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2013 ASCAP I Create Music Expo 1st Day kicking it off in Hollywood California Jon Hammond HammondCast Weblog

April 19, 2013

2013 ASCAP I Create Music Expo 1st Day kicking it off in Hollywood California Jon Hammond HammondCast Weblog

8th annual ASCAP Expo – Jon’s been to 7 out of 8, not bad!

First event: ASCAP General Membership Meeting

Paul William President of ASCAP Tweeting at beginning of his speech – not bad for an old-timer Paul! Jon Hammond *Member ASCAP at General Membership Meeting Hollywood CA

— with Paul William Music at Loews Hollywood Hotel

Paul Williams ASCAP President – Composer/Musician/Actor

– 2013 General Membership Meeting opener – Jon Hammond Member ASCAP Kicking off 2013 ASCAP Expo Hollywood CA – 10 pictures, encouraging news from Paul Williams and the Youtube people – Hollywood California — with Paul William Music at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

*note: (Jon Hammond) just came back from Germany — Jeff Guilford of JJ Guitars in the haus/house – Marcel Wolf at Audio Board – Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Hofheim Gisela Stang in the audience with Christian Matz – dankeschön for joining us! 18th consecutive year – Jon

Photos taken by the great Rock photographer Andreas Meer – Jon Hammond Band’s annual Musikmesse-Session at Jazzkeller-Hofheim, dankeschön Andreas! Jon — with Jeff Guilford, Gisela Stang, Marcel Wolf and Christian Matz at Jazzkeller Hofheim

Thanks / Dankeschön for coming everybody! 18th consecutive year

Gisela Stang As you can see: we really enjoyed the music and we had fun !
20 hours ago

Jeff Guilford It was a great evening. Wonderful people and great music from my proud friends. Thanks, Jeff

— wir sehen uns next: 14 Mrz. 2014 – Jon
L to R: Joe Berger guitar, Peter Klohmann tenor sax, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums / schlagzeug, Jon Hammond organ/orgel
Photos taken by the great Rock photographer Andreas Meer – Jon Hammond Band’s annual Musikmesse-Session at Jazzkeller-Hofheim, dankeschön Andreas! Jon — with Joe Berger, Peter Klohmann, Jon Hammond Band, Totó Giovanni Gulino and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Jazzkeller Hofheim

ASCAP Board of Directors – PUBLISHERS — Jon Hammond Member ASCAP Kicking off 2013 ASCAP Expo Hollywood CA – 10 pictures, encouraging news from Paul Williams and the Youtube people – Hollywood California

— with American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

In Memory of ASCAP Composer Hal David — Jon Hammond Kicking off 2013 ASCAP Expo Hollywood CA – 10 pictures, encouraging news from Paul Williams and the Youtube people – Hollywood California

— Hal David at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

Copyright Act Reform — Jon Hammond Kicking off 2013 ASCAP Expo Hollywood CA – 10 pictures, encouraging news from Paul Williams and the Youtube people – Hollywood California

— Judy Chu for Congress and Howard Coble at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

Country Western Song Critique(s) — Jon Hammond Kicking off 2013 ASCAP Expo Hollywood CA – 10 pictures, encouraging news from Paul Williams and the Youtube people

– Hollywood California — with American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP)

Hollywood California — 2013 ASCAP I Create Music Day 1 – Opening Networking Reception – Musicians & Songwriters love an open bar…and hors d’oeuvres!

Jon Hammond — with Lauren Iossa at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

“Fam” at Opening Networking Reception

Watching Katy Perry right now who doesn’t allow photos – but Peter Frampton had no problem! (and I dig his music and him better anyhow to tell you the truth folks) – it was a great session Peter!

– Jon Hammond — with Peter Frampton at 2013 ASCAP EXPO

Randy Grimmett Exec. V.P. ASCAP Membership is speaking with Cameron Strang

– CEO/Chairman of Warner/Cappell Music Publishing at 2013 ASCAP Expo – Jon Hammond Hollywood California

*flashback to just a few nights ago: Jon Hammond at the organ

— Photos taken by the great Rock photographer Andreas Meer – Jon Hammond Band’s annual Musikmesse-Session at Jazzkeller-Hofheim, dankeschön Andreas! Jon — at Jazzkeller Hofheim

Hollywood California — Legendary Singer Songwriter Judy Collins closed out the 1st day of 2013 ASCAP I Create Music Expo – singing and signing (autographs)

– Jon Hammond
Judy’s Wiki
Judith Marjorie Collins
Born May 1, 1939 (age 73)
Origin Seattle, Washington,
United States
Genres Rock and roll, Pop, Folk
Occupations Singer, songwriter, musician, actress
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar
Years active 1959–present
Labels Elektra Records
Geffen/MCA Records
Mesa Bluemoon/Rhino/Atlantic Records
Wildflower Records
Associated acts Leonard Cohen
Bob Dylan
Ian Tyson
Joni Mitchell
Joan Baez
Judith Marjorie “Judy” Collins (born May 1, 1939) is an American singer and songwriter known for her eclectic tastes in the material she records (which has included folk, show tunes, pop, rock and roll and standards) and for her social activism. She is an alumna of MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois.
Musical career
Collins was born in Seattle, Washington, where she spent the first ten years of her life. Her father took a job in Denver in 1949, and the family moved to Colorado. Collins studied classical piano with Antonia Brico, making her public debut at age 13, performing Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos. Brico took a dim view, both then and later, of Collins’s developing interest in folk music, which led her to the difficult decision to discontinue her piano lessons. Years later, when Collins had become internationally known through her music, she invited Brico to one of her concerts in Denver. When they met after the performance, Brico took both of Collins’ hands in hers, looked wistfully at her fingers and said, “Little Judy—you really could have gone places.” Still later, Collins discovered that Brico herself had made a living when she was younger playing jazz and ragtime piano (Singing Lessons, pp. 71–72). She also had the fortune of meeting many musicians through her blind father, a Seattle radio program host.[1]
It was the music of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, and the traditional songs of the folk revival of the early 1960s, however, that piqued Collins’ interest and awoke in her a love of lyrics. Three years after her debut as a piano prodigy, she was playing guitar. Her music became popular at the University of Connecticut, where her husband taught. She performed at parties and for the campus radio station along with David Grisman and Tom Azarian.[2] She eventually made her way to Greenwich Village, New York City, where she busked and played in clubs until she signed with Elektra Records, a record label she was associated with for 35 years. In 1961, Collins released her first album, A Maid of Constant Sorrow, at the age of 22.[3]
At first she sang traditional folk songs or songs written by others — in particular the protest poets of the time, such as Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, and Bob Dylan. She recorded her own versions of important songs from the period, such as Dylan’s “Mr. Tambourine Man” and Pete Seeger’s “Turn, Turn, Turn”. Collins was also instrumental in bringing little-known musicians to a wider public. For example, she recorded songs by Canadian poet Leonard Cohen, who became a close friend over the years. She also recorded songs by singer-songwriters such as Eric Andersen, Ian Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Randy Newman, Robin Williamson and Richard Fariña long before they gained national acclaim.[4] [5]
While Collins’ first few albums comprised straightforward guitar-based folk songs, with 1966’s In My Life, she began branching out and including work from such diverse sources as The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Brel, and Kurt Weill.[5] Mark Abramson produced and Joshua Rifkin arranged the album, adding lush orchestration to many of the numbers. The album was regarded as a major departure for a folk artist and set the course for Collins’ subsequent work over the next decade.[6]
With her 1967 album Wildflowers, also produced by Mark Abramson and arranged by Rifkin, Collins began to record her own compositions, beginning with “Since You’ve Asked”. The album also provided Collins with a major hit, and a Grammy award, in Mitchell’s “Both Sides, Now”, which reached Number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100.[7]
Collins’ 1968 album, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, was produced by David Anderle and featured back-up guitar by Stephen Stills (of Crosby, Stills & Nash), with whom she was romantically involved at the time. (She was the inspiration for Stills’s CSN classic “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”). Time Goes had a mellow country sound, and included Ian Tyson’s “Someday Soon” and the title track written by the UK singer-songwriter Sandy Denny. The album also featured Collins’ composition “My Father” and one of the first covers of Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on the Wire”.[8]
By the 1970s Collins had a solid reputation as an art song singer and folksinger and had begun to stand out for her own compositions. She was also known for her broad range of material: her songs from this period include the traditional Christian hymn “Amazing Grace”, the Stephen Sondheim Broadway ballad “Send in the Clowns” (both of which were top 20 hits as singles), a recording of Joan Baez’s “A Song for David”, and her own compositions, such as “Born to the Breed”.[9]
In the 1970s Collins guest starred on The Muppet Show,[10] where she sang “Leather-Winged Bat”, “I Know An Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly”, “Do Re Mi” and “Send in the Clowns”. She also appeared several times on Sesame Street, where she performed “Fishermen’s Song” with a chorus of Anything Muppet fishermen, sang a trio with Biff and Sully using the word “yes”, and even starred in a modern musical fairy tale skit called “The Sad Princess”.[11]
She sang the theme song of the Rankin-Bass TV movie The Wind in the Willows.[12]

