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Winter NAMM Show Sunday Jazz and Blues at Hammond Organ USA Stand Main Floor

January 17, 2017

Winter NAMM Show Sunday Jazz and Blues at Hammond Organ USA Stand Main Floor

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Winter NAMM Show Sunday Jazz and Blues at Hammond Organ USA Stand Main Floor

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Jon Hammond and Friends traditional Sunday Blues & Jazz Session Winter NAMM Show in Hammond Organ USA Stand: Joe Berger guitar, Koei TanakaSuzuki chromatic harmonica, Chuggy Leslie J. Carter percussion, Jon Hammond Sk1 Hammond organ – special thanks Steve Simmons, Gregory Gronowski, Suzuki Musical Instruments Team

January 13, 2017 *LINK:

In the past few years Hammond’s SOUND SOUL SUMMITs have become legendary as some of the greatest concerts ever mounted. Where else can one see multiple Hammond Organs onstage manned by the greatest Hammond Artists? In honor of our esteemed teammate GREGG GRONOWSKI, who passed in August of 2016, we bring the Summit home to the Chicago Area on Wednesday Feb22nd at 7:30pm. Ron Onesti’s ARCADA THEATRE in St. Charles, Il will swing and shake, Hammond-Style with over TWENTY of our greatest Artists from every corner of Music. Confirmed to appear: Dr.LONNIE SMITH, JIM ALFREDSON,JUSTIN DILLARD, STEVEN EAKLOR, EMIKO, PETER GALLINARI, ELLIS HALL, JON HAMMOND, JIM KOZAK, MARINE LACOSTE, TOMMY LEERSCHEN, KEVIN and YATES McKENDREE, ROBBY ROBINSON, Rev. JIMMIE SMITH, MARK STEIN, GARY SWAN, THE IDES OF MARCH featuring JIM PETERIK, SCOTT MAY and ANTHONY WILLIAMS. An All-Star Rhythm Section and Guest Vocalists will complete the show. Keyboard Magazine Editor Emeritus STEPHEN FORTNER will co-host, along with EMIKO and SCOTT MAY. Valuable prizes (including a Hammond Organ) will be raffled. All proceeds from the event will go to the Gronowski Family. Tickets are priced at $25 with a special VIP $100 ticket that will allow the guest access to sound check, and a private pre-show meet and greet. This will be the first SOUND SOUL SUMMIT open to the general public, and get your tickets soon! Tickets and further information available at
Stay tuned to for all the developments as they happen!

Producer Jon Hammond
Language English
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Topics Sunday Blues, Jazz Music, Hammond Organ, Leslie Family, NAMM Show, Jon Hammond, Chuggy Carter, Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Suzuki Harmonicas, Suzuki Musical Instruments

WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Funk Unit WINTER NAMM EVENT Friday, January 20, 2017 – 4:00pm Presented by Pioneer DJ

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#TheNAMMShow White Onions Jon Hammond Funk Unit NAMM Showcase

by Jon Hammond

#‎TheNAMMShow‬ “White Onions” Jon Hammond Funk Unit NAMM Showcase lunch set
23rd 2015 reprising 1989 Late Rent Sessions recording ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP with special guest Bernard Purdie drums, Leslie J. Carter percussion Jon Hammond organ (original members on record) featuring Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica from Tokyo Japan Suzuki world star, Joe Berger guitar JJ guitars, Alex Budman tenor saxophone Dom Famularo returning to the NAMM Stage – special thanks NAMM President CEO Joe Lamond

Producer Jon Hammond
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Gearing Up for Winter NAMM and Frankfurt musikmesse Classic and High Tech Jon Hammond Funk Unit Scheduled Appearances

Jon Hammond Show for 11 05 from NAMM and Frankfurt musikmesse

Segment number one:
Jon Hammond Funk Unit
NAMM CenterStage presented by Pioneer DJ
“Lydia’s Tune” ©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP
Joe Berger: Guitar/Guitarist
Chuggy Leslie J. Carter: Percussion
Dom Famularo: Drums/Drummer
Alex Budman: Tenor Saxophone/Saxophonist
Koei Tanaka: Harmonica
Jon Hammond: Organ / Leader
Note, next NAMM Showcase coming January 20, 2017 at 4PM Jon Hammond Funk Unit
Segment number 2:
Shooting the Bridges in Full High Definition with Jon Hammond – San Francisco CA – from HammondCast radio program, Jon’s camera voice and music
Segment number 3:
Late Rent the Jon Hammond Show Theme Song live in jazzkeller Frankfurt, Jon’s annual 30th year musikmesse Warm Up Party – Jon Hammond Band:
“Helloooo New York!” from audience!
Jon Hammond’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in the world famous jazzkeller Frankfurt – LATE RENT Jon Hammond Theme Song – Jon Hammond Band: Peter Klohmann tenor, Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond organ – Video: Tino Pavlis

Looking forward to playing with my good friend again, Koei Tanaka | Chromatic Harmonica & Blues Harp master!
*Clip: Suzuki Headquarters and factory concert special for President Founder Manji Suzuki with introduction by Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Jon Hammond at the new B3mk2 organ with Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica
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11月 3日 (木・祝)
新宿「Hammond orgasm」Jon Hammondセッション
アメリカからJon Hammondが楽器フェアで来日するので、
11月 4日 (金)〜6日(日)
各日、ハモンドオルガンの河合代介さんとJon Hammondとそれぞれデュオで演奏します♫
11月 11日 (金)
沼袋「Organ Jazz 倶楽部」河合代介(ハモンドオルガン)Duo

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Facebook video

Suzuki Headquarters and factory concert special for President Founder Manji Suzuki with introduction by Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Jon Hammond at the new B3mk2 organ with Koei Tanaka chromatic harmonica Part 3 of 3 “Mercy Mercy” in Hamamatsu Japan.
Special Thanks Mr. H. Ono, Mr. M. Terada, Mr. S. Ohtaka, Mr. Y. Beniya, Tachi Tachikawa, President M. Suzuki and entire Suzuki Musical Instruments Team ©JHINTL

Suzuki Musical Instruments Hamamatsu partial group shot after Koei and Jon played

Back on Boylston Street – Berklee Had No Hammond Organs When I was a Student, but now they do! Interview

Boston MA — Back on Boylston Street – Return of The Student to Berklee College of Music more than 40 years later folks – Jon Hammond #TBT #BERKLEE

