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Suzuki Headquarters Concert in Hamamatsu Jon’s Journal December 3 2012

December 3, 2012

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Suzuki Headquarters Concert in Hamamatsu

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Jon played a special concert there
Mercy Mercy played by Suzuki Artists Koei Tanaka and Jon Hammond for President Founder Manji Suzuki and Company in Suzuki Hall at Suzuki World Headquarters in Hamamatsu Japan. 2 camera shoot by S. Ohtaka and Jennifer
Master of Ceremonies Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Jon Hammond at the new B3mk2 organ and wooden model 3300 high power Leslie Speaker, Koei Tanaka Suzuki harmonica
*Special Note: Sincerest condolences to Mr. Suzuki and all Suzuki Team on the recent passing of Mrs. Suzuki – Jon Hammond — with Koki Tanaka in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

On the bench of the incredible New B3mk2 with President Founder of Suzuki and Hammond Suzuki – Manji Suzuki, Jon Hammond and Suzuki Harmonica star Koei Tanaka in Suzuki Hall at the factory in Hamamatsu Japan

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: The Jon Hammond Show Sk1 Debut MNN TV

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The Jon Hammond Show Sk1 MNN TV World Debut of the new stage keyboard organ from Hammond Suzuki world’s first road test with Jon Hammond Band in Germany during the International Musikmesse Frankfurt. Jon’s annual Musikmesse-Session celebrating 25 consecutive years with live concert in Jazzkeller Hofheim.
Jon Hammond – Sk1 Hammond organ
Joe Berger – guitar
Giovanni Gulino – drums
Peter Klohmann – tenor saxophone
as seen on Jon’s long-running cable TV program The Jon Hammond Show on MNN TV in New York City 28th year

The inside of my 1965 Hammond B3 organ – you can see the top secret black mod box built for me by Bill Beer (R.I.P.) of Keyboard Products Los Angeles California

– it’s got Bill’s telephone number right on it: 213-387-2205 Unfortunately can’t reach Bill on that number any longer, Jon Hammond

Chuck Plaisance
Vocal Instructer, Vocal Producer, Session Vocalist, Performing Musician at Voice Coach & Pro-Singer

Jonathan Ayers
Creative at Apple Inc.

Orhan Sandikci
Musik club Indra at Ich bin selbständig- ich arbeite selbst und ständig

Chris Grove
Works at Keyboards-Eddie Money

Nino De Luca
Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali “G.B.Pergolesi” – AFAM Ancona

Michael Grazioso
Tunxis community college

Henry Zambrano R
Genova, Italy

Mike Barnett
Suny College at Old Westbury

Yoichiro Hamahara
代表取締役 at 株式会社エス・ディ・アイ

Martin Chemes
Músico profesional y Endorser at Lee Oskar Harmonicas

Hans Torbijn
Sint Paulus Mulo Vlissingen

Maurizio Li Mandri

My 1965 Hammond B3 organ with special mods by Bill Beer (R.I.P.) of Keyboard Products

– Jon Hammond
Presented by City Hall San Francisco & Local 6: JON HAMMOND Band on front lawn of the beautiful SF City Hall during lunch hour free concert. JON HAMMOND at the B3 Organ along with Harvey Wainapel tenor, Steve Campos flugel horn, Barry Finnerty gtr. & James Preston drms. of Sons of Champlin band playing JH Band original “Nu Funk” (Hip Hop Chitlins). *Note: Jon’s organ bench fell out of the truck on Polk St. (was recovered) One of Jon’s famous sayings: “It’s easier to find an Organ with no Bench than a Bench without an Organ”!

Encore! Jon Hammond Band in Jazzkeller Hofheim
L to R: Heinz Lichius, Joe Berger, Rainer Heute, Jon Hammond
Zugabe — with Jon Hammond Band, Joe Berger and Jon Hammond Organ Group at Jazzkeller Hofheim

Local 802 Musicians Union Monday Night Jazz Jam Session – Jon Hammond

Pic with main man Rudy Sheriff Lawless (yes that’s really his name) Rudy is without a doubt the most dynamic drummer I have ever played with…and he is a shining beacon of inspiration always! at Local 802 Musicians Union Monday Night Jazz Jam Session – Jon Hammond

While walking down Sixth Ave. by Radio City Music Hall the other day, I heard one giant Muppet person tell another giant Muppet person “This sure is a hell of a way to make a living!”

– Jon Hammond — at Radio City Music Hall

Groovin’ at the pad at my 1959 Hammond B3 organ and super nuclear powered Leslie Speaker where I always wear a jacket and tie – in between banquets

– Jon Hammond *Revox A700 deck, recorded many sessions on and first break out hit for radio on WNEW AM 1130 Al Jazzbo Collins Purple Grotteaux Show

John J. Cooper on the graveyard shift in WBGO Library digging out some cool sides

– Jon Hammond
Newark Public Radio, Inc.
54 Park Place
Newark, NJ 07102 — with John J. Cooper at WBGO Jazz 88.3

Mitch Weisenstein
Easton, Pennsylvania

Heather Jeremy
Works at Film Forum

Maura Fitzgerald-Ferrano

Patrick Cooper

Nick Rosal

Scott Cantor

Main Men Pasquale Ficocecco and Carlo Greco at Alex Music on 48th Street Music Row NYC

– Jon Hammond — at Alex Musical Instruments

Hamburg Germany — Jon Hammond Band gig in Auster Bar
L to R Heinz Lichius, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond, Michael Leuschner, Jonas Schoen

— with Joe Berger, Michael Leuschner and Jonas Schoen at Auster Bar

Jon Hammond Band playing Jon’s composition Late Rent
Jon Hammond Band L to R: Ray Grappone, Joe Berger, Todd Anderson, Jon Hammond
at The Bitter End on Bleecker St.
in the Village – Youtube

Jon Hammond Band playing Jon’s composition Late Rent the theme song of his long-running cable TV show The Jon Hammond Show live at The Bitter End club in Greenwich Village New York. Special late show with some of the origina…See More — with Jon Hammond Organ Group and Jon Hammond Band at The Bitter End

Jon Hammond – Speed Runner!

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond Breaks Land Speed Record As Seen on Cable TV

Jon Hammond – Speed Runner!

“Late Rent” recorded 1983 in Intergalactic Recording Studios where John Lennon did his last recordings. Enjoy!

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