Judy Collins at the Miami Book Fair International of 1987
In more recent years Collins has taken to writing, producing a memoir, Trust Your Heart, in 1987, and a novel, Shameless. A more recent memoir, Sanity and Grace, tells of her son Clark’s death in January 1992. With help from her manager Katherine DePaul she started Wildflower Records. Though her record sales are not what they once were, she still records and tours in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. She performed at President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration in 1993, singing “Amazing Grace” and “Chelsea Morning”. (The Clintons have stated that they named their daughter, Chelsea, after Collins’ recording of the song.) In 2006, she sang “This Little Light of Mine” in a commercial for Eliot Spitzer.[13]
In 2008 she oversaw an album featuring artists ranging from Dolly Parton and Joan Baez to Rufus Wainwright and Chrissie Hynde covering her compositions; she also released a collection of The Beatles covers, and she received an honorary doctorate from Pratt Institute on May 18 of that year. In 2010, Collins sang “The Weight of the World” at the Newport Folk Festival, a song by Amy Speace.[14]
Collins joined the 10th annual Independent Music Awards judging panel to assist independent musicians’ careers.[15][16] She was also a judge for the 7th and 9th Independent Music Awards.[17]
In July 2012, Collins appeared as a guest artist on the Australian SBS television show RocKwiz.[18]

Like many other folk singers of her generation, Collins was drawn to social activism. Her political idealism also led her to compose a ballad entitled “Che” in honor of the 1960s Marxist icon Che Guevara.[19]
Collins sympathized with the Yippie movement, and was friendly with its leaders, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. On March 17, 1968, she attended Hoffman’s press conference at the Americana Hotel in New York to announce the party’s formation. In 1969, she testified in Chicago in support of the Chicago Seven; during her testimony, she began singing Pete Seeger’s “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”, and was admonished by prosecutor Tom Foran and judge Julius Hoffman.[20]
She is currently a representative for UNICEF and campaigns on behalf of the abolition of landmines.[21][22]
[edit]Personal life

Collins contracted polio at the age of eleven and spent two months in hospital in isolation.[23]
Collins has been married twice. Her first marriage in 1958 to Peter Taylor produced her only child, Clark C. Taylor. The marriage ended in divorce in 1965.[24]
In 1962, shortly after her debut at Carnegie Hall, Collins was diagnosed with tuberculosis and spent six months recuperating in a sanatorium.[25]
Collins later admitted suffering from bulimia after she had quit smoking in the 1970s. “I went straight from the cigarettes into an eating disorder”, she told People magazine in 1992. “I started throwing up. I didn’t know anything about bulimia, certainly not that it is an addiction or that it would get worse. My feelings about myself, even though I had been able to give up smoking and lose 20 lbs., were of increasing despair.” She also talks at length, in Singing Lessons (pp. 172–190, 238–240), about her years of addiction to alcohol, the damage it did to her personal and musical life and how it contributed to her feelings of depression. She says that, although she tried other drugs in the 1960s, alcohol was always her primary drug of choice, just as it had been for her father. She entered a rehabilitation program in Pennsylvania in 1978, and she has maintained her sobriety ever since, even through such traumatic events as the suicide of her only child, Clark. In 1992, he committed suicide at age 33 after a long bout with clinical depression and substance abuse. Since his death, she has also become a strong advocate of suicide prevention.
In April 1996, she married designer and fellow activist Louis Nelson, whom she had been seeing since 1979. They live together in New York City.[26]
Her sister, Holly, was married to actor James Keach and they have a son, Kalen.[27]
[edit]Awards and recognition

Grammy Award, Best Folk Performance or Folk Recording, “Both Sides Now”, 1968
Stephen Sondheim won a Grammy Award for Song of the Year, “Send in the Clowns”, in 1975, it was believed, largely on the strength of Collins’ performance of the song on her album Judith[28]
Nominated with Jill Godmilow for an Academy Award for the documentary “Antonia: A Portrait of the Woman” (1975), about her classical piano instructor, conductor Antonia Brico.
Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degree from Pratt Institute, May 2009