Jon Hammond visit with his piano teacher Tony Germain:
“So good to see my piano teacher main man Tony Germain 40 years later from the first day we met on Scheduling Day 1973, looking good Tony! Greatest piano and Hammond organ teacher folks! Tony taught so many players well and created the organ department (long story!) Chairing the PIano Department, (he has a nice chair in his office and superb Steinway Grand Piano) – if you are lucky enough to be a student at Berklee and get to study with Tony Germain, then you are living under the lucky star – Tony is the Man!! Thanks for everything you showed me Tony, straightened me out big time” – Jon Hammond
*Return of the Student – Here I am with my Piano Teacher main man Tony Germain 40 years to the day later from the first time we sat down together folks – interview – Jon Hammond

Boston MA — Return Of The Student
Jon Hammond​ – Berklee College of Music​ 1140 Boylston St. Boston, Massachusetts​

Hammond Organ USA Stand Sunday Jazz and Blues Winter NAMM Show – with Jon Hammond Band

Winter NAMM, Sunday Jazz and Blues, Hammond Organ USA, Main Floor, #Blues #Jazz #Sunday #NAMMShow #HammondOrgan

Jon Hammond Funk Unit CenterStage Presented by Pioneer DJ @NAMM

October 27, 2016

Jon Hammond Funk Unit CenterStage Presented by Pioneer DJ @NAMM

Friday, January 20, 2017 at 4 PM – 4:40 PM

The NAMM Show
Anaheim, California


Artist Info Jon Hammond Organ+bass / Organist Leader Koei Tanaka Harmonica / Master Chromatic Harmonica Player Joe Berger Guitar / more band members tba – Photos by Lawrence Gay co-producer West Coast Live Radio Program ©JHINTL

Genre: Funky Jazz and Blues
Hometown: New York City


#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Behind The Beat LATE RENT – ASCAP BTB Piece Jon Hammond Multimedia Story

Jon’s archive




Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0
Topics MNN TV, #ASCAPEXPO, Jon Hammond, Public Access, Melody, Hammond Organ, Sk1, B3, Accordion, Musicians Union, Local 6, Local 802

Jon Hammond with ASCAP’s Seth Saltzman – Protect Your Music! – ASCAP I Create Music Expo Hollywood CA

Funk Unit, Winter NAMM, Presented by Pioneer DJ, #NAMMShow #CenterStage #HammondOrgan

*Note: Dom Famularo substituting for Donny Baldwin folks on Saturday 1/25 at 11AM Center Patio Stage

December 26, 2013

*Note: Dom Famularo substituting for Donny Baldwin folks on Saturday 1/25 at 11AM Center Patio Stage

Jon Hammond Band

Performance Info

Anaheim Convention Center
B/C Patio Stage
Saturday, January 25, 2014 – 11:00am to 12:00pm

Artist Info

Joe Berger: Guitar/Guitarist
Donny Baldwin: Drums/Drummer
Alex Budman: Tenor Saxopohone/Saxophonist
Jon Hammond: Organ+bass/Organist Leader
Artist Bio: 
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM Hammond Summit Show Late Rent Jon Hammond Band in Hilton Anaheim… Very special performance on first ever Hammond night in Hilton Hotel Lobby at Winter NAMM 2013 presented by Hammond Suzuki USA “Sound Soul Summit”  MC Scott May introduces Jon Hammond Band to play their theme song “Late Rent” after a very cool pre-show party Meet and Greet with a who’s who of Hammond organists. Donny Baldwin drums (from Jefferson Starship & Lydia Pense & Cold Blood), Alex Budman tenor saxophone Joe Berger guitar Jon Hammond New B-3 Portable organ Sound mix by Denny Mack Special thanks Hammond Suzuki USA and Suzuki Musical Instruments Team NAMM = National Association of Music Merchants NAMM Hilton Sound Soul Summit Jon Hammond Band Late Rent Jazz Funk Soul Blues Youtube Vimeo

Jon Hammond and Dom Famularo

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Late Rent Theme Song at NAMM Show

NAMM Hammond Summit Show Late Rent Jon Hammond Band in Hilton Anaheim

Jon Hammond and Dr. Lonnie Smith the next day at NAMM Show

Winter NAMM, Center Patio Stage, Jon Hammond Band, Sk1, Organ, Funky Jazz, Dom Famularo, Sabian, Suzuki Musical Instruments, Local 802, Musicians Union

Stephen Doc Kupka Interview and Jon’s Journal January 24 2013

January 24, 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Stephen Doc Kupka Interview of Tower of Power with Jon Hammond

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Jon Hammond with Tower of Power Co-Leader Stephen Doc Kupka


Stephen ‘Doc’ Kupka co-leader Baritone Saxophonist of Tower of Power and President of Strokeland Records interview with Jon Hammond of HammondCast Show KYOURADIO just prior to Tower of Power 40th Anniversary Fillmore Show in San Francisco. Doc and Jon speaking about the history of his career in TOP and writing with Frank Biner, Frank’s last recordings on his album for Strokeland “Bumped Up to First Class”, “Doc Goes Hollywood”, memories of Bill Graham and much more

Day 1 Winter NAMM 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Joe Berger NAMM Oral History Interview Unedited Long Version Official 55 minutes 4 seconds


Jon Hammond I’m real proud of you Joe! Everybody should watch / listen to this remarkable life story of the Berger-Meister – keep up the great work and Spirit Mr. Berger! See you soon and on the bandstand, Jon Hammond

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Jon Hammond | Oral History Interview Unedited

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Short version on NAMM Website:

Published on Dec 27, 2012
Jon Hammond
Interview Date: January 13, 2011
Job Title: President and Founder
Company: Jon Hammond & Associates
accordions electric organs Hammond B-3 Hammond Organs Jazz Music Manufacturing Musicians
Jon Hammond has successfully created a career based on his musical talents and his passion for the music industry! As a musician Jon has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician and product artist he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years. Jon is closely identified with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ.
Jon Hammond Interview Date: January 13, 2011 Job Title: President and Founder Jon Hammond & Associates Jon Hammond has successfully created a … of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3Organ. (accordions, electric organs, Hammond B-3, Hammond Organs)


*Note: Friday Night January 25th at 2013 Winter NAMM Show
8:00 pm
Hammond Organ Performance
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hilton Stage East

This event will be called:
“The Sound, The Soul, The Summit!”
MC’d by Scott May of Hammond Suzuki USA
The list of Confirmed Artists is as follows:

Dr. Lonnie Smith
Terry Lawless
Chester Thompson
Larry Goldings
Freddie Ravel
Jimmie Smith
Anthony Williams
Marty Grebb
Jon Hammond Band
and Many More!

