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2014 Pocket Funk Jazzkeller Party

May 27, 2014

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: 2014 Pocket Funk Jazzkeller Party

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Pocket Funk by Jon Hammond – Jon’s annual musikmesse Warm Up Party in the world famous jazzkeller – almost complete take shot by Aurelia Natalini with camera direction by Tino Pavlis – Giovanni Totò Gulino drums, Peter Klohmann tenor saxophone, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at the Sk1 Hammond organ ©Jon Hammond International ASCAP


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Early Morning Downtown San Francisco — Have a good somber Memorial Day folks – Jon Hammond
America’s Pride – Blue Angels:
Tribute to 9/11 w/ America’s Pride Blue Angels “Get Back in The Groove”
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Tribute to 9 11 w America’s Pride Blue Angels Get Back in The Groove

Tribute to 9/11 with America’s Pride The Blue Angels and Music “Get Back In The Groove” by Jon Hammond Band
“America’s pride The Blue Angels here at SFO to perform fearlessly in honor of Fleet Week –

Youtube <a href="Early Morning Downtown San Francisco — Have a good somber Memorial Day folks – Jon Hammond
America's Pride – Blue Angels:
Tribute to 9/11 w/ America’s Pride Blue Angels “Get Back in The Groove”
*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Tribute to 9 11 w America’s Pride Blue Angels Get Back in The Groove

Tribute to 9/11 with America’s Pride The Blue Angels and Music “Get Back In The Groove” by Jon Hammond Band
“America’s pride The Blue Angels here at SFO to perform fearlessly in honor of Fleet Week –


Hammond’s Bolero

Listen to Album Quality Audio HERE: Hammond’s Bolero album track from Jon Hammond

most high quality Audio:
Hammond’s Bolero track 1 title track from Jon Hammond
This is Jon Hammond’s inspired all-original trio album played with the intensity of a live performance. It features great saxophone work by Alex Budman and the sophisticated funky sound of Ronnie Smith, Jr. on drums. Accordion and guitar embellish several tracks, and the overall sound is very musical and unusual. Lots of powerful groove drives some really great Jon Hammond compositions such as “Soon I Will Be Free”, “Cannonball 99 (One More Time!), “Six Year Itch”, “Jennifer’s Song” and “9/11 Tribute.”
Artist: Hammond, Jon Trio
Title: Hammond’s Bolero
Format: CD
Catalog Number: 103
UPC Code: 601637970522
Price: $9.98 (All prices include domestic shipping.)
Genre: JAZZ
City Hall Records Catalog
Independent Record Distribution since 1973
Album Notes

Letter to the Listener from Jon Hammond:
November 28, 2002
Dear Listener!
This record marks a new beginning for me, and I would like to dedicate it to all those who like myself are striking out on their own and going it alone. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. I did and now this record is for you!
On November 5th, 2002 at 11:00 hours I entered in to Studio “D” of UNIQUE RECORDING STUDIOS in Times Square NYC with my producer/engineer Joe Berger along with S.F. Bay Area musicians Ronnie Smith (drums) and Alex Budman (tenor sax). I had just come back from performing in Shanghai at the first MUSIC CHINA. My mission was clear…because of all our busy schedules and logistical problems, we had a 4 hour window to play down 13 of my original compositions live to Pro Tools recording format with Joe Berger at the controls, ably assisted by Heath Aiken.
From the first tune I knew that this would be my best record ever. Twelve of the tracks made this record and the 13th will be on the next record!
As I was telling the musicians…on this record each of us is larger than life. I am very proud to feature the undeniable pocket feel of Ronnie Smith, the great left-handed funk drummer from East Oakland. Also it is my pleasure to feature one of the finest and most musical tenor saxophonists to come out of the Bay Area in a long time: Alex Budman. The incredible guitar work features my long-time partner Joe Berger (Ham-Berger Productions). Joe has played with John Entwistle, Vangelis and many greats, plus he is responsible for the fine sound of this recording and mastering. Joe joined the band on tracks 1 & 3, title song Hammond’s Bolero and Cannonball 99.
Bobby and Joanne Nathan’s Unique Recording Studios was the perfect studio and environment for our live recording. Special thanks to Bobby and Joanne and the Unique staff!

I fired up the house HAMMOND organ and felt right at home immediately. Although we cut these tunes in one session, (a new speed record at Unique Recording Studios!), it took my whole life to refine my songs and get to this point where I was ready to record them…and ALSO to select musicians who could not only play their asses off, but are very nice cats who play my music with much enthusiasm and uplifting spirit. Like all bandleaders I have had more than my share of nightmare situations with “difficult” musicians so I am always happy when I can record and play with trouble-free musicians on the band! These are the guys.
This was Ronnie’s first trip to New York City. The night before our session he and Alex went to hear the Village Vanguard Monday Night Bigband while I stayed home in my Times Square apartment preparing the music for the session.
There is a story behind every one of these compositions. The title track “Hammond’s Bolero” (track #1) means literally Romantic Music. Even if you are not a dancer you’ll want to dance to this track! As on every track all the musicians are featured with the addition of the totally amazing guitar work of JOE BERGER. He does some “terrible things” to the strings on his guitar ladies and gentlemen! Guitar Heads and even Carlos Santana…look out!!

On every one of my albums I like to do something original that has never been done before. On this record the very first sound that you will hear is the sound of me popping the cork out of a very nice bottle of Red Bordeaux wine! I have always thought this to be a “happy sound”, so kick back and enjoy a glass of Bordeaux with my music if you have the possibility to do so. Also I announce the title of every one of my songs. The reason I do this is because so often on the radio song titles are not announced…well, I fixed that! I recorded the cork and my voiceovers on my new acquisition, which is a fine Chinese manufactured Tube Microphone from SUPERLUX in Shanghai. My EXCELSIOR tonechamber accordion has custom SENNHEISER microphones in it with a very slick modification by main man ALEX of Alex Accordions Guitars shop around the corner from Unique Recording Studios on W. 48th St. in New York (on the famous strip of music shops). This was my first outting using the electronics in my hand-built accordion and I was very pleased with the natural sound we got on the recordings.
Track #2, “Jennifer’s Song” I wrote for my girlfriend Jennifer.
Once you have heard “Jennifer’s Song” you’ll never be able to get it out of your mind. Melody is King! Perhaps you will hear my Russian/Hungarian heritage coming from this melody.