Further information: Judy Collins discography
[edit]Charted singles

Year Song US Hot 100 US A.C. Album
1967 “Hard Lovin’ Loser” 97 – In My Life
1968 “Both Sides, Now” 8 3 Wildflowers
1969 “Someday Soon” 55 37 Who Knows Where the Time Goes
1969 “Chelsea Morning” 78 25 (single only)
1969 “Turn! Turn! Turn!/To Everything There Is A Season” 69 28 Recollections
1970 “Amazing Grace” 15 5 Whales & Nightingales
1971 “Open The Door (Song For Judith)” 90 23 Living
1973 “Cook With Honey” 32 10 True Stories and Other Dreams
1973 “Secret Gardens” 122 – True Stories and Other Dreams
1975 “Send In The Clowns” 36 8 Judith
1977 “Send In The Clowns” (re-release) 19 15 Judith
1979 “Hard Times For Lovers” 66 16 Hard Times for Lovers
1984 “Home Again” (duet with T. G. Sheppard) – 42 Home Again
1990 “Fires Of Eden” – 31 Fires Of Eden

Baby’s Bedtime (1992)
Baby’s Morningtime (1992)
Junior (1994), playing the operator of a spa for pregnant women opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger
Christmas at the Biltmore Estate (1998)
A Town Has Turned to Dust (1998), telefilm based on a Rod Serling science-fiction story
The Best of Judy Collins (1999)
Intimate Portrait: Judy Collins (2000)
Judy Collins Live at Wolf Trap (2003)
Wildflower Festival (2003) (DVD with guest artists Eric Andersen, Arlo Guthrie, and Tom Rush)
Girls (TV, 2013), series 2, episode 8: “It’s Back”

Trust Your Heart (1987)
Amazing Grace (1991)
Shameless (1995)
Singing Lessons (1998)
Sanity and Grace: A Journey of Suicide, Survival and Strength (2003)
The Seven T’s : Finding Hope and Healing in the Wake of Tragedy (2007)
Sweet Judy Blue Eyes : my life in music (2011) ISBN 0-307-71734-8 OCLC 699763852

**Just a few days before:

2013 Frankfurt Musikmesse Action World’s Largest Musical Instruments Show and ProLight + Sound 27th Year Jon Hammond on the scene

Jon Hammond Band last night – Musikmesse Warm Up Party

Chocolate Chocolate Cake baked by Saray Pastnesi Bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse FFM

– Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2013 very special friends in Jazzkeller Frankfurt – thank you so much everybody for joining us for celebrating 27 years Musikmesse and 60 year birthday boy cake action with Jon Hammond Band, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar and Jon at the Sk1 Hammond organ – we’re going to do it again next year in 2014!

L to R: Joe Lamond President CEO of NAMM, Jon Hammond, Joe Berger

Betty Heywood, NAMM director of International Affairs and Jon Hammond at Musikmesse Warm Up Party – Jazzkeller Frankfurt

Chocolate Chocolate cake action – Super Jenny cutting cake – many thanks Super Jenny!

– Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2013 very special friends in Jazzkeller Frankfurt – thank you so much everybody for joining us for celebrating 27 years Musikmesse and 60 year birthday boy cake action with Jon Hammond Band, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar and Jon at the Sk1 Hammond organ – we’re going to do it again next year in 2014!

The Best Baker in Frankfurt delivered personally my birthday / 27 year Musikmesse Warm Up Party chocolate chocolate cake last night to Jazzkeller Frankfurt, dankeschön! Jon Hammond – Day 1 Musikmesse kicking it off folks, JH

Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2013 very special friends in Jazzkeller Frankfurt – thank you so much everybody for joining us for celebrating 27 years Musikmesse and 60 year birthday boy cake action with Jon Hammond Band, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar and Jon at the Sk1 Hammond organ – we’re going to do it again next year in 2014! — at Jazzkeller

Tony Lakatos, Jon Hammond, Totó Giovanni Gulino, Joe Berger Musikmesse Warm Up Party 2013 very special friends in Jazzkeller Frankfurt

– thank you so much everybody for joining us for celebrating 27 years Musikmesse and 60 year birthday boy cake action with Jon Hammond Band, Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar and Jon at the Sk1 Hammond organ – we’re going to do it again next year in 2014!

Jon Hammond zum 27. Mal auf der Musikmesse
Nomen est omen. Der Mann heißt Hammond und spielt eine Hammond. Der Organist aus New York freut sich auf Frankfurt und lädt zur Musikmesse Warm Up Party am 9.4. in den Jazzkeller ein.
JOURNAL FRANKFURT: Was war für Sie zuerst da – die Frankfurter Musikmesse oder Auftritte im Jazzkeller?
Jon Hammond: Die Musikmesse. Ich kam 1987 zum ersten Mal nach Frankfurt, zusammen mit Joe Berger, der auf der Messe für Engl Amplifiers spielte. Wir flogen mit der Lufthansa ein und teilten uns ein Zimmer im berühmten Prinz Otto Hotel am Hauptbahnhof. Schon in der ersten Nacht stellte mir Joe den großen John Entwistle, den Bassisten von The Who vor. Es wurde eine lange Nacht, in der wir Cognac tranken und Erdnüsse knabberten in eiern Suite des Marriott Hotels. Ich habe Joe bei einer Session mit John und Ringo Starrs Sohn Zak Starkey im Dorian Grey Club gefilmt bei einer Soundcheck Party. In den ersten paar Jahren spielte ich nicht oft live weil ich noch keine transportierbare Hammond Orgel hatte vor 1991 als ich den Prototyp einer XB-2 Hammond Orgel bekam mit der ich dann um die Welt reiste. Hauptsächliche dokumenierte ich aber die Messe für meine Cable TV Show in New York, die inzwischen im 29. Jahr als The Jon Hammond Show — Music, Travel and Soft News präsentiert. Die harten Nachrichten überlasse ich CNN und den großen Networks (lacht). Vom ersten Jahr an fühlten wir uns der Musikmesse eng verbunden, haben seitdem eine tolle Zeit hier, kommen jedes Jahr wieder bis wir kleine, alte Männer sind.

Das Jazzkeller-Konzert am Vorabend der Musikmesse ist zu einer netten Tradition geworden – wie kam es dazu, was bedeutet es Ihnen und wir werden Sie dieses Jahr diesen Abend im Jazzkeller zelebrieren?
Ab 1991 lernte ich mehr und mehr Musikmesse-Menschen kennen und die mich und auch einiges von meiner Musik. Einige von ihnen ermunterten mich, doch auch für Auftritte nach Deutschland zu kommen weil es hier doch ein Interesse an Hammond-Orgel-Groove-Music gab. Mit der schon erwähnten, kleinen, kompakten aber sehr kraftvollen Orgel war das alles möglich. Zudem machte ich in New York gerade eine schwere Zeit durch, mein Vater war gestorben und ich hatte das Gefühl, einige Veränderungen könnten meinem Leben gut tun. Also kam ich nach Frankfurt mit meiner XB-2, allerdings mit einem Rückflugticket falls etwas schief gehen würde. Ich rief viele Musiker an, ließ sie wissen, ich bin jetzt da, lasst uns zusammen spielen. Das war für mich der Anfang einer langen, sehr speziellen Beziehung, vor allem zum Frankfurter Publikum nach ersten kleinen erfolgen im Jazzkeller und einer kurzen Auftritt im Hessen Report im Fernsehen. Beatrix Rief verdanke ich dieses “lucky light on me”, eine tolle Erfahrung. Seitdem nenne ich Frankfurt “My Good Luck City” und im Jazzkeller begann auch alles für mich als Musiker. Deshalb liegt mir der Club auch so nah am Herzen, deshalb hatte ich auch die Idee, meine “Musikmesse Warm Up Party” dort zu realisieren, immer in der Nacht bevor die Messe startet was zu einer schönen Tradition wurde. Im ersten Jahr, in dem ich dann auch ein wenig Sponsoring von Philip Morris bekam, konnte ich damit einige Flugtickets für befreundete Musik bezahlen. Darüber war ich sehr glücklich. Dabei rauche ich selbst gar nicht.