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: NAMM 2012 Sunday Blues Session Hammond Suzuki Mercy Mercy Sk1

First time to NAMM Show – Suzuki Harmonica artist KOEI TANAKA from Tokyo Japan with JOE BERGER aka The Berger-Meister on guitar through Leslie G37 guitar combo amp, SWISS CHRIS getting down with custom Vic Firth drum sticks only on practice pad for low volume trade show performance with JON HAMMOND at Sk1 Hammond combo organ..

Winter NAMM, Hammond Sk1, 5100b, Friday night, Sound Soul Summit, Tower of Power, Anaheim, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Soft News, Local 802, Musicians Union, Oral History

Don Deane Smiley’s Bolinas Jon’s Journal January 18 2013

January 18, 2013

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast 197 with Don Deane Interview

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HammondCast 197 KYOU Radio with performance in Hamamatsu Japan in Suzuki Hall at Suzuki World Headquarters for President Manji Suzuki and Suzuki Team, Jon Hammond at the B3mk2 Hammond Organ “Lydia’s Tune” (solo), and in duo with Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica Artist “Days of Wine and Roses” and “Mercy Mercy” In Smiley’s Schooner Saloon and Hotel Bolinas CA Jon Hammond Trio “James and Wess” Blues and visit with Don Deane the proprietor of Smiley’s 45 minutes

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Bob Cranshaw Interview with Jon Hammond at JEN 2013


Bob Cranshaw the great Jazz bassist, recording artist, educator and Local 802 Jazz Consultant Executive Board Member here interviewed by Jon Hammond at the 2013 JEN Jazz Education Network Conference in Atlanta GA. Bob tells an incredible story about the recording date with Lee Morgan on the classic album The Sidewinder.
Bob Cranshaw Wiki
special thanks to Mary Jo Papich, Rick Condit – Jazz Education Network

Atlanta GA — Army Blues “Pershing’s Own” with Wycliffe Gordon – incredible smokin’ concert last night at 4th Annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference 2013 – Jon Hammond

— with Wycliffe Gordon at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

2 of my favorite musician Bob’s: Bassist Bob Cranshaw and tenor saxophonist Bob Mintzer in Atlanta GA at the 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference

– Jon Hammond

Joachim Hildebrand Black and White Photographs:

These great black and white photos of Jon Hammond Band were shot by the great photographer Joachim Hildebrand at my 25th year Musikmesse Warm Up Party – on the band: Tony Lakatos tenor sax,

Giovanni Gulino drums,

Joe Berger guitar,

Jon Hammond organ


Chocolate on Chocolate Cake at 2011 Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt with Jon Hammond Band and special guests for this special occasion celebrating 25 years in Musikmesse.

Special acknowledgement of Wilhelm P. “Charly” Hosenseidl R.I.P. who was the Director of Musikmesse years 1989-2008 now Directed by Wolfgang Luecke, special thanks to Messe Frankfurt Projekt and Presse Team!

Jon Hammond Band: Joe Berger guitar Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone Giovanni Gulino drums Jon Hammond – XB-2 Hammond Organ – special thanks Hiromitsu Ono Chief Engineer Suzuki Musical Instruments designed my instrument which took me all around the world many times “Late Rent” Jon Hammond theme song for Jon Hammond Show MNNTV and HammondCast Show KYOU Radio San Francisco CBS Radio Network Thanks Joe Lamond President CEO NAMM, TecAmp Jürgen Kunze and Thomas Eich – Puma Combo bass amp powering Jon Hammond’s organ Dankeschoen to Yücel Atiker, Tino Pavlis, Poehl, Bernie Capicchiano, Michael Falkenstein Hammond Suzuki Deutschland, Peggy Behling, Christine Vogel Messe Frankfurt, Saray Pastanesi Baeckerei & Konditorei for Chocolate on Chocolate 25 Years Musikmesse Celebration Cake – Mainzer Landstrasse 131, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, Eugen Hahn Jazzkeller Frankfurt Team Kleine Bockenheimerstr. 18a Frankfurt

Only 6 days out to Winter NAMM 2013 folks!
Pete Townshend and Elton John among the artists gracing NAMM week 2013 (Photos)

Sir Elton will be performing for Yamaha at the Hyperion Theater on NAMM’s Friday. The concert will be streamed at NAMM, over the internet, and in many countries globally. “That will just be a wonderful event.”

Lamond noted, “This includes hundreds of other concerts that will be going on over the four days of the show. So I just love the fact there will be so much music. And in the hotel lobbies, are just all kinds of people playing. I think Jon (Hammond) will hopefully be playing again this year.”

Jon Hammond also took part in the call. Lamond introduced him as “The best (Hammond) B3 player, right there.” Hammond has performed with many legendary players and as a clinician. As a product artist, he has introduced many innovative products to music stores and their customers over the last 30 plus years.

Hammond, who was a Berklee College of Music attendee, is closely associated with the two main products of his career, the Excelsior Accordion and the Digital B3 Organ.

Lamond stated that drummers Bernard Purdie and Steve Gadd will be among players at NAMM. “For a drummer like me, it just doesn’t get much better than that,” said Lamond, praising their talent. “So from an overall point, I think the show is reflective of the industry,” he contended.
Lamond attributed this year’s increased number of female musicians, both performing and endorsing as a result of the exhibitors, saying, “I think it’s a reflection of the environment, and manufacturers, who mainly plan those events. That’s the exhibitors’ doing, so I give the credit to them.”

Jon Hammond stated that this year will mark the first-ever NAMM Hammond organ night, which will be held on Friday in the Hilton lobby. Chester Thompson, who has played with groups including Weather Report and Genesis will be among those playing. Other notable Hammond endorsees will also perform.

The convention is still closed to the public, and open only to those in the industry, or those who have passes. There is still no day that is open to the general public. Lamond explained, “It’s a fragile balance between a trade event and a public event.”