“Cannonball 99” (One More Time!) #3 is a rollicking shuffle that I would like to dedicate to all those out there on the superslab with the hammer down driving cross-country. “Cannonball” means non-stop, coast to coast. I have driven more miles than most people will ever live to drive. I’ve seen 18 wheel trucks drive off the side of a mountain in black ice…drivers falling asleep at the wheel and angry people driving like idiots. Buckle up for safety, keep a CB radio and a cell phone in the car and please drive safely out there everybody!
JOE BERGER joins us for a rockin’ solo on this one, ala ZZ TOP. He’s been cannonballin’ on the big-time tour busses with everybody from The WHO’s JOHN ENTWISTLE who we unfortunately lost last year, to boy band DREAM STREET. We call him the “Berger-meister”!
You might see me out there one more time…my handle on the CB radio is: “T-Bone Steak”. They’ll be playing the hell out of this one down in the Bayou on my friends’ radio station in Eunice Louisianna…laissez les bon ton roulette, Cannonball 99…One More Time!

This next song, (#4) “Soon I Will Be Free” is sure to be the theme song for a future TV show or movie! Ronnie’s Gospel and Shuffle beats are undeniable. I wrote the tune in D flat (5 flats)..the tonality of the bass lines I played on my MZ2000 CASIO monster bass keyboard will shake the china in your neighbor’s kitchen! Smokin’ track…dig the accordion I layed down and soulful saxophone playing from Alex. This one will make you snap your fingers until they’re too sore to snap no more!
“Thing In C Minor” (#5) is a serious 3-way jam featuring Ronnie with an East Bay Funk groove and solo in the middle. We jam so hard at the end that when we hit the final slam together, I think you’ll agree when I say that this track has one of the greatest endings ever recorded! (the other greatest ending is on Czechoslovakian Salsa Song..track #9!)
“Cosmo Lane” (#6) was a song I wrote while looking out of the window at my San Francisco apartment. There is a little street called Cosmo Lane where the pigeons shit and the crackheads smoke and whatever else they do. I often would face my keyboard out the window and play while looking at this little street. Soon after I wrote the song a friend of ours in Germany named his new son “Cosmo”. I thought…oh that is pretty cosmic, because how many Cosmo’s do you know?! Only one I can think of was on the old TV show “Topper”. And now the hotel around the corner has changed it’s name to “Cosmo Hotel”…and last week when I played for first time in Osaka Japan, there Jennifer and I were in a fine hotel on Cosmo Place! So here it is for you…”Cosmo Lane”. The guys think this would be another good one for TV show theme.

Pocket Funk, Memorial Day, Downtown San Francisco, SFO, Frankfurt, musikmesse, Funky Jazz, Blues, Hammond Organ, Local 802, Musicians Union

Boeing 777 Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene

July 6, 2013

Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene *Images from Jon Hammond just 30 minutes ago:

Airliner Crash SFO! Breaking News from Jon Hammond on-the-scene: Flight 214 Asiana Airlines arriving SFO from SEL has crashed – I shot this photo from West Field of SFO near US Post Office facility and Catering – heavy smoke – aircraft separated at tail – amazing the Captain managed to get it in and on to tarmac as I’m hearing it was in trouble on the way in. Many passengers seen leaving aircraft – information still sketchy, this report just came in 3 minutes ago – I shot this photo 20-30 minutes ago – JH *Note: I first heard 191 passengers onboard – now I just heard from an employee – 291 passengers and crew – JH
FAA: Asiana Airlines flight crash lands at San Francisco airport
William M. Welch, USA TODAY 3:48 p.m. EDT July 6, 2013
An Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul crashed on landing at San Francisco’s airport Saturday, the Federal Aviation Authority confirmed.

It was not immediately known if there were casualties. Initial images from the scene showed smoke billowing from the plane and emergency exits open from the plane’s fuselage.

The plane was a Boeing 777, FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford said. It crashed on runway 28L at San Francisco International Airport, he said.

Laura Brown, spokeswoman for the FAA in Washington, said Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul was attempting to land at San Francisco International Airport when it crashed.

“All we know is that a foreign airline, Asiana Airlines Flight 214 arriving from Seoul, South Korea, crashed while landing,” she said. “That’s all I’ve got right now.

A video clip posted to Youtube showed smoke coming from a silver-colored jet on the tarmac. Passengers could be seen jumping down the inflatable emergency slides. Images showed the the body of the plane largely intact but with severe fire damage.

The tail of the airplane was separated from the aircraft.

The crash is the first major commercial jet to crash in the United States since a November 2001 crash in New York.

The airline is based in Seoul, South Korea. Its website says its Boeing 777 can carry between 246 to 300 passengers. — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Airline Crash, Asiana Airlines, Jetliner, SFO, Jon Hammond, On the scene, Fire, Smoke, San Francisco, International, Airport, tail section

Jon’s Journal January 9 2013 America’s Pride – Blue Angels – US Army Blues

January 9, 2013

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Blue Angels SFO Fleet Week Family Day Music Get Back in the Groove

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America’s pride The Blue Angels here at SFO to perform fearlessly in honor of Fleet Week 2012 with support from United Airlines Team at United Family Day very special annual event, special thanks to all these fine folks it takes to make it happen. From the Firefighters, to the Mechanics, Air Controllers, Crew, Food Preparations even the Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars were on hand for this very special family day – with music here from The Jon Hammond Band with special guest Lee Oskar harmonica, recent performance in Frankfurt Germany at the famous Jazzkeller “Tribute to 9/11 – Get Back In The Groove” Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at Sk1 organ, enjoy folks! Sincerely, Jon Hammond

Hamburg Germany — No more bungee jumping off of the Heinrich-Hertz-Turm folks! – Jon Hammond

“After the observation platform and restaurant were closed (due to asbestos decontamination), former stuntman Jochen Schweitzer had a bungee jumping base installed. The restaurant will not open again due to new fire escape regulations, the bungee platform was closed at the end of 2001.”
The Heinrich-Hertz-Turm (named after the German physicist and Hamburg-born Heinrich Hertz) is a radio telecommunication tower and a famous landmark of Hamburg, Germany.
Designed by architect Fritz Trautwein, in co-operation with civil engineers Jörg Schlaich, Rudolf Bergermann and Fritz Leonhardt, it was built 1965–1968 for former Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Post and Telecommunications Agency, now Deutsche Telekom ‘s subsidiary Deutsche Funkturm GmbH) near Planten un Blomen (a city park). With an overall height of 279,2 m (916 ft) it is Hamburg’s tallest building

