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Jon Hammond Show 1217

December 18, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 1217

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Jon Hammond Show 1217 begins in The Ellington Room: “Pocket Funk”
by Jon Hammond Band – Jon Hammond B3 Organ Super 
Leslie, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Chuggy Carter percussion, Joe 
Berger guitar, Ray Grappone drums ©JON HAMMOND International
segment: Aviation History Documentary of the United Airlines 747 flying 
over Golden Gate Bridge and demo program flown by Joe Sobczak Flight 
Test Captain at United Airlines with his cockpit crew featured on air 
show program with Blue Angels and many others in honor of annual San 
Francisco Fleet Week (SFFW) “San Francisco Fleet Week is an annual 
public event that honors the contributions of the men and women of the 
United States Armed Forces” since 1981 – Video and Photos by Jon Hammond
and Lawrence Gay – Music “Soon I Will Be Free” by Jon Hammond and “Head
Phone” rhythm break down at end – note: framed photo of United 747 
Flyover Golden Gate Bridge presented to United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz –
thanks for watching and listening folks! – Jon Hammond – host of Jon 
Hammond Show MNN TV 
3rd segment Soundchecking Ellington Room Blues just before Chuggy quartet then quintet Jon Hammond Band – Musicians: Ray Grappone drums, Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Jon Hammond B3 organ, Joe Berger guitar, Chuggy Carter (2nd tune) percussion #HammondB3#Soundcheck #Jazz
2nd tune:
Ellington Room Sound Check Jon Hammond Band plays down “Lydia’s Tune” from Jon’s first album – Musicians: Todd Anderson tenor saxophone, Chuggy Carter percussion, Ray Grappone drum, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond B3 organ 
4th segment: Joe Franklin and Jon Hammond movie, filmed in Joe Franklin’s office on West 43rd Street NYC

Ellington Room, B3 organ, Nakamichi 550, United 747, Public Access TV, Joe Franklin, Oscar Munoz, Soon I Will Be Free