Shuji Suzuki & Jon Hammond

Bernie Capicchiano and Shigeyuki Ohtaka

Winter NAMM, Don Deane, Smiley’s, Bolinas, Jon Hammond, Organ night, Jazz, Blues, Soft News, Phyllis Pollack, Examiner, Pete Townshend, Elton John, Local 802, Musicians Union

KYOU Radio Dot Org Jon’s Journal December 19 2012

December 19, 2012


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Lou Colombo and Jon Hammond in Fort Myers Florida just a few days before Lou was tragically killed in a fatal car accident driving home from a gig at his daughter’s restaurant – Roadhouse Cafe – Rest in Peace Lou:

HammondCast 202 KYOU Radio special edition with part 2 of recording from Wychmere Harbor Club when Jon played B3 organ on the Lou Colombo Band, the house band at Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwich Port Cape Cod MA. First backing up a feature dance duo with cha cha and then Emily waltz, Saturday Night Fever followed by the chaser ‘California Here I Come’, then Summertime, Hello Dolly medley, Bossa nova medley Watch What Happens in to Wave and then a cooking “In The Mood” taking it home with Jon’s “Lydia’s Tune” and some of Sidewinder © 45 minutes

(According to the FaceBook Robot) my biggest FaceBook moments of 2012 folks, Jon Hammond

26th Year Musikmesse Warm Up Party;=1

Chocolate on Chocolate Cake at 2011 Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller Frankfurt with Jon Hammond Band and special guests for this special occasion celebrating 25 years in Musikmesse. Special acknowledgement of Wilhelm P. “Charly” Hosenseidl R.I.P. who was the Director of Musikmesse years 1989-2008 now Directed by Wolfgang Luecke, special thanks to Messe Frankfurt Projekt and Presse Team!

Jon Hammond Band:

Joe Berger guitar

Tony Lakatos tenor saxophone

Giovanni Gulino drums

Jon Hammond powered by TecAmp at Jazzkeller Frankfurt

New York NY — Power shot L to R: Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond at Local 802 Musicians Union
Renaud Louis-servais Yesssssssss
October 26 at 1:07am · Unlike · 1

Michael Baxter · Friends with Ray Chew
Thats gonna be one funky meal with Mr. Purdie at the table!!!
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Jennifer Beaulac Kinder · 3 mutual friends
Bernard! Bernard! I can find the “1”!!
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Marc Loy hi ! top !!
October 26 at 4:30am ·

Waichiro Tachikawa
Works at Suzuki Musical Inst. Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Renaud Louis-servais
Guitariste/compositeur endorsé at Tom Anderson Guitarworks

Yashko Golembiovsky
Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (ACA)

Michelle’ V. Frasche

Jon Paris
New York, New York

Igor Kisil
New York, New York

Florent Richard
Paris, France

Miho Karakawa
店長 at 豪門-haomen-

Erzsi Bagdi
Works at Itthoni és külföldi színpadok

Clint Bahr
New York, New York

Dean Kurtz
Fullerton College

Tim L Griffin
Holyoke, Massachusetts

Keith Anderson
Saint Charles, Illinois

Brenda Curry

Johnny Pierre
University of Dayton

Andrew Desogus

Stanton Davis
Works at Ocean County College

Michael David

David J Moore
Drummer/Singer/Guitarist at David Moore Music at Self Employed and Loving It!

William Bill Hughes
Photojournalist/Writer at Cecil Guardian

David W Winters

Roger Musiclive
Santa Barbara, California

Paul Shewchuk

Christopher Pritchard
New Windsor, New York

Eddie Bimonte
Owner at Eddie’s Pet Service

Marcelo Paganini
Owner at Film and Music Production

Thad Bunkiewicz
Drums Percussion at Musician

Francis Parker
Works at

Turner Battle

Terry Bissette

Marijo Johnson
Roosevelt University, Chicago, IL

Mousey Paula Petillo
Cedar Grove High School

James Erby

Marbie Kodama
Works at Live&Bar Brothers&Sisters

Tim Hern
Musician at Full-Time Self-Employed MUSICIAN

Pam Jacobs

Mario Sicoy
Leyte National High School

Salva Fal No
Barcelona, Spain

Steve Satterwhite
University of Texas at Arlington

Mike S. Wartell
Photographer at Wartell Photography

Wylie Wirth
Works at Self employeed:freelance design build/pro musician/dj

Bruno Batderock
Lycée St Aspais

Rob Taco
Wichita Technical Institute

Keith Oneill
Montreal, Quebec

Gary Boutell

Kenny Wilkins
Musician, Photographer, Wildlife at Self Employed and Loving It!

Patrick Smith
NBC Universal

Kevin T Norris
Syracuse University

Ray Hale
Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey Campbell
North Syracuse High School

Dave Stirewalt
Northwest Cabarrus High

Greg Boraman
A&R / Label Manager at Freestyle Records

Edward Robinson
Queens College

Kendall Scott
Red Bank, New Jersey

Heinrich Geisler
Bielefeld University

DRum Drz Nash
Works at Musician

Mick Reece
Niagara Orleans BOCES

Larry Corban
Ithaca College

Masahiko Kuzuha
Keio University (慶應義塾大学)

Anne-Marie Guillaumat
Montpellier, France

Bobby Cattrano

Jon Hammond Flickr Photostream

Picnic Lunch Time with my late great bandleader / trumpet player Lou Colombo and Family at their house in South Yarmouth Cape Cod, circa 1978

Picnic Lunch Time with my late great bandleader / trumpet player Lou Colombo and Family at their house in South Yarmouth Cape Cod, circa 1978
Mrs. Colombo serving, merci beaucoup…and thank you Lori Colombo & Colombo Family, Jon Hammond *Note: Just back from the golf course – gig that night at Wychmere Harbor Club where we were the house band at the time with Frank Shea drums and Jack Pena guitar – JH

Lori Colombo I love this Jon. Are you sure that’s me???I can’t remember this at all. That’s great. Thank you for posting. October 13 at 8:12pm · Ted Casher Oh, the days of plaid knit pants…..we were all much younger. WE ARE GOING TO KEEP MAKING MUSIC UNTIL WE GET IT RIGHT!!!1 Kareem Sanjaghi Boston College Yashko Golembiovsky Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles (ACA) Tanner Roy Stening Fort Myers, Florida Mike Garvan Brewster, Massachusetts Kenneth Guerra DLSP San Pablo City Diana De Sarrazin Ulrich Vormehr Frankfurt, Germany Ginny Rand Conroy Innkeeper at Salt Winds Bed & Breakfast Dennis Cook Berklee College of Music