R.I.P. Bill Graham – January 8, 1931 – October 25, 1991
I took this shot backstage, you can see in the foreground Jack Casady, I think Bill is speaking with Paul Kantner. To Bill’s left is Wavy Gravy with the cowboy hat and American Flag suit. A huge loss to all the music community!
The last time I ran in to Bill, it was about 3.30AM in the morning at The Carnegie Deli in New York City – he was unshaven and looked tired, but he wanted his corned beef sandwich in the middle of the night. I was in Frankfurt Germany when I got the horrible news of his helicopter crash 10/25/1991, rest in peace Bill – Jon Hammond
*anybody recognize any other people in my photo of Bill? It looks to me like it might be Frank Biner to the left of Wavy, just under the Jartran truck sign – JH
Born Wolodia Grajonca
January 8, 1931
Berlin, Germany
Died October 25, 1991 (aged 60)
Vallejo, California, U.S.
Occupation Rock promoter
Years active 1960s–1991; his death
Graham was born Wolodia Grajonca in Berlin,[1] the son of Frieda (née Sass) and Yankel Grajonca, an engineer.[2] He was given the nickname Wolfgang by his family early in his life.[3] He was the youngest son of a lower-middle-class Jewish family that had emigrated from Russia prior to the rise of Nazism.[4][5] Graham’s father died two days after his son’s birth.[6] Graham’s mother placed her son and his younger sister in an orphanage in Berlin due to the increasing peril to Jews in Germany. The orphanage sent them to France in a pre–Holocaust exchange of Jewish children for Christian orphans. Graham’s older sisters stayed behind with his mother. After the fall of France, Graham was among a group of Jewish orphans spirited out of France, some of whom finally reached America. But a majority of the children—including Graham’s older sister Tolla—did not survive the difficult journey. Graham thus was one of the One Thousand Children, (OTC), those mainly Jewish children who managed to flee Hitler and Europe and then came directly to America, but whose parents were forced to stay behind. Nearly all these OTC parents were murdered “by Hitler”. Graham’s mother was murdered in Auschwitz. Graham had five sisters, Rita, Evelyn, Sonja, Ester and Tolla, only two of whom survived. Ester moved to the United States and was very close to Graham in his later life. His sister Rita escaped, first to Shanghai and then (after the war) to the United States.[citation needed]
Once in the United States, Graham stayed in a foster home in The Bronx in New York City. After being taunted as an immigrant and being called a Nazi because of his German accented English, Graham first worked on his accent, eventually being able to speak in a perfect New York accent, and also changed his name to be more “American.” (He found “Graham” in the phonebook, it was closest to his real surname “Grajonca.” According to Graham, both “Bill” and “Graham” were meaningless to him). Graham graduated from DeWitt Clinton High School and then obtained a business degree from City College.[7][8] He was later quoted as describing his training as that of an “efficiency expert[disambiguation needed]”.
Graham was drafted into the United States Army in 1951, and served in the Korean War, where he was awarded both the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Upon his return to the States he worked as a waiter/maître d’ in Catskill Mountain resorts in upstate New York during their heyday. He was later quoted as saying his experience as a maître d’ and with the poker games he hosted behind the scenes was good training for his eventual career as a promoter. Tito Puente, who played some of these resorts, went on record once saying that Graham was avid to learn Spanish from him, but only cared about the curse words.[9] It was during the 1950s that Graham became a champion mambo dancer in the mambo clubs of New York City.

Graham in 1974
Graham moved from New York to San Francisco in the early 1960s to be closer to his sister, Rita. He was invited to attend a free concert in Golden Gate Park, where he made contact with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, a radical theater group. He gave up a promising business career to manage the troupe in 1965. After Mime Troupe leader Ronnie Davis was arrested on obscenity charges during an outdoor performance, Graham organized a benefit concert to cover the troupe’s legal fees. The concert was a success, and Graham saw a business opportunity.[11][12]
Graham began promoting more concerts to raise funds for the Mime Troupe and eventually left the troupe to promote concerts full-time. Charles Sullivan was a mid-20th century black entrepreneur and businessman in San Francisco who owned the master lease on the Fillmore Auditorium. Bill approached Charles to put on the Second Mime Troupe appeals concert at the Fillmore Auditorium on December 10, 1965 using Sullivan’s dance hall permit for the show. Graham later secured a contract from Sullivan for the open dates at the Fillmore Auditorium in 1966. Graham credits Sullivan with giving him his break in the music promotion business. Charles Sullivan was found murdered on August 2, 1966, south of Market Street in San Francisco. To this day the murder remains unsolved.
One of the first concerts Graham promoted was in partnership with Chet Helms of the Family Dog organization and featured the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. The concert was an overwhelming success and Graham saw an opportunity with the band.[14] Early the next morning, Graham called the band’s manager, Albert Grossman, and obtained exclusive rights to promote them. Shortly thereafter, Chet Helms arrived at Graham’s office, asking how Graham could have cut him out of the deal. Graham pointed out that Helms would not have known about it unless he had tried to do the same thing to Graham and advised him to “get up early” in the future.[citation needed]
A charismatic but often difficult personality, Graham produced shows attracting elements of America’s now legendary counterculture of the time such as Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Country Joe and The Fish, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, The Committee, The Fugs, Allen Ginsberg, and, a particular favorite of Graham’s, The Grateful Dead. He was the manager of Jefferson Airplane during 1967 and 1968. His successes and popularity allowed him to become the top concert promoter in rock music. He operated the famous venues the Fillmore West and Winterland (both in San Francisco) and the Fillmore East (in New York City), where the best up-and-coming acts would come to play. Graham also owned a record label, Fillmore Records, which was in operation from 1969 to circa 1976. Some of the artists who signed with Graham were Rod Stewart, Elvin Bishop and Cold Blood,[15] although of these it seems only Bishop actually issued albums on the Fillmore label.
In New York City, he formed a booking agency called The Millard Agency which organized the booking of bands into various venues across the US. Because his music venue was the Fillmore, it seemed obvious to call the booking agency Millard. (Millard Fillmore was the thirteenth president of the United States.) In his music venues, he also opened certain weekday nights for unknown bands, like Santana, to get exposure. Graham promoted the West-Coast leg of the legendary The Rolling Stones American Tour 1972, also known as S.T.P. Tour (for Stones Touring Party), as well as parts of the Rolling Stones 1975 and 1978 tours. He would then promote the entire Rolling Stones American Tour 1981 and Rolling Stones European Tour 1982. When the Stones returned to touring in 1989 with the Steel Wheels tour, Mick Jagger accepted the offer of Michael Cohl’s The BCL Group (Ballard Cohl Labatt).[16] to buy the concert, sponsorship, merchandising, radio, television, and film rights. Steel Wheels became the most financially successful in history. Graham later discovered that Cohl had offered only slightly more money. Graham took Jagger’s repudiation as a personal defeat, writing with eloquence and grace, “Losing the Stones was like watching my favorite lover become a whore.”[17]
In 1971, he closed the Fillmores on both coasts, citing a need to “find [himself]”. The movie Fillmore: The Last Days documents the closing of the Fillmore West. Graham retreated to a Greek island, but found the quietude disconcerting and later admitted being disappointed that no one there knew of him. He returned to promoting, first organizing concerts at smaller venues, like the Berkeley Community Theatre on the campus of Berkeley High School. He then leased out the Winterland Arena in San Francisco and promoted shows at the Cow Palace Auditorium in Daly City.[citation needed] In 1973 he promoted the largest outdoor concert at that time at Watkins Glen, New York with Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band and The Band. Over 600,000 paid were in attendance. He continued promoting stadium sized concerts at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco with Led Zeppelin in 1973 and started a series of stadium concerts at The Oakland Coliseum Stadium he called Day On The Green (DOG)in 1973 until 1992. Some of these concerts featured acts such as Grateful Dead and The Who in October of 1976, and Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan in 1987. His first large-scale outdoor benefit concert was for the San Francisco after-school programs, called the SNACK concert and starred Bob Dylan, with Neil Young, various members of the Grateful Dead and members of The Band.[11]
In the mid-1980s, in conjunction with the city of Mountain View, California, and Apple Inc. cofounder Steve Wozniak, he masterminded the creation of the Shoreline Amphitheatre, which became the premier venue for outdoor concerts in Silicon Valley. Throughout his career, Graham promoted benefit concerts.