Wie würden Sie Ihr persönliches Verhältnis zu Deutschland und Frankfurt beschrieben?
Lassen Sie es mich so sagen: ich liebe Frankfurt und die Frankfurter waren immer gut zu mir in all den Jahren. Ich könnte ein ganzes Buch über die Zeit schreiben, in der ich in Bornheim wohnte und Nacht für Nacht in der alten Jazzkneipe in der Berliner Straße auftrat. Das war der Treffpunkt, wo auch die Musiker der HR Bigband hinkamen und es gab eine generöse Chefin in der kleinen Kneipe. Auch Regine Dobberschütz und Eugen Hahn im Jazzkeller waren wahre Jazzengel für mich, die mir so vieles ermöglichten in der Zeit. Wir konnten auch in den Studios von AFN Radio spielen, waren die einzigen Musiker, die das – mit einer Sondergenehmigung des US Militärs – durften. Für ein wenig Promotion für die Musikmesse. Wir nannten das Programm für die AFN “Profile TV “-Show “Sound Police”. Wir hatten viel Spaß. Kein Wunder also, dass ich Frankfurt als my home away from home begreife und ich mich jedes Mal wieder freue zur Musikmesse zu reisen, in diesem Jahr übrigens zum 27. Mal in Folge. Und ich bin diesmal besonders aufgeregt, heim nach Frankfurt zu kommen weil ich gerade 60 Jahre alt geworden bin.

Wer wird in diesem Jahr zum Gelingen des Konzertes mit teils komponierter, teils improvisierter Musik, so nehme ich an, beitragen und was für einen Sound wird die Band präsentieren?
Ich habe etwa 90% der Kompositionen geschrieben, die wir spielen werden. Es ist die Musik, die man auch in meiner New Yorker TV-Show hören kann und die mich mehrmals um die Welt getragen hat. Meinen Stil nenne ich “Swinging Funky Jazz and Blues” und featurert die ganz wunderbaren Solisten in meine Band: Tony Lakatos, den großen ungarischen Tenorsaxophonisten, der auch Mitglied in der hr Bigband ist, dann meinen alten Freund Giovanni Gulino, diesen tollen Schlagzeuger, der schon für fast alle Großen der Szene getrommelt hat. Ich liebe diese Jungs. Als Gitarrist ist mein alten Freund und Kollege Joe Berger dabei, den man auch als The Berger-Meister kennt. Auf diese Formation bin ich wirklich stolz.

Werden Sie im Jazzkeller wieder eine Hammond Orgel spielen?
Ja, sicher, das neueste Modell, eine Sk1, die exakt so klingt wie die legendäre B3. Ich liebe sie. Und sie wiegt nur noch sieben Kilo (Anm. des Autors: Das Original, ein echtes Möbel mit viel Holz, mussten immer zwei Menschen mit viel Muskelkraft die Treppen rauf und runter hieven), ein deutliches Indiz, dass wir in der Zukunft angekommen sind. Da stecken viele Jahre Forschung und Entwicklung drin, auch Bühnenerprobungen. Ich ziehe den Hut vor den Ingenieuren von Suzuki, ein unverwüstliches Instrument erschaffen zu haben. Und das unterziehe ich jetzt einen echten Härttest (lacht).
27. März 2013 Interview: Detlef Kinsler

photo: Detlef Kinsler and Jon Hammond in Jazzkeller

Web: /

Power Shot – P.Mauriat FMS 2013 Team – Blues and Jazz Session with the great P.Mauriat Artists and Jon Hammond at Sk1 Hammond organ – big special thanks to main man Alex Mingmann Hsieh! – Jon Hammond — with Reiner Witzel, Klaus Wangorsch, André de Laat, Pmauriat Albest, Agnieszka Obrebska and PMauriat Saxophones at musikmesse

The next hot shot tenor player folks! At P.Mauriat stand H4.1 E71 Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013

– Jon Hammond — with P Mauriat HQ and Pmauriat Albest

Wolfgang Lücke Fearless Leader Direktor of Musikmesse and Prolight + Sound world’s biggest Music Trade Show and Jon Hammond on last day of the fair – it is a monster job, Wolfgang and his mighty team pulled it off to perfection like every year – and like his name says, brings Good Luck to me and all the family of Music Exhibitors, thanks a million / dankeschön Wolfgang and Team! We will meet again in Shanghai Messefrankfurt Music-China – totally rockin’ show once again! – Jon

— with Wolfgang Lücke at musikmesse

Name this great saxophonist Folks! P.Mauriat Blues and Jazz Session Day 3 in 2013 Musikmesse with Jon Hammond at the organ

– *It’s Mike Smith from Chicago folks! JH

Paul de Laat:

Morgen op de Musikmesse!!!! Play it bro!!! 😉 — with Arno Haas, Jon Hammond, André de Laat and Tony Lakatos
Róbert Murányi Tony Lakatos a plakát közepén… a magyar szaxis viszi a hátán a csapatot?