West Coast Live Radio Show’s production team Lawrence Gay and “Ron” Ronald Childress
get ready for on-air time at Yoshi’s Jazz Club in Oakland California

Jon Hammond playing the Yoshi’s house B3 organ in duo with pianist Mike Greensill

Here I am in my dressing room at The Fillmore. if you look closely you can see the schedule says:
Jon Hammond 9 – 9:45PM
Sons of Champlin 10:15 – 12:15AM

Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men (Trio) special edition opening for Sons of Champlin at Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco June 4, 1999 original composition(s) Late Rent – Introduction to Pocket Funk Jon Hammond organ and bass, Barry Finnerty guitar, James Preston of Sons of Champlin band drums special thanks Bob Barsotti

Bernard Purdie at his then new Sonor Hi-Lite drum kit on my band Jon Hammond and The Late Rent Session Men gig we played at Cave Canem 24 First Ave Manhattan, NY

This was a very bizarre gig, I showed up and somebody from the club told me an admirer sent a huge flowers arrangement, it turned out to be from Bert Padell who I had personally invited to the gig – he sent a note with it with good luck wishes – I had the display in lobby of my building after the gig until it finally died – must have cost a fortune!
This is Bert’s client list, he used to be a Yankee Ball Boy (a long time ago!) among other things – rep for all these folks:
Aaron Carter
Africa Bambaataa

Alessandra Ambrosio
Alicia Keys
Alice Cooper
Alzbeta Syrovatkova
An Bar
Ana Beatrice Barros
Andre Betts
Andre Brown
Andrew W. K.
Angie Featherstone
Angie Stone
Angela Simmons
Ardon Altino
Arma Andon
Asha Miller
August Darnell
Barry Michael Cooper
Ben Vereen
Bernard Kerik
Big Daddy Kane
Biz Marke
Bounty Killer
Brad “Scarface” Jordan
Britney Spears

Paul G Love · Friends with Joe Berger and 75 others
was that a regular gig Jon? Can’t believe I missed that!
November 28 at 10:19pm · Like
Jon Hammond Paul, what is a ‘regular gig’? Jon
November 28 at 10:20pm · Like
Paul G Love · Friends with Joe Berger and 75 others
more than once
November 28 at 10:21pm · Unlike · 1
Jon Hammond We played there a few times actually. Snooze ya’ lose, we won’t be there again most likely. In over 40 years I wouldn’t call any gigs regular – some were better than others and some more steady. The days of taking up residency in one club location have pretty much been over since early 70’s in my experience. Stay tuned for my upcoming book “Weird gigs I have played” by Jon Hammond
November 28 at 10:24pm · Like · 1
Gregory Hodges · 6 mutual friends
I cant wait to read that, im sure i could at least fill up one page in that book. I think that is a great idea. I dont buy books but id buy that one
November 28 at 11:45pm · Unlike · 1
Eric T. Everett · 2 mutual friends
Hi Jon — Do you have any pics from the mid 90’s with Bernard playing his Slingerland kit?
November 29 at 7:01am · Like
Jon Hammond Eric: Bernard always played Sonor during that time on my gigs, with Sabian cymbals – his Salmon colored Sonor Signature kit with 18″ kick always, and starting from this gig he got the hi-lite set, much lighter in weight than the Sonor Signature cans, Jon Hammond
November 29 at 7:04am · Like
Eric T. Everett · 2 mutual friends
Many thanks, John. I own his Slingerland kit — my reason for asking. Thanks for posting such great videos and pics over the years. I love “Late Rent”!
November 29 at 7:17am · Unlike · 1
Jose Ramos · Friends with Diana Worrell and 2 others
One of the nicest people you’d like to meet and talk to. Met him in Montreal and he visited me cuppla times at that place on mass ave.
November 29 at 2:58pm · Unlike · 1
Marijo Johnson · 6 mutual friends
This is the Purdie I remember (LOL).
December 1 at 11:14am · Unlike · 1
Jon Hammond Hi Marijo, 1989 gig…maybe it was 1990, yep 22 years ago..we all had less grey hair(s)! thanks, Jon

Mary Ellen O’Neil Davis

UCC, Cranford NJ

Winston Byrd

Endorser/Clinician at Cannonball Trumpets

Joe Berger

King at Self employed

Allen Ganious

School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life

Narada Michael Walden

President at Tarpan Studios

Joseph Timmons

Journalist/Editor at Xombiewoof Magazine

Arnaud Gorbaty
Keith Oneill

Montreal, Quebec

Robbie Furlong

Holland Park High School

Masahiko Kuzuha

Keio University (慶應義塾大学)

Paulo Cardoso

Drummer at Professional Drummer

Tim L Griffin

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Bobby Cattrano

State University of New York at Farmingdale

Mario Sicoy

Leyte National High School

Stanton Davis

Works at Ocean County College

Tony Santos
David Zinno

University of Rhode Island

Michael Angelo


Karen Frisk

Jazz Vocalist & Owner of AccountServe-CT at Self-employed

David J Moore

Drummer/Singer/Guitarist at David Moore Music at Self Employed and Loving It!

Dean Kurtz

Fullerton College

Rainey Kato

Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Terry Bissette
Mark LaRochelle

York College of Pennsylvania

Marcel Vaillant
Al Guzman Jr.

Works at Currently freelancing; drummer for hire; Have Drums Will Travel

Martina Mummi
Michael Grammar

Houston, Texas

Herbert Collins Jr.

Works at Paymer & Phillips

Rich LePage
Bart Spits

Works at Diverse Muziek

Rahul Roy
Paul Kervin Ferrer

Drum Instructor at Yamaha School Of Music, Philippines Inc.