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: US Army Blues Pershing’s Own Precious Lord Take My Hand at JEN 2013 Atlanta


Atlanta GA — A very special performance by US Army Blues Pershing’s Own Jazz Band at the JEN Jazz Education Network Conference 2013. A wonderful arrangement by SFC Graham Breedlove – Trumpet Chair of this fine ensemble. You can actually see and read down SFC Graham Breedlove’s trumpet part online – for PDF of his music:
Director Conductor: Chief Warrant Officer Four Gordon K. Kippola
video by Jon Hammond at evening concert Jazz Education Network Conference in the ballroom of Hyatt Regency Atlanta GA. Special thanks to these fine musicians and Mary Jo Papich
**Really great solos from SSG Victor Barranco trombone and SFC Graham Breedlove trumpet – JH
CW4 Gordon K. Kippola, Seabeck, WA, DIRECTOR
The U.S. Army Blues

SFC Antonio L. Orta, Guanica, PR
SFC Bill E. Linney, Buies Creek, NC
SFC Joseph D. Henson, Rock Hill, SC
MSG John W. DeSalme, Iowa City, IA *
MSG David T. Brown, Ballston Lake, NY
SFC Mark A. Wood, Gainesville, FL
SFC Kenneth W. McGee, Stafford, VA
SFC Graham E. Breedlove, Lafayette, LA ‡‡
SGM Craig C. Fraedrich, Menomonee Falls, WI ††
MSG Kenneth R. Rittenhouse, Fairmont, WV *
MSG Matthew F. Niess, Levittown, PA
MSG William L. Holmes, Philadelphia, PA *
SSG Victor Barranco, North Pole, AK
SFC Jeffrey J. Cortazzo, Palmerton, PA ‡‡
SGM Anthony W. Nalker, Lewisburg, WV †
SGM James F. Roberts, Washington, DC ‡
SSG Regan Brough, Orem, UT
MSG Steve Fidyk, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Victor Barranco
University of North Texas

Joe Cangelosi
Brooklyn, New York

Adrienne Warner Barranco
UNT Health Science Center

Barb Magendans
Phlebotomist/Reception/Manager at Now working for Immigration Express Chch

Grasso Arthur
University of Portland

Timothy Lutte
Royal Danish Conservatory of Music

Max Alexander Levowitz
James Madison High School

Harold C. Christie
Owner at The UPS Store #682/Buffalo, NY

Walt Boenig
Sam Houston State University

Chris Beatty
Palmdale, California

Hector Martinez
Musician – Horn Player at “LA SOMBRA DE TONY GUERRERO”

David Kauffman
City Councilman at City of Cumberland

Mark Channon
Thursday Morning Jazz Host at 91.3 FM WWUH Radio

Robert Skanse
Washington, District of Columbia

Jose C. Abiles
George Washington University

Aaron Cockson
Works at U.S Army

Hector Martinez
Musician – Horn Player at “LA SOMBRA DE TONY GUERRERO”

Andrew A. Lazaro
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tim La Marca
Sierra Madre, California

Jennifer Snead Redmon

Melissa Gray Shown
Murray State KY

Kurt Shipe
Wisc Eau Claire

Patrick Fowler

Max Alexander Levowitz
James Madison High School

Adrienne Warner Barranco
UNT Health Science Center

Rob Ambrose I was there. The band killed it! I can’t say enough! Knocked me out, the whole set!
23 hours ago · Edited · Like

Andy Badeaux Our army is the melllowest!
Yesterday at 8:29am · Like

Rob Ambrose The one with the burning alto and piano solo, just before or after that. Can you post that?? Please?
Yesterday at 8:34am · Like

Francis Carpino I was there, and the band was unbelievable. Great show as always Graham!!
Yesterday at 8:51am via mobile · Like

Tim La Marca Thanks for sharing this great performance with us Graham!
Yesterday at 10:17am · Like

Aaron Cockson Smokin.
23 hours ago via mobile · Like

Jose C. Abiles Missed too many of the Blues performances. They sound great as ever.
20 hours ago · Like

Jon Hammond My favorite music of the whole show Graham, thanks a million for coming to play for us! Beautiful arrangement and playing, and amazing Victor played so great with high fever, keep up the great work and safe travels, best band in the land! Jon
4 hours ago · Like · 1

Graham Breedlove Video courtesy of Jon Hammond. Thanks, Jon!
2 hours ago ·

Justin J. Smith Sounds great Graham. Great Arrangement.
about an hour ago via mobile ·

Jon Hammond Thanks a million Graham, big honor! I love your arrangement and performance was killin’ – amazing Victor could play like that with high fever – I really dug it on the CD as well, wonderful music, best band in the land! Stay safe & well, many thanks to you and all the cats and Band Master Kippola! Jon

Atlanta GA — CNN Center as seen from 60 floors up – Jon Hammond
The CNN Center is the world headquarters of the Cable News Network (CNN). The main newsrooms and studios for several of CNN’s news channels are located in the building. The facility’s commercial office space is occupied entirely by CNN and its parent company, Turner Broadcasting System, a division of Time Warner. The CNN Center is located in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, adjacent to Centennial Olympic Park.
The CNN Center opened in 1976 as the Omni Hotel, which was a development by Cousins Properties Inc. as that was unsuccessful until CNN moved its headquarters there in 1987 from its Midtown Atlanta site (old home of the Progressive Club on 1050 Techwood Drive and home to Turner Broadcasting System).[1] The facility originally offered office space to various business tenants, as well as consulates over the years. The main floor featured an indoor ice skating rink, as well as a small number of restaurants and a Gold Mine video arcade. More famously, Sid and Marty Krofft built an indoor amusement park called The World of Sid and Marty Krofft, inspired by the creations of the popular children’s television producers. The park was the first indoor theme park and opened in 1976, it closed within six months. The complex also featured a multi-screen movie theater. For years, the theater offered showings of Gone with the Wind, Ted Turner’s favorite movie. The theater was replaced during renovations to put in a new newsroom for CNN’s website operations. The ice skating rink was filled in and a mosaic map of the world replaced it (featuring brass markers indicating the locations of CNN bureaus around the world). When CNN networks moved in in 1987, CNN Headline News (now known as HLN) was the first network to broadcast a show from it at 3.00 ET with its program # 96,115. Their sister channel started live programming at 6.00 ET of that day.

