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Specially dedicated to the memory of Klaus Maier Soul Music organ

October 13, 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Specially dedicated to the memory of Klaus Maier Soul Music organ

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Specially dedicated to the memory of my long-time dear friend Professor Klaus Maier – Soul Music with Main Man Michael Falkenstein Klaus’ loving Son at the organ and some music from myself as well, Jon Hammond

– an incredibly huge loss, all we can do is play music from the soul during this time of grieving – my very deepest condolences to Michael and his Family, Friends and so many pupils of Professor Klaus Maier on this day which I will never forget as long as I live, sincerely Jon *Note: I shot the footage of Michael playing at Headquarters of Hammond Suzuki Deutschland which Klaus is the Founder of, just before the best Pizza Party ever with Klaus, Michael and our super Jenny’s – Jennifer Schiele and my Jennifer, thank you so much / dankeschön for alles and everything over the years Main Main Man Klaus! So greatly missed – enjoy this music and the images later in this clip of Michael and his Father Klaus with James Brown who also loved Klaus and Michael, miss you also – JH — with Michael Falkenstein and Klaus Maier in Langenau, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


It makes my heart ache to lose this great Man, Father, Teacher – Professor Klaus Maier !! It was a greatest honor to know him and that he called me his friend, I am so sorry for his Family the Maier Family and all his hundreds and thousands of pupils from Ulrich-von-Ensingen-Realschule Ulm especially heavy for Klaus’ Son, now is the Main Man Michael Falkenstein – we cherish the memories and Spirit, his funeral was today, rest in peace Klaus!

Jon Hammond — with Klaus Maier

Shanghai China — Music Messefrankfurt Music-China Kevin James Mauder (he plays louder)

with Alex Ming-mann Hsieh playing for P Mauriat HQ Saxophones aka Kevin Saxophone Pmauriat Albest – Jon Hammond PMauriat Saxophones
Jon Hammond Band — with Alex Mingmann Hsieh and Kevin Saxophone

Folks, I’m really shook up by the loss of my long-time dear friend Klaus Maier, I wish I could attend his funeral which will take place in just a few hours

– I’ll be there in heart and spirit, my very deepest condolences going out to the Maier Family, Klaus’ loving Son Michael Falkenstein is going to play the concert of his life when he plays Father Klaus up to heaven on the Hammond C2 organ (orgel) that he started the firm Hammond Germany with years ago – Michael told me tha…See More — with Klaus Maier in Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany

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