Thank you for posting the Plakat of P.Mauriat Blues & Jazz booth session Paul de Laat – your brother plays wonderfully and is a very nice cat!
all the best,
Jon Hammond

Power shot: Ludovic Beier the great Accordion and Accordina virtuoso Roland V-Accordion Artist, Jon Hammond and Suzuki Instruments Executives Shigeyuki Ohtaka and President Shuji Suzuki on last day of 2013 Frankfurt Musikmesse

– check out my interview with Ludovic and his performances on Youtube
LUDOVIC BEIER chromatic accordion virtuoso Jazz Musician from France is Jon’s guest here on HammondCast

Saxophone Mouthpiece builder Rafy Navarro with Jon Hammond and Tony Lakatos – Rafy also makes Bob Mintzer’s mouthpiece – Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013

— with Tony Lakatos at musikmesse

Pigini / Excelsior Accordion Friends at 2013 Musikmesse
L to R: Roberto Lucanero, Massimo Pigini, Jon Hammond, Federico Pigini *note: Excelsior in back of my head is similar to the one I play, magnificent hand-crafted instruments! *2nd image Heinz Aumüller Excelsior Deutschland and Jon Hammond –
Keys To Happiness Excelsior Accordions Hand Built in Castelfidardo Italy – USA Artist Jon Hammond — with

with Roberto Lucanero

Preview of some of the photographs of the great Rock Photographer Andreas Meer of Jon Hammond Band playing 18th consecutive year Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller-Hofheim – it was a great night, thank you to all the folks who joined us including Gisela Stang Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Hofheim, wonderful Team of Jazzkeller-Hofheim and these musicians: Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger aka The Berger-Meister guitar and Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ – thank you so much for documenting our concert Andreas! Jon Hammond

Back at The Jazzkeller Hofheim for 18th consecutive year – and it’s starting to rain outside big time *second image with good friend long-time Jazzkeller Hofheimer Konrad Neupert so great to see Konrad again thanks/dankeschön Konrad! Jon Hammond

Just as I arrived at Jazzkeller-Hofheim it started raining cats and dogs!

Power Photo! L to R: Michael Falkenstein fearless Leader of Hammond Germany with is wonderful lady Super Jenny Jennifer Schiele, Joe Berger The Berger-Meister, Shuji Suzuki President of Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of my Hammond organ and myself Jon Hammond as we all meet in the busy hall of 2013 Frankfurt Musikmesse yesterday!

— with Michael Falkenstein, Jennifer Schiele and Joe Berger

Photo by Andreas Meer

Jazzkeller Hofheim – incredible great Jazz-night with Jon Hammond, Totó Giovanni Gulino drums, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Joe Berger guitar at Sk1 Hammond orgel – Fr. 12.04. Musikmesse-Session mit Jon Hammond Band — with Joe Berger, Jon Hammond Organ Group, Totó Giovanni Gulino, Jon Hammond Band, Peter Klohmann and Jon Hammond

P Mauriat Blues and Jazz session with Jon Hammond and P.Mauriat artists Day 3 at 2013 Musikmesse, Going For The Sound!

P.Mauriat: “Thank you for visiting and see you in China”:

Hofheim am Taunus — Great night in history – Gisela Stang Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Hofheim meets Berger-Meister (Joe Berger) – Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Hofheim

L to R: Joe Berger aka Berger-Meister, Gisela Stang, Totó Giovanni Gulino, Peter Kohmann, Joe Berger is happy about this…and we all are, go Gisela in the election, keep up the great work in Hofheim am Taunus! – Jon Hammond — with Joe Berger, Gisela Stang, Jon Hammond Band, Totó Giovanni Gulino and Peter Klohmann

The great Music Photographer Documentarian Andreas Meer and Jon Hammond on last day of Musikmesse 2013 – I am so happy and blessed that main man Andreas came directly from Paris to our concert last night in Jazzkeller Hofheim and shot incredible photos, documented the entire event, merci beaucoup…and thank you very much Andreas! Some photos will be coming soon, wow this is so super, Andreas Meer is one of the greatest Rock photographers in the world!
Thanks a million Andreas!
Jon Hammond and Band

— at musikmesse

Power Shot: with Ludovic Beier my favorite accordionist, accordina virtuoso and the Father of Roland V-Accordion and Jon Hammond on last day of Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013, bravo Ludovic! Jon

— with Ludovic Beier at musikmesse

Big big congratulations to my friend Chan Mei Leng on the Grand Opening of her wonderful new “Selera Malaysian Restaurant” located very close to the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof on Muenchenerstr. 52, the food is fantastic – wishing you many successes long long time Leng and Selera Team!

Jon Hammond — with Chan Mei Leng at Selera Malaysian Restaurant Muenchenerstr. 52 Frankfurt am Main

Power Photo! L to R: Michael Falkenstein fearless Leader of Hammond Germany with is wonderful lady Super Jenny Jennifer Schiele, Joe Berger The Berger-Meister, Shuji Suzuki President of Suzuki Musical Instruments makers of my Hammond organ and myself Jon Hammond as we all meet in the busy hall of 2013 Frankfurt Musikmesse yesterday!

The Pointers! – Jon Hammond and Tony Lakatos saxophonist extraordinaire just about ready to hit at P.Mauriat Blues and Jazz Session 2013 Musikmesse

– Special thanks TecAmp/THC amplification!

Thomas Eich TecAmp / TCH Amplifiers and Jon Hammond

Thomas Eich, TecAmp, Bespeco, Musikmesse, P.Mauriat, Tony Lakatos, Chocolate Cake, Warm Up Party, Funky Jazz, Blues, Sk1 Organ, Jon Hammond

ASCAP Expo, Hollywood California, Judy Collins, Paul Williams, 8th annual, songwriters, musicians, open bar, hors d’oeuvres, Pop music, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Board of Directors, Lauren Iossa, Marketing Director

KYOU ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” HammondCast Special #1

May 7, 2009

LISTEN KYOU ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” HammondCast Special #1 HERE:

HammondCast KYOURADIO ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” special, with award winners Ann & Nancy Wilson HEART “Crazy On You”, STEPHEN BISHOP, WENDY WALDMAN with MIETEK SZCZESNIAK, GARY BAKER, JACK TEMPCHIN with their stories and hit songs, enjoy! © Details and past shows available at:
Last Aired: May 8, 2009
Hollywood CA–
JEFF LYNNE, HEART’S ANN & NANCY WILSON, WYCLEF JEAN, CHAKA KHAN, RICKY SKAGGS honored at annual ASCAP “I Create Music Expo” with coverage by ASCAP Member Publisher Jon Hammond on Hammond’s daily radio program HammondCast Show on KYOU Radio. Also Narada Michael Walden, Holly Knight, Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman, CEO, Creative Services/Lifestyle – Hunnypot Unlimited
ASCAP Network HammondCast
Jon Hammond and Ken Cicerale at ASCAP Awards Dinner and Reception Hollywood CA
Betsy Anthony
Senior Manager, Creative and Writer Services – Bug Music/Windswept Holdings

Phil Antoniades
COO and Co-Founder – Nimbit Inc.

