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Music Man – Jon Hammond – Accordion Radio

March 2, 2013

Music Man – Jon Hammond – Accordion Radio


Jon Hammond Excelsior Accordions photographed by the great Jazz Photographer Elmar Lemes – Times Square NYC

Marc Baum saxophone and Jon Hammond Excelsior Accordion photographed by great SF photographer Lloyd Hryciw

Jon Hammond and Marco Galeazzi Excelsior Accordions – Jon’s custom built AC/R with Sennheiser pickup system factory installed

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Rock Excelsior Accordion 2xStacks of Marshalls JON HAMMOND Band

JON HAMMOND Band made ‘Accordion History’ at Frankfurt Musikmesse playing Rock Excelsior Accordion through 2 full stacks of Marshall Amps like Jimi Hendrix ! With ERIK HARGROVE drummer of James Brown Soul Generals, KEVIN MAUDER (he plays louder) tenor sax, TYRONE STARKS trombone playing Jon’s Soul Rock compositions “Get Back In The Groove” and theme song “Late Rent”. This was Jon’s 21st consecutive year playing at Musikmesse instrument trade show. Special thanks to the Musicians, Excelsior CEMEX, Neil Witchard & Frankfurt Messe. Catch Jon’s radio show HammondCast 7 days a week, KYOU 1550AM ©


First-time ever Midi Accordion controlling Hammond Organ played (with bass lines on the buttons!) by JON HAMMOND Blues Band at JAZZKELLER Frankfurt. With sponsorship from Philip Morris, Jon was able to fly guitarist BARRY FINNERTY in from New York. Joined by DERRICK JAMES (alto sax), ALAIN NAU (drums), UWE GEHRING aka WESLEY G (guitar). Mixed live (under the piano with some guy blowing cigar smoke in his face) JOE BERGER. *special thanks: SENNHEISER Microphones, Hammond Suzuki, EUGEN HAHN Jazzkeller. **Note: Guitarist HERB ELLIS was sitting next to bandstand in front during Frankfurt Musikmesse. Jon Hammond plays Excelsior Accordions & Hammond Organs

Jon Hammond wedding gig 1971 – Topanga Canyon CA photo courtesy of Bob Fratti

WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Bernard Purdie Jon Hammond Snappy Cold Duck Funk Time

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Jon Hammond Band Facebook

New York NY — Flashback to August 1989 – Bernard Purdie the great fatback studio drummer takes the microphone and dedicates second set to his kids who are in the house to catch Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men – this never-before
seen clip features Bernard and percussionist Chuggy Leslie J. Carter getting super funky on classic Cold Duck Time at Mikell’s at 760 Columbus on corner of 97th Street, there stands a Whole Foods Store nowadays at 760 Columbus Avenue..
Jon Hammond at his 1959 B3 organ
Bernard Purdie drums
Chuggy Carter percussion
Alex Foster alto saxophone
Barry Finnerty guitar
As seen on The Jon Hammond Show cable TV program now in 29th year. *Note: Joe Berger shot this video on my Panasonic PV-430d camcorder – it was one of the first cameras with digital gain boost – you can see when it kicks in and takes on the look of a lit old film, it is an old film now folks – JH — with Leslie J. Carter, Alex Foster, Jon Hammond Band, Bernard Purdie, Alex Foster and Bernard Purdie at 760 Columbus Ave. New York City. — at 760 Columbus Avenue New York City

Pat Petrillo
Wow..Loved Mikell’s..they were cool peeps.. Played there many times..This was a treat THANKS!

