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Hungarian Soul: Jazzkeller Frankfurt Funk Breakdown

December 31, 2007

Hungarian tenor sax star Tony Lakatos getting down with some Hungarian Soul Funk Breakdown with Jon Hammond (also Hungarian heritage) and the boys in Jazzkeller Frankfurt, enjoy!

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JAZZKELLER Organ Sax Funk HEAD PHONE Breakdown Frankfurt

December 30, 2007

Jon Hammond Band breaking it down in JAZZKELLER Frankfurt annual Musikmesse Warm Up Party
Featuring Hungarian Soul Tenor Sax Star Tony Lakatos , Heinz Lichius drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond XB-2 Organ/Bass Funky ‘Head Phone’ by Jon Hammond ©2007 ASCAP HammondCast KYOU Radio

Hungarian Soul

Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton Jazz Bar closed for 2 months renovation: MOVIE

December 29, 2007

Shanghai Portman Ritz-Carlton Jazz Bar is undergoing 2 months renovation. Jazz will be back in 2 months with Danny Woody and Band! MOVIE: ‘Easy Living’ jazz ballad, Jon Hammond – organ, Danny Woody – drums, Donald Jackson – bass, Billy Marcus pno., Claus Rueckbeil gtr.

Danny Woody and Jon Hammond

A Musical Performer in the Spotlight: JON HAMMOND by Paul A. Hendrickson F3

December 28, 2007

One of the Musical Performers we get here at Laguna Honda is Jon Hammond. He has been playing here for quite a long time. He would mention in passing, between songs, some celebrities that are household names. It was done in such a way that it sounded as if he had met some of these people. Come to find out, he had.

After I got to talking to Jon, I realized that the polish he brings to his jazz piano and to Laguna Honda is no fluke. Jon resides mostly in New York City. He has a place in Times Square. In his neighborhood alone he met Paul Newman, Joanne woodward, and Al Pacino. He also has a Cable Access show there. On his Show he has interviewed people who he has found interesting. His favorite was Lionel Hampton, the reknowned vibe player. “At 80 years old, he was full of energy.”

Another he enjoyed had been Cab Calloway. This was after his re-emergence from the “Blues Brothers” movie. He mentions as one of his non-musician guests to be none other than Andy Warhol. It seems that Andy was interested in the computer Graphics and Artwork that jon and his crew used on the Show.

Though he plays a “jazz organ” on his CD’s and with his Band, Jon has been banging on the piano from about age six. When the Beatles came on the scene in ’64, Jon with most others his age, decided to become a “Rock” star. He tried his hand at this. He had some groups ranging in name from “Hades” to “Contraband”. He becomes thoughtful at this moment. “‘Contraband’ was a pretty good band.” At age thirteen he got his first electric-accordion.

Jon has a small collection of accordions – mostly electric. He has inked a deal with Excelsior, and plays their accordions exclusively. He also notes that eBay the computer sales website is a good source if you know what you’re looking for. Jon mentions that he will be playing accordion for Broadway’s own “Fiddler on The Roof.” “Whenver I learn the book.” He says it is about as thick as a telephone book.

His latest group is made up of the “Late Rent Session Men”. As the name implies, whenever Jon is a little short and behind on his Rent, his landlord takes some music in trade.

Jon plays every month at Laguna Honda. Look for the fliers and catch his show. I asked him why someone who trots the globe makes such frequent stops at Laguna Honda Hospital. He says, “Well, my Father was a Physician. My Grandfather was a Physician. I’m a Musician. I like to see the people smile.” Jon does his “therapy” in another way. He hopes to be one of the first performers when they build the “New Hospital.” Happy New Year.

*Note: Special thanks, Paul A. Hendrickson, Jon Jon Hammond’s Hammond Organ ready for action!

Schnulze die Kneipe Party: JON HAMMOND Band in Harburg March 8, 2008 !

December 24, 2007

JON HAMMOND Band in Schnulze Harburg Germany art by ILLUSTRATORP

Schnulze Harburg and Michael August aka ILLUSTRATORP Presents: JON HAMMOND Band *Returning for One Night Only Party, Featuring LUTZ BUECHNER – sax, SANDRA HEMPEL – gtr., HEINZ LICHIUS – drms. NO DOOR CHARGE March 8 2008 Die nette Kneipe in Harburg-Wilstorf. Kleine Snacks und Bier vom Fass. Anschrift: Winsener Str. 56
21077 Hamburg – Harburg Telefon: (040) 7631156

*Previous gig: Schnulze die Kneipe

BBQ Lily in Birdland Hamburg Jazz Club Jon Hammond

December 16, 2007

Jazz Ballad ‘BBQ Lily’ by organist Jon Hammond performed in Birdland Hamburg Jazz Club with real nice solo from tenor saxophonist Lutz Buechner (from NDR Radio Bigband). Enthusiastic response from hometown Hamburg audience, Jon’s return after 7 year hiatus. ©2007

Jon Hammond Band with Lutz Buechner of NDR Radio Bigband in Birdland Hamburg

Jon Hammond & Joe Berger jamming in Joe’s Studio

December 14, 2007

Organist Jon Hammond jamming with Joe Berger (guitar) on Jon’s tune “Soon I Will Be Free” in Joe’s NYC Studio, Ham-Berger Action! ©2007

Joe Berger and Jon Hammond

PIANO Suzanne Ciani / Jon Hammond + Blues Hour Vintage

December 13, 2007

From Jon Hammond Archives, Suzanne Ciani in The Site Recording studio Marin County Nicasio California at the piano plus Vintage Scott Cooper of MCTV The Blues Hour on NYC street in Garment District and finally Jon Hammond solo piano at MPCS Video Industries IPC Soundstage cocktail party. Catch Jon’s daily radio show HammondCast on KYOU Radio ©2007
Jon Hammond Solo Cocktail Piano


December 10, 2007

Musician Jon Hammond on AFN Europe TV Show PROFILE, Musikmesse Special. Jon worked together with AFN’s SSgt Albert Viera and SSG Terry Anderson to create this special entitled “Sound Cops” with very entertaining cameo appearances by Joe Berger (guitar) Michael Maier Falkenstein (Hammond organ with Jon) and the 2 Sound Polizei ‘Noise Control’ guys “Lorenzo” and his partner, busted for Electric Guitar Rocking!You will find this story very enjoyable! Special thanks to AFN Europe and Musikmesse Frankfurt ©2007 http://www.HammondCast.comJon Hammond - Musician on AFN Europe PROFILE TV Show Musikmesse Special

Clarence TOOTSIE Bean MATT Smith BRETT Ryan JON Hammond Band at Cleo’s NYC

December 9, 2007

Incredible funky solo from veteran Bermuda born drummer Clarence TOOTSIE Bean, Guitarist MATT Smith from Chop Shop burning it up, young BRETT Ryan sax (1st NYC gig!) with organist leader JON Hammond Band at Cleopatra’s Needle Restaurant on Broadway and W.92nd St. NYC, playing  funky ‘Head Phone’ just after voting day. Support Tootsie through this difficult time, we love you Tootsie! This is the real deal here folks ©2007 ASCAP

Jon Hammond Band at Cleopatra’s Needle NYC Broadway at W. 92nd St.