Antonina Armato
Songwriter, Producer – “Seven Things,” “See You Again,” “I Still Believe,” “Bet on It”

Patrick Arn
Founder – Gotham Records and Gotham Music Placement

Billy Austin
Owner – Tuniverse Records
Publisher – Platinum Pen Publishing
Songwriter – “Leave The Pieces,” “99.9% Sure (I’ve Never Been Here Before)” “Put Your Best Dress On”

Johntá Austin
Songwriter – “Shake It Off,” “We Belong Together,” “Be Without You,” “Poppin’”

Cindy Badell-Slaughter
President – Heavy Hitters Music Group

Gary Baker
Songwriter, Producer – “I Swear,” “I’m Already There,” “Once Upon A Lifetime,” “Anywhere For You”

Martin Bandier
Chairman and CEO – Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Eric Bazilian
Songwriter, Performer – “One Of Us,” “Kiss The Rain,” “Private Emotion,” “All You Zombies”

Eric Beall
VP, A&R – Shapiro Bernstein & Co
Author – The Billboard Guide To Writing and Producing Songs That Sell: How To Create Hits In Today’s Music Industry

Natasha Bedingfield
Songwriter, Performer – “Unwritten,” “Pocketful of Sunshine,” “Love Like This,” “These Words”

Richard Bellis
Author – The Emerging Film Composer
Composer – One Special Night, Stephen King’s IT,Above and Beyond

Tony Berg
Musician, Producer, Music Executive – Air Supply, Aimee Mann, Peter Gabriel

Marilyn Bergman
Academy & Grammy Award-winning lyricist – “The Windmills of Your Mind,” “The Way We Were,” “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers,” Film: Yentl

Stephen Bishop
Songwriter, Performer – “On and On,” “Separate Lives,” “Save It For A Rainy Day” Film: Animal House

Sat Bisla
Founder/President – A&R Worldwide and MUSEXPO; Host, Music Programmer – Indie103.1’s Passport Approved

Tim Blacksmith
Co-Manager – Stargate

Brian “BK” Kennedy
Producer, Songwriter – “My Love,” “Distrurbia,” “If This Isn’t Love,” “It’s Over”

Chaka Khan
Performer, Songwriter – “I’m Every Woman,” “Angel,” “Through the Fire,” The Woman I Am

Dan Kimpel
Music Journalist, Author – How They Made It: True Stories of How Music’s Biggest Stars Went to Stardom, Networking in the Music Business

Emanuel Kiriakou
Songwriter, Producer – “Crush,” “What’s Left of Me,” “A Million Miles,” “2 in the Morning”

Brandon Kitchen
Creative, A&R – Artist Publishing Group (A Division of Warner/Chappell Publishing)

Sam Kling
VP, A&R and Film & TV – peermusic

Holly Knight
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – “Simply The Best,” “Love Is A Battlefield,” “Better Be Good To Me”

Greg Kurstin
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – “The Fear,” “Wow,” “Again and Again,” “Haven’t Got a Clue”

Kevin Kusatsu
A&R – Columbia Records

Ron Laffitte
Artist Manager, OneRepublic, Chris Cornell, Good Charlotte, The Decemberists, Sum 41 – Red Light Management

Jimmy R. Landry
Producer, Engineer, Songwriter; A&R Consultant – Cakewalk

Brian Lapin
Composer – TV: Gossip Girl, Joey, 20/20
Music Production Team – The Transcenders

Philip Lawrence
Songwriter, Artist, Vocalist – “Right Round,” “You,” “Everything is Everything”

Thomas Lee
Professor, Director of Bands, Conductor – UCLA Wind Ensemble

Songwriter, Performer, Actress – “The Show,” “Don’t Let Me Fall,” “Trouble Is a Friend”

Alejandro Lerner
Songwriter, Performer – “Hoy Es Adios,” “Todo A Pulmon”

Leeds Levy
President – Leeds Music

JR Lindsey
Creative Director, Urban Music, A&R – Chrysalis Music Publishing

Glenn Litwak, Esq.
Attorney – Law Offices of Litwak & Havkin

Steven Lowy, Esq.
Attorney, Partner – Isaacman, Kaufman & Painter

LeToya Luckett
Songwriter, Performer, Actress – “Not Anymore,” “Torn,” “U Got What I Need,” “All Eyes on Me”

Ankur Malhotra
A&R, Urban/Pop – Capitol Records

Johnny Mandel
Composer, Arranger, Producer – “The Shadow of Your Smile,” “Emily,” TV Theme: M*A*S*H

Craig Marks
Music Director, Music Editor – HorseTV
Composer – TV: Iron Chef America

Andy Marvel
Songwriters – “Shy Guy,” “Treat Her Like A Lady,” “With You,” “One Good Man”

Richard Marx
Songwriter, Artist, Producer – “Dance With My Father,” “Right Here Waiting,” “Don’t Mean Nothing,” “Better Life”

Gabe McDonough
Senior Producer, Music and Integration – DDB Chicago

Jonathan McHugh
Film & TV Music and Record Company Executive

Tracy McKnight
VP, Film Music – Lionsgate

Vince Mendoza
Composer, Arranger, Conductor – Start Here , Some Skunk Funk

Andre Merritt
Songwriter – “Disturbia,” “Forever”

Mateo Messina
Composer – Film: Juno, Hit & Run, Thank You For Smoking TV: The Office

Marcus Miller
Composer, Producer – “Power of Love,” M2, Tutu, The Woman I Am

Bambi Moé
Co-Owner – Courgette Records
Owner, Music Licensing – Unencumbered Productions

Chris Montan
President – Walt Disney Music

Lennie Moore
Composer – Games: Magic the Gathering, Dirty Harry, War of the Ring, Outcast

Michael Morgan
Conductor – Oakland East Bay Symphony

Nicole Morier
Songwriter, Producer – “Rock Me In,” “If He Should Ever Leave You,” “Heaven On Earth”

Walter Murphy
Composer, Arranger – “A Fifth of Beethoven” TV: Family Guy, American Dad Film: Foodfight!

Mark Needham
Mixer, Producer – The Killers, Iglu & Hartly, Metro Station

Joey Newman
Composer – TV: Little People, Big World, Privileged, Once & Again, Providence

Melinda Newman

Pamela Phillps Oland
Songwriter – “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do,” “If Ever A Love There Was,” “Digga Digga Dog,” “Monday Morning Quarterback”

Frank J. Oteri
Editor –, American Music Center
Composer – Machunas, Fair and Balanced?, Imagined Overtures

Jake Ottmann
VP, Creative, East Coast – EMI Music Publishing

David Paich
President – Hudmar Inc.
Songwriter, Composer, Producer – “Africa,” “Rosanna,” “Got to be Real” Film: Dune

Stacey Palm
EVP, Creative – Opus 19 Music LLC

Todd Parker
A&R – Interscope Records
Engineer, Mixer

Don Passman, Esq.
Attorney, Partner – Gang, Tyre, Ramer, and Brown, Inc.
Author – All You Need to Know About the Music Business

Stephen Paulus
Composer – Sea Portraits Opera: The Postman Always Rings Twice

Nancy Peacock
Partner, Manager – Slugfest Records Nashville
President – Washington Street Publishing

Danny Poku
Co-Manager – Stargate

Amy Powers
President – Powers That Be Inc.
Songwriter – “Shine,” “Not Just Make Believe” Broadway: Sunset Blvd., Zhivago