Clint Bahr
New York, New York

Massimo Casati

Ethan Khan

Henry Zambrano R
Genova, Italy

Marko Wallace
Producer / Consultant at The Reneri Group

Kostas Aktypis

Aris Tsirekas
Owner at Habitat of the Mountain Dragon

Shedrick Davis

Luna Figliè

Mike Kechula
Northern Arizona University

Leif Wikfeldt

Dimitrios Rizos

Tom Collins
Works at Professional Musician

Baron Raymonde
University of North Texas

Maurizio Li Mandri

Missy Browning

Rob Wolfenden

Dick Backbeat Baars
Amsterdamse Grafische School

Bruno Batderock
Lycée St Aspais

TV and Radio Broadcasting Legend Joe Franklin with Jon Hammond in Joe’s Times Square offices Memory Lane
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: TV and Radio Broadcasting Legend Joe Franklin with Jon Hammond in Joe’s Times Square offices Memory Lane

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Frankfurt Germany — Congratulations main men Bernie Capicchiano and Michael, Hammond Sk1 MIPA Award win! Jon Hammond — with Michael Falkenstein

Bernd Boscolo
Works at BoF – die agentur

Jim Roberts
Works at Level 3 Communications

Leroy Harper Jr.
Owner at Soul Power Posse

Jeff Guilford
Birmingham Conservatoire

Tim Neal
Mostly rhythm section and occasional horn section at Self employed hammond player what dabbles in alto saxophone

Ammiel Warner
Works at Luthier For Musos Corner Newcastle

Heide-Katharina Ba

Ed Da

Jörg Joachim Riehle
Berlin, Germany

Made Maker
Weinfelden, Switzerland

Michael Bixler
Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik at Blüthner Pianoforte Fabrik

Josef Stöhr
Works at Carl Zeiss Lenses

Marco Ballarani
Works at Intesa Sanpaolo

Clemens Cody Gottwald
Parler Gymnasium Schwäbisch Gmünd

Juan Parker

Gregor Stübner
IT-Orga at VR-Bank Langenau

Florian Jöchner
Studio-Abteilung, Verkauf at Musikhaus Thomann

Drawbar Organ
Seminario at Me medesimo

Bäd Hammer

Peter Beck
Works at Selbstständig

Louis Albert
Works at Voith Paper

Caro Ricker
Albeck, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

Dilek Soylu
Urla, Izmir

Martin Schubert

Georg Lell

Sara Laurisch

Simona Billeci

John Glynn

Henry Zschelletzschky

Lennart Jazztopia

Ina Meredi
Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler”

Big Apple Meat Market Now Open for Business at New Location 529 9th Avenue NYC – Grand Opening Today Folks! Jon Hammond

Peter Nguyen and Jon Hammond Blip TV

Youtube Photo of Doctor Lonnie Smith at the Hammond Sk2 by Jon Hammond Denny Mack and Scott May – photo: Jon Hammond Chester Thompson flanked by Jon Hammond and Scott May Power Shot L to R: Masato Tomie, Jon Hammond, Scott May, Yu Beniya, Masuo Terada Power Shot L to R: Jon Hammond, Masuo Terada, Shuji Suzuki Drummer Jay Dittamo speaking with Dr. Lonnie Smith on the bandstand, while Leo Stillo checks messages by the console Chester Thompson, Doc Lonnie, Jay Dittamo in action – Jon Hammond

Justice For Jazz Artists: Pay. Pension. Protection. Process.
Now’s The Time!
Mike Camoia (tenor saxophonist) and Rudy Lawless (drums) – Jon Hammond at Local 802 – Associated Musicians of Greater New York Club Room, excellent! JH — at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

Jim Wischmeyer Bag End Speakers and Jon Hammond *WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Jam at P.Mauriat Stand with Jon Hammond at the organ and horns Spontaneous NAMM Jam Session at P.Mauriat Saxophones and Trumpets stand with some great players – Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ with many great players including Hoai Phuong Nguyen, Alejandro Chiabrando, Juan Alzate, Keyan Williams, Tim Green, Willie Bradley, Jason Palmer, Eddie Baccus Jr., Adam MacBlane – sorry if I missed anybody folks! JH – Special thanks to Alex Mingmann Hsieh, Agnieszka Obrebska – P.Mauriat, Jim Wischmeyer Bag End Speakers Hammond Suzuki USA and the very kind NAMM Sound Police – see you next year 2014 NAMM and Frankfurt Musikmesse – JH P.Mauriat Yao Shake (謝瑤) and Jon Hammond Hoai Phuong Nguyen (Hoai Phuong)and Jon Hammond Youtube Saxsbigfan 14 hours ago wow… so excellent performance !!  Go! Go! Go! Go for the sound! Reply · Tsai Susan 14 hours ago It was so exciting to see your play at the NAMM with P Mauriat artists. The live performance was thrilled and joyful. Thank you, Jon. Without you, the NAMM would be less fun!