Debris from tornado in front of CNN Center
On March 14, 2008, a EF-2 [2] tornado passed through downtown Atlanta, damaging the CNN Center and leaving water and dust in the upper floors. The ceiling of the atrium was also damaged, causing water to pour in and partially flood the food court. CNN’s library was damaged, although it is unknown at the moment how much of its archives were damaged.[3] Numerous injuries and widespread damage were reported overall. The Omni Hotel, attached to the CNN Center, was evacuated as a precaution, and more than 400 rooms had to be emptied of occupancy for two weeks.

Atlanta GA from 60 floors up – Atlanta is the official capital of Georgia and is a city of Skyscrapers – Jon Hammond from 60 floors above Atlanta

List of tallest buildings in Atlanta:
Atlanta, the capital and largest city of the U.S. state of Georgia, is home to 256 completed high-rises,[1] 37 of which stand taller than 400 feet (122 m). The majority of the city’s skyscrapers are clustered around Peachtree Street in the Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead neighborhoods, with the suburban city of Sandy Springs also being the site of several skyscrapers. The tallest building in Atlanta is the 55-story Bank of America Plaza, which rises 1,023 feet (312 m) and was completed in 1992.[2] The Bank of America Plaza is also the tallest building in the United States outside of New York City and Chicago,[3] and the 9th-tallest building in the U.S. overall. The second-tallest building in Atlanta is SunTrust Plaza, which rises 871 feet (265 m).[4]
The history of skyscrapers in Atlanta began with the completion in 1892 of the Equitable Building.[5] The city later went through a major building boom that began in the 1980s and continued until the mid-1990s; the majority of the city’s skyscrapers, including its four tallest, have all been completed since 1985. Overall, Atlanta is the site of 15 completed buildings that are at least 492 feet (150 m) high. As of 2012, the skyline of Atlanta is ranked second in the Southeastern United States (behind Miami), seventh in the United States and 30th in the world with 56 buildings rising at least 330 feet (100 m) in height.[6] Of the 20 tallest buildings in Georgia, 18 are located in Atlanta;[7] the other two, Concourse Corporate Center V & VI are located in the neighboring city of Sandy Springs and stand as the tallest suburban buildings in the country.

NEA Jazz Master Dave Liebman burning it up with The University of Miami Frost Concert Jazz Band at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference

– Atlanta GA – Jon Hammond

This is a priceless photo: Gary Campbell great tenor saxophonist, composer, bandleader, educator receiving a visit from his teacher – Dr. David N. Baker past president of IAJE, author, world renowned musician educator – at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference Atlanta GA after Gary’s quartet concert which was superb! Jon Hammond — at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Jon Hammond with Javon Jackson Donald Meade Jazz Historian, Joe Chambers, Martin W. Mueller Exec. Director New School Contemporary Jazz Program

– here at the 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Atlanta GA – wonderful stories at this table folks! JH — with Javon Jackson and Martin W. Mueller at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Martin W. Mueller Executive Director of New School Contemporary Jazz Program with one of his outstanding Alums – saxophonist composer bandleader Alex Graham, now living in Nashville – Alex has done well for himself and has a beautiful family – smokin’ quartet performance today here in Atlanta GA at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Alex is a Jupiter endorsee

– Jon Hammond — with Martin W. Mueller and Alex Graham at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Benjamin Toman

Cynthia Cawthorne
Graceland University

Jessica McAuliffe Graham
Boston, Massachusetts

Dixie Thompson
Pensacola, Florida

Bob Hull
Attorney at Law at Lewitt Hackman

Andrew Nichols
Musician/Private Woodwinds Instructor at Myself

Kimberly Lotoszinski Turrell
East Lansing, Michigan

Valerie Porter
Homemaker at None 🙂

Bill Liebold

Monika Ryan

Steve Urick
Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka, Japan

Leron Thomas
The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music

George D. Goodman
Eastern Michigan University

Steven Oberndorf
Counsel at McKay Hochman Company, Inc.

Paul Jobin
Financial Advisor at MassMutual

Gene Perry
Northern Michigan University

Jon Hammond with the great Wycliffe Gordon playing his famous soprano trombone – incredible and super-soulful musician & vocalist / composer arranger folks! *Feature performer with US Army Blues “Pershing’s Own” Jazz Orchestra at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Atlanta GA , bravo Wycliffe!!

– JH — with Wycliffe Gordon at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

Blues Brothers from Different Mothers – Tom Bones Malone and Jon Hammond at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Atlanta GA *video of Tom’s concert to come..
Tom interview with Jon backstage Ed Sullivan Theatre:
Tom Bones Malone of Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra Late Show with David Letterman on HammondCast Show KYOURADIO interview with Jon Hammond and Tom, covering his entire career including 10 years with Saturday Night Live as Musician and Music Director. Long time association with Gil Evans, Doc Severensen, featured in movie “Blues Brothers” and tours. Arranger, multi-instrumentalist speaking with Jon just prior to daily taping of Late Show in the Ed Sullivan Theater dressing rooms.

— with Tom Bones Malone and Tom ‘Bones’ Malone at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Bob Cranshaw Interview with Jon Hammond at JEN 2013


Bob Cranshaw the great Jazz bassist, recording artist, educator and Local 802 Jazz Consultant Executive Board Member here interviewed by Jon Hammond at the 2013 JEN Jazz Education Network Conference in Atlanta GA. Bob tells an incredible story about the recording date with Lee Morgan on the classic album The Sidewinder.
Bob Cranshaw Wiki
special thanks to Mary Jo Papich, Rick Condit – Jazz Education Network

Atlanta GA — Army Blues “Pershing’s Own” with Wycliffe Gordon – incredible smokin’ concert last night at 4th Annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference 2013 – Jon Hammond

— with Wycliffe Gordon at Hyatt Regency Atlanta

2 of my favorite musician Bob’s: Bassist Bob Cranshaw and tenor saxophonist Bob Mintzer in Atlanta GA at the 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference

– Jon Hammond

Jon Hammond and Frank Alkyer at the very prestigious DownBeat Magazine Stand

at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Atlanta GA
Frank Alkyer is the publisher of DownBeat, Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines–all produced by Maher Publications, a family-owned company based in Elmhurst, Ill. He joined the company as editorial director in 1989 and he was named associate publisher in 1992 and publisher in 2003.