Pat Prescott
DJ, Co-Host – Brian McKnight Morning Show (KTWV 94.7 FM, LA)

Neeta Ragoowansi
Director, Artist-Label Relations – SoundExchange

Kyra Reed
Principal – MarKyr Media
Author – Blog 101

Jason Reeves
Singer, Songwriter – “Bubbly,” “Realize,” The Magnificent Adventures of Heartache (and Other Frightening Tales)

Andrea Remanda
Songwriter, Singer – Film: “Never Gonna Break My Faith” (Bobby), “Quest for Love” (Arthur & The Invisibles)

David Renzer
Chairman and CEO – Universal Music Publishing Group

Janet Billig Rich
Owner, Manager – Manage This Media

Lindy Robbins
Songwriter – “What’s Left Of Me,” “Incomplete,” “Cinderella,” “Just To Feel That Way”

Brian Robillard
Senior Manager, Online Marketing – Universal Music Group/Netreach

Irwin Z. Robinson
Chairman – Paramount Allegra Music

Pete Rock
Producer – “They Reminisce Over You,” “Dead Presidents,” “Down With The King”

Laura Roeder
Principal –

Steven Rosen
Owner, President – Rosen Music Corp.

John Rubeli
President – Chop Shop Records

Peter Rutenberg
President – RCM Records
Conductor, Music Director – Los Angeles Chamber Singers & Cappella

Tom Salta
Composer – Games: Tom Clancy’s: HAWX, Tom Clancy’s: GRAW 1 & 2, Red Steel, Need For Speed Underground 2

Chris Saranec
Executive Director, Music Licensing – NBC Universal Studios

Steven Scharf
President – Steven Scharf Entertainment/Carlin America

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D – CA)
California’s 29th Congressional District

Steve Seskin
Songwriter – “Don’t Laugh At Me,” “Grown Men Don’t Cry,” “Life’s A Dance,” “I Think About You”

Alex Shapiro
Composer – Slipping, Bioplasm, Music for Two Big Instruments, At the Abyss

Marty Silverstone
VP, Creative Services – North Star Media

Danny Socolof
Founder – MEGA

Ricky Skaggs
Songwriter, Performer, Producer – “Crying My Heart Out Over You,” “Heartbroke,” “Honey (Open That Door),” “Highway 40 Blues”

Rapper, Songwriter – “Confessions of a Ghostwriter, ” “Year-End Wrap-Up,” I Ain’t Mad No More

Greg Sowders
SVP and Head of A&R, U.S. – Warner/Chappell Music

Lou Spisto
CEO/Executive Producer – The Old Globe Theatre

Billy Steinberg
Songwriter – “Like A Virgin,” “True Colors,” “Eternal Flame,” “I’ll Stand By You”

Jeremy “Jerm the Beat” Reeves & Jon “Jon Street” Yip (The Stereotypes)
Producers, Songwriters – “Damages,” “Why Does She Stay,” “Good Love”

Christopher “Tricky” Stewart
Producer, Songwriter – “Umbrella,” “Touch My Body,” “Just Fine,” “Me Against The Music”

Mark Stewart
Artist Manager – Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, The-Dream; President – RedZone Entertainment

Dave Stone
VP, Music – Bunim-Murray Productions

Tom Sturges
Executive Vice President, Head of Creative – Universal Music Publishing

Scott Szabo
Owner – Szabo Sound & Music

Adam Taylor
President – APM Music

Ryan Tedder
Songwriter, Performer – “Apologize,” “Bleeding Love,” “Stop and Stare”

Jack Tempchin
Songwriter – “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” ” Already Gone, ” ” You Belong To The City,” “Slow Dancing (Swayin To The Music)”

Allan Tepper
President – Tepper Music Management

Diana Turk
Director, Film & TV Music – Primary Wave Music Publishing

Jim Vellutato
Sr. Director, Creative Affairs – Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Randy Wachtler
President, CEO – 615 Music

Narada Michael Walden
Producer, Songwriter – “I Don’t Wanna Cry,” “So Emotional,” “Freeway of Love,” The Bodyguard

Wendy Waldman
Songwriter, Performer – “Save The Best For Last,” “Fishin’ In The Dark,” “The Sweetest Days,” “I Owe You One”

Jonathan Weiss
Music Supervisor, Music Publisher – Haiku Entertainment/Jonjaz Music

Katie Welle
Manager, A&R – Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Brian West
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – Whoa, Nelly, Folklore

Paul Williams
Songwriter, Actor – “Evergreen,” “Rainy Days and Mondays,” “We’ve Only Just Begun”

Dan Wilson
Performer, Songwriter – “Secret Smile,” “Closing Time,” “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Craig Wiseman
Founder – Big Loud Shirt Industries
Songwriter – “Live Like You Were Dying,” “Believe,” “Summertime,” “A Baby Changes Everything”

Doug Wood
President/Owner – Omni Music
Composer – The Omni Music Library

Donna Young
Founder, Owner – Donna Young Music

Adam Zelkind
Composer – TV: I Love Money, Rock Of Love, Flavor Of Love, Charm School

Michael Zildjian
Owner – Zilito Music Group

David Zippel
Lyricist – Broadway: City of Angels, The Woman in White Film: Hercules, Mula

Jennifer Blakeman
SVP, Creative – Universal Music Publishing
Songwriter, Musician