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Stephen Doc Kupka Interview of Tower of Power with Jon Hammond

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Jon Hammond with Tower of Power Co-Leader Stephen Doc Kupka


Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka co-leader Baritone Saxophonist of Tower of Power and President of Strokeland Records interview with Jon Hammond of HammondCast Show KYOURADIO just prior to Tower of Power 40th Anniversary Fillmore Show in San Francisco. Doc and Jon speaking about the history of his career in TOP and writing with Frank Biner, Frank’s last recordings on his album for Strokeland “Bumped Up to First Class”, “Doc Goes Hollywood”, memories of Bill Graham and much more

Day 1 Winter NAMM 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Joe Berger NAMM Oral History Interview Unedited Long Version Official 55 minutes 4 seconds


Jon Hammond I’m real proud of you Joe! Everybody should watch / listen to this remarkable life story of the Berger-Meister – keep up the great work and Spirit Mr. Berger! See you soon and on the bandstand, Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond | Oral History Interview Unedited

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Short version on NAMM Website:

Published on Dec 27, 2012
Jon Hammond
Interview Date: January 13, 2011
Job Title: President and Founder
Company: Jon Hammond & Associates
accordions electric organs Hammond B-3 Hammond Organs Jazz Music Manufacturing Musicians
Jon Hammond has successfully created a career based on his musical talents and his passion for the music industry! As a musician Jon has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician and product artist he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years. Jon is closely identified with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ.
Jon Hammond Interview Date: January 13, 2011 Job Title: President and Founder Jon Hammond & Associates Jon Hammond has successfully created a … of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3Organ. (accordions, electric organs, Hammond B-3, Hammond Organs)


*Note: Friday Night January 25th at 2013 Winter NAMM Show
8:00 pm
Hammond Organ Performance
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hilton Stage East

This event will be called:
“The Sound, The Soul, The Summit!”
MC’d by Scott May of Hammond Suzuki USA
The list of Confirmed Artists is as follows:

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Terry Lawless
Chester Thompson
Larry Goldings
Freddie Ravel
Jimmie Smith
Anthony Williams
Marty Grebb
Jon Hammond Band
and Many More!

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM 2012 Sunday Blues Session Hammond Suzuki Mercy Mercy Sk1

First time to NAMM Show – Suzuki Harmonica artist KOEI TANAKA from Tokyo Japan with JOE BERGER aka The Berger-Meister on guitar through Leslie G37 guitar combo amp, SWISS CHRIS getting down with custom Vic Firth drum sticks only on practice pad for low volume trade show performance with JON HAMMOND at Sk1 Hammond combo organ..

Gina Reder and Rudy Lawless – Local 802 Monday Night Jazz Session

Michael Guilford the great left-handed jazz and rock bassist with Jon Hammond at Local 802

Jon Hammond and Donald Duck Bailey


Donald Duck Bailey legendary jazz drummer and harmonica recording artist here, performing on Fathers Day 2011 at The Tunnell Rehabilitation Center in San Francisco and interview with Jon Hammond of HammondCast. Concert sponsored by Jazz Foundation of America, Donald Duck Bailey drums & harmonica, Dewayne Oakley bs, Christopher L. Clarke tpt., Wayne Anderson gtr., camera: Jennifer and Jon Hammond – Special Thanks Stuart Cohen Director of Activities The Tunnell Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare SF CA, Marianne Pillsbury Jazz Foundation of America

snappy, duck, mikell’s, topanga canyon, accordion, 1971, photo, courtesy of, bob fratti, jazz, blues, suzuki, organ, local 802, bernard purdie

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