Alkyer began his career as a newspaper reporter. In the early 1980s, he served as statehouse reporter for the Youngstown Vindicator in Youngstown, Ohio. He then served as a general assignment reporter for the Jersey Journal in Jersey City, New Jersey, where he covered everything from police and city hall to entertainment and business.

He is a founding board member of Jazz Alliance International and the Jazz Education Network as well as an advisory board member of the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz and the Litchfield Jazz Festival. He is also a member of American Society of Business Publication Editors.

He has proudly hosted Best In Show at NAMM since its inception in 2005.

Alkyer lives in the Chicago area with his wife and daughter. Every now and again, he still finds time to go into the basement and play a little guitar. He plans to get really good when he retires in about 30 years and has more time.

Teruo Goto
Works at Dirty old Musician

Elizabeth Levy
Works at 3rd satellite from our Sun

Joe Berger
King at Self employed

Gale Nudelman
Works at Gap

Lori Helfand
The Ohio State University

Andrew Hadro
Musician at Freelance

Gary Burton
Entertainment at ABC News Radio

Dalya Azaria

Katherine White
The Ohio State University

Pete Gamber
Educational Rep Southern California at Music & Arts

Sue Neely Hagedorn
Albion College

Mark J Williamson
Owner/ President at Williamson Music Co.

John Hasse
Curator of American Music at Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History

Tom Olsen
Marietta, Georgia

Yoichiro Hamahara
代表取締役 at 株式会社エス・ディ・アイ

Shari Giddens Helmer
Hod HaSharon

Katie Maher
Once upon a time at Maher Publications aka Down Beat

The great Brazilian bassist Nilson Matta thanking the owner of the beautiful seasoned acoustic bass, before playing the hell out of it “Samba Meets Jazz!” at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Atlanta GA
Nilson Matta is a premier Brazilian bassist and composer. He has been based in New York City since 1985. He is also known for his work with Trio Da Paz, Don Pullen African Brazilian Connection, Joe Henderson, Yo Yo Ma and Nilson Matta’s Brazilian Voyage.
Nilson’s latest project, called Nilson Matta’s Brazilian Voyage, is an exciting group playing many of Matta’s original songs mixed with Brazilian standards. For this album, Nilson called Harry Allen, Anne Drummond, Klaus Mueller, Ze Mauricio and Mauricio Zotterelli into the studio. The album, produced by Nilson and Luisa Matta is dedicated to his native country of Brazil. It literally takes the listener on a “Brazilian Voyage” through the many regions of that country.

Jon Hammond, bassist Bob Cranshaw, trumpeter Blake Martin at Local 802 Musicians Union stand at 4th annual JEN Jazz Education Network Conference – Bob Cranshaw’s career career spans the heyday of Blue Note Records to his recent involvement with the Musicians Union –

known to many as long-time bassist on Sesame Street TV Show –
Melbourne R. “Bob” Cranshaw (born December 10, 1932, in Evanston, Illinois) is an American jazz bassist. His career spans the heyday of Blue Note Records to his recent involvement with the Musicians Union. He is perhaps best known for his long association with Sonny Rollins. Cranshaw has been in Rollins’s working band on and off for almost five decades, starting with the 1962 album The Bridge.
Some of Cranshaw’s best-known performances include on Lee Morgan’s The Sidewinder and Grant Green’s Idle Moments. Cranshaw also served as the sole session bassist to Sesame Street and The Electric Company songwriter and composer Joe Raposo, and played bass guitar on all songs, tracks, buttons and cues recorded by the Children’s Television Workshop during Raposo’s tenure.
Although he lacks the name recognition of other bassists, Cranshaw has performed and recorded with a wide range of leading jazz artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Dexter Gordon, Grant Green, Coleman Hawkins, Jimmy Heath, Joe Henderson, Johnny Hodges, Freddie Hubbard, Bobby Hutcherson, J. J. Johnson, Jackie McLean, Hank Mobley, Thelonious Monk, James Moody, Lee Morgan, Wes Montgomery, Oscar Peterson, Buddy Rich, George Shearing, Wayne Shorter, Horace Silver, Shirley Scott, Stanley Turrentine, McCoy Tyner, Sonny Rollins, George Benson, and Joe Williams.
Along with Wes Montgomery’s brother Monk, Cranshaw was among the early jazz bassists to trade his upright bass for an electric bass. He was criticized for this by jazz purists, although he was forced to switch by a back injury incurred in a serious auto accident.
Throughout his long and distinguished career he has also performed on hundreds of television shows and film and television scores. He appears on The Blue Note Story, a 90-minute documentary of the famed jazz label.
Cranshaw was also a founding member of the short-lived MJT + 3 (Modern Jazz Two) that included Frank Strozier on alto saxophone, Harold Mabern on piano, Willie Thomas on trumpet, and Walter Perkins on drums. The Chicago-based group produced several albums, a number for Vee-Jay Records. Another vintage Cranshaw jam, 1964’s Blue Flames, featuring Shirley Scott, Stanley Turrentine and Otis Finch, was recorded for Prestige Records. Cranshaw also played live shows for tap dancer Maurice Hines, along with friend and drummer Paul Goldberg.

US Army Blues, Pershing’s Own, Precious Lord, JEN 2013, Jazz Education Network, Hyatt Regency Atlanta, Spiritual, Victor Barranco, Graham Breedlove, Gordon K. Kippola, Musicians Union

America’s Pride, Blue Angels, US Army Blues, Jazz, Funky, Atlanta, SFO, Fleet Week, Get Back in The Groove, America the Beautiful, Local 802, Musicians Union, ASCAP

HammondCast Archive 13 Jon’s Journal November 26 2012

November 26, 2012

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO HERE: HammondCast Archive 13

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Jon Hammond at the B3 tracking on the Art News Project in Kampo Cultural Recording Studios NYC

including also selections “Hammond’s Bolero” & Cannonball ’99 (One More Time) with special guest Joe Berger-guitar with JON HAMMOND Trio. Tune in HammondCast daily at various times on San Francisco’s Infinity Broadcasting station KYOU 1550 AM and on the AM dial at 1550 and on the web
HammondCast 13..back in New York from 1 month on tour! On this show we go back in to the archives with a never-before heard rock ballad from the Art News Project recordings in 1990-“Will You Be Around”, also drummer Erik Hargrove on my band from James Brown Band and now with Ringling Bros. Circus playing my tune “Party is Forbidden Here!”