Chris DeLisa

Works at Sabian

Elizabeth Cavaseno

Co-Owner at Chambermusik

Chris White III

Musician at Sharron Miller’s Academy for the Performing Arts

Giannis Giannakopoulos
Marc Nellis
Hans Torbijn

Sint Paulus Mulo Vlissingen

David Mover

Coral Gables, Florida

Thad Bunkiewicz

Drums Percussion at Musician

Chris Mann

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Steven Gongadin Lederman

Newtonbrook Secondary School

Zack Bevelacqua
Jay Okubo

Jazz Buyer (Sales/Promotion Dept.) at Tower Records

Jose Ramos

English High School of Boston

Dan Dubelman

Los Angeles, California

Cassandre McKinley

Chief Operating Officer at Mooning Monk

Joey Zee

Inst. of Audio Tech

Takashi Inoue

Citrus College

Seth Zowader
Paul Mouradjian
Paul G Love
Rob Burns

Dunedin, New Zealand

Doug Robinson

Works at Mesa Community College

Darren Dentremont
Yuko Doi

Artist at ボーグミュージック

Fedj Sylvanus

Live Sound Engineer at The palace

Fred Taylor

Worked nationwde as drummer/percussionist/arranger/producer/audio engineer at Self-employed drummer, composer, producer.

Carlos J Colon
Siegmar Grünberg

Dozent für Drums at Musikschule Schnelsen

Derneill L. Washington

City Honors School

Felix Spiegel

B.O.RG Dornbirn Schoren

Jeffrey Campbell

North Syracuse High School

Ari Bozzio

Escuela de Música Juan Pedro Esnaola

Mario Fourqurean


Patrik Zemella

Big T Mamas and Sasy Dj at Big T Mamas and Sasy Dj

Lee Goodness

Wake Forest University

Paul Defazio

C. Smyth
Calvin Richardson
Carl Banks
Carl Redding
Chivon Dean
Chris Gotti
Clark Kent
Clayton Hunter
Craig Mack
Cyndi Lauper
Cynthia Calabretta
Dame Grease
Damon Elliott
Diggy Simmons
Darrin Whittington
Darwin Hobbs
Darryl Brown
David Hall
David Wolff
Debra Antney
De La Soul
Devante Swing
Dalvin Degrate
Doug E. Fresh
Drew Nieporent
Dr. Turnbull
Eagles of Deathmetal
Earl “The Pearl” Monroe
Earnest Byner
Easy Mo Bee
Eddie Timmons
El General
Eric B
Eric Sermon
Eugeny Platov
Everything But the Girl
Faith Evans
Flavie Lheritier
Fonzi Thorton
Foxy Brown
Frankie Presley
Freddie Jackson
Fun Loving Criminals
Gary Haas
Gary Kurfirst
Genard Parker
Gerald Isaacs
Grand Puba
Harlem Boys Choir
Hex Hector
Innate Forte
Inga Savits
Ira Schickman
Irina Bonarenko
Irv Gotti
Issa Thompson
Ja Rule
Jackie Mason
Jacob the Jeweler
Jenny Wong
Jerry Wonder
Jesia Chiminazzo
Jillian Nelson
Jimmy Cozier
Joan Jett
Joan Smalls
Joaquin Dean
JoJo Simmons
John Berendt
Jonathan Peters
Joseph Robinson
K-Ci and JoJo
Katerina Graham
Keisha Bolden
Kenza Fourti
Kevin Leong
KC Lam
Kimberly Scott
Kinga Rajzak
Kendell Holt
Kristina Malaityte
Kyle West
Laura Mercer
Leland Robinson
Leslie Dodson
Leslie LaRoche
Lisa Simone
Little Mo
Loan Chabanol
Lorraine Bracco
Lou Pinella
Loni Ayers
Lucia Dvorska
Luciano Ribiero
Madonna Louise Ciccone
Marcelo Boldrini
Marcus Cooper aka “Pleasure P”
Marco Parker
Margaret Whitton
Mary J Blige
Marvin Peart
Maria Giorgio
Mechalie Jamison
Melissa Auf Der Maur
Mia Hessner Sovinsky
Michael Jones
Michael Vann
Midnight Star
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Mos Def
Monica Payne
Monie Love
Monster Magnet
Natalia Semanova
Olga Otrokhova
Pat Dinizio
Paolo Della Puppa
Peter Max
Philip Pitts
Prakazrel Michel (Pras)
Prince Paul
Qddus (Benjamin Philippe)
Queens of the Stone Age
Raica Brito
Ralph Branca
Randy Myers
Razhel Brown
Reflection Eternal
Remy Martin
Renee Diggs
Rica Olivera Brito
Richard Adler
Richie Blackmore
Ricky St. Haillaire
RJ Rice
Robert DeNiro
Rusty Staub
Russell Simmons
Sanjaya Malaker
Scott Lobdell
Shawn White
Simone Muterthies
Sophie Patitz
Stephen Bray
Sugar Dice
Swizz Beatz
Talib Kweli
Talking Heads
Tatiana Nikiforova
Teddy Pendergrass
Teddy Riley
The Berman Brothers
The Kinks
The Love Scene
The Smithereens
The Stills
Thomas Young
Tichina Arnold
Toni Braxton
Tribeca Grill
Tyrone Fyffe
Vada Nobles
Valeria Maza
Valentia Zelyaeva
Vasal Benford

Vanessa Simmons
Veruschka Von Lehndorf
Vic Thrill
Victor Cook
Vincent Herbert
Vladmira Cichova
Walking Concert
Wendy Williams
Whitey Ford
Whitney Thompson
Wyclef Jean
Zaz Zielinski
— with Bernard Purdie and Bernard Purdie at Lucky Cheng’s

Jon Hammond: I will be appearing with my band at Winter NAMM Friday Night
in the Hilton Hotel Lobby folks, January 25th playing the B3mk2 Hammond organ with Joe Berger guitar, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, drummer tba

Hammond Organ Performance
8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Hilton Stage East

Featuring the following artists:
Dr. Lonnie Smith – Hammond jazz and funk legend
Larry Goldings – keyboard/organist for James Taylor, among others
Jim Beard – of Steely Dan
Terry Lawless – of U2 & Pink
Chester Thompson – of Santana, Tower of Power
Marty Grebb – played with Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Chicago
C.J. Vanston – LA studio legend
Freddie Ravel – of Santana
Jon Hammond – Jazz artist
Glenn Stewart – Jazz artist
Brendan Power – Jazz Harmonica

Year in Review
Jon Hammond
A look at your 20 biggest moments from the year including life events, highlighted posts and your popular stories.