Antony Bland
Director, A&R – American Recordings
Stephen Bray
Songwriter – “Express Yourself,” “Into the Groove” Broadway: The Color Purple
Sabelle Breer
Songwriter, Producer – “On The Way Down,” “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life,” “Tomorrow,””Sola En El Silenco”
Alan Brewer
Owner, Producer, Composer – BME/Brewman Music & Entertainment
Martin Briley
Songwriter, Artist, Musician – “Salt in My Tears”
Russell Brower
Director of Audio/Video, Lead Composer – Blizzard Entertainment
Composer – Games: World of Warcraft, StarCraft II,
Diablo III
Ken Bunt
SVP, Marketing – Hollywood Records
Jon Burlingame
Journalist – Daily Variety
Sean Callery
Composer – TV: 24, Bones, Medium, La Femme Nikita
Warryn Campbell
Producer, Songwriter – “Shackles (Praise You),” “Let Go, Let God,” “Heaven”
Donna Caseine
SVP, Creative Services/West Coast Director, A&R – Universal Music Publishing Group
Christian Castle, Esq.
Managing Partner, Attorney – Christian L. Castle Attorneys
Paul Chihara
Chair of Visual Media – UCLA
Composer – Film: Prince of the City, The Morning After, Crossing Delancey TV: China Beach
Desmond Child
Songwriter, Producer – “Dude (Looks Like a Lady),” “Invisible,” “Livin’ La Vida Loca”
Barry Coburn
Co-President – Ten Ten Music Group, Inc.
Jewel Coburn
Co-President – Ten Ten Music Group, Inc.
Melvin “St. Nick” Coleman
Producer, Songwriter
Jay Cooper
Attorney – Greenberg Traurig
Michael Corcoran
Marketing Director –
Ralph Covert
Songwriter, Composer, Singer, Producer – “Not Dead Yet,” “Just Like The Monkeys,” ” With A Friend (The Pooh Song),” “Promises In The Dark”
Eric Craig
Director, A&R and Music Supervision – Lakeshore Entertainment
Shondrae “Bangladesh” Crawford
Producer – “A Milli,” “Diva”
Wofford Denius, Esq.
Attorney – Law Office of Wofford Denius
Tom DeSavia
VP, Creative – Notable Music
Dan Diamond
VP – NCM Fathom (A division of National CineMedia)
Ann Donahue
Senior Editor – Billboard
Chris Douridas
DJ, Host – KCRW’s New Ground; Music Supervisor
Drumma Boy
Producer- “Here I Am,” “Put On,” Paper Trail
Charity Duplechan
Creative Manager – Rondor Music Publishing
Josh East
Sr. Project Manager –; Editor –
Mike Elizondo
Producer, Songwriter – “In Da Club,” “How We Do,” “Rich Girl,” “Wunderkind”
Roy Elkins
Founder & CEO – Broadjam, Inc.
Damon Elliott
Producer, Songwriter, Musician – Kelis Was Here Film: Scooby-Doo, Fame (2009)
“Spider” Ron Entwistle
Producer, Songwriter, Remixer
Mikkel Eriksen(Stargate)
Producer, Songwriter – “Irreplaceable,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” “Miss Independent,” “Beautiful Liar”
Ron Fair
Chairman – Geffen Records
Chris Farren
President – Combustion Music Group
Songwriter, Producer
Stacy Fass
Patrick Faucher
CEO – Nimbit, Inc.
James Fauntleroy
Songwriter – “No Air,” “Take You Down”
Roger Faxon
Chairman and CEO – EMI Music Publishing
Rory Feek (Joey+Rory)
Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Publisher – “Cheater Cheater,” “Some Beach,” “The Chain Of Love”
Jason Feinberg
President/Founder – On Target Media Group
Gary Fine, Esq.
Attorney – Kleinberg, Lopez, Lange, Cuddy & Kline
Cheryl Foliart
Music Production Specialist for Media
Alex Forbes
Songwriter – “Melt Away,” “Don’t Rush Me,” “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix,” “Too Turned On”
Jay Frank
SVP, Music Strategy – CMT
Jeff Franzel
Songwriter, Composer – “La tua semplicita,” “When You Know,” “Never Saw Blue Like That,” “Don’t Rush Me”
Curt Frasca
CEO, Co-Founder – Verse Music Publishing
Songwriter, Producer – Let Go, “On the Way Down”
Michael Frick
Executive Producer/Founder – Mophonics
Mitchell Froom
Producer, Songwriter – “La Bamba,” “99.9F,” “Tomorrow Never Dies”
Siedah Garrett
Singer, Songwriter – “Love You I Do,” “Man In The Mirror”
Steven Gaydos
Executive Editor, Features – Variety
Reid Genauer
VP, Marketing – eMusic
Songwriter, Performer
Jody Gerson
Co-President – Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Gilles Godard
Chief Creative Officer – ole
Songwriter – “When Mama Ain’t Happy,” “That’s the Kind of Mood I’m In,” I Wanna Do It All”
Rich Goldman
President – RipTide Music
Richard Gottehrer
Founder and Chief Creative Officer – The Orchard
Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald
Songwriter, Producer – “I Kissed A Girl,” “Since U Been Gone,” “Feels Like Tonight,” “My Life Would Suck Without You”
Kat Green
Music Supervisor, Partner – Bad Ass Music
Co-Owner – Hella Good Records
Holly Greene
Music Publisher and Consultant – Counter Content
Alex Greenwald
Songwriter, Performer, Actor – “California,” “Do The Panic,” Phantom Planet
Benjamin Groff
SVP, Creative, West Coast – Kobalt Music Group
Gary Gross
Worldwide President – Universal Publishing Production Music
Alex Hackford
A&R – Sony Computer Entertainment America/Playstation
Gavin Haverstick
Lead Acoustical Engineer – Auralex Acoustics
Jason Hayes
Composer – Games: StarCraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft
Tor Hermansen (Stargate)
Producer, Songwriter – “Irreplaceable,” “Don’t Stop The Music,” “Miss Independent,” “Beautiful Liar”
Peter Himmelman
Songwriter, Composer, Performer – From Strength to Strength Web Show: Furious World TV: Judging Amy, Bones
Daniel Ho
Songwriter, Producer, Performer
Sam Hollander (S*A*M)
Producer, Songwriter – “Cupid’s Chokehold,” “Bring It (Snakes on a Plane),” “The Great Escape”
Wayland Holyfield
Songwriter – “Could I Have This Dance,” “You’re My Best Friend”
Jesca Hoop
Songwriter, Singer – “Seed of Wonder,” “Intelligentactile 101,” Kismet
Jamie Houston
Songwriter, Producer – “Just Feel Better,” “Beautiful Disaster,” “Breaking Free,” “You Are The Music In Me”
James Newton Howard
Composer – Film: The Dark Knight, The Fugitive, Michael Clayton, Defiance
Michael Howe
VP, A&R and Licensing – Downtown Records
Carlos Hudgins
Director, Creative Urban – EMI Music Publishing
Rob Hyman
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – “Time After Time,” “And We Danced,” “Private Emotion,” “Closer To Me”
Mike Jackson
Senior Director, Creative Urban, Atlanta Region – EMI Music Publishing
Raj Jadeja
Manager, A&R – Atlantic Records
Nikki Jean
Songwriter, Performer
Wyclef Jean
Songwriter, Producer, Performer – “Gone Till November,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” The Score, The Carnival
Cri$tyle “The Ink” Johnson
Songwriter – “Touch My Body,” “Angel”
David H. Johnson
Chairman and CEO – Warner Music Group
Ron Jones
Composer – TV: Family Guy, American Dad, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Duck Tales
Kenny Bartolomei, Kevin Crowe & Erik Ortiz (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
Producers – “No One Will Do,” “Bury Me a G,” “She Got It,” “Magnificent”
Henry Kapono Ka’aihue
Singer, Songwriter
Kevin Kadish
Songwriter, Producer – “Geek in the Pink,” “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life,” “Wordplay,” “Stuck”
Dean Kay
President, CEO – Lichelle Music Company
Songwriter – “That’s Life”
James M. Kendrick Esq.
President – Schott Music Corporation/European American Music Corporation
See you next year folks! Jon Hammond
*Member ASCAP / AFM Local 802, Local 6 Host HammondCast KYOU Radio and KYCY

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