Harvest Festival & Concert Hosts Mustafa & Maralyn Jammal enjoying a dance to the great Lydia Pense & Cold Blood yesterday, thanks M&M! Jon Hammond

Perfect weather yesterday folks! Jon Hammond Trio opener set for the great Lydia Pense & Cold Blood at M&M Farms’ 6th Annual Harvest Festival & Concert – Jimi James guitar (his classic Gibson L5 guitar he’s owned for many years) host & excellent drummer my long-time friend Mustafa Jammal and yours’ truly JH at the organ, incredible day / evening -Knightsen CA
Swingin’ Funky Jazz & Blues instrumentals in sunny California
*Note: First time out for my new Bag End Birchwood 15″ Speaker, it sounded incredible – with 250 watt Ampeg bass amp head – JH — in Knightsen, CA

New York NY — Wishing main man / tenor saxophonist FRED STATON a speedy recovery! Seen here with Joey Morant – trumpet, and Art Baron trombone on 9/11/2012 at Cobi Narita’s 9/11 jazz tribute evening at ZEB’s with Harlem Blues and Jazz Band – Jon Hammond

Auster Bar Jazz Bar Michael Leuschner Presents Jon Hammond Band
One Night Only on the Henriettenweg Hamburg
very cool scene!
Classic Mercy Mercy with Michael Leuschner trumpet, Heinz Lichius drums,
Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond organ and special guest
Jonas Schoen alto saxophone reprising the great Cannonball Adderley smash crossover hit:
Mercy Mercy – R.I.P. Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley (September 15, 1928 — August 8, 1975)
Jon saw Cannon do it with his quintet Feb. 24, 1968 at Winterland in San Francisco on a show with The Vagrants and The Who. Keeping the Spirit alive here in Auster Bar Hamburg! Special thanks / dankeschoen to Frank at Auster Bar, Knut Benzner NDR Radio, Heinz Lichius, Michael Leuschner wonderful musicians!



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*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Vintage Episode of The Jon Hammond Show Chicago Special

Blip TV


Now in 28th year on Cable Access TV – The Jon Hammond Show, this
particular episode is known as the Chicago Special which includes one song from Tim Cain I played Hammond organ on called I Saw You with some vocal help by Bill Champlin recorded by rjm productions, then to Chicago Summer NAMM Show where I personally filmed the very first performance of the late great bassist John Entwistle with band Rat Race Choir which happened at The Vic Theatre June 29, 1987, (same night) followed by Leslie West with T.M. Stevens bass, watch Leslie’s face when smoke machine goes! Then a little bit of Bag End Party at Park West with Joe Berger, T.M. Stevens, Tal Bergman and Theodus Rogers. And of course JH Show Theme Song “Late Rent” – enjoy folks, this one is a classic! Jon Hammond
*Note: Joe Berger personally introduced his friend John Entwistle to Rat Race Choir band, John came all the way from London on Joe’s recommendation – JH

cable tv, namm show, john entwistle, vic theatre, bag end, chicago special 3145 North Sheffield Avenue

John Entwistle Vic Theatre Chicago June 29, 1987

Leslie West Vic Theatre Chicago

Mr. Hammond on MCTV

The Jon Hammond Show – still on, 28th year

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond Band 1992 Lissania Frankfurt Kaiserstrasse 74


Jon Hammond Band 1992 performance in “Lissania Essay” located steps away from the Hauptbahnhof Kaiserstrasse 74 during Frankfurt Musikmesse, funky original tune “Pocket Funk” with Jon Hammond at the organ along with
Barry Finnerty – guitar, Derrick James – alto saxophone, Alain Nau – drums
Late show in the Red Light District Frankfurt underground scene

Frankfurt Germany — Jon Hammond Band in TAT-Cafe Theater am Turm Volksbildungsheim Frankfurt am Main (nach dem Umbau)
L to R – Uwe Gehring guitar (he changed his name now to Wesley G..go figure!), Jo Mikovich tenor saxofon, Alain Nau drums (from Forbach France), Jon Hammond organ
Midnight Show
Theater am Turm
Das Theater am Turm (abgekürzt TAT) war ein städtisches Theater in Frankfurt am Main. Es wurde 1953 als Landesbühne Rhein-Main durch den Frankfurter Bund für Volksbildung gegründet und hatte 1963 bis 1995 seinen Sitz im ehemaligen Volksbildungsheim am Eschenheimer Tor. Der Name Theater am Turm spielte auf den Eschenheimer Turm an, einen Teil der früheren Frankfurter Stadtbefestigung.
Während der experimenta I wurde 1966 hier unter Leitung von Claus Peymann (Intendant 1965–1969) die legendäre Publikumsbeschimpfung von Peter Handke uraufgeführt. In den folgenden Jahren wurde das TAT durch die Nähe zur Studentenbewegung und zum Kampf gegen die Notstandsgesetze geprägt. 1969 wurde ein umfassendes Mitbestimmungsmodell eingeführt. Auf dem Programm standen nunmehr nicht nur Theateraufführungen, sondern auch Diskussionen, Vollversammlungen sowie Kurse in Marxismus und Tai-Chi.
In den siebziger Jahren war Rainer Werner Fassbinder für acht Monate Intendant des TAT. Die Aufführung seines 1974 entstandenen Stückes Der Müll, die Stadt und der Tod über den Frankfurter Häuserkampf wurde nach Protesten abgesagt, weil die darin vorkommende Figur des reichen Juden antisemitische Stereotypen bediene. Fassbinder verließ das Theater.
Nach einer vorübergehenden Schließung 1978/79 wurde das TAT umgebaut und 1980 mit neuem Konzept, aber nunmehr ohne eigenes Ensemble wieder eröffnet. Bis 1986 war es eine Spielstätte für freie experimentelle Gruppen und internationale Künstler wie die Tanzcompany von Vivienne Newport, danach entstanden zahlreiche internationale Gastinszenierungen…

Joe Berger at the Midnight Buffet aboard the fabulous m.v. Horizon Cruise Ship –

Celebrity Cruises inaugural NYC – Bermuda cruise – we were filming for my TV Show – The Jon Hammond Show – JH
special thanks Amy Curtis Mcintyre — with Joe Berger at Celebrity Cruises

Mr. Hammond in Bermuda,

headed for the pink sand beach after cruising down on the inaugural cruise of the fabulous cruise ship m.v. Horizon Celebrity Cruises, real nice time! Jon Hammond — in Hamilton, Bermuda

Frankfurt Hausen — Jon Hammond Band with special guest Françoise Pujol at the Boesendorfer Imperial Grand Piano,

I convinced Boesendorfer to bring all the way from Vienna for Francoise to play – on the band Uwe Gehring guitar (he changed his name to Wesley G now..go figure that), Allen Wittig tenor sax, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Jon Hammond organ at Brotfabrik, the old bread factory in Frankfurt Hausen during Musikmesse time – — with Françoise Pujol and Totó Giovanni Gulino at Brotfabrik Frankfurt

Picnic Lunch Time with my late great bandleader / trumpet player Lou Colombo and Family at their house in South Yarmouth Cape Cod, circa 1978 – Mrs. Colombo serving,

merci beaucoup…and thank you Lori Colombo & Colombo Family, Jon Hammond *Note: Just back from the golf course – gig that night at Wychmere Harbor Club where we were the house band at the time with Frank Shea drums and Jack Pena guitar – JH — with Lori Colombo in South Yarmouth, MA

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