Hammond Suzuki, B3mk2, Organ, Winter NAMM, Lou Colombo, Sad and Happy, Musical Memories, highlights 2012, 2013, Funky, Jazz, Blues, Bernard Purdie, Local 802, Musicians Union

Breaking News NAMM President/CEO Joe Lamond Says 95,000 Attendance Broken 3rd Day of 4 Winter NAMM 2012 Jon Hammond Reporting

January 24, 2012

Breaking News NAMM President/CEO Joe Lamond Says 95,000 Attendance Broken 3rd Day of 4 Day Winter NAMM 2012 Jon Hammond Reporting

Joe Power!: Joe Testa Director of Artist Relations and Joe Lamond at Vic Firth Stand – photo by Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond spoke with Joe Lamond just before closing of 4th and final day of Winter NAMM 2012, noting that attendance was very strong, Joe Lamond said: “Yesterday (day 3) we broke 95,000 attendance.”
One can assume that the final attendance tally including Day 4 will be well over the 100,000 mark – Jon Hammond HammondCast

Joe Lamond hosting NAMM Breakfast of Champions Day 1 with very special guests!

Jon Hammond reporting from 2012 NAMM Show and playing

NAMM’s Director of International Affairs Betty Heywood with Jon Hammond Day 1 Winter NAMM 2012

Managing Director Suzuki Musical Instruments Mr. Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa with Jon Hammond

Michael Biwer Director of Prolight + Sound, Veronica Parks from Messe Frankfurt Hollywood and Jon Hammond, next stop: Moscow! May 16-19
World’s First Moscow NAMM Musikmesse

Mr. Shuji Suzuki – Suzuki Musical Instruments Company and Jon Hammond

L to R: Joe Berger, Koei Tanaka, Jon Hammond – special Sunday Morning Blues Session – January 22, 2012 Winter NAMM Hammond Stand

Jon Hammond traveling the world with his Hammond Sk1 Combo Organ most powerful keyboard incredibly compact and tough!

Stephen Fortner Editor Keyboard Magazine and Jon Hammond – Winter NAMM 2012

Jon Hammond and drummer Bernard Purdie – Winter NAMM 2012

Kicking off Day 3 Jon Hammond NAMM 2012

We meet again 20 years later in NAMM 2012! Michel Lag & Jon Hammond
Michel Lag – Master Luthier of Algam Music & Sound in France who makes an appearance in Jon Hammond’s movie “Sound Cops” on AFN Profile TV Show which Jon did in Cooperation with AFN Radio TV 20 years ago:
Musician Jon Hammond on AFN Europe TV Show PROFILE, Musikmesse Special. Jon worked together with AFN’s SSgt Albert Viera and SSG Terry Anderson to create this special entitled “Sound Cops” with very entertaining cameo appearances by Joe Berger (guitar) Michael Maier Falkenstein (Hammond organ with Jon) and the 2 Sound Polizei ‘Noise Control’ guys “Lorenzo” and his partner, busted for Electric Guitar Rocking!
You will find this story very enjoyable! Special thanks to AFN Europe and Musikmesse Frankfurt

*Note: Tomorrow shortly after 10AM I will be playing with the great Suzuki Harmonica Artist Koei Tanaka from Tokyo, his first appearance at NAMM Show in Suzuki Hammond stand 5100 with Joe Berger guitar, myself Jon Hammond on Hammond Sk1 combo organ – we will play a Blues session and the classic “Mercy Mercy”, come welcome Koei Tanaka folks! *we played together in Hamamatsu Japan at Suzuki Hall 2 years ago.

Jon Hammond and Koei Tanaka


Suzuki Concert Part 3 of 3:

Last Day 4 NAMM 2012 Jon Hammond Kicking it off soon, some pictures from yesterday Day 3:

Jon Hammond with Bernard Purdie and first timers to NAMM – Tambuzi Carroll of EastBay Jazz Workshop and his brother Thomas, Tam drove
all the way down from Berkeley: L to R: Tambuzi, Thomas, Jon Hammond, Bernard Purdie

2 years ago I played a midnight showcase show with Bernard Purdie at NAMM in the Hilton Lobby – Pocket Funk

Pocket Funk Bernard Purdie and Friends NAMM + Flash Back 1989

For Flash Back 1989 Mikell’s Pocket Funk Video:

*Note: Listen to the crowd of mostly musicians actually roar after Joe Berger’s guitar solo! – JH – Hilton Hotel Lobby
Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond © JH INTL ASCAP

Yesterday started out with heavy rain, check out my new smiling frog umbrella with ears…ready to go to show with Sk1 Hammond organ

Ran in to my friend SureWill who is really going places on the Smooth Jazz charts playing with people like Dave Koz, go SureWill!

Jon Hammond with Michael Biwer from Frankfurt Musikmesse!

Jon Hammond with David Mash, Vice President for Technology and Education Outreach at Berklee College of Music

Jon Hammond and Paul Pesco

To photo album will be revised

Sk1, Sk2, Combo organ, super light, Funky Drums, Paul Pesco, Pocket Funk, Sk1 Hammond, Smiling Frog Umbrella, Suzuki, Winter NAMM

Bernard Purdie and Friends Midnight Showcase Winter NAMM Hilton Hotel Anaheim Special Long Play Video 38:51


Bernard Purdie and Friends Midnight Showcase Winter NAMM 2010 Hilton Hotel Anaheim Special Long Play Video 38:51 Soulcatcher Blues: Tim Hern gtr. vocals, Mahlon Hawk bs. vocals, Leslie Gray gtr. vocals Jon Hammond XK-1 Organ (and bass on Pocket Funk) Special Guest: Joe Berger guitar Vibes: Jason “Malletman” Taylor Tenor saxes: Dan Puccio, Shea Marshall Trumpet: Winston Byrd Drums: Bernard “Pretty” Purdie aka “The Hit Maker” *Note: Bernard Purdie, Jon Hammond and Joe Berger are members of Local 802 Musicians Union Video Camera: Jennifer © 1. “It’s Probably Me” – Soulcatcher Blues 2. “Standing on Shaky Ground” Soulcatcher Blues 3. “Big Boss Man” Soulcatcher, Leslie Gray Feature 4. “Pocket Funk” Jon Hammond Intl. ASCAP *Joe Berger guitar feature *don’t leave a kleenex in your pocket when you do the laundry! Special Thanks:, Hilton Hotel Anaheim Convention Center, Hammond Suzuki, Denny Mack & Co. Audio Mix Raquel Romero F&B, Executive Chef Fred Mensinga, Special Long Play Video by Jennifer Bernard Purdie Soulcatcher Blues Jon Hammond Jason “Malletman” Taylor Jon Hammond at XK-1 Hammond organ, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Tim Hern guitar, Winston Byrd trumpet, photo by Bernie Horns: Winston Byrd trumpet, Shea Marshall tenor, Joe Berger guitar, Leslie Gray guitar, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Tim Hern guitar, Mahlon Hawk bass, Jon Hammond XK-1 organ, photo by Bernie Jason Taylor aka Mallet Man vibes, Leslie Gray guitar, Winston Byrd trumpet, Tim Hern guitar, Bernard Pretty Purdie drums, Jon Hammond XK-1 organ, photo by Bernie Capicchiano Bernard Pretty Purdie and Friends mixed by Denny Mack photo by Bernie Capicchiano