Hamamatsu Japan — Simon and Garfunkle – no it’s Jon Hammond and a guy from Hamamatsu!

— in Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka

The late great Les Paul doing one of his extended sound checks at Iridium, Les enjoyed sound checks as much as the gig!

Check out Les’ very special personal Les Paul guitar with some special mods and a Bigsby – Jon Hammond — with Les Paul at Iridium Jazz Club

Jon Hammond with Dr. Denny Zeitlin the great jazz pianist, recording artist and practicing Psychiatrist
*Dr. Denny Zeitlin Interview With Jon Hammond and Ornette Coleman Speaking on HammondCast

*LISTEN TO THE AUDIO: Denny Zeitlin Interview With Jon Hammond and Ornette Coleman Speaking on HammondCast — at Sheraton New York Hotel

Bruce Lundvall sleeping with his tie on! – Jon Hammond
Bruce Lundvall, is an American record company executive, most known as being the President/CEO of the Blue Note Label Group, reporting directly to Eric Nicoli, the Chief Executive Officer of EMI Group.

In a career spanning 48 years, Bruce Lundvall signed a wide array of artists, including Willie Nelson, Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, James Taylor, Stan Getz, Wynton Marsalis, Dianne Reeves, Richard Marx, Natalie Cole, Cassandra Wilson, Anita Baker and Norah Jones. He heads the following labels: Blue Note Records (jazz), Angel Records (classical), and Manhattan Records (adult pop).
Lundvall began his music career in marketing at Columbia Records where he remained for 21 years, becoming President of the domestic division of CBS Records in 1976. In the course of his tenure, he built Columbia’s jazz roster into the largest of any major label.

The inside of the 300 watt high-power Leslie model 3300 speaker – plug anything in to it, not just a Hammond organ, even a microphone – makes an excellent PA system in a pinch believe it or not! *See video: Jon Hammond

Bernie Capicchiano making an important announcement through the Leslie model 3300 with a Sennheiser microphone – Amplifier
Vacuum tube preamp with ear-shattering
300-Watt RMS solid-state
amplifier: 220-
Watt RMS bass amplifier and 80-Watt RMS
treble amplifier – Massive 15” woofer, High power horn driver
11-pin and 8-pin Leslie connector, 1/4” line input jack, and 1/4” foot
switch jack
1/4” line output jack to drive a powered
125 lbs

Michael Brecker’s son – Sam Brecker and his Mom – Susan Brecker – Feb. 20, 2007 speaking to many friends and family at Town Hall NYC Michael Brecker Memorial gathering and concert – powerful evening in memory of Mike – Jon Hammond
The MICHAEL BRECKER MEMORIAL was held at Town Hall in New York City on Tuesday, February 20th. (thanks to Russ Paladino)
Here are some comments from a couple of the attendees:

“I went to the Michael Brecker Tribute last night and all I can say was it was a beautiful, spiritual and uplifting experience. All of the speakers were so eloquent, but maybe none so much as Sam, Michael’s son. What a composed, intelligent kid he is! He talked about Michael, the Dad, which gave everyone a real glimpse into the human side of this man we equate to a God.
There was laughter, and tears and great live music, and it seemed somehow like Michael spirit was there very strongly. The audience was packed with Jazz Royalty…Wayne Shorter Kenny Baron, Mike Stern, James Carter, Hiram Bullock, Will Lee, David Sanborn, Eddie Palmieri to name just a few.
I brought a camera with me, but honestly the event was kind of like a wake and it felt inappropriate to snap pictures during the eulogies. After the show people were reminiscing and the artists didn’t seem to want to play the artist fan game. We all just were sharing our mutual love for Michael. There were video people and photographers there so maybe they plan to post some of the eulogies on the website?” – Russ Paladino

“It was a memorial fitting to all of Mike’s distinguished accomplishments on the stage and off. Here’s a brief rundown:

Darryl Pitt (Mikes Manager) talked about Mike. Randy came out and played a tune with James Genus on bass, Joey Calderazzo on piano and Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts on drums…then Randy spoke about Mike. Next up was Sam Brecker, Mikes’ 13 year old son, who is an astounding speaker for someone that young. Then old friend Dave Liebman talked about Mike and played a very pretty tune on the flute. Next was Pat Metheny who played a nice tune on the acoustic guitar and then spoke about Mike. Herbie Hancock spoke next about Mike then played a tune with John Patitucci (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums). Then James Taylor made a video appearance from California to speak about Mike. James credited Mike with ‘saving his life’. I believe it.
Next up was a very moving video tribute about Mike’s career from early on through present day. Then Susan Brecker took the stage and moved everyone to tears telling us some personal stuff about Mike, in the home… and regarding the kids… family stuff… What a neat lady she is, she was truly blessed to have married Mike and produced two beautiful children. They are truly Mike’s most personal legacy. Paul Simon closed out the musical part of the memorial singing ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ then spoke about Mike.
Sam Brecker and Herbie Hancock plus friends did some Buddist chanting for about three minutes. Sam and Jessica Brecker closed out the memorial thanking everyone from the bottom of their hearts for coming to remember their dad.” – Sandy Brown

Music selection:
1) Midnight Voyage from “Tales From The Hudson”- (Randy came out and played a tune with James Genus on bass, Joey Calderazzo on piano and Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts on drums)

2) Gathering Of Spirits from “Saxophone Summit – Gathering Of Spirits” (Then old friend Dave Liebman talked about Mike and played a very pretty tune on the flute.)

3) Every Day I Thank You � From Pat Metheny 80/81 – Pat Metheny said he wrote this song specifically for Michael (Next was Pat Metheny who played a nice tune on the acoustic guitar)

4) Chan’s Song from “The Nearness of You” – (Herbie Hancock spoke next about Mike then played a tune with John Patitucci (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums)

5) Still Crazy After All These Years – (Paul Simon & Herbie Hancock on Fender Rhodes) – Paul Simon told the story of Michael coming to the studio that day to record this classic solo. He sat down and listened to the song 2 or 3 times, then went into the playing room and recorded a spot on perfect solo. He came back and asked Simon if he liked it….Paul Simon laughed and replied, Uh….Yeah, having been blown away. Then Michael asked “do you mind if I take another one?” He laughed and said “sure go ahead.” (He didn’t say which take was chosen, but that was it…2 takes) He also told us that in all the years and hundreds of times that he’s performed that song he’s had many other great sax players on tour with him besides Michael, but always…always they would quote Michael’s solo first, then take off on their own.

