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Jon Hammond Show 1125

November 19, 2017

#WATCHMOVIE HERE: Jon Hammond Show 1125

Jon’s archive



by Jon Hammond

Publication date 2017-11-18
Language English
Jon Hammond Show 1125
Jon Hammond
Manhattan Neighborhood Network – MNN
Music, Travel and Soft News

First segment:
Payphone Johnny! – I’m the old king of the payphone, one of the last 
holdouts to get a cell phone – written in one of my favorite pay phones 
in NYC – Jon Hammond with Peter Klohmann t.s., Giovanni Totò Gulino d., Joe Berger2 g., Jon Hammond o.+b Sk1 Hammond organ #Payphone 

Jon’s chocolate chocolate birthday cake by Saray Pastanesi (Tulan) 
bakery on Mainzer Landstrasse Frankfurt, as seen on Jon Hammond Show MNN
TV  #jazzkeller  #musikmesse  #NAMMShow  #HammondOrgan 
Payphone Johnny Musikmesse Warm Up Party in Jazzkeller 
Second segment:
Soon I Will Be Free In Kentucky
by Jon Hammond with John Bishop g., Ron Smith d., Alex Budman t.s.
Louisville, Kentucky: by Jon Hammond “Soon I Will Be Free” – Jon Hammond Band
©JON HAMMOND International ASCAP
Identifier SoonIWillBeFreeInKentucky – Freedom, Funky Jazz, Hammond Organ, Kentucky, Soul Music
Third segment:
Ellington Room Session – WHITE ONIONS – Jon Hammond Band

– actual audio recorded on Jon Hammond’s original 1976 Nakamichi 550 
that he bought at Harvey Electronics on 45th Street – special thanks 
Willy Hermann Services, Scott Robinson, Joe Selkregg and Steve Kushman 
President of California Historical Radio Society CHRS for restoration 
refurbishment of the Nakamichi machine – Sennheiser microphones used in this recording – Joe Berger mastered recording – Musicians: Chuggy Carter percussion, Todd Anderson
tenor saxophone, Ray Grappone drums, aka “Ray to The Rescue” Joe Berger
guitar, Jon Hammond playing his original 1959 Hammond B3 organ + Super 
Leslie speaker built for Jon by Bill Beer the late great ‘Leslie God’ 
Keyboard Products Los Angeles CA – special thanks Dave Vumback and Al 
Goff – Goff Professional-Hammond Organs Newington CT – Jon used good old
Maxell Type II Audio Cassettes for this fine recording – Thanks to 
Yosef the Barber Marc Joseph Salon & Spa for the great haircut ©JON 
HAMMOND International ASCAP http://www.HammondCast #Nakamichi #Sennheiser#HammondB3 #Ellington #Onions

Freedom, Soul Music, Hammond Organ, Louisville, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Jon Hammond Show, composer, Hammond B3 organ

LATE RENT – ASCAP Audio Portrait: Jon Hammond

June 10, 2014


Jon Hammond says “the fingers are the singers.'” The latest CD from this exceptional and soulful Hammond organist is the proof. “Late Rent” draws on decades of great recording sessions and top live performances to showcase his own playing and many top jazz and funk artists. It shows why the Hammond organ is one of the most enduring electric instruments and why Hammond is one of its best players.

The Late Rent Story
Swingin’ Funky Jazz & Blues
Two Hot Tracks
Sonny’s Advice

Top Albums by Jon Hammond

Late Rent – This is a re-issue of Jon’s 1995 European release “Late Rent.” Never before available in the U.S., it contains a collection of recordings featuring Bernard Purdie and Steve Ferrone on drums, as well as Todd Anderson and Alex Foster on sax, Barry Finnerty and Graham Hawthorne, Ray Grappone, Jim Preston and Chuggy Carter. The record is a swinging and funky compilation of original tracks written by Jon Hammond, as well as some anecdotal asides and a guest apperance by Jazzbeaux Collins. Lots of great solos and organ sounds, as well as melodies and groove. Includes “Late Rent,” “Pocket Funk,” “Lydia’s Tune,” “White Onions,” “Head Phone” and “Hip Hop Chitlins.”

Jon Hammond Band official Facebook Page

Front Line Jon Hammond Band – Photo Credit to Master Photographer Lawrence Gay of The West Coast Live Radio Show

– L to R: Joe Berger guitar, Alex Budman tenor saxophone, Koei Tanaka Suzuki Harmonica, Jon Hammond – Sk1 Hammond organ at The NAMM Show

Recordings with Bernard Purdie, Stephen Ferrone, David Fathead Newman, Tony Lakatos, Barry Finnerty, Joe Berger, Joe Gallardo, James Preston, Lee Oskar, Chuggy Carter, Alex Foster, Cornell Dupree, Ray Grappone, Lutz Buechner, Heinz Lichius, Giovanni Gulino Al Jazzbo Collins

photo by Teddy Fung

Late Rent, ASCAP, Audio Portrait, Funky, Jazz, Blues, Hammond Organ, Jon Hammond, B3, Accordion, Composer, City Hall Records, Ham-Berger-Friz Records