Winter NAMM Hammond Suzuki USA Stand Jon Hammond and Joe Berger Late Rent theme song

January 18, 2011

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Winter NAMM Hammond Suzuki USA Stand Jon Hammond and Joe Berger Late Rent theme song

JonHammondBand | January 17, 2011 |  likes, 0 dislikes
Winter NAMM Hammond Suzuki USA Stand Jon Hammond and Joe Berger Late Rent theme song

Jon Hammond at the organ and Joe Berger guitar aka Ham-Berger playing LATE RENT theme song for
The Jon Hammond Show cable TV show and HammondCast on KYOU Radio. Joe Berger is playing his
custom JJ guitar through the new G37 Leslie guitar speaker amp, 100 watts RMS solid state power amp
with vacuum tube preamp. The Rhodes Piano stand across the aisle is turning up their volume quite loud,
but Jon & Joe exercised restraint, because between the 100 watt G37 and 300 watts 3300W Leslie amp
coupled with Jon’s organ could easily take care of any situation, except for NAMM Sound Control (sound police)
*note: Thanks for coming by HSUSA stand right after we finished Sound Control people! Jon
The Rhodes people turned out to be real nice, it often happens that there is a battle of sound in open stands at
music trade shows folks.
We will be appearing at Frankfurt Musikmesse celebrating 25 years with our annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party in
Jazzkeller Frankfurt Tuesday April 5th at 9PM / 21UHR, join Jon Hammond and Joe Berger with Tony Lakatos tenor
sax and Giovanni Gulino drums and special friends for cake and good music onstage in the historic Jazzkeller.
Also Friday night April 8th annual Musikmesse-Session in Jazzkeller Hofheim. ©
Swingin’ Funky Jazz and Blues. Jon and Joe are members of AFM Local 802 Musicians Union and ASCAP Composer Publishers.

*Note: As Jennifer swings the camera around approx. 3 minutes in to clip, look for some of Jon and Joe’s special friends who joined us for
this impromptu performance: Rusty Paul bassist engineer son of Les Paul, Bernie Capicchiano and Michelle Capicchiano of Bernies Music Land
largest Hammond dealer in Australia, Steve Lucas drummer *thanks for photo at end Steve!, Shigeyuki Ohtaka of Suzuki Corporation Hamamatsu
speaking with Dennis J. Capiga Sr. V.P. Hammond Suzuki USA, Will Clark aka SureWill and his manager Jiordyn Clements, Jay Valle from HSUSA,
Cliff Unruh of Hammond Central dealership and a cameo during previous song by NAMM CEO Joe Lamond, thanks for coming by Joe! See you
in Frankfurt Musikmesse and Summer NAMM Nashville, JH

NAMM, Musikmesse, Suzuki Musical Instruments, ASCAP, Late Rent, Jazz, Blues, XK-3c, Organ, G37, Leslie Speaker, HammondCast,
Frankfurt, 25 Years Celebration


Rusty Paul and Bernie Capicchiano

SureWill, Jiordyn, Cliff Unruh
Jon Hammond and Joe Berger aka Ham-Berger
Mike Huckabee and Jon Hammond
Gov. Mike Huckabee Launches Wanna Play Fund Allowing More People to Play Music |Wanna Play Music · Why Play Music · Get Started ·

special thanks Hammond Suzuki Musical Instruments LTD, Hiromitsu Ono, NAMM Organization, Joe Lamond, Jeanne O’Keefe, Mary Hong, The Lippin Group, Scott Robertson, Mike Huckabee

XK-3c, Mini-B, Organ, Suzuki Musical Instruments, G37 Leslie, Winter NAMM, Late Rent, TV Show, Anaheim, Jazz, Blues, Remin Kart-A-Bag, Briggs & Riley Travelware, Musikmesse, Frankfurt, 802 Musicians Union

Day 1 Winter NAMM 2011 Pictures Brought To You By Jon Hammond

January 14, 2011

Winter NAMM 2011 Pictures Brought To You By Jon Hammond Day 1

From NAMM UpBeat Daily

Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa, Dennis Capiga, Jon Hammond, Jay Valle
Super Nico Teng Superlux Taipei Taiwan with Jon Hammond
Betty Heywood, director of international affairs at NAMM and Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond and Joe Lamond is president and chief executive officer of NAMM

Super Andrew Chung Superlux Taipei Taiwan and Jon Hammond
Waichiro ‘Tachi’ Tachikawa Suzuki Musical Instruments and Jon Hammond
Scott May Hammond Suzuki USA & Ides of March Band and Jon Hammond
Joe Berger, Mark Hitt, Jon Hammond
 Jon Hammond and Hans Tann – J&H Technology Co., Ltd Shenzhen China
Jill Tseng – Smarvo Pro Audio Corp. Taipei City and Jon Hammond
Reappearance of Jimi Hendrix at Winter NAMM 2011 !

Winter NAMM, Mini B-3, Jimi Hendrix, Betty Heywood, Nico Teng, Superlux, Joe Lamond, Jon Hammond, Organ, International, Music, Anaheim, Take it to 11, Suzuki Musical Instruments

Winter NAMM 2011 Pictures Brought To You By Jon Hammond Pt 1

January 13, 2011

Winter NAMM 2011 Pictures Brought To You By Jon Hammond Pt 1 Press Preview Day

Mike Huckabee and Jon Hammmond – Winter NAMM 2011
Steve Albini and Jon Hammond 2 Accordionists at Winter NAMM 2011

Winter NAMM, Mike Huckabee, Accordionists, Wonderful World of Color, Mickey Mouse, Pixar, Jon Hammond, Zoom, Samson, Superlux, Sennheiser, Hammond, Suzuki, Orla, Anaheim, Hamamatsu, HammondCast