And finally it should be noted that Susan Brecker had only one stipulation about the live performances… there would be no other saxophones played. The only sax we heard on this night was that of Michael Brecker. I though this was a very wise choice. – Russ Paladino — at The Town Hall

Jazzkeller-Hofheim Jon Hammond Trio
Joe Berger, Heinz Lichius, Jon Hammond

Song Without Name — with Joe Berger at Jazzkeller Hofheim

Lame photographer actually took a picture finally!
“Push the button down!” voila!

Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Jon Hammond at Local 802 Musicians Union — with Bernard Purdie, Bernard Purdie, Joe Berger, Joe Berger and Jon Hammond Band at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM

Lady with Challah Hat at WBGO standing next to Sheila Elaine Anderson – Jon Hammond

Challah (also ḥallah plural: challot/ḥalloth/khallos) (Hebrew: חלה) is a special Jewish braided bread eaten on Sabbath and holidays.
It is also named[1] khale (eastern Yiddish, German and western Yiddish), berches (Swabian), barkis (Gothenburg), bergis (Stockholm), birkata in Judeo-Amharic, chałka (Polish), colaci (Romanian),[2] and kitke (South Africa).

Test Jet Boeing A380 first visit to SFO Airport – Jon Hammond on assignment in SFO Executive Terminal
SAN FRANCISCO — Airbus Chief Test Pilot JACQUES ROSAY Pilots A380 Super Jumbo to San Francisco International Airport with Interior Tour.

Jon Hammond is pleased to present this film of Aviation History as world’s largest airliner, the double-deck Airbus A380, arrives for the first time at SFO on October 4, 2007. Voila! — at Signature Executive Jet Center, SFO

party is forbidden here, bruce lundvall, a380, test jet, jacques rosay, sfo, jon hammond, jazz, blues, sk1 organ, local 802, musicians union, lame photographer, challah hat, Sheila Anderson, WBGO 88.3 FM

Blue Angels 2012 Fleet Week Air Show at SFO with Music from Jon Hammond Band

October 8, 2012

*WATCH THE VIDEO HERE: Blue Angels 2012 Fleet Week Air Show at SFO with Music from Jon Hammond Band


America’s pride The Blue Angels here at SFO to perform fearlessly in honor of Fleet Week 2012 with support from United Airlines Team at United Family Day very special annual event, special thanks to all these fine folks it takes to make it happen. From the Firefighters, to the Mechanics, Air Controllers, Crew, Food Preparations even the Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars were on hand for this very special family day – with music here from The Jon Hammond Band with special guest Lee Oskar harmonica, recent performance in Frankfurt Germany at the famous Jazzkeller “Tribute to 9/11 – Get Back In The Groove” Tony Lakatos tenor sax, Giovanni Gulino drums, Joe Berger guitar, Jon Hammond at Sk1 organ, enjoy folks! Sincerely, Jon Hammond

Blip TV


Blue Angels, Fleet Week, 2012, SFO, United Airlines, F-22 Raptor, America’s Pride, Jon Hammond Band, Airport

SFO — Jon Hammond with Raymond Woo of Civil Air Patrol on the tarmac at SFO International Airport – Fleet Week Air Show 2012 — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SFO — 1949 Chevy Fleetline Deluxe looking real good! Jon Hammond

SFO — Nice looking Morgan car – has wooden frame Jon Hammond Rare!

SFO — T-Bird Time, American Classics in distinctive colors, nice! Jon Hammond

SFO — The famous Mainliner O’Connor United DC-3 used by William A. Patterson founder and C.E.O. of United, was in service from 1948 – 1952. Patterson named the airplane after Mary O’Connor, one of United’s first flight attendants who flew with Patterson on the aircraft.
Jon Hammond
DC-3 N814CL Now Restored and belonging to Clay Lacy. — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SFO — 2 awesome Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor stealth jets on the tarmac ready for 2012 Fleet Week Air Show – Jon Hammond
single-seat, twin-engine fifth-generation supermaneuverable fighter aircraft that uses stealth technology. It was designed primarily as an air superiority fighter, but has additional capabilities that include ground attack, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence roles.[5] Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is t…See More — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

SFO — After a weather delay due to fog, The Blue Angels are ready for take off! Jon Hammond

SFO — Captain Joe Sobczak has the hammer down taking off for 2012 Fleet Week Air Show with United 747 Jumbo Jet, I just caught him there with the Coast Guard helicopter sighted from the tarmac. Always a highlight of the show for me, Jon Hammond — at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Even The Imperial Storm Troopers get hungry! Jon Hammond

Blue Angels, Fleet Week, 2012, SFO, United Airlines, F-22 Raptor, America’s Pride, Jon Hammond Band, Airport

Jon Hammond Local 802 Photos by the great Jazz Photographer Elmar Lemes

New York NY — Organist Jon Hammond playing with bassist Bob Cunningham at Local 802 Monday night Jazz Session – photo by the great Jazz Photographer Elmar Lemes — with Bob Cunningham at Associated Musicians of Greater New York, Local 802 AFM


First-time ever Midi Accordion controlling Hammond Organ played (with bass lines on the buttons!) by JON HAMMOND Blues Band at JAZZKELLER Frankfurt. With sponsorship from Philip Morris, Jon was able to fly guitarist BARRY FINNERTY in from New York. Joined by DERRICK JAMES (alto sax), ALAIN NAU (drums), UWE GEHRING aka WESLEY G (guitar). Mixed live (under the piano with some guy blowing cigar smoke in his face) JOE BERGER. *special thanks: SENNHEISER Microphones, Hammond Suzuki, EUGEN HAHN Jazzkeller. **Note: Guitarist HERB ELLIS was sitting next to bandstand in front during Frankfurt Musikmesse. Jon Hammond plays Excelsior Accordions & Hammond Organs *Official site:


Keys To Happiness – Jon Hammond for Excelsior Accordions Times Square New York

Google Film: Airbus Chief Test Pilot JACQUES ROSAY Brings A380 to SFO

October 17, 2007

 SAN FRANCISCO — Airbus Chief Test Pilot JACQUES ROSAY Pilots A380 Super Jumbo to  San Francisco International Airport with Interior Tour.

Jon Hammond is pleased to present this film of Aviation History as world’s largest airliner, the double-deck Airbus A380, arrives for the first time at SFO on October 4, 2007. Voila! 

Special Thanks / Merci Beaucoup: Capt. Jacques Rosay, Mike McCarron, Clay McConnell, Air France Crew and United Airlines Ground Crew. HammondCast Early Edition KYOU Radio 1550 AM ©2007 Quote Barry Eccleston: “The Game Changer”!

Airbus Chief Test Pilot JACQUES ROSAY Brings A380 to SFO

October 17, 2007